tagLesbian SexDoomsday Trickery Ch. 02

Doomsday Trickery Ch. 02


Lauren looked at her girl and pointed to the bed and said "Stay!" Then she walked quickly out of the room. She put in a call to Mark and when he answered she demanded, "Have I been set up here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Tonight after much fun and love, I asked Christy what would happen with us if the world didn't end next week. She answered with the same exact words you said to me last night!"

"Don't be angry Lauren dear. There was nothing done to hurt you. You can trust both of us on that."

"So I have been set up then!" she said angrily.


"Get your ass over here, I want to talk to you and her together so I can get the straight of this."

"Demanding aren't we?" He said laughing, but before she could retort, he quickly went on. "I'll be right over. We love you Lauren. Twenty minutes."

And he hung up.

Lauren, suspicious and a bit put off, went to her room and said to her girl, "Mark will be here in twenty minutes. Go to your room until he gets here. I want to be alone for a while."

Christy hung her head, and knelt and bent down and kissed Lauren's feet several times, and then did as she was told.

Lauren alternately worried and fumed. She turned on the tv and sat on the couch and worried and fumed.

She couldn't really focus on the tv. She had no real idea of what was even on. It was just background noise to cover her fuming. Had she been set up? That much was obvious at this point. Was it all some cruel joke? Neither Mark, nor Christy were like that. But still. She'd been set up.

Almost exactly twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door. She opened it to Mark and he took her in his arms before she could say a word and said softly. "It wasn't meant to hurt you. It was meant to help Christy love you."

Lauren started crying a bit and he held her tightly. She didn't cry long, and when she stopped she pulled back and looked at him. "I'm going to hear everything, and you, could be in big trouble."

He smiled at her and replied, "If you and she end up happy in the end, I'll take it," and he laughed.

She laughed with him and pointed to the couch. "Christy," she said loudly, "Mark is here."

She sat down next to Mark on the couch and saw his eyes widen in surprise. She turned and there was Christy, naked, in the process of gracefully kneeling. She was blushing and had her eyes down.

"What are you doing my dear?"

"Coming to visit with Mark as you wanted Mistress."

"You're not wearing any clothes Christy."

"Yes Mistress, you didn't tell me to put any on."


"It's in the contract Mistress. 'The slave is not allowed to wear clothing in her Mistress' home unless her Mistress orders it."

Lauren shook her head amazed at her girl's boldness.

"Well, I think you should have some clothes on as you've made Mark uncomfortable...." She started to say and Christy started to get up to go get some clothes but Mark chipped in laughing.

"I think she's made you more uncomfortable than me Lauren," he laughed.

"Oh ya?" She asked looking at Mark with a fire in her eyes. "Fine. Christy, stay!" She pointed to the ground where Christy had been kneeling and Christy returned to her place there and knelt back down.

Mark blushed red but laughed some more.

"Do you want a drink Mark?" Lauren asked.

"Sure. Beer?"

"Christy, get us all some beer please."

"Yes Mistress," Christy replied standing gracefully and heading to the kitchen. The butt plug was plainly visible and Mark blushed and Lauren arched her eyebrow at him as if to say, "Want to play some more?"

"Brave girl," Mark said quietly.

He was smiling gently and she did the same. "Yes," she replied, her attitude softening. "Especially considering her upbringing."

"Indeed," he replied.

Christy returned shortly with a tray with three beers on it. She knelt on the floor and put the tray in front of her. She picked up one of the bottles in both hands and knelt before her Mistress and bowed her head and held the beer up to her in both hands. Mark looked at Lauren and raised one eyebrow. Lauren shook her head slightly and gently took the beer. "Thank you my girl," she said.

"You're welcome Mistress," Christy replied and then served Mark the same way. He looked at Lauren, his blush plain, as she knelt before him, beer held in both hands. Lauren raised her eyebrow at him and nodded at Christy. He swallowed and took the beer and thanked her. "You're welcome Mark," she replied, then she picked up her own beer and knelt back in her place at her Mistress' feet.

Lauren took a sip of her drink as did the other two, and then she held it in her lap and asked, "Ok, Exactly what is going on? You two set me up somehow, and I want the story." She looked at them sternly.

Mark looked at Christy and said, "It's mostly your story dear."

She nodded.

"Ok Mistress, it's a bit long, but I'll begin at the beginning."

"Good idea," Lauren replied sarcastically.

"Mistress, you know what I was like when I met you. Despite that, on the inside I had all these needs and desires that you have helped me free. I wasn't always nice. Anyway, after we settled that you weren't going to convert no matter what, everything went along fine, until I started loving you. It's been what? Four years that we've lived together? I fell for you about two years ago. And it got harder and harder on me and I prayed more and more. But the beliefs my church espouse did not help it go away."

Christy took a long drink of her beer, and made a face at the taste. Then she went on.

"Anyway, about six months ago, I met Mark at a store while shopping. I recognized him immediately as he has been here often in the last four years Mistress. And we got to talking. I found out he was an ordained Minister, and was a druid, who believed all spiritual paths that aren't fundamentally evil, are valid. It was a weird concept for me Mistress."

"I bet it was my dear," Lauren said. She looked at Mark and asked, "And you didn't tell me any of this?"

"I couldn't. It all ended up under the seal of the confessional as things went. Even now that is all I am allowed to say as it is still sealed."

Lauren looked down at her naked, kneeling girl and replied, "But she can."

Mark laughed and agreed.

"To make a long story short Mistress, our discussion led to a lot of thinking, and in the end, I decided that my church was wrong about some things. I didn't know quite what to do about it, cause it's my church."

"Mark and I had more than one conversation over the next couple of months. And I ended up telling him my deepest secrets. And he was just as kind as you. And then, one evening I came home from bible group and your door was open Mistress. I peeked in to see if you were there, and you were loving someone. I knew I shouldn't watch, but I couldn't move away. You were quite rough with her. And she liked it. And you liked it. And then afterward, you were so tender. That sealed it in my mind and heart. And my prayers changed from 'help me not be this', to 'help me have this." Christy giggled. "I got my prayer answered."

Lauren laughed.

"Well, what was all this about doomsday then?" Lauren asked.

"Well, A few weeks ago I told Mark that I needed a way to be able to tell you. And he explained to me that you may be denying needs of your own so I might need to trick you into letting you be yourself."

Lauren gave Mark a dirty look. He held her gaze and asked quietly, "Well, was I wrong?"

She looked at him hard for a few moments and then spat, "Ass. No, you weren't. I've had more fun with Christy in the Mistress role than I ever thought I could. Jerk." And she smiled to take the sting out of her words.

"But Christy, I thought you didn't believe in lying."

"I didn't lie Mistress."

"Oh no? So that guy on the youtube is a prophet then? And he's never been wrong?"

"I was told his predictions have never failed to come true Mistress."

"Oh? And who told you that?"

Mark laughed. "I did my dear. Then I suggested she not ask any questions about it." He laughed.

"Oh? So this guy is a prophet?"

"I have no idea. He might be. It IS in fact true that none of his predictions have ever been wrong before. But, then, this was his first one." He wasn't just smiling, his eyes were laughing. Lauren often wondered how he managed to be so expressive. His lovers must love that about him, she thought idly as she thought about whether or not she should be angry about the whole thing or not.

She stared back and forth between the conspirators, and finally gave in. "Fine. You're an ass Mark, and Christy, I fucking own you."

Mark laughed and drank down his beer, and Christy smiled up at her Mistress and Lauren saw the sun shining out of her smile. "Yes Mistress, you do," she agreed.

"And you had better be a good girl, no more of this manipulation, not even if this ass is helping... no, especially if this ass is helping. Or I might have to invite him over for ice cream."

Christy blushed deep red and quietly said "Yes Mistress."

Mark looked back and forth between the two women. Lauren looking all hard but with laughter in her eyes, and Christy blushing deep red and looking at the ground but plainly aroused. He knew he'd probably regret it, but he asked, "Ice Cream?"

"Oh do tell our wonderful, meddling friend about the ice cream Christy. Telling him, will be your punishment in your part of all of this, and hearing it, will be his." Lauren had that hard look still so Christy explained as she blushed harder.

When she had finished Mark had a poleaxed look on his face. Part disbelief and part wonder. "I may have to try something like that with Greg," He laughed. The two women joined in.

"So I know I'm going to regret this, but I have to ask, what all is in this contract, that Christy came and knelt naked while you ladies have company?"

"I have no idea," Lauren said sheepishly. "I never read it."

Mark laughed and almost spit beer all over.

"You signed it, agreed to it, took her as yours, and you never even bothered to read it? Bit hard by the love bug?" He laughed harder.

Lauren stuck her tongue out at him.

He set his empty beer bottle down and asked, "Are you two going to be alright?"

Lauren smiled at him, "Yes my friend, we are. Thank you for coming. And for everything."

"You are most welcome. And if it doesn't work out in the end, you can always blame your meddling friend."

"Oh I surely will," Lauren laughed.

"Christy, go and see Mark to the door will you? And lock up behind him. I have plans for my girl tonight."

"Yes Mistress," Christy said and got up.

At the door she blushed and hugged him. "Thank you."

He was careful to only look at her face, but he smiled at her and replied "You're welcome. I do hope you two will be happy."

She smiled. Then locked the door after he left.

She returned to kneel at Lauren's feet and saw that her Mistress had the contract in her hand and was finally reading it.

Her face looked stern as she read it. She turned to look at her girl when she was done and asked softly, "Is this all really what you want? Or need?"

"It is what I found to be appropriate for slaves according to the culture Mistress."

"That isn't what I asked you."

Christy blushed and looked down and replied softly, "I am not really sure what it is I need Mistress, except to be yours. So far it has been absolutely wonderful."

"I understand my dear. I will consider this and as we get to know each other all over again. I will refine some of the rules to be more appropriate to us, rather than to convention of so called 'society'"

"Yes Mistress," Christy acknowledged. "It is your right to define and redefine our relationship according to the contract and your position within it and ownership of me."

"For now my girl, I am telling you that if we are to have company, that unless I tell you that I want you naked during their visit, you are to be clothed. You will follow the rules I have given you on what you are allowed and not allowed to wear. I really don't want to embarrass more of our friends." Then she laughed and said, "But Mark got what he deserved."

Christy giggled and replied, "Yes Mistress."

"And what about you my girl? What do you deserve for the plainly manipulative way you sprung that on me?" Mistress Lauren looked dead serious and stern and Christy's heart leapt into her throat. Quietly she said, "Anything you feel is appropriate Mistress."

"Anything?" Mistress Lauren asked arching her eyebrow.

"I belong to you Mistress," Christy whispered. "You have every right to do whatever you wish."

"Hmmm, I'll have to think about that," Mistress Lauren said with a twinkle in her eye.

"I will leave you to wonder what it is I am thinking. One day I will surprise you with it my dear. And my revenge will be soooooo sweet." Mistress Lauren said after a moment, as she looked at Christy with a raised eyebrow.

Christy blushed but said nothing.

"You know what my dear?"

"What Mistress?"

"You never got your ice cream."

Christy looked up at her with her surprise showing. "I guess after how you had yours Mistress, mine didn't matter."

"Oh yours matters my girl. I did say we'd both have some. And you do like ice cream don't you?"

Christy smiled, "Yes Mistress."

"Alright then, go get yourself a bowl," Lauren ordered.

"Yes Mistress," Christy smiled and stood and made her way to the kitchen, the butt plug still visibly in place.

Christy was gone for some time as Lauren reflected on what had happened. It seemed like a whole new life, and in a matter of a day. Oh well, she finally concluded, life is good.

Christ finally returned and she had a bowl of the double chocolate, chocolate chip ice cream, with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate syrup. Lauren smiled. Christy began to kneel but Lauren shook her head. "No girl, I want you on my lap."

Christy smiled and sat on her Mistress' lap, the butt plug feeling somewhat uncomfortable in her ass.

"I see you found all my ingredients." Lauren laughed.

"Yes Mistress," Christy giggled, "My dish may not be as fancy as yours, but the ice cream will be good."

Her Mistress smiled and switched on the egg that was still inside her. Christy moaned as she felt it come to life. She looked at Mistress Lauren who was smiling, and then she took a bite of her ice cream.

Lauren began caressing her girls hair with one hand, and her front with the other. Christy moaned and said, "But I lost the game Mistress."

"So? I'm the Mistress aren't I?"

"Yes Mistress," Christy agreed smiling at her with desire in her eyes.

Lauren caressed her breasts with the one hand while the other petted her girls hair. Then she dipped her hand down between Christy's legs and caressed her clit, ever so lightly, and when Christy moaned and got distracted from her ice cream, she returned her hand to her girls breasts. "Something wrong my girl? Is the ice cream not good?"

"The ice cream is fine Mistress," she moaned as Lauren's fingers took a nipple between them and rolled them between finger and thumb.

"Then why aren't you eating it my dear?"

Christy blushed and took another bite.

And that went on for quite a while. Christy would just start eating and her Mistress would pleasure her in ways that begged her attention, leaving her ice cream to melt in the bowl while she moaned and squirmed.

Then Lauren changed tactics. When Christy went to take a bite, Lauren quickly moved to stimulate her clit. Coupled with the vibe inside her, and the petting in her hair, Christy paused with the spoon halfway to her mouth. Lauren smiled and kept going. Christy moaned and whimpered and looked lustfully at her Mistress as she played her girl. The spoonful of ice cream was forgotten, and it began to melt and drip onto Christy's breasts. Lauren said not a word, but stopped so she could finish her bite.

Lauren repeated the process for every bite for the next little while, and though it didn't always work. By the time Christy finished, she was nearly covered in melted chocolate and syrup.

Christy looked at the empty bowl, then her Mistress, and then herself. "Oh no Mistress, I got chocolate all over. Even on you."

"I guess we'll just have to have a shower then my girl," Lauren smiled.

They headed toward the shower and Lauren undressed and threw the clothing in the laundry. She then removed the plug from her girls ass, but didn't remove the egg. They got into the tub but instead of turning the shower on, Lauren began licking the chocolate off her girl. Christy moaned and whimpered. She longed for it to continue forever, but it was only a few minutes before Lauren was done. She kissed her girl roughly, and her tongue penetrated her girls mouth, invading and exploring. Christy responded after a moment of surprise and they stood kissing each other deeply.

Lauren reached over and turned the shower on. Cold water sprayed her girl, since her girl was standing with her back facing the shower head. She yelped but Lauren held her still by the back of her hair and continued kissing her. Christy broke out in goosebumps but Lauren didn't let her move and the cold, and the kiss, made her shiver. It didn't take too long for the water to warm, and Christy felt the warmth increase her arousal.

She was getting very aroused when suddenly Lauren grabbed the bodywash and sponge, and started washing her. Christy moaned her disappointment, but Lauren gave her a stern look and she stifled it. Lauren gently, and at times, not so gently, washed her girl clean, making her lift her feet, and then bending her over so that the water cascaded down her back as she washed her girls ass. When Christy was clean, Lauren handed her the bodywash and sponge, and Christy gently washed her Mistress.

After washing her Mistress' upper body, Christy knelt with the water cascading over her head and down her face and down her back, as she gently soaped up her Mistress' legs. Lauren lifted her feet one at a time, for Christy to properly wash, and she made sure to get between each of her toes.

Once her Mistress was clean Christy moved to get up but Lauren grabbed her head and pushed her back down. Christy didn't quite know what she wanted until she saw her Mistress' hand tap her pubic area twice. She giggled and moved forward and began to lick her Mistress' pussy.

Her tongue found her Mistress' center and eagerly lapped up her juices. Lauren's knees felt weak so she lay with her head against the inflated pillow at the back of the tub. Christy knelt further down to continue pleasuring her and the shower spray cascaded over her head and shoulders, as well as Lauren's belly. Lauren moaned. She brought herself out of her pleasure for just long enough to ask, "Are you alright my girl? I don't want you to drown."

"Mmm hmmmm," Christy hummed in the affirmative without leaving her duties.

"Good," Lauren replied and moaned, sinking back into that moment of heaven.

While her tongue gently licked her Mistress' clit, Christy held her right hand under the falling water and after making sure they had no remnants of soap on her fingers, quickly shoved two fingers into her Mistress' sopping vagina.

Lauren's eyes were nearly closed but she kept an eye on her girl throughout, and the sight of her beautiful girl licking her as the water cascaded over her head added to her pleasure. It wasn't long before she came. She cried out and her head went as far back against the inflated pillow as she arched her back. Christy felt her Mistress' opening tighten and spasm around her fingers and she felt a great pride in the pleasure she had brought her.

"Stop," Lauren ordered, and of course Christy obeyed. She knelt back on her heels and waited, while the water ran over her head and down her face and breasts and back. Lauren lay there with her eyes closed for a few moments, and then looked at her girl. Seeing her kneeling in the shower spray tickled her sense of humour and she laughed and moved to get up. From a standing position she grabbed her girls collar and pulled until she too was standing. She shut the shower off and they dried each other gently and then stepped out of the tub.

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