tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 06

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 06


Serena Williams stood before the king-sized bed in her hotel room and smiled. The tall, gorgeous and stunning African-American professional tennis player ( and World Champion ) smiled as she put on a show for her secret guests. Stripping out of her shiny white bikini was taking longer than usual, and she liked it.

Lying on the bed were a pair of tall, gorgeous Black women. The first woman was world-famous actress Marjean Holden. Star of hit television series like The Beast Master, Crusade and hit science fiction thrillers like Code Red and Mortal Kombat. For ages Serena Williams had been a fan of the sexy Black actress. And now they were finally hooking up. As the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, Serena Williams could have virtually anyone and anything she wanted.

    What exactly did all of this mean? Serena Williams was given the keys to the Kingdom, folks. She was the Head of one of the wealthiest and most powerful secret organizations on the planet. Yet she always thought getting with Marjean Holden, a sexy and successful Black actress whom she considered her role model to be out of reach.

The second woman in the bed was a tall, gorgeous African-American TV and stage actress named Dawnn Lewis. Star of hit TV shows like Hanging With Mr. Cooper and A Different World. Serena Williams licked her lips as she looked at her two idols. The two sexy Black women whom she admired the most and secretly lusted after were in her bed. And they wanted to do her! Being Queen-elect of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood was awesome. This was going to be a memorable night.       Marjean Holden licked her lips as she looked at the gorgeously naked Serena Williams. The tall, gorgeous young Black woman definitely merited the title of World's Number One. She had a gracefully muscled, athletic body, big tits, fine hips and a big round ass that Marjean Holden couldn't forget even if she wanted to. After leading a mostly closeted life for most of her life, Marjean had begun exploring her bisexuality.

The sexy thirty-something Black actress found herself attracted to sexy younger women like Serena Williams. The sexy Black sportswoman had a killer booty and Marjean certainly wouldn't mind tapping it. When she caught the attention of the Down Low Sisterhood, she was quite surprised. Marjean Holden knew of plenty of women in high places who were gay or bisexual. She didn't know there was a secret organization catering to the secret needs of wealthy bisexual and lesbian women in Tinseltown. If she had known, she would have joined a long time ago.       Marjean Holden took a break from staring at the gorgeous Serena Williams and looked at the woman lying next to her. Dawnn Lewis was a hot-looking woman. Tall, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin, a beautiful face, killer body and big round ass. In her forties, Dawnn Lewis looked hotter than most young Black women you'd run into at the mall or something. And she knew it.

The sexy African-American starlet had been working in Hollywood for two decades. She'd done many television shows, commercials and movies. Now she was doing theater, her first love. Marjean Holden grinned at the sight of Dawnn Lewis looking really hot in a bright red bikini. Hot damn. She still had it going on after all these years. Dawnn Lewis looked at Marjean Holden and smiled. From the looks Marjean was giving her, Dawnn knew she turned the other woman on. How about that.    

When Dawnn Lewis was first approached by the Recruitment Initiative of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, her curiosity was piqued. She had no idea such an organization existed. Of course, she was thrilled to join. Like many wealthy Black women who were gay or bisexual, Dawnn Lewis led a life in the closet. Oh, she wasn't ashamed of her life. Dawnn Lewis loved women and men, and occasionally had sexual relations with both. She enjoyed being bisexual.

However, the world wasn't exactly welcoming of Black female superstars in Hollywood. Being Black and female in the public eye was tough. Adding queerness to the mix just might be the straw that broke the camel's back. For these reasons, Dawnn Lewis kept her bisexuality to herself. She was glad to join the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood because it meant she could finally cut loose and be herself. Oh, and have some erotic fun while she was at it.       Serena Williams looked at her captive audience. Marjean Holden and Dawnn Lewis looked at her, and appeared to like what they saw. Grinning, Serena Williams joined them on the king-sized bed. That's when the fun really began. Marjean Holden pulled Serena Williams into her eyes and gently kissed her. She began stroking the younger Black woman's breasts gently. Dawnn Lewis licked her lips as she admired Serena Williams sexy body up close.

Finally she got to put her hands on this sexy Barbie dipped in chocolate. Like many queer women, Dawnn Lewis watched women's professional tennis mainly to catch glimpses of Serena Williams sexy ass in those tight outfits she liked to wear. Lesbians were as horny as straight men and both were hardcore fans of the world's most famous tennis player. Dawnn Lewis pulled off Serena Williams panties and went straight for her pussy. Spreading the younger woman's sexy, muscular thighs, she inhaled the scent of her cunt. Nice. Dawnn Lewis began licking Serena Williams sweet pussy, gently tasting her before inserting a finger inside of her. After a few minutes, she added another finger and twisted them around inside Serena's twitching pussy. This was going to be good.       Marjean Holden gently pinched the areolas of Serena Williams tits as she kissed the younger woman passionately. Serena Williams responded to her kiss by gently stroking Marjean's tits and fondling them. Marjean was quite surprised by Serena's gentle yet knowing touch. All she had heard of Serena led her to believe the young Black sportswoman would be aggressive, even rough in bed. And here Serena was, all sweet and gentle. The media really did a number on people's minds and perceptions when it came to celebrities and their personal image.

Serena Williams was simply amazing. Marjean Holden noticed Dawnn Lewis licking Serena Williams pussy and winked at her. Dawnn Lewis winked back at her but said nothing since her lips were kind of occupied at the moment. Working in tandem, the two sexy older Black women brought the world's number one female athlete a shuddering orgasm. Serena Williams screamed in pleasure as she came, her body rocked with incredible sensations as Marjean and Dawnn went to work on her. The two of them smiled and kissed her passionately. They told her the fun was just beginning.       Dawnn Lewis took out her strap-on dildo and waved it at Serena Williams, who laughed. Marjean Holden looked at Dawnn Lewis and smiled. Then she spread Serena Williams's shapely thighs and went straight to her pussy. Marjean Holden had been wanting to taste Serena's pussy for a long time. And so she did. Fastening her lips to the sportswoman's sweet pussy, she began licking like her life depended on it. Meanwhile, Dawnn Lewis began fucking the sexy Marjean Holden from behind. Serena Williams lay back on the bed and relaxed while Marjean Holden licked her pussy. She watched as Dawnn Lewis spread Marjean Holden's thighs and inserted her dildo into her pussy from behind. Holding Marjean's sexy hips, Dawnn began fucking her with vigorous thrusts of the strap-on dildo.       Marjean Holden continued to lick Serena Williams pussy as Dawnn Lewis fucked her with the strap-on dildo. Usually, Marjean liked to be the one to fuck her women but tonight she was feeling flexible. She didn't mind getting fucked by a butch woman like Dawnn Lewis while going down on Serena Williams sweet pussy. Serena moaned passionately while Marjean licked and probed her pussy with her fingers.

Hot damn, Marjean was really good at muff diving. While Marjean licked Serena, Dawnn spread Marjean's ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against her butt hole. Slowly, she eased it inside. Marjean gasped as she felt the dildo enter her asshole. It hurt a bit but felt kind of good so she didn't protest. Dawnn grinned and began pounding Marjean's ass with the dildo. She knew Marjean was the type of femme who liked getting butt fucked by a butch woman.       Marjean was on cloud nine as she got fucked in the ass by Dawnn's strap-on dildo. She licked Serena's pussy even more energetically. Serena let her rock her world, then returned the favor. They changed positions. Now, Dawnn Lewis fucked Serena Williams doggy-style with the strap-on dildo while the sportswoman went down on Marjean Holden. Serena thrust her big ass backwards, loving the feel of Dawnn Lewis strap-on dildo filling her pussy.

She spread Marjean Holden's sexy thighs and licked her pussy. Marjean ran her hands through Serena's hair and stroked the younger woman's beautiful face as she went down on her. Serena gently bit Marjean's clit and the sexy older Black woman yelped in surprise. Laughing, Serena slid two fingers inside Marjean's pussy and began playing piano with her insides. Soon she had Marjean squealing in delight. In no time she made the older woman cum. Twice.       Dawnn Lewis had enough of fucking Serena Williams and Marjean Holden with her strap-on dildo. The butch woman wanted to be pleasured too. So she took off her strap-on dildo and allowed herself to experience the world-famous lesbian lickdown. Serena Williams licked Dawnn Lewis sexy pussy while Marjean Holden donned the strap-on dildo.

Spreading Dawnn Lewis sexy ass cheeks, she pressed the dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust, the sexy femme shoved her dildo up the butch woman's ass. Dawnn Lewis gasped as Marjean Holden penetrated her asshole with the dildo. She hadn't been fucked like that in ages and missed how much fun it could be. She urged Marjean to fuck her harder. Marjean didn't need to be told twice. She fucked the butch woman's ass like there was no tomorrow.       Serena Williams saw how much fun Dawnn Lewis was having while getting butt fucked by Marjean Holden's strap-on dildo and licked her lips. She definitely wanted some of that. Marjean grinned at Serena's request. Serena got on all fours, face down and ass up. Marjean pressed a hand-held dildo against Serena's asshole and began fucking her. At the same time, Marjean thrust her strap-on dildo deeper into Dawnn Lewis asshole.

Pretty soon she had both women squealing in delightful pleasure mixed with pain as she fucked them in the ass with her dildos. She fucked them until they both came, time and again. The three women went at it, sucking and fucking the night away, until they lay exhausted on the bed. All three were covered in their juices. Having fucked each other silly, they lay on the bed, happy as clowns. Serena Williams shared a passionate kiss with Marjean Holden, then she kissed Dawnn Lewis. She officially welcomed them into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. A new life of adventure and eroticism awaited them in this top notch and top secret club.

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