tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 09

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 09


Serena Williams woke up, and gently stirred on her bed inside Atlanta's top hotel. After the night she had, the tall young Black sportswoman was pleasurably sore. It's not easy being the most dominant player in the cutthroat world of women's professional tennis. A lot of treacherous people are out to take you down. Staying on top takes a lot of intelligence, talent, adaptability and strength. Somehow, though, Serena always manages to do just that. Serena Williams is a Champion in just about every sense of the word. Lately, Serena Williams has had a lot on her plate. She's back on top of the world of women's professional tennis, and the haters, both male and female, are after her. They just don't like to see a strong Black woman with superior athletic talent dominating the hell out of pampered white chicks on International Tennis Courts. Serena Williams knows this, and she enjoys defeating them.

Yeah, Serena Williams has been getting a lot of bad press lately. Fortunately, the young Black woman knows exactly how to bounce back. She's a winner in every sense of the word. Knocking down obstacles faster than her enemies can erect them. She's the new Queen of the top secret international club known as the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. As the first Black woman to lead that elusive and elite club, she wants to pave the way for other talented young women of color. Serena won't let the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood remain a lily-white club. Not if she can help it. Serena Williams is going to diversify that club if it's the last thing she did.

Serena Williams smiled as she thought of the fabulous night she had. She had so much fun it ought to be illegal. The newest recruits into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood were some truly awesome ladies. Karen Denise "K.D' Aubert was one of them. The tall, good-looking young woman of African-American and Native American was absolutely stunning. K.D. Aubert was all that and then some. Serena Williams thought of recruiting her into the Sisterhood after watching her performances in movies like Friday After Next, Soul Plane, Still Waiting and The Grand. She also played the part of Vampire Slayer Nikki Wood on the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A truly stunning young woman who got some lousy roles thanks to racism and sexism in Hollywood. Well, Serena thought she had potential. And thus she asked the Recruiters to bring K.D. into the Sisterhood.

K.D. Aubert was one of the most elusive beauties of the African-American milieu of Hollywood. She's not as famous as internationally renowned Black actresses Nia Long or Vivica A. Fox. She doesn't have the sass of actress Jada Pinkett Smith or the star power of Beyonce Knowles. Yet she's got a unique beauty and understated talent all her own. Once you meet K.D. Aubert you don't forget her. The gal has a unique combination of height, good looks, athleticism and brains that you simply won't forget. She used to be a supermodel and she played softball for San Diego State University when she attended that school. Let's just say that she's a triple threat in every way. K.D. Aubert is sexy as hell, and really friendly and polite to men and women she meets. Her private life is private. There are unconfirmed rumors about her possible bisexuality or married status. Well, she's single and looking, like many gorgeous Black women out there. Whether she's looking for Mister Right, Mister Right Now or Miss Right, she's not going to settle for anything but the best.

The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood hires some of the best private investigators in the world. They've got photos of Queen Latifah having some kinky lesbian fun with her 'fitness trainer' Jeannette Jenkins. Queen Latifah is a proud member of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood nowadays. In fact, she's never been happier. It took them less than a week to dig up tapes of international television icon, powerhouse and billionaire Oprah Winfrey getting busy with her supposedly platonic friend Gayle King. Yeah, Oprah has been denying her bisexuality for years but the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood isn't easy to fool. They caught Oprah going down on Gayle, her tongue so deep inside the other woman's pussy that it wasn't even funny. Well, Oprah couldn't deny it now. So she and Gayle hastily accepted an invitation into the Sisterhood. That's why both ladies are smiling so much these days. The Sisterhood takes care of its own...financially, sexually and politically.

Investigating K.D. Aubert proved to be a challenge for the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. The tall, sexy young woman simply was too discreet. She dated men publicly and had secret relationships with women. One day, she got caught making out with a sexy Hispanic woman. K.D. Aubert was offered the opportunity to join the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. And she gladly took the chance. The other woman they recruited was the gorgeous African-American actress and internationally famous ( or infamous ) comedian Sommore. K. D. Aubert's co-star on the African-American comedy hit movie Soul Plane. The short-haired, gorgeously dark-skinned and totally sexy mature Black woman was hot as hell. Serena Williams had seen Sommore's act in Atlanta and found the woman positively amazing. She sensed a dyke vibe emanating from Sommore and asked the Recruiters to check up on her. The Recruiters tapped Sommore, who really didn't need much convincing.

Both sexy actress K.D. Aubert and comedy superstar Sommore were nervous when they were told they were going to meet the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood. Who in hell was this Queen? Probably some rich old white broad. In the pamphlet containing the rules and regulations that the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood lived by, the two women read about the special clause. What special clause? The one indicating that the Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood had first dibs on all the new recruits of the Sisterhood. They were stunned when they found out who the Queen was. None other than the Number One Tennis Player in the World, Sportswoman of the Year Serena Williams. Well, talk about a big surprise. They were pleasantly surprised to see a strong and beautiful Black woman in charge of one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful organizations. Well, Serena Williams led them to her bedchambers. K.D. and Sommore didn't need much more convincing after that. Both of these ladies are queer after all and the sight of Serena Williams in a bright red bikini has been known to turn on ninety percent of men and one hundred percent of lesbians. It's all been scientifically proven, folks.

Serena Williams smiled seductively at K.D. Aubert and Sommore as she led them into her bedchambers. She sat on the king-sized bed, with a large bag next to her. The bag contained a wide assortment of sex toys. K.D. licked her lips at the sight of Serena Williams nearly naked. She always had a thing for athletic dark-skinned Black chicks and they don't get hotter than Serena Williams. Sommore looked at Serena and grinned. She'd lost count of how many times she fantasized about the world's sexiest tennis player. Serena Williams was tall and fine-looking, and she had a booty that would make a gay man go straight. Sommore eagerly undressed, revealing her curvy body. In her early forties, Sommore still looked pretty damn good. She had a pretty face, curvy body, wide hips, thick but sexy legs and a big round ass. Oh, and she had the short hair, angular face and almond-shaped brown eyes which drove women and men wild.

The three ladies got naked, got in bed and got busy. Serena Williams gently kissed K.D.'s lips, and the caramel-skinned young woman smiled at the chocolate-skinned female athlete. Sommore got between them, and gently spread Serena's legs. How she dreamed of those legs. She began to gently lick Serena's pussy while Serena Williams made out with K.D. Aubert. Serena looked into K.D.'s eyes and grinned. K.D. took Serena's face in her hands and gently kissed her. Serena told K.D. she was the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. K.D. smiled and kissed Serena again. For years K.D. had a crush on Serena, the sexy Black woman who dominated the world of women's professional tennis. Serena, the take-charge, no-nonsense Black goddess who makes all of them white chicks cry by beating them at their own sport, which Serena made her own. At last, K.D. got to kiss her crush.

Sommore eagerly lapped away at Serena Williams sweet pussy, licking and fingering her. Serena tasted very nice. Sommore had tasted the pussies of many Black female celebrities over the years. During the Original Queens of Comedy Tour, she hooked up with Mo'Nique. And both of them had a blast. Sommore could tell that Serena Williams and K.D. Aubert were more into each other than her. She didn't mind one bit. Sommore was here to have some fun. Reaching into Serena Williams bag of goodies, and pulled out two dildos. One blue and one green. Grinning, Sommore decided to put them to good use. She spread K.D. Aubert's shapely legs and fingered her pussy. The light-skinned Black woman didn't seem to mind.

Sommore shoved the blue dildo into Serena Williams pussy and the green one into K.D. Aubert's snatch. Both young women gasped as she penetrated them. They stopped kissing and looked at Sommore. Winking at them, Sommore vigorously thrust her dildos into their pussies. Serena groaned as she got fucked by Sommore's dildo. K.D. winced as Sommore buried her dildo deep inside of her. She looked at Serena's bouncing tits and began sucking on them. Serena squealed in surprised delight as she felt K.D.'s tongue flicking across the areolas of her big tits. K.D. grinned and continued licking Serena's tits. The sight ( and sounds ) of Serena moaning in pleasure was turning K.D. on like you wouldn't believe.

Sommore grinned wickedly while thrusting her dildos deep inside K.D. Aubert and Serena Williams. She remembered how she fucked the hell out of Mo'Nique. Sommore put Mo'Nique on her hands and knees and made the big Black woman lick her pussy. Then she whipped out her strap-on dildo and made her suck it. The sight of the loud-mouthed and totally slutty Mo'Nique sucking on a strap-on dildo sent thrills and chills inside Sommore's pussy. Sommore dominated Mo'Nique completely. She whipped the big woman's ass and then bent her over and stuffed a dildo into her asshole while pulling on her weave and berating her. Oh, yeah. Sommore knew how to dominate bitches. And she whipped out some of her best stuff and laid it on Serena Williams and K.D. Aubert. The two younger women never knew what hit them.

Sommore took control of the bedroom, just like the bossy mature Black woman she is. She ordered Serena Williams to get on all fours, face down and ass up. Amazingly, Serena obeyed. Sommore wasn't surprised. She knew that most loud Black women who acted supremely bossy in public were usually submissive in private. K.D. Aubert watched in amazement as Serena eagerly obeyed Sommore's orders. By way of explanation, the very bisexual Serena Williams said she was dominant with men but submissive with women. K.D. Aubert nodded and watched. She fucked herself with the green dildo Sommore left inside her pussy.

Sommore gently smacked Serena's big ass cheeks and then playfully bit them. Sommore had seen many fabulous asses in her four decades of chasing hot Black women all over America but she had never seen an ass like that of Serena Williams. Serena Williams should be the Goddess of Booty. Sommore licked Serena's big sexy ass and spread them cheeks wide open. She slid one finger into Serena's asshole and the tall Black sportswoman practically purred in delight. Sommore laughed and pushed two fingers up Serena's asshole. At the same time, Sommore ordered K.D. Aubert to make her pretty ass useful and lick her pussy. K.D. Aubert tried to resist the hypnotic pull of Sommore but couldn't. She found herself kneeling before Sommore and licking the sexy mature Black woman's hairy pussy. Sommore clearly was old school and didn't believe in shaving down there. Sommore grabbed the back of K.D.'s neck and made the young Black woman press her lips against her cunt. Just like that. Who can resist a strong mature Black woman? Not these two, that's for sure!

Now that's when Sommore started to officially have some fun with the ladies. She took the blue dildo out of Serena Williams pussy and inserted it inside her asshole. The Black sportswoman licked her lips, delighted to feel something in her asshole once more. Serena Williams is addicted to anal sex. Something that's sure to delight straight men and lesbians across the globe. Sommore thrust her dildo deep into Serena's asshole. At the same time, K.D. made herself useful by licking and fingering Sommore's pussy. Once she got over Sommore's hairiness, K.D. Aubert found the taste of her pussy quite pleasant. Plus the sight of Serena Williams getting butt fucked by Sommore was getting K.D. all wet in funny places.

Sommore took out a strap-on dildo and put it on. Removing the blue dildo out of Serena Williams ass, she replaced it with the much bigger strap-on dildo. Serena groaned as Sommore penetrated her once more. Sommore gripped Serena's hips and smacked her big Black ass while ramming the dildo up her asshole. She turned around and ordered K.D. Aubert to lick her ass. Obediently, K.D. Aubert spread Sommore's big butt cheeks and began licking the mature Black woman's asshole. Sommore licked her lips. Ah, the simple pleasures in this life. The mature Black woman was having the time of her life. Sodomizing booty queen Serena Williams with her strap-on dildo while K.D. Aubert licked her asshole. A Black lesbian's dream scenario!

Serena Williams yelled in pain mixed with pleasure as she got butt fucked by Sommore's thick strap-on dildo. Sommore fucked her hard, smacking her and berating her all the way. She flipped Serena on her back and plunged the dildo back into her asshole. At the same time, she inserted three fingers inside Serena's glistening wet pussy and then added a fourth and a fifth. Serena's screams filled the hotel room. Sommore smacked Serena's face with her free hand and laughed at the stunned look on Serena's face. Sommore is a dominant woman. She always smacks her bitches.

Meanwhile, K.D. licked Sommore's asshole like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted. Sommore grabbed K.D.'s hair and dragged her until she was side by side with Serena Williams. Sommore caressed K.D.'s round and sexy ass. Nice. She slid one finger into K.D.'s asshole and K.D. whimpered. Sommore laughed at how tight K.D.'s asshole was. This was definitely going to be fun. Sommore took a big dildo out of the bag and ordered K.D. to spread her ass cheeks wide open. The younger Black woman did as she was told. Grinning, Sommore pushed the dildo up K.D.'s asshole. The young Black woman gasped as she got anally penetrated for the first time. Sommore smacked her ass and shoved the dildo deeper inside of her. At the same time she thrust her strap-on dildo deep inside Serena's asshole. The two younger Black women howled in pain mixed with pleasure as the sexy mature Black dominatrix totally dominated them.

Sommore laid both Serena Williams and K.D. Aubert on their backs and thrust two big dildos up their respective assholes. The two young Black women squealed as she fucked them and begged her for more. Sommore was really getting off on all of this. She smacked K.D.'s beautiful face and laughed as K.D. blinked in shock. Sommore left the dildos inside Serena and K.D.'s butt holes, and inserted her fists into their respective pussies. The two young women screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Sommore fucked them hard and then fucked them some more. When she was done with them, they had each cum about six times. Their bodies were covered with sweat and pussy juice. They thanked their newfound mistress, Sommore, for a wonderful session. Sommore smiled and ordered them to suck on her toes. She always made her submissives do that. It was fun.

Thus, up and coming TV actress Karen Denise "K.D." Aubert and Comedy star Sommore, one of the Original Queens of Comedy, were welcomed into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood by its new Queen, the strong, beautiful and kinky Serena Williams. K.D. Aubert and Sommore are quite thrilled to join the Sisterhood. It's like being given the keys to the kingdom. And to thank Serena for her generosity, they fucked the hell out of her for the rest of the night. They left no body part un-licked, and no hole untouched in the Queen's gorgeous body. And Queen Serena Williams was so thankful she cried tears of joy. Is there a better way to say thank you?

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