tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 05

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 05


Russian tennis champion and world-famous athlete Maria Sharapova licked her lips as she looked at Venus Williams. The six-foot-two, blonde-haired and blue-eyed young woman admired Venus Williams sexy body. The elder of the Williams sisters was definitely sexier than her younger sibling. Of course, since Venus Williams hardly ever wore the type of low-cut dresses and sexy outfits Serena Williams donned regularly, no one noticed Venus was actually the hotter of the two. Well, Maria Sharapova noticed.

That's why she wanted to hook up with Venus Williams. Well, that and she wanted to end Serena Williams reign as the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Maria Sharapova wouldn't mind seeing a changing of the guard. Maybe Venus Williams could replace her younger sister Serena Williams as Queen, and make Maria Sharapova her second-in-command.       Truth be told, Maria Sharapova had a thing for Serena Williams and felt betrayed when the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood declared that the actress Marjean Holden would be her new Apprentice and second-in-command. Maria Sharapova was stunned. She thought she and Serena had something special. Apparently not. Serena was just using her to have some wild raunchy fun and ditched her the moment a hotter woman came along.

Well, Maria was determined to prove to everyone, especially Serena Williams, that she was nobody's pushover. If that meant seducing the older sister of a woman she was once in love with, then so be it. Maria Sharapova pulled off her bra and panties, standing naked in front of Venus Williams. The tall young Black woman stared at her, stunned. That's when Maria knew she had her. With a deliberately slow, sexy walk, she strode toward her intended target.       Maria Sharapova found it really funny that while closet case Serena Williams ruled the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, her older sister Venus Williams had no idea the secret society for wealthy lesbians even existed. Amazing. Serena Williams was a real piece of work. She kept her sexual adventures secret from everyone in her family, including her sexy and talented sister Venus Williams, who was also queer as it turns out.

Both sisters were hot as well, wealthy as can be and kept their secret lives from each other. Simply amazing. Well, that's okay. The lack of vital communication between the two sisters would make it easy for Maria Sharapova to use one against the other in her quest for power and status among the wealthy and powerful women of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.       Venus Williams lay on the bed of the hotel room, not believing her eyes as a completely naked Maria Sharapova strode toward her. Truth be told, she was mesmerized. Venus Williams had hooked up with a few women here and there, discreetly of course. However, she didn't really consider herself bisexual. Merely curious. Mainly she had romantic and sexual relationships with men.

Although she found men of all nationalities and races sexy to varying degrees, Venus Williams sometimes felt a certain attraction to blonde-haired white bitches like Maria Sharapova. An attraction she could no longer deny. The sight of a gloriously naked Maria Sharapova was stirring her in a whole new way. Venus Williams hand slipped into her panties and she fingered herself while admiring the gorgeous Russian sportswoman. Maria Sharapova was pure hotness. And Venus Williams definitely wanted some of that white chocolate.       Maria Sharapova climbed on the bed, and gently kissed Venus Williams. Then she began undressing her. She pulled off Venus bra and panties, and admired the tall, sexy Black woman's gorgeous and athletic body. Venus was slimmer and less muscular than her sister Serena but that only made her hotter in Maria's eyes. Maria caressed Venus breasts and urged the young Black woman to relax and let her take care of everything.

The Russian vixen gently sucked on the areolas of Venus tits and fondled them. Venus moaned softly as Maria went to work on her. Maria spread Venus sexy thighs and breathed in the scent of her pussy. Sweet. She began to lick Venus pussy, gently easing one finger inside, then two. Venus moaned softly as Maria began to lick her pussy. Maria had never hooked up with two sisters before, and always wanted to know if they would taste similar. Now she knew. Venus sweet pussy didn't taste anything like Serena. Hell, she tasted much better.       Maria licked Venus pussy eagerly, teasing it with her tongue, fingering her and gently biting her clit. She drove Venus absolutely nuts. Pretty soon Venus was squealing in pleasure as she came. Maria eagerly lapped up all of Venus hot girly cum out of her pussy with her tongue. She thrust two fingers inside Venus pussy and rubbed them against her lips, letting the sexy Black woman taste herself. Venus let out a sigh of pure contentment. Maria grinned, and told Venus she hadn't seen anything yet. Reaching for her handbag, she took out her strap-on dildo. Venus eyes widened in surprise. Maria smiled and told her she was gonna take her on the ride of her life. After all the pleasure Maria had brought her, Venus was down for whatever the Russian sportswoman had in mind.       Maria Sharapova grinned at Venus Williams as the sexy young Black woman assumed the position. Face down and ass up. The Russian vixen remembered how she put Serena Williams in that very same position not too long ago. She caressed Venus sexy ass cheeks. While Venus ass wasn't as big as Serena's, it was definitely not tiny. Venus had a big, round and sexy ass which would rival that of any woman on the planet except maybe her younger sister Serena's.

Maria gently bit Venus ass and the young Black woman let out a slight yelp. Laughing, Maria smacked Venus big butt, loving the nice way it jiggled. She began licking Venus sweet pussy from behind. Venus licked her lips while Maria played with her ass. Maria rubbed the dildo against Venus pussy from behind and gently eased it inside. Venus gasped as Maria's strap-on dildo penetrated her pussy. Maria gently bit her ear and told her to relax. She was in good hands. Reassured by Maria's melodious, accented voice, Venus did indeed relax and enjoy.       Venus Williams grinned as she felt Maria Sharapova's strong hands grip her hips and thrust the strap-on dildo deeper into her. Venus was turning out to be even more submissive than her sister Serena, which was saying a lot. Maria grabbed her hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Venus yelped, but also grinned broadly. Just as Maria thought, Venus was a submissive slut deep down.

Maria spanked Venus big Black ass while fucking her pussy with the strap-on dildo. Venus screamed in delight as she got fucked. Remembering what she did to Serena Williams the first time they hooked up, Maria Sharapova pulled the dildo out of Venus Williams asshole. When Venus gasped in protest, Maria ordered her to spread her ass cheeks wide open. Amazingly, Venus immediately did as she was told. Grinning broadly, Maria pressed her dildo against Venus asshole. With a swift thrust, she sank it inside. Venus squealed as Maria's dildo went up her asshole. Maria held Venus hips tightly and began fucking her with deep, hard thrusts.       Venus Williams felt Maria Sharapova's dildo invading her asshole. It was an amazing feeling. She felt invaded, but she also felt...complete. It felt good to finally take it up the ass. And she was getting fucked by a tall and sexy white goddess like Maria Sharapova, her secret fantasy. Venus Williams heard herself beg Maria for more as she urged the dominant white chick to fuck her harder. Maria laughed as Venus pleaded with her to fuck her harder.

Yeah, the Russian sportswoman had definitely judged Venus Williams right. Both of the Williams sisters, so tough on the tennis court, were absolutely submissive in the bedroom. Maria sank the dildo deeper into Venus asshole, fucking her hard. How she relished dominating the hell out of Venus sweet and sexy ass.

Thrusting the dildo deep into Venus asshole, Maria welcomed Venus screams of pleasure mixed with pain. They were sweet music to her ears. She fucked the Black woman until she came, time and again. Then she pulled the dildo out of Venus asshole. Before Venus had time to recover, Maria Sharapova put her on her knees and made her suck the dildo. Obediently, Venus cleaned Maria's dildo with her tongue, tasting herself on it. Maria smiled and ran her hand through Venus weave. This was so damn cool.       After this memorable first night, Venus Williams became Maria Sharapova's eager lover. The sexy Russian sportswoman absolutely loved this. She'd fucked both of the Williams sisters with her strap-on dildo, and completely dominated them in the bedroom. Many a lesbian's wet dream. Soon she would introduce Venus Williams to the Recruitment Initiative of the Down Low Sisterhood. She'd use Venus to dethrone Queen Serena, and then take over the Sisterhood.

Her plan was brilliant in its simplicity. For Maria Sharapova wasn't only sexy, tall and athletic. She was also crafty, something she inherited from her family, descended from Russian Mobsters. Her plan would work out well, and the Down Low Sisterhood would have a new Queen. She couldn't wait to put everything in motion. For now, Maria Sharapova slept in Venus Williams loving arms. The Black sportswoman didn't suspect anything was amiss. And Maria Sharapova wouldn't have it any other way.

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