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It was right there, up on the stage with the right Reverend Mitchell Charlie that I finally became aware of his true power. Whether he was actually a man of God I really couldn't say, but working for him week after week I saw the mesmerizing power he held over his flock, especially the women. Each day he would invite the multitudes to join us up on the stage where he would say a private prayer with each of them.

Since I was in charge of escorting the people from the line up to meet the Reverend, I got a close hand view of his techniques. It's not like I would ever have the presence to grab a soul's attention like he did, but I quickly realized I could take advantage. After saying a short prayer while swaying his sparkling bible in front of an individual, he whispered something to each person.

Now certainly not all the people fell under his spell, but many did. He was amazing if a bit unoriginal. He would whisper to the men to be a good husband and father and to the women to be a good wife and mother. He would whisper encouragement and give them instruction on following the right path. You know, it wasn't long before that little town of ours got very calm. Based upon what I noticed during that time he must have influenced at least sixty to seventy percent of the people he spoke to.

Now, while I was amazed at the Reverend you can't mistake me for a follower, no he was just a steady paycheck for me. Anyway I guess that was why I quickly figured out a way to get a little good of my own from the Reverend. The layout of the stage would be perfect, with the back passageway to a small room which the Reverend used as a small office.

Well it just so happened that next Sunday I saw Mary Jean, the new teacher at the local elementary school. She'd been ahead of me in school and when she went off to college I kind of forgot about her. Well, after I graduated high school and then quickly flunked out of college I returned to town and spotted her walking into school.

She always was nice, but too nice, one of those keep your knees crossed until marriage types. Anyway, when I saw her in line to see the Reverend, I asked Mark, one of the other assistants to take over for me. I then made sure I walked her up to the Reverend where he quickly prayed and then leaned to whisper in her ear. I stood close and though I didn't hear what he said, I quickly walked her away when he finished.

While I walked her down the stage, I whispered in her ear, "Meet me at the back of the stage. I will take you somewhere where you will do everything I tell you." I then released her arm and slipped over toward the passageway. She was about to return to her seat when she suddenly paused and then turned and walked toward me.

Oh it was beautiful, I gently took her hand and slipped through the passageway into the Reverend's office. Mary Jean was very quiet, but sat down when I asked her to. I mentioned how beautiful she looked and all she did was nod. I wasn't really sure what to do next so I just leaned over and said, "Unbuckle my belt."

Without a word, she reached up, unbuckled my belt. Then in succession, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and then slipped my cock out from my underwear. When I told her to take my cock in her mouth and suck on it, she did exactly what I asked. It was really quite incredible watching her mouth puckering in and out with my cock in her mouth. I only wish I could have lasted longer, but all too quickly, the pleasure shot through my balls, up my shaft and I came, spurting my cum into her mouth.

She happily swallowed when I instructed her. I then told her to go back into the church and return to her seat, acting as if nothing happened. After a few minutes I regained my composure and was able to return just as the Reverend was finishing up the session on the stage.

Over the next few weeks I led Mary Jean back stage for some wonderful blowjobs. I was a bit nervous about mussing up her clothing so I didn't do a lot more with her, perhaps an occasionally squeeze of the breast while she sucked me and once I worked my hand up into her pantyhose, but gave up short of reaching her pussy.

I had considered trying some other women but Mary Jean was so very good, she was hard to give up. The fifth time we went behind the stage I got her to suck on my balls, sucking both into my mouth as she stroked my cock. Wow that was nice and I would have come like that but got scared I might get some cum on her clothing, so just before I came I slipped my cock into her mouth where she drank every last drop.

I thought about trying something more extended, like perhaps asking her to come over to my apartment after church but I wasn't sure how long the Reverend's spell might last. Besides, I needed to be more careful, one time after Mary Jane and I finished I ran into him just as I stepped back onto the stage. Fortunately I was carrying a hymnal and told him I had gone down to get the book. He nodded and nothing more was said.

Well, the following Sunday, the Reverend seemed to take a bit more time as he whispered to Mary Jean after the prayer, but I didn't think anything of it, I simply gave her my instructions and slipped down into his office. Oh, once again it was nice as Mary Jean alternated between my cock and my balls, sucking and liking me so hungrily.

Oddly, that day I could hear the Reverend begin to preach to the congregation. The line was too long for him to be finished already but I could clearly hear him as he shouted loudly, "My flock, I want you to fight against the devil, stomp your feet, grind your teeth..."

"Awwww..." I screamed. Fuck, that bitch Mary Jean had my balls full in her mouth when she suddenly bit down, moving her jaw back and forth as if grinding her teeth. I reached down and pushed her away but not before she drew blood. I collapsed onto the floor, my ball sack bleeding and Mary Jane simply standing and watching as the Reverend rushed into his office.

Fortunately she didn't bite hard enough to do any real damage and I was quickly able to get my pants up and limp out of the church. It wasn't long before word got around town. All I would get was either looks of disgust from the women or goofy smiles from the guys. I obviously lost my job and though I tried to get a janitorial position at the elementary school, I was quickly escorted out of the office.

I finally moved away to the city where I enrolled in some classes at the College there. I'm considering divinity school and looking for a sparkling bible. Yes, the right Reverend Mitchell Charlie had the touch, he simply lacked imagination. Perhaps I'll be better.

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