Do it! Ch. 06

byMany Feathers©

"Well, I'll be damned!" Deidra admitted, though she fully opened her robe, fingers pinching and pulling her own nipples harshly, just as Kat was now doing to Marsha's. "That girl really IS a wild cat isn't she?"

Faster than anyone could think, Kat suddenly let go, but as she did she flipped herself over Marsha's head landing perfectly on the mat in front of the woman. Shoving...Marsha promptly toppled over onto her back, Kat lunging almost simultaneously, her prick spearing Marsha's pussy impaling her as the two girls hit the mat, once again Marsha trying to roll away. Kat was too much for her however, fucking, thrusting, all of Marsha's reserves gone, her breath labored as Kat pinned her arms to the ground, still trusting away furiously.

"You give?" Kat screamed out at her.

"No!" Marsha somehow managed to scream back, one last surge of her strength trying to buck the woman off her, but it was fruitless. Kat thrust again, even more quickly now, Marsha's head tossing back and forth side-to-side, tears suddenly streaming down her face. And then almost miraculously, Marsha bent her knees, thrusting up, meeting the younger more agile woman's thrusts in and out of her. Releasing her hands, Kat now reached down, capturing Marsha's breasts in her hands, tweaking her rock hard nipples. Reaching around, Marsha now grabbed Kat's firm tight ass, holding on, digging her nails into her now crying out, though not in pain or frustration, but in pure unbridled pleasure.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She began screaming out over and over again. And then she came.


Though the match itself was over with an obviously clear victor, what ensued next was totally unexpected, though both Bella and Deidra quickly informed me it was all part of it, and one of the primary reasons so many had showed up for the match. Not just to see it, watch it...but to enjoy themselves afterwards. It was a way of letting all the girls let out their own personal frustrations and renewing personal friendships without animosity or letting the competitive spirit everyone felt get in the way of that. Marsha had clearly lost, and her status would indeed change, but even as she lay there on the mat trying to collect herself, two of the other Novices quickly came onto the mat, now lying with her, one between her legs, the other suckling her breasts.

All about me others had begun joining one another in one way or another, some likewise coming out to the mat, others standing where they were, still watching, fingering one another looking on. Kat had already selected one of the Attendings as partner, a bit of a surprise perhaps as the Attending welcomed her, leaning over one of the chairs as Kat stood behind her, now fucking her freely, wantonly.

"I always did like this part afterwards," Deidra said enthusiastically, standing removing her robe now completely so that she was entirely naked. And then Bella did. "Well Maringa?"

There was no denying the room was now sexually charged, the cries of ecstasy, passion and need clearly being expressed and now heard everywhere. I stood, allowing my own robe to fall down around my feet as Bella took my hand leading me towards the mat into the sea of writhing moaning women all about me now as others quickly joined. In seconds I was consumed myself, lost to the sensation of flesh pressed against flesh, finding my face only inches away from one woman's cunt as she in turn had latched onto the lips of another. I speared her with my tongue, just as someone else did the same to me. I felt the tickle of lips surrounding my clit, sucking it urgently as I in turn did the same to the woman whose identity I still didn't know. Someone else now sucking my breast, and then both as another joined her. Rolling over onto my back to better accommodate, the young woman above me now sitting on my face as my own cunt was ravished delightfully.

I had actually lost track of the number of orgasms I had myself helped bring about, as one woman after another came on my face, soon being replaced by another. And I too had already felt, experienced and so obviously enjoyed several myself now, wondering briefly when the delightful madness might actually come to an end.

Momentarily free of the assault, I sat up to both collect myself and gain my bearings, just then seeing Deidra as she crawled towards me, an almost evil wicked grin on her face. By now she had donned a strap-on dildo herself, the life-like phallus bobbing up and down between her legs as she reached me.

"I so want to fuck you," she said simply.

"And I so want to be fucked!" I answered back, just then realizing how much I really wanted...needed to feel that.

"May I join you both?"

I looked up, Kat was now standing over the two of us looking down, Deidra's smile even broader, wider if that was possible.

"You up for a DP...right here? Right now?" She then asked. I hesitated only for a moment, and then gave in to my own wanton urges.

"Hell yes...come, fuck me. Both of you!" I stated, and then rolled over feeling Kat's fingers as she applied a bit of lubrication to my tight puckered ass. As she did that, I climbed onto Deidra's cock as she now lay beneath me, easing myself down over her rigid tool, impaling myself fully and completely on it. Once I was used to the sensation, I looked back over my shoulder to where Kat now knelt patiently waiting. "Ok baby...I'm ready. Come fuck my ass!"

As I sat on Deidra's cock so completely filling my pussy, I felt the tight press of Kat as she positioned herself behind me, the head of her fake prick now beginning to ease its way inside me. With a sudden "pop" I felt the head just enter.

"Ok, wait for a moment," I said breathlessly allowing myself to get used to the somewhat unfamiliar sensation, though all around us, the continued orgy of female flesh went on, moans...groans, cries of ecstasy and delight merely adding to my own very much aroused state of mind. "Ok...go ahead, slide in a bit more," I told her wincing just a little at first as she did, but then suddenly feeling the sweet filling of her prick as it now joined Deidra's, the two of them now resting side by side within me. "Oh fuck that feels good!" I then managed to breathe, as the two began moving together, though in opposites, one thrusting in as the other pulled out. "Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!" I cried out uncaring now that my own voice seemed to top that of everyone elses.

"Well, well...look what the Kat dragged in so to speak," Bella said moving over to lie beside us, watching. "And I must I'm jealous! Wish I'd thought of doing that myself now," she added as she just then reached up, grabbing of all people...Marsha who had wandered over to have a look for herself. "Down here Novice!" Bella told the young girl. "Eat my cunt while I watch this," she fully demanded. "And don't stop until I've at least come three times!"

To be continued...

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