Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 11


Except for her desperation, it was almost funny. Her father had told me to stay away from sex, and his daughter was doing her damndest to get me up. I held back a smile, knowing BJ wouldn't react well if I showed amusement at her failure.

She resumed her Wonder Woman stance. "I'm sorry. That's the best I've got." She seemed agitated, glancing around her apartment. Her voice dropped. "Listen, do you mind if I get myself off? I'm so horny now I could shit."

I glanced at her panties. A new spot had joined the others. Her juices were overflowing. "It's your apartment." I sat down on the folding chair. The unpadded spots were cold metal against my ass.

BJ fetched the plastic bag from the porn store and removed a plastic dick approximately six inches ling, a typical male size. She dropped her polka dot panties, flopped back on her bed and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were puffy. She held up her second choice. I was right about her faked concern. She wasn't interested in my condition. Why not have the real thing instead of a rubber substitute?

BJ placed the dildo at her cunt lips and pushed. She didn't make much headway. "God, I thought I was ready. This can't be too big."

I wanted to ask how big a dick she'd fucked, but it was none of my business.

"Maybe the lube will help." She paused, fondling the sex toy, as if she had more to say. "I gotta be honest. Seeing your dick hard and stiff got me all excited. That's why I went to the shop, but they were out of stock on eights and nines. That's how big you are, right?"

At the moment, I was less than four. "When I'm up, that's about right."

"A four looked too small and I passed up the twelve, for obvious reasons." She rolled her eyes.

Too bad she'd never met Harry Cocksworth. Good thing they were out of eights, given how much trouble the six incher was giving her.

BJ took a tube from the bag. The label was too familiar - she'd bought Couples! Damn store didn't bother to pull the product from their shelf. My product. Well, Zenellis's product, but my idea. Actually, his idea after he saw me stuck in the skinny girl's cunt. What was her name, anyway?

"When I saw you at the store, I figured you were probably horny too, and you might come back here and, well, you know." She reached between my legs and tapped my flaccid penis once more for emphasis. "No such luck."

"Sorry." My head and cock both drooped.

"How about this?" She popped the bra. Now she wore only stockings. Succulent tits, round with upturned nipples.

Quite delectable, under most conditions, but not at the moment. I shrugged.

"Well, I'm horny, and since you can't participate, you'll be my audience. Sit."

I was afraid to do otherwise. Did she have a knife handy? My prick wasn't functional, but I wanted to keep it connected, for old times sake.

BJ opened the tube of Couples.

"Maybe you shouldn't use that," I suggested.

"Who are you, Mister Limp Dick, to be giving me advice? If you must know, this is the biggest one I've ever taken, and I don't want to be ripped open. Now shut up and watch." She squeezed out a healthy blob of lubricant/adhesive onto the dildo and coated the tip. She laid back on her bed, spread her legs and flicked a switch. The dildo came alive with a hum. A vibrator, not just a hunk of inanimate rubber.

She massaged the outside of her pussy with the device, cooing at the touch to her more sensitive regions, like the top of her crease. In small movements, she traveled the vibrator up and down, and then shyly slipping it into her pussy. With each dip between her cunt lips, BJ sighed. I expected that sex with her would be glorious. Having a willing and receptive partner usually makes it so. I wasn't prepared to be anyone's partner at the moment. Even my right hand had no companion.

BJ eased the dildo into her pussy, over and over. Her movements remained slow, until her hips began lifting from the cushion. She drove the dildo deeper, with difficulty. It was clear Couples' sticky property was taking effect, because she had to push harder every time.

"Slow down!" I called, over the vibrator's hum. "Take it real easy."

"Fuck you!" she replied and pummeled her cunt even harder.

Then it happened. After one sharp thrust, the plastic penis penetrated almost the full length but didn't pull out. "Huh?" BJ attempted to extract it, but the dildo stalled. "It's stuck." BJ squirmed, yanking at the vibrator. "It won't come out." BJ's face was red, the flush cascading down her neck and chest.

I giggled. This was pretty funny, especially since it wasn't me stuck in her cunt.

Her hips thrust upwards, as she tossed from side to side, chest rising and falling, and then a frozen moment, as an orgasm swept over her. "Ahhhhhh." Except the device was still embedded, and still churning her insides. So, more writhing. And another held breath. "Arrrrrrgh. No more!" she shouted. "Too much --" But it was too late. Her moans were guttural, more animalistic.

"Don't just sit there. Help me."

"Who, me? Mr. Limp Dick?" My giggle grew into a chortle. A horny woman with a dildo glued into her pussy. The situation was tragic. The series of orgasms was wearing her out, physically and maybe emotionally. I didn't know if excessive sequential orgasms were fatal, but if America's Funniest Videos ever had an explicit category, a video of BJ's never-ending climaxes would win first prize. I laughed out loud.

BJ was breathing hard, grunting. "What's so funny?"

"Your toy can't seem to get enough of your lovin'." BJ deserved some of her own medicine.

BJ groped for the switch, but the stimulation ruined her concentration and agility. The dildo hummed, shaking within her. BJ writhed all over the bed, bucking her hips like she was taming a stallion. She moaned and cried, I expected from pleasure. "Oh God!" She fumbled with the device, which was slick with Couples. "It won't turn off! No more." The vibrator continued driving BJ into a debilitating series of orgasms. "No more. Please, no more."

This was hilarious! Maybe too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. I laughed so hard it hurt.

BJ could barely complain about my laughter between orgasms. "Stop it. Oh shit! I don't- I can't-" She couldn't finish the phrase. Her arms gave up trying to remove the vibrator. She clutched at the sheets, worn out but still spasming. "I can't -- No more --"

I decided to assist and stood up. That's when I noticed that I was erect. All eight inches. Damn! Humor as the solution to my problem? Perhaps I'd been taking sex too seriously.

I knelt on the bed and spread BJ's legs apart. With a gentle twisting, I unscrewed the bottom of the vibrator. Unscrewed? Even that made me guffaw. The batteries slid from the plastic housing. The stimulation and buzz stopped. BJ melted back, muscles fatigued. Her arms and legs were limp, motionless. Couple's adhesive properties dissipated as I coaxed the vibrator from her pussy, which was still gaping. She was open but exhausted. I was erect and horny. She had said she wanted the real thing. I crawled onto the bed above her body, arms and penis stiff.

She opened her eyes halfway. "Oh God. You have no idea what that felt like." She took a cleansing breath. "What happened?"

"Didn't you read the label? Couples is both a lubricant and an adhesive. A friction-creator, actually. Strong motions activate the adhesive, slow motion the lubricant. Your last push got the vibrator stuck." Her nipples were bright red and puffy. "Must have felt pretty good, having all of those orgasms."

"The first few, oh yes. Intense. Although a vibrator doesn't have the same feel as the real thing." She must have felt my erection against her upper thigh. "Shit! You're up? Now?"

"Uh huh." I licked one nipple, then the other. "You're right, there's nothing like the real thing." I placed my prick at her open pussy.

"Now? You want to fuck NOW?" She squirmed, dislodging my dick.

I leaned my hips until the tip of my dick nestled against between her draped lips. "I thought you'd never ask."

"What are you doing?"

"Giving you what you wanted. My eight inches."

"But when did you -- How did you -- Oh God. Not now. I don't have the strength to --"

"Be quiet and let me do the work. Just enjoy." I pushed forward, wondering if the Couples gel was still active in her cunt.

"I'm not up for this. I'm happy you got an erection, but --"

"Think of it this way," I said. "You had an appetizer, now it's time for the main course."

"But I had way too many appetizers. God, your penis is hot."

It was burning. I didn't know how long it would last, now that the laughing had stopped. "There's got to be an ounce of pity in that body of yours for a guy who couldn't get stiff, now is, and needs to do something with it."

She closed her eyes and licked her lips. The feel of my prick at the entrance to her pussy was having some effect. "Maybe an ounce. But I can't raise my arms or anything. How will I-"

I moved up, wedging a couple of inches into her. "Let me do the work."

The vibrator had a great job of tunneling, but my dick was fatter and longer, so despite the reaming, I still got friction.

As I pumped, in and out, gently, BJ moaned. "My legs. I can't keep them open. They're cramping.

"Okay." I spread my legs outside of hers and used my knees to push her legs together. That put additional pressure on my dick, her pussy squeezed by her thighs. "Better?"


I'd changed the angle of approach, so that I'd slide against the upper end of her gash. The dildo had given her vaginal orgasms, lucky lady, but never touched her clit.

"You can do it a little faster," she whispered.

I did as she asked, and added nipple sucking to my routine. The vibrator hadn't done anything for her tits either.

BJ's hips came off the mattress. "Uh oh."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"God knows, I'm getting hot but my muscles ache real bad."

"I have an idea." I pushed her legs apart and moved my legs inside. With effort, I guided her legs onto my shoulders, opening her up for more serious penetration. On my next insertion, I went as far as her cunt would allow.

"Oooh God. How big are you?"

"About eight inches." I laughed. "Relax. I'll be done soon."

"Not before me." Her arms collapsed around my waist. "Go ahead and fuck me. I can take it."

I wasn't so sure. I let my dick slide out. Then, a sharp thrust. If there was any Couples left, I was risking getting trapped. "You want the feel of a real prick in your pussy, instead of that plastic? Well, you've got one." Time for another false exit and another quick reentry.

She bounced, but only in reaction to the bedsprings, moaning and crying, tightening her face and her groin muscles.

"Do it! Make me cum!" She shouted.

I rubbed her tits.

"No, lower."

I licked my fingers and pried her lips apart at the top. Once more, I licked, than vibrated my fingers back and forth.

Her cunt clamped down. "Oh yes. Oh yes. Ohhhhhhh."

I executed a flurry of short jabs, prick tight inside her. Semen burst from my dick. Not bad timing, if I say so myself.

Her legs flopped from my shoulders, splayed to the sides.

BJ got an orgasm from a real dick, and I was cured. And if not, I sure as hell enjoyed the therapy. I just needed to remember how uplifting laughter could be.


An Original H M Tale

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