tagLoving WivesDot Plays Again

Dot Plays Again


Dot called and said that she had been talking to a guy on the internet who was interesting. I asked her what she found so interesting and she said that he had been telling her that he really wanted to fuck her.

She said that she wanted us to go to the bar separately and she would meet him while I watched her play. I told her to go ahead and I would come a little later.

When I arrived at the bar, Dot was sitting in a booth with the guy and they were talking and laughing. I noticed that Dot had a very sexy blouse on that was cut low, and when she turned, her breasts were very visible. The guy was having a blast looking down her shirt. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

In a few minutes, I noticed that when she said something to him, she would reach over and touch him on the arm or leg and the longer they sat there, the more she would touch him. I could tell she was liking the attention he was giving her. Every now and then when he wasn’t watching her, she would turn toward me and smile and wink.

After a while, the guy got up and started toward the restroom. A few seconds later, Dot got up, walked by me and smiled, then headed to the women’s restroom.

Just as she was about to go in the door, the guy came out and stopped her in the hallway. He turned her around and backed her up to the wall, then kissed her. She responded by putting her arms around him and kissing him, pushing her fabulous body against him.

They stayed locked in that position for a few seconds then Dot pushed him back and told him she had to go to the bathroom. He opened the door for her, and as she went in, he went back to the booth.

When she came out, she walked by me stopping to say hi, smiling, acting as if she knew me, and I noticed that she had unbuttoned another button on her blouse, and also that she had taken her bra off. I could see her hard nipples through the material. She told me that she was going to tell the guy that she knew me from a long time ago, and it was the first time she had seen me in a while.

Then she walked back to their booth, said something to the guy, he nodded his head, and she came back to the bar and invited me to sit with them. When we got to the booth, Dot introduced me to Mark and we shook hands. He invited me to sit with them. Dot slipped into the booth and I slid in right beside her.

As we talked, Dot kept touching my leg and letting her hand slide up to my crotch. I tried to ignore her but she kept it up until I had a hard on. I also noticed that she was doing the same to Mark, and he started shifting around, trying to relieve the pressure of his hard cock pushing against his pants.

After a few minutes of this, Mark spoke up and told her that she had better quit, or he was going to fuck her right there in the booth. She just laughed and told him that he wasn’t man enough to do it in the booth. He told her that he wouldn’t do it there, but he had a room in the hotel next door, and if she would go there, he would show her what he was talking about. She said, “Ok, if we can all three go there!” Mark looked at me and said “That’s fine with me!”

We left the bar and walked across the parking lot to the hotel. Mark’s room was on the 4th floor and as we rode the elevator up, Dot started unbuttoning her blouse. When she got all the buttons undone, she flashed us and then tied the blouse in a knot, still letting a lot of her tits show.

Mark reached over and slid his hand in her blouse, and caressed her firm tits. Dot pushed him away and said “Don’t leave Bob out!” Then she turned toward me and said, “Try it, you might like it!” I reached in and held her left breast in my hand, rolling her nipple between my fingers and feeling it get hard. She smiled.

When we got to Mark’s room, he asked if we wanted a drink. We both said yes, then Dot asked if she could use his bathroom. Mark replied telling her that she could if she came out naked. She just smiled and went into the bathroom.

Mark mixed our drinks and started asking me how I knew Dot. I told him that I had met her a while back, and that I hadn’t seen her in several months.

About that time, the bathroom door opened, and Dot walked into the room, dressed in nothing but her thong panties.

When Mark saw her, it almost took his breath. He didn’t know what to say. She said, “Well, you said I couldn’t use your bathroom unless I came out naked!” We all laughed, and Dot came over and sat beside me on the bed. Mark brought her the drink, and sat on the other side of her.

Mark couldn’t take his eyes off her body, and Dot was using it every possible way. She would lean over against him, rubbing her breasts on him, and touching his crotch. Then she would turn toward me and do the same. I told her that if she didn’t quit, I was going to fuck her right there. She said, “Come on!”

With that, I reached over and started playing with her tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers, then I leaned over and started sucking her nipples. She was getting turned on, and she reached over and started rubbing Mark’s cock through his pants.

I let my hand slide down her stomach to her pussy, sliding my finger in and flicking her clit back and forth. Then I kissed down her stomach to her pussy, sliding her thong panties down her legs, licking and sucking her clit, letting my tongue slip in and out.

Dot was starting to breathe hard, and I looked up at her. She was looking at me smiling and unzipping Mark’s pants. She reached in his pants and pulled his cock out, leaned over and started kissing the head of his dick. Then she slowly started sucking him until she had the whole thing in her mouth, moving up and down his shaft. Mark had laid back on the bed and Dot was over him, giving him the blow job of his life.

I ate her pussy for a few more minutes, making sure she was very wet and hot. Then I pulled her panties all the way off, rolled her over on her stomach as she blew Mark, unzipped my pants, pulled it out and inserted it in her hot, wet pussy.

She groaned as I pumped her, and sucked Mark even harder. She was pumping his cock as she sucked him and it didn’t take long and Mark was ready to shoot his load. He groaned a couple of times and Dot backed off as he shot his load on her tits. She continued pumping him until he couldn’t take any more, then turned around and told me she wanted to get on top.

I rolled over on the bed and she crawled up on top, lowering herself onto my hard cock. God it felt good when she slowly started pumping up and down, and I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.

With that, she backed off and slid down to where she could suck my dick, slowly taking it in her mouth, taking it all in her throat, then sucking very hard as she backed off. I was about to cum and I told her to get back on top. She crawled back up and lowered her hot pussy on my wet dick, making it slide in and out with ease.

As she was fucking me, she reached over and started playing with Mark’s soft dick. The more she played, the harder she fucked me. It didn’t take but a few minutes of this and she was ready to cum.

I sensed this and started pumping as hard as I could. I reached up and started playing with her tits, pinching her nipples lightly and rolling them between my thumb and forefinger.

She started shuttering and I knew she was about to cum. Faster and faster I pumped as she came. She moaned then almost screamed, and let it come. As she did this, it was more than I could take and I started coming. It seemed like I came for an hour, and when it was over, I was too tired to move. Dot rolled off of me, laying between Mark and I .

She said, “Wow, what an incredible experience!!” We both said, “wait until round two!!”

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