tagMind ControlDomina Shelle's New Hypno Boy Ch. 02

Domina Shelle's New Hypno Boy Ch. 02


Everything was coming in and out.  Blackness, then flashes of sights and sounds.  Lights in his eyes.  People hovering over him.  There was a screech of tires then a loud crash...at least he thought there was.  He felt pain.  His head was pounding, and he thought that he felt his body being moved.  Sirens.  Was that sirens he was hearing?  He felt pain all over.  Then blackness again.

Suddenly he heard voices.  Voices all around him.  One voice sounded familiar.  Shelle...Domina Shelle's voice?  It couldn't be.  The one from the recordings that was burned into his brain?  Had he tried to say her name?  Needs rest now...was that someone else talking?  Again, everything went black.

Light came back but everything was just a blur in his vision and then a voice...her voice again, "shh My sweet," the voice came softly in his ear, "rest now.  your body needs rest."

Rest he did.  The dream he had was vivid.  Her voice speaking softly to him.  She was there in a nurse's uniform.  Tight fitting, displaying her sexy curves.  Her cleavage beneath Her lovely visage was impossible to ignore.  Full red lips parted in a sweet smile as She spoke to him.  "Rest your mind now.  Breathe in deeply and rest for Me."  She was at his side as he lay in a bed.  He was tilted up as if in a hospital bed.  Her face was next to him whispering in his ear.  "Your whole body feels numb...just breathe deeply and let My words make you numb."

The vision of Her came in and out.  He heard the droning of Her sweet voice.  She was touching him.  Caressing his face but he felt nothing, "you see My hands caressing your body but can't feel them," he watched Her hand move up his thigh.  The bedsheets were tented from his erection, but everything was blurry around the edges.  It was foggy and yet seemed so real to him.  He was helpless as he lay in bed and She kept escalating Her advances.  He saw her hand sliding up and down his erection through the bed sheets.  It was if he was watching her with another person, even though it was his body she was manipulating. 

She climbed in the bed and slid Her nurse uniform up as She straddled him.  Her white nylons showing the tops and he could see the garters that disappeared under Her outfit.  She started sliding Her hips back and forth, yet he still heard Her voice speaking sweetly to him, "your whole body is numb as I slide along your hard cock and you can't feel a thing."  He was mesmerized by the vision before him.  Her chest was heaving as She gyrated atop his body, "helpless to Me as you breathe Me in."  Her voice was coming in and out.  He saw her facial expressions slowly change as she was deriving pleasure from his body.  She was sliding up and down his cock, yet he could still not feel a thing.  

It was like watching a movie of a beautiful nurse having Her way with him and all he could do was watch.  He knew his cock was throbbing.  His body should have been hot with lust from everything She was doing to him, but he could not feel a thing.  "So numb and helpless as I ride your hard and throbbing cock," he could see Her white silk panties sliding along his hard shaft, "you need to cum so badly...you know you are going to cum for Me."  He heard moans through her voice as she used his cock for her pleasure.  The voice continued in his ears, yet he could no longer hold onto the words.  Then everything went black again.

His eyes slowly opened, and he noticed someone standing next to his bed.  He was in a hospital room and there She was.  There were butterflies in his stomach and words would not come to his lips as he gazed at Her.  She was smiling down at him, "oh my sweet," Her voice like honey, "the last shift nurse said you had a...um...nocturnal emission," She softly giggled as she said it.  Her hand came up to caress his face, "I am so sorry my sweet that you could not experience the pleasure of it."

The pictures of Her atop him came back in flashes and he felt his cock start to harden, "so nice to meet you pet.  I thought you should really understand that My pleasure is what is important."  Her gaze moved down to see the sheets rising up over his crotch and she smiled, "see how much it excites you to see Me happy pet?"  He was feeling waves of pleasures coursing up and down his body, "and you made Me very happy pet."  Her last words made his entire body quiver with pleasure.  "Oh how you love the way I brainwash you," he felt Her hot breath on his ear as She leaned up close, "yes My pet.  I've brainwashed you again and again.  You respond to Me just the way I have programmed you to and you love it."

The nearness of Her and the soft words She spoke to him were overwhelming.  Soft whimpers of pleasure started to escape his lips, "yes My pet...My goooood boy.  Just like when you edge for Me.  The pleasure you receive is just too much and you want to cum soooo badly, but you know that My pleasure comes first, don't you?"

"Yes," the soft response came without thought.

"That's right My pet," Her voice was so soft and yet relentless, "your pleasure belongs to Me pet.  You belong to Me pet.  It feels sooo good to be Mine and to be brainwashed by Me.  Sleep," he heard the snap of Her fingers and felt his thoughts drifting away...no need to think for himself...he was being brainwashed...the way he liked it.

He awoke feeling refreshed and rested. The doctor's had told him the concussion was more mild than they had originally thought and he would be released later that day. He did not see Her again that day, but when he his phone was returned to him and he scrolled through his messages and texts he found one from a number he did not know.

'Hello My sweet. On your phone you will find a few recordings I want you to start training with. Knowing you are training to My voice will make Me so happy pet. Feel how good it makes you feel when You make Me happy.'

He felt the rush of pleasure and the swelling in his cock as he read Her words. Scrolling through his phone he found the recordings She had left for him. The excitement and anticipation flooded through him as he thought about listening to them just as She had asked him to.

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by Anonymous05/15/18

This series is fine, and I'm mostly just glad you're writing again regularly...

...but FWIW, in my opinion, pretty much all of your other in-progress series are more interesting, tense, and inventive (and hence ultimately hotter)

Just my two cents.

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