tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 10

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 10


Serena Williams looked at Lisa-Ray McCoy and grinned. The sight of the tall, light-skinned, long-haired and absolutely gorgeous older Black woman was making the world's top female professional tennis player grin from ear to ear. What lesbian or bisexual woman wouldn't be absolutely thrilled to see gorgeous actress Lisa-Ray McCoy naked? Serena Williams had a thing for Lisa-Ray McCoy ever since she saw her in the hit television series All Of Us. Serena Williams guest-starred on the show and got to meet her idol. Let's just say that each left a lasting impression on the other. And now, Lisa-Ray McCoy was the newest recruit of the all-powerful Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.

Lisa-Ray smiled at Serena Williams. The sight of the tall, gorgeously dark-skinned, curvy yet athletic and totally beautiful Black sportswoman turned Lisa-Ray on like you wouldn't believe. Serena looked absolutely gorgeous in a snow-white bra and matching panties. Lying on the bright red sheets of a large bed in one of the plush chambers of Detroit's Hilton Hotel, Serena looked like a Queen. And indeed she was a Queen. The first African-American woman elected Queen of the secret society known as the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. Lisa-Ray intended to treat the Queen as she deserved to be treated.

Ever since Lisa-Ray McCoy first met Serena Williams on the set of the TV series All Of Us, she had a thing for her. Of course, in those days Lisa-Ray wasn't exploring her bisexuality. She had been married to the Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands at the time. That relationship ended rather disastrously. Her entire life Lisa-Ray felt attracted to both women and men but she kept her bisexuality to herself because Hollywood and Black America weren't exactly tolerant of African-American women who were anything other than straight. Lisa-Ray had her career and her family to think about.

Now, though, she had no man in her life. And her career was doing alright. She recently completed filming the movie Contradictions of the Heart, where she played a fiery, sexy woman named Kiki. And a couple of years back, she won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. Yeah, she was indeed doing alright. Her internationally famous fashion line Luxe & Romance was raking in big bucks selling to stylish young women in urban locations. Yeah, Lisa-Ray was doing good. In her early forties she had attained multi-millionaire status while still in her youth. Her father, a wealthy real estate agent, raised her to be a true BAP. Black American Princess. Yeah, Lisa-Ray McCoy had it all. The only thing missing was someone special to share it with.

Lisa-Ray smiled at Serena Williams and gestured for the younger Black woman to come to her. Serena smiled and rose from the king-sized bed where she lay. She walked up to Lisa-Ray, until the two women stood less than two inches from each other. Lisa-Ray McCoy gently wrapped her arms around Serena Williams and kissed her. Serena felt a slight electric shock run through her as she shared her first kiss with her long-time crush Lisa-Ray. Hot damn. She'd dreamed about kissing her favourite caramel goddess for ages. And now her fantasy had finally come true.

Lisa-Ray could feel the eagerness in Serena Williams passionate kiss. The young Black woman definitely wanted her. Lisa-Ray felt a thrill deep inside. It was nice to know that younger women still found her sexually attractive. Especially a gorgeous young Black woman like Serena Williams, the world's greatest female tennis player. Lisa-Ray had been a fan of Serena Williams long before the two of them met on the set of the TV show All Of Us. The sight of Serena's big booty in tight skirts has been known to delight many a straight man and lesbian's fantasies. Lisa-Ray wondered what Serena Williams would think if she told her that she masturbated nearly every time she watched her defeating some spoiled white chick on a tennis court. When their lips parted from their passionate kiss, Lisa-Ray revealed her secret to Serena Williams.

Serena Williams ran her hands all over Lisa-Ray McCoy's sexy body. At forty three Lisa-Ray still had a better body on her than most young women half her age. And you had better believe that Serena wanted to explore that body. Lisa-Ray groaned as she felt Serena's strong hands grasp her butt cheeks. Serena Williams is the proud owner of one of the world's biggest and sexiest, roundest booties. However, she also likes other women with nice booties. And she really liked Lisa-Ray McCoy's perky, heart-shaped ass. Lisa-Ray giggled as Serena felt up her big sexy butt. Serena's hands wandered all over Lisa-Ray's supple body. Her fingers found their way to Lisa-Ray's pelvic area. She slid two fingers inside, and Lisa-Ray gasped. Serena kissed her passionately and began fucking her pussy with her fingers.

Serena Williams picked up Lisa-Ray McCoy in her arms and carried her to the bed, bride-over-the-threshold style. Lisa giggled as Serena carried her to the bed and kissed her strong, gorgeous lover. Serena laughed and gently dropped Lisa-Ray on the bed. Lisa-Ray lay back, gazing at Serena Williams adoringly. Silently the sexy actress offered herself to the sexy Black female athlete. Serena smiled, and kissed Lisa-Ray. Then she began to make love to her gently. Serena gently kissed Lisa-Ray's lips, then began suckling on her breasts. Lisa-Ray ran her hands through Serena's smooth, silky hair. Gently she directed Serena's knowing hands and wonderful mouth to the parts of her that needed her touch the most. While suckling on Lisa-Ray's tits, Serena Williams thrust two fingers into her pussy. Lisa-Ray moaned in pleasure and spread her smooth, sexy legs wider. She loved what Serena was doing to her.

Encouraged by Lisa-Ray's pleasure-filled moans, Serena Williams began licking her pussy. Serena Williams has licked her share of pussies throughout her life, long before she was elected Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. However, she had never tasted anything quite as wonderful as Lisa-Ray's womanhood. Eagerly she lapped away at the older Black woman's pussy with her tongue. Lisa-Ray moaned in pleasure, urging Serena to continue what she was doing. Serena grinned and continued bringing pleasure to her beloved. At long last she was going down on Lisa-Ray McCoy! Serena rocked Lisa-Ray's world until she came. When she did, shrieking in sheer pleasure, Serena licked every last drop of her sweet girly cum.

Lisa-Ray McCoy lay on the bed, basking in what could only be described as an orgasmic afterglow. Serena Williams lay next to her, smiling. Lisa-Ray kissed her beloved, and decided to return the favour. Serena was hesitant but complied with Lisa-Ray's wishes since she loved her. Lisa-Ray gently kissed Serena and began making love to her. She kissed Serena's breasts tenderly and began sucking on them. At the same time, her hand found its way to Serena's pussy. She eased two fingers inside Serena, then a third. Serena grinned as Lisa-Ray's digits penetrated her. Lisa-Ray looked into Serena's eyes and smiled as she fucked her with her fingers. Serena told her to fuck her harder. And she handed Lisa-Ray a strap-on dildo just for that purpose. Smiling, Lisa-Ray put on the strap-on and stroked its long plastic member.

Lisa-Ray gently eased the dildo into Serena's pussy. Serena grimaced and spread her big, sexy legs wider, giving Lisa-Ray greater access to her. Lisa-Ray held Serena's legs in the air and began thrusting the dildo deep inside of her. Serena rubbed her breasts together as she got fucked by Lisa-Ray's strap-on dildo. Lisa-Ray shoved the dildo deep inside Serena. It had been a while since she fucked another woman. She banged some of her female cast mates on the TV show she starred in but that was about it. And none of them had been half as hot as Serena Williams. Serena was a wild one. She got on all fours and asked Lisa-Ray to fuck her in the ass. Lisa-Ray happily obliged. Spreading Serena's big butt cheeks wide open, she eased the strap-on dildo into her asshole.

Serena Williams screamed in pleasure as Lisa-Ray thrust the dildo deep into her asshole. Getting butt fucked by her secret crush was a dream come true for Serena. Lisa-Ray fucked her hard, burying the dildo deep inside her asshole. At the same time, she fucked Serena's pussy with her fingers. It didn't take Serena Williams long to cum after that. Lisa-Ray kissed her passionately as Serena experienced an intense orgasm. Looking into each other's eyes, they silently acknowledged their love and the unbreakable connection they shared. Serena Williams has at long last found her soul mate. And the entirety of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood rejoiced for the Queen and her newfound Consort.

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