tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 04

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 04


Serena Williams, the world-famous African-American athlete, multi-millionaire and savvy businesswoman is now the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Yeah, just like she ran the world of women's professional tennis, she now runs the Sisterhood. The top secret organization which caters to the needs of sexy, powerful lesbian and bisexual women in Tinseltown is now run by this sexy Black Goddess. And her first order of business is the recruitment of more sexy ladies into the Down Low Sisterhood.

Whatever the Queen wants, the Queen gets. Her loyal subjects know better than to disappoint Her Majesty. An angry Queen Serena Williams isn't something you want to see. The Queen must have her way, always. That's the law of the land among the women of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Tonight's meeting takes place in the beautiful beachfront resort of Labadee in the Republic of Haiti.       World-famous tennis champion Maria Sharapova, Apprentice to the Queen and Grand Mistress of Ceremonies stepped up. She introduced the new recruits, or Fresh Meat, to the Queen in the throne room. Serena Williams sat in the throne room, clad in a fiery red bikini, and nothing else. She looked at the fresh batch of new recruits.

They were a diverse bunch. A sexy, light-skinned African-American actress and Grammy-winning singer by the name of Ashanti. Seen in awesome movies like Coach Carter and Resident Evil Part Three. A tall, blonde-haired and alabaster-skinned reporter named Megyn Kelly, star of a nationally syndicated news program.

And finally Drew Sidora, a gorgeous African-American singer/actress. She was most famous for her roles in the movie Step Up and the television series The Game. Sports superstar Serena Williams looked at these new beauties and licked her lips. This was going to be so much fun. Gesturing with her diamond-encrusted gold Scepter, Serena Williams ordered the women to undress.       Drew Sidora licked her lips at the sight of the gorgeous Serena Williams wearing only a bikini. The young singer always had a thing for the bossy, gorgeously dark-skinned Black sportswoman. Of course, for ages she was forced to admire the object of her affection from afar. Well, now she was about to get up close and personal with the lovely Serena Williams. Drew Sidora undressed, and soon she stood naked before Serena Williams and the assembled women of the Down Low Sisterhood who watched the spectacle.

Serena Williams looked at Drew Sidora and nodded, asking the younger woman to turn around. Drew Sidora had one hell of a sexy body. She was petite, with perky breasts, narrow hips, smooth and sexy legs and a nice, round ass. Her face was gorgeous, nothing short of angelic. Serena Williams definitely liked what she saw. She gestured for the other two women to follow Drew Sidora's example.       Megyn Kelly, the internationally famous conservative television news reporter looked at actress Drew Sidora. The light-skinned young Black woman was definitely sexy, and she had a nice ass too. However, Megyn Kelly definitely thought she was the sexier of the two. And to prove it, the tall blonde reporter showed everyone her natural goods. Undressing hastily, she was soon naked before them.

Megyn Kelly displayed her tall, athletic yet somewhat curvy body, her big tits, narrow hips, big round ass and of course her pretty face. Drew Sidora looked at Megyn Kelly and shook her head. The young Black woman wasn't intimidated by the older white woman at all. She'd seen Megyn Kelly's type all her life. Cougar alert! At the end of the day, young and sexy always won out over horny and experienced.

And Drew Sidora was most definitely a winner. Serena Williams looked at Megyn Kelly. Not bad. Not bad at all. Who would have thought the uptight blonde from the conservative news channel had such a hot body. Wow. Serena Williams found herself craving white pussy lately. First it was actress Charlize Theron and then tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, and now she wanted a piece of reporter Megyn Kelly's presumably tasty pussy. And what Serena Williams wanted, she got.       Ashanti smiled to herself as she looked at singer Drew Sidora and reporter Megyn Kelly's bodies. The two women were alright but Ashanti was definitely the hottest woman out of this trio. The tall, curvy light-skinned beauty took off her clothes, revealing a truly heavenly body. Her breasts were firm and supple, her body was curvy and sexy, and her ass was big, round and juicy. Ashanti's face was extremely pretty, and sensual as well.

Serena Williams took one look at Ashanti and found herself smitten. Not only was Ashanti definitely the sexiest woman among the new recruits but she was also Serena's favorite singer. The Queen couldn't wait to sample her idol's goodies. And Ashanti definitely wanted to share her goody basket with Serena Williams, to the dismay of Megyn Kelly and Drew Sidora. Ashanti smiled smugly at them. It's not her fault she's too damn hot.       Serena Williams gestured for the ladies to come to her and they did. Quite eagerly too. Serena smiled at the three sexy women and ordered them to kneel before her. Obediently, they did as they were told. Serena Williams smiled. She just loved obedient sexy women. Seemingly out of thin air she produced a strap-on dildo. Strapping it on, she ordered her 'bitches' to suck her off. Drew Sidora went straight for Serena Williams plastic cock.

The young Black woman grabbed the dildo with both hands and began sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly began sucking on Serena Williams sexy toes while Ashanti went straight for Serena's sexy tits. Gently, Ashanti sucked on the areolas of Serena Williams tits. Serena ran her hand through Ashanti's long, smooth hair and smiled. The singer definitely knew what she was doing. She was aggressive yet gentle. Amazing.

Meanwhile, Drew Sidora quickly got tired of sucking on Serena Williams strap-on dildo and went straight for her pussy. Spreading Serena's big sexy thighs, she slipped a finger inside her. Serena gasped as she felt Drew Sidora's finger inside her pussy. Hot damn. The younger woman was so damn aggressive. Serena liked that. Drew smiled at Serena and began fingering her, shoving two fingers inside her this time.     Megyn Kelly had enough of sucking on Serena Williams toes. Seriously. She wanted something tastier to suck on, like Serena's tits or her pussy. Unfortunately, both of these were taken. By the sexy Black chicks. What's a horny white chick to do when her favorite Black Goddess is too busy for her?

Megyn Kelly took Serena Williams strap-on dildo and shoved it inside her own pussy. The reporter fucked herself by impaling her vagina on Serena Williams strap-on dildo. Serena grinned in surprise. The horny reporter was amazing! Megyn Kelly wrapped her arms around Serena Williams neck as she rode the gorgeous Black woman's strap-on dildo like there was no tomorrow.

Serena Williams wanted in on this kind of action. Gently easing Drew Sidora and Ashanti away from her, Serena Williams took control of Megyn Kelly. The Black sportswoman put the blonde-haired white female reporter on all fours, face down and ass up. Gripping Megyn Kelly's narrow hips, Serena Williams thrust the dildo deep into her snatch. Megyn Kelly squealed as Serena Williams began fucking her hard and fast. Now that's what Megyn liked!       Ever since she was in college, Megyn Kelly always had a thing for bossy Black women. Hailing from a moneyed, conservative background, the bisexual Megyn kept her lust for Black women mostly to herself. She did some experiments in college, hooking up with just about every Black lesbian on campus. Truth be told, she liked to get dominated by these naturally bossy Black females.

And Black women didn't get any bossier than Serena Williams. Megyn Kelly was finally being true to herself. A submissive white lesbian slut surrendering to her dominant Black Goddess at last. Drew Sidora and Ashanti weren't thrilled with the fact that Serena Williams seemed focused on that white slut, Megyn Kelly. So the two sexy young Black women had themselves a good time, sans Queen.     Taking yet another strap-on dildo from Serena Williams purse, Ashanti put it on. Drew Sidora licked her lips as Ashanti fastened the strap in place. She looked really hot wearing it. Ashanti looked into Drew Sidora's sexy, lust-filled eyes and grinned. Then she gestured for the younger woman to come to her. Grinning, Drew Sidora went into Ashanti's arms. The two of them kissed passionately. Drew Sidora began licking Ashanti's sexy breasts and fingering her pussy beneath the strap-on. Ashanti got really turned on and in turn she spread Drew Sidora's shapely thighs and gave her pussy a good licking.

Drew Sidora leaned back and relaxed as Ashanti went down on her. Ashanti was really good at eating pussy. Well, Drew found out Ashanti was even better at fucking. Ashanti took control of the situation. She pressed the dildo against Drew's pussy and eased it inside. Swiftly she began fucking the younger woman, thrusting the dildo deep inside of her. Drew Sidora adoringly wrapped her arms around Ashanti and welcomed the other woman's thrusts inside of her. Drew Sidora likes a good fuck as much as the next dyke.     Meanwhile, Serena Williams and Megyn Kelly had their fun. After fucking Megyn's pussy roughly with the strap-on dildo, Serena was in the mood for something different. Megyn laid the Queen down on the carpeted floor and spread her legs. She began licking and fingering Serena's pussy like there was no tomorrow. Serena moaned in pleasure as Megyn Kelly went to work on her. Who knew the conservative television reporter was such a horny bitch? Megyn Kelly slid one finger into Serena's asshole and when Serena didn't protest, she slipped another. Serena purred in pleasure as she felt Megyn's fingers playing with her asshole. She took off her strap-on dildo and handed it to her.

Megyn Kelly grinned. She knew exactly what to do with the strap-on dildo. She asked Serena to turn around and get on all fours. Serena was cool with that. Megyn Kelly caressed Serena Williams big sexy ass. She lightly spanked it. Serena laughed. Megyn then spread Serena's big ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust, she penetrated the Black sportswoman's tight asshole. Serena grimaced as Megyn's dildo penetrated her ass. The Black Goddess was no stranger to anal sex but damn, this was different.       Megyn Kelly began fucking Serena Williams in the ass, thrusting the strap-on dildo deep into the Black woman's asshole. Serena squealed as she got fucked in the ass by yet another sexy, bossy blonde. Megyn spanked Serena's booty while sliding the dildo deep into her asshole. She noticed Drew Sidora and Ashanti doing their thing. First, Ashanti wore the strap-on dildo and fucked Drew with it. Now Ashanti was on all fours, sucking the strap-on dildo now worn by Drew Sidora. Talk about hot! After Ashanti finished sucking the dildo, Drew Sidora put her on all fours and began fucking her with it. Right in the ass.

Drew Sidora spread Ashanti's big sexy ass cheeks and shoved the dildo up her ass. Ashanti squealed in pleasure mixed with pain as the bossy younger woman fucked her ass with the dildo. Megyn Kelly winked at Drew Sidora, who blew her a kiss. The two bossy women fucked their bitches until they came time and again. All four women screamed in pleasure as the nonstop action continued. They fucked and sucked until they could suck and fuck no more. Afterwards, they lay exhausted in a mini pool of their own sexy juices. The gathered women of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood applauded, thankful for an awesome spectacle.     Thus it was that singer Drew Sidora, actress Ashanti and reporter Megyn Kelly were welcomed into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. A top secret organization catering to the wildest fantasies of wealthy and powerful women who operated in Tinseltown. Membership into the club was quite exclusive, but in no way limited only to Hollywood stars.

High-powered women in the media and the business sectors were welcome, as were high-profile female politicians whose demanding careers caused them to hide their queer side from the world. Serena Williams continues her reign as the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood. She's increasing the membership of the club by leaps and bounds, and remains immensely popular. May she succeed in all of her endeavors and have a long and fruitful reign!

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