tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 07

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 07


Serena Williams looked at Raven Symone and Brenda Song, the newest members of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. The two recruits, one African-American and the other Asian, looked really hot. The three of them were in a plush chamber of the suburban Atlanta mansion which the Sisterhood provided for their private activities. To Serena Williams expert eyes, the young Asian woman looked magically delicious. And Serena definitely wanted a piece of that. She'd seen the young woman on the popular comedy series she starred in and found her to be quite sexy. All kinds of young women from Hollywood's growing elite were joining the Down Low Sisterhood now.

This was no accident. Serena Williams wanted to pave the way for young women of African-American, Asian or Hispanic descent into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. She was the Sisterhood's first African-American Queen. And she wanted to open many doors for talented young women from diverse racial backgrounds. Under her leadership, the Recruiters of the Down Low Sisterhood didn't merely go after women from lily-white backgrounds. They sought gorgeous and talented young women who were Black, Middle-Eastern, Asian or Hispanic. The more of them were in the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, the better. The world was changing, and America should change with it. Within two decades, people of color would outnumber Caucasians in the United States of America. Elitist clubs like the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood should get with the program. At least that's how Queen Serena Williams felt.

Serena Williams admired Brenda Song's good looks. The gal obviously came from good genes. And she was hot as hell. As for Raven Symone, the curvy, pretty-faced and big-bottomed, light-skinned young Black woman looked really hot too. As reigning Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, it was Serena's privilege to take the new recruits for a test drive. And this was definitely one of the Queen's favourite duties. She did it happily. What kind of horny lesbian would she be if she didn't enjoy taking horny and eager young women for a sexual test drive?

Serena Williams asked Raven Symone and Brenda Song to undress. The two young women complied. Serena lay back on the king-sized bed and fingered herself while watching the two nubile young women getting naked. Surprisingly, Raven Symone was the first to be nude. The pretty-faced, kind of chubby and big-bottomed Black chick looked really good naked. Hell, she looked absolutely gorgeous and her sexual confidence was really turning Serena on. Serena didn't mind women who had a bit of meat on their bones. The Black Amazon liked curvy women from time to time. Serena asked Raven to turn around. With a smile on her face, the young Black woman smiled and turned around. She even shook that big round booty of hers. Serena watched in amazement as Raven did the booty clap. Hot damn!

Not to be outdone by her former rival from Disney Studios, Brenda Song quickly stepped out of the stylish dress she wore and into her birthday suit. Serena looked at Brenda's body and nodded. The Asian chick had a nice body. Slim yet curvy where it counted, with a pretty face, nice tits, killer legs and nice round ass. She turned around, showing Serena what she was working with. From the look on Serena's face, the young Asian starlet could tell that the world champion tennis player liked what she saw. Grinning, she walked sexily toward the object of her attention. Members of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood were the top women in entertainment, business and politics. Joining that exclusive, secret club was like being given the keys to the kingdom.

Serena Williams gestured for Brenda Song and Raven Symone to join her on the bed. She kissed Brenda, then Raven. The three of them quickly got busy. Serena Williams is a busy woman. She's defeating White, Asian and Hispanic chicks internationally in the world of women's tennis. Those other broads simply didn't have what it takes to deal with talent of her caliber. However, she will always make time to hook up with a sexy young woman...or two. And since she'd been on the road a lot lately, winning the Australian Open again, she needed some time to unwind. Most lesbians and straight men will agree that there is no better way to relax than to hook up with two sexy young women.

Brenda Song kissed Serena Williams passionately. For years, the daring Black woman who dominated the sport of women's professional tennis had been her idol. She had her posters all over her bedroom. Her conservative parents thought it was a feminist statement rather than an indication of her sexuality. They were oh so wrong. Serena smiled at Brenda and gently nudged her toward her breasts. Brenda smiled and gently grasped Serena's breasts in her hands. She began sucking on them gently, flicking her tongue over the areolas while stroking them. Raven saw Brenda getting Serena's attention and the sexy young Black woman wasn't having it. She gently kissed Serena's lips and asked the gorgeous Black sportswoman if she could do anything for her.

Serena looked at Raven and grinned. With her almond-shaped brown eyes, cute round face and pouty lips, Raven looked simply irresistible. Serena kissed her and stroked her breasts. Then she nudged the young Black woman toward her pelvic region. Raven didn't need to be told twice. She could take a hint. With a smile on her face and a song in her heart, she went to lick Serena's pussy. Gently she spread Serena's shapely, muscular thighs. She inhaled the Black sportswoman's pussy. No two women smelled alike. Raven liked the smell of Serena's pussy and decided to find out if she tasted as good as she smelled. She spread Serena's pussy lips and began to tease her with her tongue. Serena moaned as Raven inserted a finger inside her and began teasing her clit with her digit and tongue.

Serena Williams squealed in delight as the two sexy young women worked her over. Raven licked her clit with gusto, fingering her and even gently biting her. Serena absolutely loved it. As for Brenda, she sucked Serena's tits as if she were hungry for milk. Serena asked them for a brief pause and grabbed her bag of toys. Time to spice things up. Upon seeing the wide array of sex toys Serena Williams owned, Brenda Song and Raven Symone smiled and blushed. Serena grinned, and told them to make themselves useful. With a grin on their pretty faces, the two young women went to work on the gorgeous tennis star.

Brenda Song grabbed the strap-on dildo and put it on. Serena smiled, and began sucking on Brenda's dildo while Raven continued to lick her pussy. With Serena on all fours sucking Brenda's plastic cock, Raven began playing with Serena's big round ass. She gently bit Serena's ass and smacked it. Spreading Serena's big butt cheeks, she slid one finger into the Black sportswoman's asshole. Serena didn't seem to mind. Raven shoved two fingers into Serena's asshole. Serena clearly was no stranger to anal sex. Raven took a slim dildo and slid it into Serena's hungry asshole. Yeah, Serena Williams liked to be fucked in the ass. Well, if that's what she liked then Raven was more than happy to service her.

Brenda Song ran her hands through Serena Williams hair while making the Black sportswoman suck her strap-on dildo. After Serena polished the dildo with her tongue, Brenda began fucking her with it. She made Serena turn around and slid it into her pussy. Meanwhile, Raven decided to get her pussy licked. Spreading her legs, she nudged Serena's head toward her pussy. Serena grinned and began licking Raven's pussy. The chubby young Black woman's pussy tasted delicious. Serena had licked some of the best pussies in the world and Raven was in a class by herself. Raven squealed in delight as Serena licked and fingered her. This was all so damn good. She was getting her pussy licked by Serena Williams. Many a lesbian's wild dream!

Serena Williams was having the time of her life as she got fucked by Brenda Song's strap-on dildo and licked Raven Symone's deliciously sweet pussy. Brenda was really aggressive while fucking her. She smacked Serena's big ass and pulled on the Black woman's hair. Serena grinned. She liked having her ass played with and really enjoyed Raven's fingers and slim dildo up her ass earlier. They switched things around. Now Brenda Song was shoving her dildo in and out of Serena's highly receptive asshole while Raven got behind Brenda with a dildo of her own. Having grabbed another strap-on dildo from Serena's bag of sexual goodies, Raven made good use of it. Positioning herself behind Brenda Song, she inserted the dildo into the young Asian woman's pussy.

Brenda Song gasped as Raven Symone's dildo entered her. She'd never been fucked by another woman before. Usually she did the fucking. This felt weird, to say the least. Raven gripped Brenda's slender hips and thrust the dildo deep inside her. At the same time, Brenda thrust her dildo deeper into Serena's asshole. All three women screamed as they got fucked. Then they switched things up again. Now Raven was on all fours, licking Serena's pussy and fingering her ass. Brenda positioned herself behind Raven and ran her hands all over Raven's big booty. She was determined to give the sexy young Black starlet a taste of her own medicine.

Brenda rubbed the dildo against Raven's spread butt cheeks. Slowly she pushed the dildo into Raven's asshole. Raven gasped as Brenda's dildo entered her. Serena grabbed Raven's face and urged her to focus while going down on her. Brenda gripped Raven's wide hips and thrust the dildo deep into her asshole. Raven groaned as she got penetrated. Brenda laughed and smacked Raven's ass before thrusting the dildo deeper inside her. Raven gritted her teeth while she got fucked in the ass by Brenda's dildo. She noticed Serena was laughing and inserted four fingers into the Black sportswoman's pussy. Now Serena wasn't laughing anymore. She was too busy squealing in pleasure mixed with pain as Raven slowly but surely worked her entire fist into her pussy. At the same time, Raven inserted a dildo up Serena's ass. Filled at both ends, Serena practically roared in pleasure, orgasmic at last. Laughing, Raven pulled her hand and her dildo out of Serena's holes. This was fun.

Brenda buried her dildo deep into Raven's ass, and smiled with satisfaction as the young Black woman squealed. She pulled the dildo out of Raven's ass. Both Raven Symone and Serena Williams eagerly sucked on Brenda's strap-on dildo after it had been up their respective asses. Brenda smiled. She liked these two sexy Black women. If the rest of the Sisterhood was like them, she had definitely joined the right club. Over the course of the night, the three of them fucked each other silly. They had a grand old time. In the end, Brenda and Raven accepted Serena's offer to join the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. It was definitely their kind of club.

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