tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 08

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 08


A beautiful Friday night in the city of Washington D.C. In one of this mostly African-American town's most beautiful mansions, World Champion Tennis Player Serena Williams lay naked in bed with two of her favorite ladies, Superstar and Music Mogul Beyonce Knowles and Entertainment Industry Icon Janet Jackson. Both ladies were equally naked, of course. Three generations of African-American powerhouses under one roof. Beyonce and Janet were the newest inductees into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. And they celebrated their new status the best way they knew how. And they started having the time of their lives.

The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood only recruits the sexiest and most powerful lesbians and bisexual women from the worlds of movies, business, music and politics. They didn't welcome straight women, broke women or ugly women into their Sisterhood. No way. After all, the ladies had certain standards to maintain. The club had been around in one form or another for centuries. Lately, by decree of Queen-elect Serena Williams, the first Black woman to lead the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood, recruitment of sexy and powerful women of African-American, Asian and Hispanic descent had been a priority. As Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood, Serena Williams exacted certain changes. Still, some things never change. Like the tradition saying that the Queen got to sample the sexual flavours of all new female recruits at will.

Janet Jackson spread her sexy, chubby thighs as Serena Williams got between her legs. The sexy dark-skinned Black Amazon began to gently lick Janet's pussy and probe it with her tongue. Janet ran her hands through Serena's hair and licked her lips while Serena went down on her. Meanwhile, Beyonce watched Serena's big butt cheeks, fascinated. She spread Serena's ass cheeks and began licking her asshole. The light-skinned young Black woman began flicking her tongue deep inside Serena's asshole, licking it like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted.

For ages Beyonce Knowles had heard rumors about a secret society of wealthy and powerful lesbians and bisexual women operating in Tinseltown as well as the worlds of business and politics. She dismissed such talks as pure nonsense, until she was approached by the Recruiters. They appraised her beauty, wealth and power and declared her a prime candidate for recruitment into the Sisterhood. They were also keenly aware of her sexual adventures with other women. That stunned Beyonce. She kept her bisexuality to herself. In public, she was always with her husband Jay-Z. In private, she embraced sexy young women of diverse backgrounds.

Yeah, the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood seemed to know pretty much everything about Beyonce Knowles, including stuff she never told anyone before. The ladies who ran the Sisterhood had clearly done their homework. They told her that joining the Sisterhood was like being given the keys to the kingdom. Unlimited wealth and power awaited the women who joined the club. Well, Beyonce was alright with that. She always went for a good deal when she saw it. Why else do you think she married Jay-Z? He's a cool guy but it's not his good looks that caught her attention that's for sure.

That's why she was licking Serena's ass right now. Upon joining the Sisterhood, Beyonce sought to know which woman had the ultimate power here. Well, imagine her surprise when she learned that professional tennis superstar and world champion Serena Williams was the Queen-elect of the Down Low Sisterhood. Beyonce always wondered whether Serena Williams was gay or bisexual. The sexy Black Amazon looked butch as hell sometimes. Well, now she had her answer. Serena Williams had seen more pussy than a gynaecologist. And she was damn proud of it.

Judging by the pleasure-filled moans emanating from Janet Jackson's mouth, the older Black woman clearly liked what Serena Williams was doing to her. Beyonce recalled with glee some of the fun-filled sex sessions she had with her friend/lover/rival Rihanna. The chick from Barbados was a real rough rider who liked to get down and dirty with sexy women and handsome, well-endowed men. Beyonce once caught her in Jay-Z's office, sucking on the Rap Mogul's dick as a way of thanking him for giving her a record deal. Yeah, Rihanna was a total slut. For sex and money, she'd do anything. And she wasn't above using one to get the other. Beyonce knew a professional gold digger when she saw one. Rihanna fit the mold. And Beyonce enjoyed smacking her around and fucking her mouth, pussy and ass with her strap-on dildo.

Well, right now Beyonce Knowles focused on the task at hand. Serena Williams was really fond of anal play. And the very adaptive Beyonce didn't mind licking her asshole. Not at all. In fact, she slid two fingers into Serena's asshole. Serena giggled in pleasure as she continued licking Janet Jackson's pussy. Clearly Serena enjoyed what Beyonce was doing to her. Emboldened, Beyonce smacked Serena's big Black ass and watched her big butt as they jiggled nicely. Hot damn. Serena definitely had one of the sexiest asses Beyonce had ever seen. She took a dildo from her bag and slid it into Serena's asshole. The gorgeous Black Amazon didn't seem to mind another woman fucking her ass with a dildo. How interesting.

Janet Jackson stroked her breasts while Serena Williams went down on her. To be honest, she was more turned on by the sight of Beyonce fucking Serena's ass with a dildo than by Serena's lips licking her pussy. For ages Janet Jackson had a thing for Beyonce. They didn't travel in the same circles. In many people's eyes, Janet Jackson was Pop Music Royalty, as the younger sister of the inimitable Michael Jackson, the King of Pop himself. Beyonce was part of that new wave of sexy Black entertainers. Still, Janet always hoped someday she'd get to hook up with Beyonce. Now's her chance.

When she finished polishing Janet Jackson's pussy with her tongue, Serena Williams was in the mood to get fucked. Well, so were Beyonce Knowles and Janet Jackson. Serena handed out the dildos and assorted sex toys which she always carried with her. Beyonce grabbed a strap-on dildo and put it on. Then she shoved the much bigger dildo up Serena's ass. Time to fuck the Queen. Serena yelped as she felt Beyonce's huge dildo up her ass. At the same time, Janet Jackson put on a strap-on dildo and made Serena suck on it, silencing her. Janet winked at Beyonce, who smiled back. The two of them began fucking the hell out of Serena's ass and mouth. Serviced at both ends, Serena felt happy as a clown. The Black Amazon loved getting fucked. She was all too happy when Janet Jackson leaned over and inserted a dildo into Serena's pussy.

Janet and Beyonce fucked Serena for a while, then changed positions. Now it was Janet's turn to fuck Serena's ass with the strap-on dildo. Meanwhile, Beyonce came up behind Janet. Spreading the older Black woman's ass cheeks wide open, Beyonce inserted her dildo into Janet's asshole. Janet Jackson gasped as Beyonce shoved a dildo up her ass. She turned around and kissed Beyonce, who kissed her back. A sexual thrill went through Janet. She'd fantasized about kissing Beyonce for ages and now Beyonce was kissing her. Her fantasies had come true. Beyonce gripped Janet's wide hips tightly as she thrust her dildo into the older Black woman's tight asshole. At the same time, Janet rammed her dildo into Serena's ass. All three sexy Black women screamed in pleasure as they pulled a train on each other, lesbian style.

The nonstop action continued. Now Serena Williams was on all fours, face down and ass up, her big ass cheeks spread as Janet Jackson inserted her fist into the Tennis player's asshole. Serena was in heaven. At last she was getting her ass fisted. At the same time, Beyonce Knowles was shoving two gigantic dildos inside Janet Jackson, one in her pussy and one in her ass. Serena and Janet's screams turned on Beyonce more than she'd ever been turned on in her life. For the rest of the night, she fucked the two of them till exhaustion. After she put her sexual shine on them, Janet Jackson and Serena Williams welcomed Beyonce Knowles into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Serena Williams nominated her as a Princess of the Realm. A very happy Beyonce Knowles thanked Serena by kissing and hugging her. Beyonce smiled to herself as she lay between Janet Jackson and Serena Williams, both of whom were fast asleep. Soon she'd be Queen of the Sisterhood and take the throne from Serena. That's what Beyonce does.

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