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Divorced, Mother, Prostitute


Betsy worked in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on lunch. Dan would arrive in about ten minutes. With the spaghetti sauce on a low simmer, she moved to the bathroom to touch up her make up. Applying a little eye shadow, she reviewed the events that led to her current situation.

Betsy and Dan married the summer after graduating high school. About five years after Dan graduated college, and after two kids, they both realized that they married too early. The divorce was amicable and friendly. Dan was always good for the child support. For her part though, Betsy was only able to get a waitress job. She was 38 and didn't have a pension, health insurance that she had to pay for herself, and not much of a chance of things getting any better. When she refused to bed the owner of the dive she worked for shortly after the divorce, she was fired. It turned out to be a blessing though, she was able to get job at one of the classier restaurants in town, owned by a pair of former football players. The pay still sucked, but the tips were great. Things were good for a while. But as the kids got older and prices for everything steadily climbed, the bills started getting tighter and tighter. When she asked Dan if she could have the child support early, he agreed to bring it over during lunch on her off day. She made him lunch to show him her appreciation. Now, once a month, Dan comes by with the check and Betsy makes him lunch.

The doorbell rang promptly at 12:10 and the door opened. Having lived in the house, Dan didn't feel he needed Betsy to open the door for him. A quick dab of lipstick and Betsy stepped out of the bathroom to greet him. "Hi, Dan. I made spaghetti for lunch"

Dan paused to admire his ex-wife, remembering the reason he married her. He liked the long, blonde hair, the 36C tits, wondered if she was wearing panties under the knee length skirt Betsy was wearing. "Heh, Betsy. Sounds good. Did you make iced tea?" Dan asked as he went into the kitchen.

Betsy headed toward the stove. "In the fridge." Taking bowls and a plate from the cabinets, she transferred lunch to serving bowls. Dan admired her ass as she bent down to get the garlic cheese bread out of the oven. The bread went to the plate and she cut it as Dan finished pouring two glasses of the iced tea and sat down. Betsy had already set the table, so all she had to do was put lunch on the table. Dan's check was already setting on the table as well. As they ate, they talked about the kids. Connie was in college; Jason was getting ready to graduate high school. They no longer traded weekends with the kids. They were old enough that when they wanted to visit Dad. They went to his downtown condo.

They finished eating and Betsy walked Dan to the door. "Dan, with Jason graduating next month, I was wondering if you could spare an extra hundred so I could get him something nice?" Betsy asked.

Dan sighed. "The only part about our lunches that I don't like is that almost every time, you ask for more. First it was an extra twenty for this or that. Then it was a hundred for dance lessons, a hundred for football equipment, a hundred here, a hundred there. Well, I would like a blow job."

Betsy was stunned and stared at Dan, her jaw slack. Dan had never before asked for sex during one of their lunches. They divorced as friends, but certainly not as lovers. Betsy knew Dan had had girlfriends. The kids had mentioned them to her. First with accusation, but as they got older, with a hint, Mom should get out. Betsy didn't date right after the divorce. First, it was the kids. She wasn't sure how to explain to them about Mommy going on a date. It wasn't for lack of opportunities. She was often propositioned by customers at the restaurant. But abstaining for the kids for so long, she found it easier to just imagine herself with the customer as she pleasured herself when she got home. Besides, this way, she never had to worry about a relationship failing and the attendant heartache. What the hell, Betsy thought. It's not like I've never sucked him off before.

Betsy slowly knelt down, holding the top of his pants for support. Pinching Dan's buckle and the top of his pants, Betsy unzipped his pants. She stared at his crotch, not wanting to look up to see or even know about the big grin on Dan's face. Reaching in, she could feel Dan's cock already getting hard. Once out, she looked at the familiar cock. The last time she saw a man's cock was when she was married to this one. She slowly stroked it as it continued to stiffen. Then Betsy went down on Dan's cock. She savored the feeling of him in her mouth. More than once when two guys would flirt with her as she waited their table, she would go home and fantasize about sucking one while fucking the other. Now she had a real cock in her mouth again.

"Damn." Dan said. "If I had known you would be this easy, I would have asked to fuck you."

"Mmm," Betsy softly moaned. Only the cock in her mouth kept her from voicing her thoughts. Oh, to have this cock in my pussy again. Betsy pulled her head back, taking Dan's cock out of her mouth with a slurp. Keeping one hand on his cock, she stood up and turned around. She started to lead Dan by his cock to the bedroom, but Dan couldn't keep close enough. His cock slipped from her hand, but he was still following her.

In silence, Dan kicked off his shoes as he watched Betsy unzip her skirt. He was only a little disappointed that she was wearing cotton panties. With his pants off, he had to put his cock back in his underwear to remove them. His dick was so hard it almost hurt as he watched the panties slide down. He still sometimes thought about Betsy as he was boning the girlfriend of the moment. Betsy sat on the bed, watching Dan take of his shirt and undershirt, waiting for him to join her on the bed. But Dan wanted to see those tits again. In only his socks, Dan stepped up to her and lifted her blouse over her head. Reaching around, he undid her bra and slid it down her arms. The sight of her tits made him want to fuck her even more. Dan caught Betsy legs in his arm and lifted them to the bed. Leaning over, he took a nipple in his mouth. Sucking on the nipple, it responded, stiffening, trying to reach deeper into his mouth. He cupped the other breast in his hand as he lifted a knee to the bed. Keeping her nipple in his mouth, Dan laid next to Betsy.

His hand left her breast to caress her body. Up and down his hand went, but never back up as far as it had been and always lower than the previous stroke. With slow, short, gentle strokes, he made his way down her body. Betsy placed a hand behind Dan's head. When his hand reached her bush, she instinctively spread her legs, inviting his hand between her legs. Dan rubbed her with his open hand, working his middle finger between her lips. Betsy caught her breath when his finger reached her clit.

Having reached his target, Dan's finger slowly worked circles around her clit. He moved his mouth to Betsy's far breast, partially laying on her. Soon, Betsy's hips started rocking. It was the first time in years that she was getting off, and not doing it herself. Betsy hugged Dan's head tighter into her tit as the first orgasm swept through.

Dan knew she had cummed and was pleased with himself. He looked up at Betsy's face, only to see her eyes closed, and a contented smile. He slipped his finger from her clit to inside her. Kissing his way down her body, he shifted his body until he was between her legs. Betsy remembered the pleasure she always got from Dan's tongue and was happy to experience it again. Dan's kisses kept their course until he kissed her clit.

"Oh, yes. Eat my pussy," Betsy begged. It was the first thing they said to each other since Dan asked for the blowjob.

First teasing it with the tip of his tongue, then with the gentle roughness of his taste buds, Dan massaged Betsy's clit. His finger was still inside her. But having to lay on his arm, he could finger fuck her. Instead, he used a trick he had learned with Betsy long ago. He curled his finger up, as if trying to touch his tongue with it. It only took 30 seconds of Dan's tongue on her clit, his finger on her g-spot to make another orgasm rack Betsy's body. Dan renewed the pleasure he always got when he made Betsy buck her hips uncontrollably.

Dan wanted to give her another orgasm, but knew that he would eventually have to go back to work. It wasn't a problem for him to take a long lunch. But he would still be expected to show up sometime. He kissed his way back up her body. He crawled as he kissed his way up, stopping just below her neck. Looking down at his ex-wife, Dan slipped his cock into her slick pussy. Dan lifted his body up on his arms and looked down at Betsy. Pumping his cock in and out of her cunt, he watched her tits jiggle from the fucking he was giving her. They jiggled faster and faster, then stopped. Dan held his cock hard and deep into Betsy's cunt as his own orgasm shot his cum into her. Dan lowered his full weight on Betsy's body and nuzzled the nape of her neck. Slowly moving in and out of her, he rested for a few moments.

Dan gave Betsy's neck a quick kiss, then rolled off of her. Betsy lay naked on the bed, satisfied as she watched Dan get dressed. When Dan finished dressing, he reached into his wallet. He had started keeping a hundred dollar bill in his wallet for the monthly lunches, knowing that Betsy would ask for it. But with his youngest son getting ready to graduate, he had planned, and hoped, that this month he would get laid. He pulled out two of the bills.

"The going rate for a whore is $200," Dan told Betsy as he tossed the bills on her belly. "And, you're certainly a good enough fuck deserve that." Without another word, Dan left.

"Whore?" Betsy yelled when the front door closed. She was too shocked to say anything a moment ago. "I'm not a fucking whore!" She tried to yell loud enough that Dan would hear her, but knew he didn't. She lay in the bed wearing nothing but two hundred dollar bills on her stomach. Her body felt good with the completed sex. But her mind felt hurt at being called a whore. She had asked for the money like she always had, Dan was supposed to give it to her like he always did. The sex was unexpected, but good. But she didn't fuck him for the money. She fucked him for the familiar cock in her pussy. She fucked him because she wanted to get laid. No, she wasn't a whore. She would just ignore Dan's comment and feel good about having had sex.

When Jason got home from school, he recognized that his mother was in a good mood as she got ready for work. Colleen had called in sick and Betsy would have to cover for her. At work, Betsy was happy. Jack, one of the regular customers that Betsy often waited on, mentioned her bubbly attitude. Then in a lower voice, he asked her if she had gotten laid before work, or if she had taken the busboy to the storeroom. Betsy smiled at the comment, but didn't say anything.

Two weeks later, Betsy began to think about Dan's next visit. Should she deny Dan lunch, just taking his check and sending him on his way? No, she would make lunch for him. And, she would fuck him again. She would be Dan's whore if that were what he wanted. If he kept giving her sex like they had last month, he could call her anything he wanted. And the $200 wasn't bad either. It would certainly help when the weather got warmer and she started air conditioning.

On lunch day, Betsy opted to make frozen potpies. They wouldn't require a lot of preparation and she could spend the time getting ready. She picked out a matching set of red bra and Rio style panties. Red was Dan's favorite color. She wore a red, sleeveless dress that buttoned all the way down the front. Usually, she wore tights under it because it was so short. But instead, this time she left a few of the bottom buttons undone. She also unbuttoned the top few so that her bra was just barely visible when she looked at herself in the mirror. If it were a whore Dan wanted, it would be a whore that he got.

Anticipating Dan's arrival, Betsy was waiting in the living room when Dan rang, then walked in at 12:10. Just like always. Dan noticed his ex-wife's outfit, but made no comment. As they ate lunch, they talked about the kids like they always did. Connie's plans for the summer, the gift that Betsy got for Jason's graduation present. With lunch finished, Dan stood up.

"Well," Dan started, "I have to get back to the office."

Betsy quickly stood and stepped up to Dan. "Do you have to leave so soon?" she asked as she wrapped one arm around him, the other found Dan's cock through his pants.

Dan put up a hand and gently moved Betsy away from him. "Not this time, Betsy," he told her. "There won't be any extra money this time. I had a date last night and already got laid. But I promise to work out something next week." Dan walked around her and left Betsy standing in the kitchen.

Is that what the sex was about last month? Betsy wondered. I get extra money if you get sex. But if you don't want sex, I don't get anything. Betsy wasn't sure what Dan meant by 'next week', but decided that she would be even more of a whore next week. She went to her bedroom to change before Jason got home.

Betsy had decided to wear a short skirt, a halter-top since the weather was getting hot, and high heels. Instead of the red underwear she wore last week, this week she wouldn't wear any. Maybe she would be sitting at the table with her legs crossed, foot to knee. That way when Dan walked in, he would be able to see her pussy. The day before, she prepared the lasagna dish. All Dan's favorite dish needed was a few minutes in the oven. Betsy showered two hours before Dan would be there, excited about seeing him twice in one month. She flirted with the idea that she might be falling in love with him again. But she quickly dismissed it. They were friends. But she did enjoy having sex with him. No sooner had she finished drying herself off, the phone rang.

Wrapping the towel around her as she headed for her bedroom, she sat on the bed and answered it. Caller ID showed it to be the company where Dan worked. "Hello," she said into the receiver.

"Hi, is this Betsy? This is Bill. I work with Dan," the voice at the other end said.

Quickly, a seven-year-old mental picture of a tall, handsome guy with short, dark hair appeared in her mind. She remembered meeting him at a company picnic of Dan's. "Yes, this is Betsy," she said, wondering what was up.

"Yea, well, Dan had mentioned that you were, huh, making some extra money. Providing lunch and, huh, a little more for $300?" Bill said as much as asked.

"A little more?" Betsy asked, wondering what the little more was.

"Yea, and he said you had a pair of the nicest tits that he'd seen."

Dan calling her a whore the last month quickly flashed in her mind. Then she remembered him promising to 'work out something'. Dan was pimping her out to his co-workers, the asshole. Three hundred dollars?

"Well..." Betsy said, stalling for thinking time. Dan no doubt knew about her lack of boyfriends as much as she knew about the girlfriends that he had had. "Do you like lasagna?" Betty asked him. It was about time she fucked somebody new.

"Love it. What time should I come over?"

"I'll see you at noon."

"Great! I already got directions from Dan."

"Okay, bye." And Betsy made a kiss noise just before hanging up. Three hundred bucks would make it possible for her to get her car the tune up it desperately needed and an oil change. And, speaking of change, she would have a little of that left over.

Betsy pulled off the towel and went to her dresser. She put on the skirt, without panties. Betsy felt oddly excited. She was going to have a man in her house that she barely met years ago. She didn't really know him. And he wasn't just going to be in her house. He was going to cum into her house, cum into her bedroom, cum into her. She was going to fuck somebody she didn't even know. And the more she thought about it, the more crazy she thought herself to be. And, the wetter her pussy got. She hoped her nipples would show through the halter-top she put on. She changed shoes, choosing a higher heel. She changed the halter-top, picking out an old white one. She remembered that she had quit wearing it because it was so thin her nipples showed through when the light was right.

When the Noon News came on the living room television, Betsy turned it off. In the kitchen, she checked the lasagna. It was done, so she turned it down to keep it warm. Betsy expected Bill to come at 12:10, just like Dan. But the doorbell rang just after noon. At first she waited, in the habit of Dan coming in. As she walked to the door, she wished she had been watching out the window to get a glimpse of him first. Betsy took a deep breath, and asked herself if she really wanted to do this. No, she told herself. But last months sex had reawakened something in her. But she was jilling daily since she had sex with Dan last month. And it wasn't the best way to have sex. Betsy then opened the door.

Bill was still tall, but his dark hair had started to gray. She guessed that he was about 55 to her 38. And, she decided that he was still handsome. "Bill?" she asked.

"Yes," Bill answered nervously. Bill looked Betsy up and down, surprised she was as pretty as she was, and surprised she was dressed as she was. Bill had never been with an escort. But when Dan had mentioned this to him, he decided at the time that it would be neat to screw his co-worker's former wife.

Betsy was surprised that Bill was as nervous as she was. After a few awkward moments, she stepped back to allow Bill in.

"So, huh, do we eat first, or what?" Bill asked Betsy.

"How about after?" Betsy suggested. "It'll give us a chance to get to know each other first. Besides, I want to make sure you have your strength up for later." Betsy turned and went into the kitchen, Bill followed her. He watched the skirt sway back and forth just under her ass and thought to himself what a great ass it was. Knowing he would be fucking it sooner or later made him hard. Betsy knew how to tease a man in order to get a good tip. When she bent down to get the lasagna out of the oven, she wondered how much ass she would show. Would Bill know she wasn't wearing any panties? The hand on her ass surprised her. When she startled, she nearly dropped the dish. Betsy realized that whether or not Bill saw her ass, he knew now that she wasn't wearing panties. Betsy set the dish on the stove and turned around. She noticed the good size tent in his pants.

"Anything I can help with?" Bill asked her, taking his hand back.

Betsy handed him the potholders, "You could set this on the table while I get some bread. What would you like to drink?"

"It doesn't really matter," Bill replied. "Whatever you have is good."

Betsy thought for a moment, then got down two wine glasses. "I don't have the best wine, but I think you could use a drink." The fact that Betsy could use the drink as well wasn't lost on either of them. She set the glasses and bottle on the table and went back for the saucer of bread. Peeling the top off the tub of margarine, she placed it all on the table. Bill was already pouring the wine.

"This wine isn't that bad," Bill argued. Not that Betsy was going to argue about it. She liked it, so that was what she bought.

Betsy thought about what her customers talked about when they flirted with her. There were three things that they usually talked about. Sports, because it was a sports themed restaurant. Their work, because men are more married to their careers then to their wives. And sex, because that's all men think about when their not engaging in sports to impress women or working to spend money on women in an attempt to impress them.

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