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Double Feature! TV Show Wives


Home Improvement: Jill gets reassurance over her doubts.

Jill Taylor made it home from her psychiatry class, being stressed out over having a big test to do later this week, paper needing to be finished, and the classes on top of it all she dropped her bag of books on her computer desk by the front door. Quickly making her way upstairs to her bedroom. Before she starts any kind of work, she just wants to take a nice soak in the tub to relax. No one home. Quiet. A very, very rare thing she takes advantage of whenever she can get it.

Pulling her shirt over her head ruffling her brown hair some Jill noticed her bra-covered breasts in the mirror and how they're looking nice and full. But only because her bra is helping. Never really taking her appearance in such a insecure light, she kept looking at herself. Pushing her chest out and looking at herself in the mirror. Reaching behind finding the clasp to her bra unhooking it. Keeping her eyes on her breasts when she unclasped quickly noticing that they fell a little. Still sitting high, but in her stressed out mind, she questioned them.

Taking a look at herself on a side view. I don't look all that bad, do I? she thought. Cupping her hands under her breasts feeling them with gentle squeezes and massages. Her lacy beige and brown bra still covering her breasts, the straps on her shoulder keeping her bra from coming off. Sliding her arms through the straps and pulling her breasts out of the cups letting the bra to fall off of her to land on the ground near her feet. Looking in the mirror again but now at her bare breasts, she noticed they are not as high as they were while in the bra.

"Calm down, Jill," reassuring herself everything is ok. "Just the stress." Telling herself reasons of this sort of thinking.

Looking at her breasts again in the mirror she found herself looking at them with better adoration and knew there's nothing wrong with them. They look great, she thought. Especially for having had three kids.

Unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans Jill wriggled out of them, then pulled her matching panties down. Looking at herself again in the mirror. This time fully nude, Jill looked at herself below her breasts. Her stomach a little round looking. Looks great due to it matching her body shape. Went well with her curves, she noted. And her hairy pussy that she keeps trimmed and lets it to fan out so far. Her thighs round and fleshy, soft looking and very sweet to the touch. Turning her hips to the side looking at her bare butt in the mirror on a slanted view.

Going to the bathroom that connects to the bedroom she turned the water on holding her hand under the water waiting for it to heat up before allowing it to fill up in the tub. Finding the right temperature, she went back to the bedroom to get clothes to wear until she goes to bed. Rummaging through her dressers not hearing the door open when Brad popped in to ask something.

"Hey, mom, is there an--" stopping in his tracks he was frozen at the sight of her bare backside. Her back towards him, he noticed a her back's natural curves and her butt looking so plump and her legs naturally apart.

"Oh, God, Brad!" Without thinking, she turned around allowing Brad to see her front side, now of which his wide eyes completely took in.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Blurting out, unable to say anything but. His eyes though never leaving her body and Jill still taken back by his walking in on her.

Quickly pulling herself together, Jill hugging her breasts with one arm and her crotch with the other. "It's ok." She told him, understanding it was all an accident and she normally does not parade around the house like this so he's not used to such a thing. She started thinking, though, what if I see what he thinks of me of whether I am attractive or not. He's my son. We should be open and honest to one another and he would give me an unbiased answer. Slowly allowing her arms to go back down to her side standing naked now in front of her older son Brad. He did not, however, rush out of the room upon taking notice of this.

"Mom?" Wondering now what is going on when he quickly seen her move her arms no longer covering herself up. Trying hard not to stare at his naked mother in front of him. His brain still in a jell-o mindset he just stood there staring.

"Brad, I want to ask you something and I'd like an honest answer. We are family and should have strong honesty with each other."

"Umm, ok." Was all he could muster out. He didn't really know what to say let alone process anything now. He didn't even know why he was still in the same room with his naked mother. His eyes quickly scanning her naked body before he quickly snapped them back to her eyes.

"Do you find me attractive?" Noticing she worded the question badly by the look of Brad's face after hearing it. "No, honey, I mean, if I wasn't your mother and you saw me walking down the street, ok? Would you find me attractive?" Understanding there is really no way to ask this in a delicate way and should just get it out in the open.

"I, uh, I- I." Hearing the water in the bathroom. "Umm, the water is still running in the bathtub."

Jill quickly remembered that and ran into the bathroom checking the tub seeing that it didn't overflow. Brad's eyes watched her butt sway and her thighs slightly jiggle from the little run to the bathroom. The tub was close to overflowing if another minute or so had went by. Returning to the bedroom, wanting an answer; an outside answer; an honest one. She felt Brad would be honest and tell her straightforward.

Getting closer to him, she knew he was still young and the sight of a naked woman, even if it is his mother, is going to have effects on him. Getting closer, she took his hand and put it on the side of her hip. He took in the warmth of her body, eyes wide open, unable to believe any of his is happening. He forgot to breathe and let out a loud sigh, just now feeling his breath has shortened. His dick growing hard in his pants, straining against his jeans.

"See? Just a human body. We're both adults here, Brad. You are eighteen and we have trust that no one else can give me. I just want an honest answer honey."

Feeling her soft skin against his hand, he finally looked down, taking in a full, up close sight of her breasts. Her nipples hard now, light pink they are, soft looking against her pale breasts. Jill took note of him looking at her breasts. Taking his other hand she placed it on her breast showing him nonverbally he has permission to touch and feel them. Guiding his hand from the outer side to underneath and, then, over with his palm over her stiff nipple. Feeling ashamed he is getting hard over just a question and looking at his mother like this he took a step back and taking his hand off of her breast.

"Brad, it's ok. It is perfectly natural this should happen." She knew what it was that made him step back in shame. "Come here." Taking his hand again and this time putting it over her stomach. Taking his other and putting it back on her hip in the same place. "Just touch and explore; look and see. Take in my body and tell me what you think, please." Jill wanting to know if she was desirable still. Just wanting the question in her mind answered. It wasn't so much the stress that is having her do this, well, part of it may be. But lately, with turning, well, turning more additional in age. She often wondered if she still has what made guys always take notice to her. Lately it seems she hasn't been seeing that much anymore.

Brad did as she asked, seeing she really wanted an answer. His hands moving slowly across her warm body. Moving his one hand under her breast and the hand on her hip around back to her butt. He squeezed and kneaded a little bit. Feeling her soft flesh in his hands. He had to admit, it felt nice. He enjoyed touching girls his own age bodies. But this! This was different. Her body is matured and felt soft, and even had a softer look to it. She's really feeling nice.

Jill closed her eyes taking in the touching and hearing the deep breaths of Brad. His hands moving up and down her sides. Moving to her back down to her butt where he would squeezed each cheek with his hands, feeling her flesh just form in his hands and go back to its delicious roundness when he lets go. Running his hands over her stomach to her breasts lingering on them with light squeezes and touches here and there and back to her stomach. He hesitated now.

"It's ok. I asked you to do this and told you to touch and explore me. That means you can touch down there too." She found it slightly odd he can touch her with ease until it came to her vagina.

Feeling his body shaking a little bit from his nerves now, he ran his hand slowly from her stomach to between her legs. He felt her hair, then, taking a swallow, her lips between her thighs. She opened her legs a little bit for him to get better access. His other hand finally making its way down stopping at her curly brown hair. Playing with her hair and his other hand cupping her pussy, not looking at it, though, just touching. Feeling wetness between her legs he moved away from her pussy to her legs now. Where he didn't feel as nervous now. Crouching down to touch her legs. They were so soft. Especially her thighs.

"I don't see what you have to be worried about, mom." He finally said something. Feeling his nervousness fade away when he stood up and looked her in her eyes. "You have a beautiful body."

"You didn't even look at my body while touching it." Jill thought he was just trying to get done with her request quickly.

"I saw enough when I walked in on you and you showing it off while asking me to do this." He smirked.

"True." Jill let out a little laugh. "Come here," holding her arms out to give him a hug. He didn't hold back now that he was comfortable. "Thank you." Feeling his hard dick straining against his jeans push against her naked body giving her a complete answer now.


Carrie Heffernan: The Subway Way

Sitting down on the bed falling backwards pulling her dress pants up for another day at her job of being a legal secretary. Finishing up with putting her shoes on she went downstairs to leave out for a whole new day. Doug already left for work, her car in the shop being fixed up, she has to go to the subway. Yay, she thought snidely.

"Hey, Spence." Carrie saw him at his post in the subway, where he works.

"Hello there! How are you this morning?" Asking, handing her her token to get through.

"Well, I have to take this awful cramped form of transportation, have a pile high stack of papers at work to get through by the end of today, and my dad, God bless him, woke me up in the middle of the night asking if we have any extra batteries for the remote in case the ones already in the working remote might run out."

"Right! Have a--"

"Yeah! Yeah!" Carrie said, waving bye to him as she walked off to the subway.

On the subway she had to stand since obviously there are no more gentlemen left in the world to stand up to allow a lady to sit down. Holding her work briefcase tight, it just got a little more crowded at the next stop. Now, almost officially jammed, this day is starting off wonderful!

Looking at her watch seeing ten minutes or so until she gets to where she needs to be, letting out a deep sigh, holding on her briefcase and the handrail hanging from the ceiling of the train, she just standing there, waiting.


The murmuring all around here, the questions, the crowded space, now a train stopped in the middle of a blacked-out tunnel. "This is just great!"

Standing there waiting. Waiting. Darkness. The low voices of questions but no answers. She stood there, annoyed out of her mind. Oh, my God, I am going to kill someone! she thought to herself.

Next thing she knew, oh shit! she screamed in her mind. Someone is feeling her butt! Just grabbing and manhandling it like there's no tomorrow! Well, for him, there will be no tomorrow when I find out who is doing it! Moving up and away from the hand she walked right into another hand. This one reaching between her legs cupping her crotch over her dress slacks.

Keeping quiet, afraid it might incite something worse, being in the dark and all, she just stood there. Closing her eyes, though it doesn't really matter being in the dark, anyways.

Next thing she knew another pair of hands grabbed her breasts kneading them and squeezing them. Quite hard, actually. She noticed a pressure around her hips go away, but what? Oh, her question answered as quickly as her mind answered. Her slacks unbuttoned and unzipped and a pair of hands being stuffed down inside her panties both front and back. The one in front feels rough and hard, but the other one, touching her butt and spreading her cheeks is soft and slender. Holy shit! A woman! she immediately knew the familiarity of such a touch. Unlike a hurried and straight to the point touch of a man, this is definitely a woman!

Letting out a soft breath and shuddering, she felt a finger slide inside her pussy hole. Oh, shit. The woman's finger just circled around her butt hole never entering-- yet.

She felt her juices seep out and going down her thighs. The second finger slid inside her. All this shock and awe made her forget about the hands touching her breasts, which are now out in the open when she felt them being pulled out of her bra. One being a male's hand and the other a woman's. Are these the same people that are -- oh my! -- feeling the woman's finger, which is wet now, push inside of her butt. Her middle finger, she guessed, feeling one finger pushing in on one side of her butt and two others on the other.

Letting out little moans, trying to keep quiet, not wanting any attention near her, or heard from her. She felt the two fingers roll and swirl all around inside her now wet, juiced up pussy and a finger sliding in and out of her butt. Her nipples and breasts being pulled and massaged at the same time.

This mysterious fingering event taking over her whole body. Her mind focusing on the touching and prodding. Her body rocking in rhythm with the fingers. Rock forward when the two fingers -- now three -- push forward inside of her, and push back when the -- now two -- fingers push inside her butt. Never has she felt this full in her life! And it is just fingers!

All inhibitions leaving her now in the throws of pleasure. "Mmnnphh!" She made a quick guttural sound. Feeling the two fingers in her butt make it down to the mystery woman's second knuckle, two whole fingers inside of her now. "Unhhh!" Feeling all three fingers push in all the way inside of her until she felt the guy's hand and three fingers full inside her pussy. Juices squeezing out between her pussy hole and his three fingers. Stretched like never before, this guy has some thick fingers, she thought. Feeling him slowly spreading his fingers while deep inside of her. Same with her butt, these two must know each other, she concluded. They are working like they've done this before. The two fingers inside her butt began spreading stretching her ass open.

Upon her reach of an orgasm, her breaths short, and her chest heaving from all the touching in the dark; she felt the fingers leave her holes and the hands on her breasts leave. She had a little orgasm naturally, but was nothing compared to what she felt building up inside of her. This was just water calmly washing up upon the beach kind of orgasm. Not the tsunami that was building up, damn it!

Quickly coming back to reality she hurriedly pulled her pants back up from around her thighs and buttoned and zipped them. Buttoning her shirt up and tucking it in as quickly as she can. She stood there, feeling the rush and excitement leave her body, but not the thoughts. She is going home tonight after work and getting two of her toys and going to vibrate fuck the hell out of both her pussy and ass with the thickest ones she has.

Oh, yeah, she thought. Almost feeling it, and feeling her panties being soaked because of her pussy being wet still.

The lights and power came to full power shortly after her subway experience. It started moving, and, behold, there is a seat open. Scanning all the people the train car has less people in it, she noticed. Everyone going about their business, making no eye contact, just sitting or standing. An open seat, thank you! she quickly took the seat, forgetting all about her briefcase, she picked it up. Not even remembering when she had dropped it.

Finally catching her breath, her heart returning to normal, and the mysterious excitement rushing in her mind slowly coming to a stop as she is thinking about it over and over.

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