tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSamantha's Plan Ch. 01

Samantha's Plan Ch. 01


Authors note. I have changed the title since this is going to be the first chapter In a story about a controlling wife. Thanks to Tigerssman for your help. Constructive feedback and suggestions for future chapters welcome. I hope you enjoy.


Things had been going amazingly well with my efforts to quit smoking lately. I had tried many times but it wasn't until my wife Samantha suggested I go to a hypnotist that I was able to successfully stop my nasty habit. At my first meeting with Mary I had a little trouble relaxing enough to get the full effect of it but after a couple visits it had become much easier to fall into her trance. It had now been over a month since I have had the urge to light up. I could probably stop going to our sessions each week now but I had another scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Sam has of course been very supportive of my efforts to quit, even encouraging me to continue the sessions as long as I think I need to. Sam has always been a great wife and partner. In truth she would probably be out of my league if she knew how gorgeous she was. At 5 foot 6 inches, 118 lbs and 38 D breast her body is the stuff of my fantasies. And her long auburn hair, beautiful blue eyes and full lips complete the package. But growing up Samantha Wheeler was not the kind of girl most of the guys at school paid much attention to. She spent most of her days at the library, daydreaming of one day becoming a successful lawyer, leaving little room for hair, makeup and flirting.

Of course it didn't take me long to notice her working out at the local Y and it wasn't long before I decided to put a ring on her finger. But I have often felt unworthy of such a beautiful woman. Sex with Samantha is always great for me but I know she secretly wishes I could last longer when she asks me to "wait for her" and sometimes uses her vibrator when I have finished. I got really worried a couple months ago when she told me that she would like to put down the money on a Sybian. I of course told her she should if it would make her happy but secretly I was worried she wouldn't need me anymore.

Amazingly though a side effect of stopping smoking seems to be that I am better in the sack. Now when she asks me to wait, I seem to be able to hold off until she tells me she is ready. In fact when we had sex last night she had several orgasms and told me she was getting tired. I actually stopped without cumming which has never happened to me. I laid awake for about an hour contemplating masturbation but ultimately fell asleep. I must say I have been extra horny today but feel the desire to wait until our next session instead of wasting it on self-love.

Luckily it was Saturday which was our standard date night. When Sam came down the hall dressed to go to dinner I couldn't help but think about how amazing she looked in her tight fitting, knee length, summer dress. She seemed to have a special glow and I hoped it was due to my performance last night. After a nice dinner where I was constantly distracted by my thoughts of sex with my wife, I asked if she wanted to catch a movie or go dancing. She smiled and asked what if she wanted to just get me home. Of course she didn't have to ask me twice and a little while later we were on our couch, making out like school kids. I suddenly had a frightening thought though. After a day of sexual frustration what if I was my old self and was a huge disappointment after last night? But it was too late now. Samantha stood up, took a big drink of her wine as I watched her reach for her straps, pulling them off her shoulders and letting her dress fall to the floor. I was surprised to see that she was nude underneath and gasped at the sudden sight of her beautiful naked body. My cock was immediately aching for release but Sam had other things in mind. Laying back on the couch she pulled my head between her legs and told me to please her. I love the taste of her pussy so I was very happy to oblige. I have always been confident of my oral skills. I think I have tried to make up for my lack of stamina during sex with good pussy eating and it seems to have worked. It wasn't long before my wife was grabbing my head and screaming through a series of orgasms. After she calmed down Sam came over and curled up in my lap with her head on my chest which of course was heaving up and down with the beautiful naked creature pressed against me.

"Richard, how have you felt today?" Samantha asked. "I know you didn't get to cum last night."

I told her that I have been horny all day but was willing to wait until I could have her tonight. She smiled and said she liked knowing I was wanting her all day and then asked me the question.

"What if I wanted you to wait longer?"

I was just about to protest and tell her I couldn't stand it when she said,

"I would really like that."

Suddenly I felt a strange desire to please her come over me and I couldn't believe I was agreeing to more frustrating denial! It took even longer trying to fall asleep that night, especially since Samantha had no such trouble and immediately fell asleep next to me and rolled over on my chest still naked.

When I woke on Sunday I was immediately aware of my morning hard on which was harder than it had been since I was a teenager. I was continually frustrated all day and thought many times about going in the bathroom and taking matters into my own hands, but could never seem to actually follow through. Going through our usual Sunday routine was agonizing: church, shopping, a visit from the in-laws while constantly thinking about getting their daughter to myself later. Then to my utter horror early Sunday evening, a call came on Samantha's work phone. It seems a sudden emergency had come up with a big case she has been working on and she had to go into the office immediately. I asked desperately what time she would be home but was told to not wait up.

She might be there all night. This was to much! After three days of frustration I had to get some relief. So after she was off I quickly stripped and got into bed with my favorite lube. I was stroking like a madman, eager to relieve this ache I had in my balls. But after getting on the edge of finally getting my needed orgasm several times I began to realize I wasn't able to get across the finish line. I tried slow, fast, hard strokes, soft and each time the same thing. I would get right to the edge only to feel it fade away again. What was happening to me? I was always able to cum at the drop of a hat. Now I couldn't seem to get there. Finally in frustration I decided to play some xbox to distract myself and hopefully fall asleep. Of course that was in itself a challenge. 'Grand Theft Auto' was no good, too many bikinis. Tomb Raider forget it. Hmmm Call of Duty! Yeah killing people. That should help me take out my frustration.

Monday was horrible at the office until lunch when I went to my appointment with Mary. I couldn't help but wonder why she had picked today of all days to wear a tight blouse and skirt to work. Mary was very pretty but a different type from Samantha. She was shorter, 5 foot 3, with blonde hair, green eyes and perky probably C cup tits. But she was very professional and seemed very good at her job. After leaving to go back to work I thought about how she had gotten me so accustomed to her methods that I no longer even remember most of the session. Just the first few minutes when she begins to take me under. But I left feeling much better. I still had the ache in my groin and desperate desire to fuck my wife but I was more content to wait. Even a little grateful that I hadn't managed to spoil it last night with my hand.

That night after a delicious dinner Samantha smiled at me and said, "I bet someone needs some attention." With that she walked over to my chair, got down on her knees, unbuckled my pants and began to give me a long, slow, amazing blowjob. It felt amazing but she stopped, stood up and took my hand pulling me into the bedroom. What followed was nothing short of amazing. I was still after four days of sexual frustration able to last like a champ until finally Sam looked up at me as I fucked her and said, "Okay, I'm ready now." That was it! Four days of pent up frustration suddenly released itself in the most amazing orgasm I had ever had.

I spent much of the rest of the week thinking about how things had gone and wondering why. Now it was the weekend again and I was eager to have a normal weekend again without all the confusing frustration. Samantha and I began to have our usual Friday after work romp and I felt the impending orgasm just like before. I began to worry as I knew just like in the past Sam wasn't ready. She sensed my desire and looked at me and said, "Wait for me, honey." And just like that, I stayed on the edge but didn't go over the cliff. After she was satisfied she looked at me with a wicked grin and I asked her what she was grinning about. She asked me to stop and take a break. I groaned but obliged. She took a drink of her wine and reached down to slowly stroke my throbbing member. "I have to confess something," she began "I really enjoyed last weekend. You were an amazing lover."

"Yeah," I said, "but I don't know what happened to me. I couldn't seem to cum all weekend."

"I know," she said, "It was amazing and I loved it! After all the times you left me frustrated, needing my vibrator, or the Sybian, it was incredible to have the tables turned for once."

I thought about what she said and realized she was right. I was so concerned with my own frustration I didn't realized she deserved to be the one satisfied by our sex for once.

Then she added, "I think I'd like to do that again, leave you frustrated and aching for me this weekend."

"But that was just a weird thing," I said. "I don't think I'll be able to do that again. I feel like I'm about to bust a nut already."

"Yes I know, but you aren't," she said with a smile.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. "What makes you so confident that I can or want to wait like that again?"

"Oh you can, and will if I want," she sneered. "Mary promises that!"

That's when it hit me like a brick. Samantha smiled as she watched the realization come over me.

"Where did you find Mary?" I asked.

"Oh a friend recommended her," she smiled.

"Fuck Sam, you mean she has been hypnotizing me to give you control over my orgasms?" I asked.

Samantha just smiled and while still stoking my cock explained that she knew I felt insecure about my performance in the sack. She got the idea when I decided to use hypnosis to quit smoking to also make me last longer in bed. She went on to explain that it took her a long time to find a hypnotist that was willing, but then she talked to Mary and it was a jackpot. Not only did Mary say she could program me to last longer, but that she could give me key phrases that when spoken by Sam would have a big effect. "Wait for me honey" would make me unable to orgasm until she gave me the release phrase of "I'm ..." Samantha stopped herself laughing. "Oops almost let you off the hook too soon. Then grabbing a pen and paper wrote. "I'm ready now". Oh and the big one. Sam got a big smile. Watch this. She thought for a minute.

"Richard," she said, "go run around the backyard naked"

I looked at her like she was crazy and told her there was no way I was doing that, especially since it was like 40 degrees outside tonight.

"I would really like that," she said.

Suddenly before I knew what I was doing I was out the backdoor, still in my birthday suit. The air immediately felt like I was in a freezer but I quickly began running a lap around our half acre back yard. I prayed Ms. Nelson next door wasn't looking out her window. I ran as fast as I could before quickly running back inside and into the bedroom where my wife was in tears for laughing.

"OH MY GOD!" she said, "That works so well, that bitch is good!" still laughing.

Bitch is right I thought! I was furious. Here I thought I was just quitting smoking and now I find out my wife and therapist have conspired to make me into her sex toy! Samantha saw the look on my face and began to explain further.

"Look," she said, "you know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you or that you really didn't want to do right?"

I just stared, still fuming.

"Actually I can't anyway baby," she explained. "One of the elements of hypnosis is that you can't make anyone do anything through hypnosis that they truly don't want to do. So on some level you must want this or it would not have worked"

That hit me like a hammer and I sat on the bed as the realization of what she just said sank in. The worst part was I knew she was right. I knew enough about hypnosis to know that what she said was true. Did I somehow want to be my wife's sex toy or even sex slave?

Then Sam continued. "But I know this is a lot to consider and it wasn't exactly fair for you. So if you want, I will say the release command and I won't use any of the phrases anymore until you want me to."

Until I want her to? Was she crazy? Why would I want her to? I told her that no I didn't want her to so she looked at me and said, "OK,, I'm ready now." With that I felt my cock begin to stiffen again and my naked wife laid back for me. I thought to myself how I was going show her and fuck her good and hard. But after about two minutes I came in a pretty disappointing orgasm and we both fell asleep.

The next couple weeks we went back to our old ways. Unfortunately that also meant my old ways in the bedroom. I began to actually fantasize about being denied orgasm while my wife was completely satisfied. On Friday night we began to have sex and once again I felt my orgasm building after only a minute.

I looked at Samantha and said, "Tell me to wait for you." She smiled but shook her head no and let me finish another disappointing sex session. After it was over she explained that although she was tempted to give me what I asked for that she knew she couldn't at that moment. She said that now that I knew what her taking control would mean that I had to make the decision fully and not in the middle of an orgasm. That if I wanted her to take control of our sex life that it had to be something I came to her and asked for with a clear head. But she also warned me that if I did ask her to there might be no going back this time. She liked the control too much and did not want or think she could let it go again. I thought about what she said and realized she was right. I would have to think long and hard about giving my wife that much power. It took about another week of disappointing performances and masturbation before I went into the living room where my wife was watching tv. I knelt down in front of her aware that I was already kneeling. Geesh! And said, "Samantha will you take charge of our sex life again?"

She smiled while taking my hand in hers and asked, "Do you really want that?"

"Yes." I said.

"Do you really want to trust me with that much control?" She asked

"Yes." I said.

"Wonderful." She grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Then wait on me honey."

Then she told me to take off her Jeans and pleasure her with my tongue until she tells me to stop. And that in the morning I am to call and tell Mary my decision and that you wish to schedule more sessions to reinforce your programming.

"Because honey," she began while taking my chin in her hand and looking in my eyes. "I would really like that."

I blushed knowing that my fate was sealed. I was going to be helpless to my wife's whims and I was going to be helping to dig myself in deeper. But I also felt something else. A smile on my face as I began to pleasure my incredible wife.

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by Anonymous12/07/17

Idiotic crap for the real perverts!!!

What a bunch of crap!!! She and the hypnotist are toast!! He goes to the police and the slut and her accomplice go to prison for a long time!!! Meanwhile the slut gets a divorce and the hypnotist getsmore...

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by Anonymous10/15/17

It's a fantasy.

It's not meant to be analyzed for deep sociological meaning. It's not a feminist analysis of 21st century morals. It's wanking material. And very good wanking material in my opinion. Why get angrymore...

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