tagMatureDoctor Z Ch. 2

Doctor Z Ch. 2


In Doctor Z, Ch 1, we learned that before Jo Jo, and her husband Bart, moved to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan that they enjoyed an open marriage, he to have access to a tighter pussy, she to have a man with a cock large enough to satisfy her.

The next-door neighbor in the condo that they moved into is a widower, Dr. Jack Zuckner, an OB/GYN doctor, that for years has seduced the nurses that worked the "Delivery" wing at the Mt. Pleasant hospital.

Jo Jo learned of his reputation as a great lover. By chance, she saw his wonderful cock, when he was asleep in a hospital bed, while a patient. She had to try him. He now comes to the rear door of her condo several days each week, to fuck her from seven thirty-two, when her husband leaves for work, until eight twenty, when he must get ready for his office hours.

Unknown to Ruth Delaney, her sister, Jo Jo, had conspired with Doctor Z to entice Ruth, who just received her RN degree, to come to Mt. Pleasant for a position working in Doctor Z's office. Jo Jo delivered her sister to the Doctor's rear door of his condo on a Friday afternoon, without telling Ruth ahead of time that she was to be the doctor's sexual entertainment for the weekend. Doctor Z was to break-her-in-right.

As Chapter 1 ended, Jo Jo heard the sounds, off and on, of a bed headboard tapping the wall. Bart commented that he heard what he thought was a cat meowing, like it was being bred. Jo Jo heard it too. She knew it was no cat. It was Ruth moaning constantly from the ecstasy of being serviced by the doctor's wonderful cock.

Bart left at three PM Sunday afternoon to play a late round of golf. Ruth knocked on the rear door, shortly thereafter. Jo Jo saw that she had just taken a shower, when she let her in. Ruth was expressionless. She walked into the living room, tossed her bra and panties in a chair.

Jo Jo did not know if Ruth was angry or not. She followed her into the room, to sit in the chair that contained the bra and panties, after she picked them up.

Ruth turned to face her. She let her slacks drop to the floor, and then kicked them off to the side. She walked over to Jo Jo.

"Look at my cunt, damn it! That man is an animal. When you wrote to me about working for a doctor in his fifties, including the details that he would want to have sex with me, I thought that I would humor the old boy, you know, give him a thrill. At my training hospital, I had sex with several of the doctors. The old ones would begin to wheeze, then stop before either of us came, just to catch their breath."

Almost screaming, she continued, "This guy. Your doctor Zukner. Damn it Jo Jo, he is a sex machine. Two years ago, I fucked Harvey Brigham for five hours. He could not get it up after that for two days. I have fucked eighteen guys, most of them my age. Not in my wildest imagination, did I believe that there was a man with a cock like this Doctor Zukner, or a man with his ability get it up every twenty minutes, all weekend. He is the Goddamn "Eveready Bunny!" Look at my pussy. The opening is two inches wide. I must be a foot deep, now. If it doesn't shrink, who in hell will want to marry me?"

"Don't worry, it will shrink. Look at mine."

Jo Jo dropped her shorts, and panties. She put one foot on the arm of the chair. Ruth bent over to inspect her cunt.

"See, everything closes up on me in a couple hours. Bart has no idea that I can take a cock like Doctor Z has."

Rolling her eyes toward the ceiling, Ruth let out a deep breath. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that.

Ruth stepped back. I have no interest in getting married anytime soon. She started to thrust her cunt forward, in quick bunts, standing with her hands on her hips. Each time her cunt shot forward, she said a word. "I - assume - Z - will - want - my - pussy - every - day?"

"Plan on it. Monday is my last weekday with him, for some time, because I start the school year."

In October, Bart had to attend a two-week company training secession. Jo Jo invited her mother to come up from Richmond, Indiana for a visit, so she could see both her daughters.

Unknown to her daughters, Joan Delaney had a problem, which she partially solved when she had an excuse to go out of town. Because of high blood pressure medicine, her husband, the girl's father, was unable to obtain any kind of an erection, for the last five years. For the first eight months, Joan had told herself that she did not need sex. Then, she went to a class reunion in Cleveland. The boy that took her virginity, John Duffy, was there. After the main dinner/dance, Joan was invited, along with four couples, to go to John's camp on the lake. When the others were ready to leave, John offered to return Joan to her motel.

"Let me help you clear the dishes, and pick up," she had said.

As the last car disappeared into the distance, John took her in his arms. She returned his kiss. There was no pretence on her part. She was hungry for sex. She rubbed her cunt up his leg as she had done; years before, when they had fucked like rabbits, as teens are want to do. His hand slid under her bra to grab her left tit. When he had last fucked her, she was one hundred, eighteen pounds, sporting perky B-cup tits. Now, at one hundred, sixty pounds, her ass was wider then her shoulders, her tummy protruded in a womanly pot, and her tits were a full C-cup.

As he undressed her, he could smell her pussy. He remembered her scent well. Since she wore a full-skirted bathing suit, as well as the fact that she was not active sexually, she had not shaved her pussy, which was covered in the classic "T" with her brown cunt bush. Right out of a "Rembrandt" painting, Johnny thought.

Johnny had not fucked any women except his wife for sixteen years. He intended to make up for it with Joan, this weekend. He knew that she was not going to fly home until Monday. He took his time eating her legs, nibble by nibble. He blew on her pussy. Joan took hold of his head, lifting it. When their eyes met, she gave him an order. "Johnny Duffy, you fuck me, this minute."

On her, he started a rocking motion. When he was full forward, he would tuck his stomach, as his ass shot forward that last two inches to thrust in with considerable speed. Joan had always liked that, he recalled. She, like her daughters is an emotional, moaning, fuck. By the tenth push, she was in orgasm; a steady build up of pleasure, pressure, emotional stirring, that made her sweat, toss her head back and forth, point her toes, finally ending with her large, white ass bucking and humping. Johnny came a short time later.

Wow, was that a ride, a jubilant Johnny thought.

Twenty minutes later, he was riding for all he was worth, again. An hour later, finished for a while, they cleaned up, and finished cleaning the camp.

When they returned to the bedroom, John rolled Joan onto to her stomach. He put a lubricant on her asshole. While kissing her on the side of the cheek, as he put his cock to her asshole. His wife would not let him fuck her there. Unless Joan made a fuss, he would get his first true "ass," right now.

It took Joan a few moments to grasp that he was intent on her "other" hole. "Johnny, my husband has not ever done that with me. Johnny?"

As she said that, he placed all his weight on the end of his cock. It, helped by the "Slick," slid into her. She is really tight here, he thought. He lifted her to her knees. In that position, he could paw her tits, as he fucked her ass. Great fun.

By Sunday night, she was giving a satisfying blowjob, accepting a cock in her ass, without blinking an eye, and had John in her pussy using every position that he could think of. John was patting himself on the back thinking that it had been great sex. To her, it was a lot more. This was her return to the lustful sex that she needed so badly. Not only had she fucked, but also she was liberated, sexually, at age fifty-one. She would fuck anyone and everyone she could, when out of her home area, she vowed, during her flight home.

The invitation to come to Mt. Pleasant, with the college, and the casino, there, had her thinking of nothing but sex from the moment that she got the e-mail from Jo Jo. Since both the girls worked all day, she knew that she would have many opportunities to find someone to play with.

Jack Zuckner, hearing that the girls mother was coming to town, plus that Bart would be away for an extended period of time, decided that he might as well go for a "Home Run," by fucking all the Delaney women. He offered to take them all to dinner the night Joan arrived.

It was a train-wreck waiting to happen. Joan had heard much about the handsome, widower, doctor, who lived next door. How convenient that he should live next door? She had dreamed that she might get a chance to fuck him. Hearing that she was to eat with him the night that she got there, had her pussy dripping, as she sat reading the e-mail from Jo Jo just before she departed for Mt. Pleasant.

She placed her hanky in her panties during the drive. It was a good thing that she did.

When she was ready for dinner, after cleaning up, Jo Jo phoned Jack to tell him that they would meet him out front. The moment that Joan saw Jack, she wanted to tell her daughters that they should go along, to the restaurant, because she wanted to get him in a bed, right now. But, one does not say those things to a daughter, so she bit her lip, to spend the dinner clamping her legs together in frustration. As the dinner wore on, Jack shifted his attention, more and more to Joan, a fact instantly observed by both young women.

Jack excused himself to go use the toilet.

Jo Jo whispered to Joan, "Mother, he is coming on to you. If you encourage him, even a little bit, he will want to have sex with you."

Joan could contain herself no longer. She had to frankly handle this matter. "Girls, your father, who I love dearly, can not have sex. Ruth, you know what heart medicine does to a man's ability to get an erection. When I am out of town, I want to have sex. Jack is a widower. He is a perfect outlet for me. Please say that it is okay and that you won't think less of me? I'm your mother, but I'm a woman, too."

Jo Jo bit her lip, to stop from laughing. She looked at Ruth, who slightly rolled her eyes, as she nodded her head up and down. It was Ruth that broke the silence. "Mother, Jack Zuckner is the best sex a woman could ever want. Both Jo Jo and I have sex with him, all the time. We will tell you the details later. For now, as soon as Jack returns, we will tell him that Jo Jo and I are going to walk to the drugstore on the way home, and that he should take you home. Jack is no dummy. He will know that something is up. He will know that we are providing you to him. Here he comes."

This was too much for Joan to digest, all at once. Just as Jack arrived at the table, Ruth told him of the girls walking home, a distance of half a mile. Joan got up, excused herself, as she went to the ladies room. When she was out of earshot, Jack, who completely understood that all three women expected Joan to join him in his bed, asked?

"Does she know that we are more then just friends?"

"Yes. We just told her."

"Is it her idea to have sex with me?"

"Yes, Dad can not obtain an erection, so she has had no sex for a long time."

"Easy to understand. I see it all the time in my practice. After a time without sex, the woman will aggressively seek out sex, for sex sake."

Jack displayed a side of him that the girls had not known about. He is an exhibitionist. "I suggest a change of plans. Let me drive you home. Immediately go in to your place, go upstairs, open the bedroom window, go out on the roof, and sit next to my window. Joan will not hear you when she is downstairs with me. Upon going upstairs, I will open the window a couple inches. With the light on, music playing, and my head between hers and the window, she will never know that you are there."

Both women sat in stunned silence. As Joan appeared from the ladies room, Jo Jo said, "Yes."

They drove back to the condo.

Joan consumed her drink at Jack's place, in a hurry. She was in a hurry. She was alone with a good-looking man. If he did not hurry up, she would just drop her dress right there. He noticed her prancing, so took her upstairs. In his bedroom, he stood admiring her body as she removed her clothes. He never tired of seeing a naked woman. It was one thing to put your finger in a woman to examine her, but a far different thing to make love, enjoying a womanly body. With a practiced eye, he planned just how he would mount her, constraining her legs in the air, insuring maximum penetration.

Both daughters noted that their mother's ass was a third wider then theirs. Her tits are set wide apart, extending out past her body. At age fifty-one, they hung like two grapefruit in plastic bags, well down her chest. There would be the devil-to-pay for all that looseness in just a few minutes. Her tummy had that paunch most woman develop from the loose skin left from having their children. Jack knew that she was built for comfort. His. It was time.

As he dropped his shorts, Joan's eyes widened in amazement. Jack wasted no time. That long finger of his hit pay dirt, her cervix. Her hips rose, lowered, and shifted side to side, until finally she frantically pulled his hand deeper into her, as she came, moaning in just the same tone that Ruth does.

Hearing the moaning, Jo Jo elbowed Ruth in the ribs.

Jack mounted her. With her legs held forward, inside his arms, it took her fanny, tummy, out of play, as it raised her pussy to where it was in prime position. The end of his cock slid into her wet pussy. He slowly lowered himself into her, until he bottomed, with three inches still outside. A younger woman, he would have finessed, as he had done with Ruth. Joan, having given birth twice, could accept all of him. He worked it in and out three times to spread the wetness.

He pulled almost all the way out. A push, he was half way in. A second push, he was balls deep in her. Her insides extended, she groaned, let out a sigh, while wide eyed in amazement by the stretching of her pussy. His rhythm, both girls knew, only so well. It was his "three-step." He would pull out to the end, wait. Push in half way, wait. Drive it home, wait. The anticipation of each move coming drove Jo Jo, and Ruth wild, as they knew that it would Joan.

Like a cat meowing in the moonlight, as it is being bred, Joan Delaney was making a constant, steady, eerie moaning sound. Joan tensed. Sweat was running off her face. Jack lifted himself so that his upper body was suspended at arms length, giving his ass the space for him to quicken the thrusts, each pounding her ass. The large white cheeks rippled. Her legs flailed forward and rearward over a foot. Her tits, with all that hanging flesh, weighted at the end with five pounds of round mass, slid a full foot up and down on her chest.

Ruth and Jo Jo now knew why, that when they finished a bout of hard fucking with Doctor Z, that their breasts were inflamed, red, tender, as Joan's were now. They have just started, crossed Jo Jo's mind.

Both young women never dreamed that they would ever watch their mother having sex, let alone with a man other then their father. Watching her now, hearing her moans, wails, groans, shrieks of pleasure, as she was entwined in the mating embrace, was a sight that seemed so right. Fuck her Doc. Fuck her for the next two weeks. Give her the pleasure that you give us, they both thought.

Her pleadings as she came were so loud that they thought the neighbors would hear. Ruth elbowed Jo Jo, when Jacks white cum showed around his cock, to then run down Joan's ass to the bed. By the third go, Joan was exhausted. Jo Jo whispered in Ruth's ear. "He has just started on her. Will she be okay? It won't kill her, will it?"

Noting that Joan was very tired, Jack rolled her on her stomach, when he was ready to fuck again. He placed a pillow under her, which raised her fanny. Spreading the cheeks of her considerable ass, he inserted his cock in. The slick cum allowed his cock to enter her. Fascinated, both girls watched his cock disappear into their mother's ass. Jack wanted a long, slow, tight fuck. He fucked her in slow motion. When finished, he rolled her so that her cunt, and asshole, was visible to the watchers, to display his handy work. Her openings, the size of half dollars, looked like two large black eyes peering at them.

When Joan left the room to pee, both girls returned to their bedroom, hoping to get some sleep. It was not to be.

Every twenty minutes, the headboard, next door, could be heard, taping the wall, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It was accompanied, each time, by the meowing sound of Joan's moans. What daughter could sleep, with a sexual master ravishing her mother, just feet from where she lies? Finally at just after five AM, all was quiet.

Two hours later, there was a soft knocking on the rear door. It was Joan. Her hair was wet from just showering. She, like Ruth before her, had her bra and panties in her hand. She stormed into the living room, with a very worried look on her face. The girls followed her. She took off her dress. Naked, she turned away from Ruth and Jo Jo, while bending over. Her hands spread the cheeks of her ass, revealing swollen, red, puffy cunt lips, with two large holes, each the size of a silver dollar. "I'm ruined. If your father sees this, he will throw me out. If my doctor at home sees it, he will conclude that I am a whore."

Both girls cast a glance at each other. "Been there, done that, Mom. Lets show her ours, Ruth," Jo Jo said.

Naked, both girls placed one foot on a chair so that their mother could inspect their cunts.

"Mom, it will return to normal in an hour, unless, of course, you start again with him, when he comes here for you, as he will."

At that moment, Doctor Jack Zuckner walked into the room, having gained access through the unlocked rear door.

He was carrying bagels, cream spread, plus four cups of coffee, that he had purchased. He set the tray down.

None of the Delaney women moved to cover themselves from the view of this man, who was the object of their lives. He kissed each in turn, as he inserted his index finger deeply in her, just for a moment, clearly indicating his possession of them.

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