tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 17

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 17


The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood proudly welcomes newly discovered Hollywood starlet Gaboure Sidibe among its gorgeous and diverse ranks. World Champion Tennis Player Serena Williams, Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood, decided to do the honors herself. However, her paramour, Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron asked her to participate in the special evening's festivities. Gaboure Sidibe, a big and tall, exotically beautiful young Black woman who dazzled the world in her performance in the movie Precious. Only twenty six years old, she's already a member of the Hollywood Superstars. In her first big movie, she won an Award and international fame. Yeah, such a talented young woman deserves a special welcome into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. And that's exactly what she received.

Serena Williams and Charlize Theron smiled at Gaboure Sidibe as she stood alone in the middle of the beautiful living room of the downtown Atlanta loft the Sisterhood used to welcome all special newcomers. The big and tall young Black woman looked at them. These two were so tall and majestic. They were the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Gaboure Sidibe was quite surprised to be in this loft in Atlanta with them, to tell you the truth. Two years ago, her life changed when she was approached by a famous African-American movie director to star in his new flick. She thought the movie would do okay but it was a cult hit. An instant classic and a box-office hit. It even won Awards. Wow.

Still, she had no idea why the women of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood approached. Well, that wasn't completely true. She had some idea. She liked women. Of course, having been raised in a conservative middle-class African-American community in New York, she kept her attraction to women to herself. How in hell did they find out? Somehow, they did. And now there she was.

Serena Williams smiled benevolently at Gaboure Sidibe, and asked the big and tall young Black woman to undress. Gaboure hesitated. She felt a bit self-conscious. Serena smiled and told her she was beautiful. That warmed Gaboure's heart. Smiling, she began to undress. She didn't do a strip tease. And she wasn't coy about it. She simply unbuttoned her shirt and removed her skirt. Then she took off her bra and panties. Standing naked before two of the hottest and most powerful ladies on the planet, Gaboure put her hands on her hips.

Charlize Theron gazed lustfully at Gaboure. The tall, alabaster-skinned and blonde-haired Hollywood starlet from South Africa had a thing for big and tall Black women. That's part of the reason she fell in love with the gorgeous Serena Williams. Charlize told Gaboure she was really hot and Gaboure nodded gracefully.

Without further ado, Serena Williams and Charlize Theron got naked. Gaboure's jaw dropped when she saw these two sexy ladies undressing. Serena was tall and muscular, curvy and sexy. With her cute face, large and firm breasts, narrow hips and big round ass, she looked simply hot. Charlize Theron looked equally hot, with her tall, slender yet athletic body, firm breasts, narrow hips and nicely rounded ass. She wrapped her arms lovingly around Serena Williams and kissed her.

Gaboure smiled enviously. The look of love in Charlize Theron's eyes when she looked at Serena Williams was genuine and passionate. Some women really got to have it all. Serena Williams and Charlize Theron walked up to Gaboure, and welcomed the big and tall young Black woman into their embrace. Gaboure purred in pleasure as both Charlize and Serena kissed her tenderly. Taking her hands, they led her to the bedroom.

Once there, Serena Williams and Charlize Theron introduced the lovely Gaboure Sidibe to a world of pleasures. Serena spread Gaboure's big thighs and breathed in the scent of her pussy. She began licking Gaboure's pussy while gently probing it with her fingers. Meanwhile, Charlize began sucking on Gaboure's big tits. Gaboure cooed in pleasure as the two sexy older women took her for the ride of her life. She simply lay there and relaxed as they went to work on her.

Serena Williams licked Gaboure's pussy with gusto, fingering her and probing her deeply with her fingers and tongue. Gaboure let out little squeals of delight as Serena Williams worked her magic on her. Meanwhile, Charlize Theron fondled Gaboure's big breasts while kissing her passionately. They aroused every part of her, working her into an erotic frenzy until they made her cum. Then both Charlize and Serena licked Gaboure's precious girly cum and kissed her, letting her taste herself on their lips. It was awesome.

Afterwards, Serena Williams and Charlize Theron brought out the big guns, so to speak. Time for Gaboure Sidibe to experience some intense lesbian sex with a couple of sexy older women. Serena Williams took out her strap-on dildo and put it on. She asked Gaboure to suck it. Gaboure hesitated. Charlize Theron smiled and told her to do as Serena said. Nodding, Gaboure knelt before Serena Williams and began sucking on the Black sportswoman's long and thick strap-on dildo. Charlize smiled as Gaboure began sucking on Serena's dildo. She ran her hands through the big and tall young Black woman's hair. Charlize positioned herself behind Gaboure and began playing with the young Black woman's gigantic ass cheeks.

Charlize Theron playfully smacked Gaboure Sidibe's big Black ass. Then she bit into the big Black woman's ass, causing her to yelp. Serena playfully smacked Gaboure's round face and shoved the dildo deeper into her throat. Gaboure sucked Serena's dildo, wanting to please this tall and sexy Black Amazon who had been her idol for ages.

Charlize Theron spread Gaboure's ass cheeks and began licking and fingering the big and tall young Black woman's tight asshole. Gaboure had never done anal play before. Charlize was driving her absolutely crazy, but in a good day.

Charlize loved licking ass, and she sucked on Gaboure's asshole like it was the sweetest she'd ever tasted. While she was at it, she spanked Gaboure's big ass.

Charlize loved the way Gaboure's big Black ass jiggled as she got licked and spanked. Taking a slim dildo, Charlize dipped it into some lube before inserting it inside Gaboure's asshole.

Gaboure froze as she felt Charlize's dildo entering her asshole. Charlize gently patted her big butt and told Gaboure to relax. Gaboure tried to relax as Charlize Theron began fucking her asshole with the dildo. Meanwhile, Serena was done fucking Gaboure's mouth and felt horny as hell.

Taking off the strap-on dildo, Serena Williams handed it over to Charlize Theron. Strapping it on, Charlize Theron asked Serena Williams to lick Gaboure's pussy while she fucked her ass. Nodding, Serena squeezed herself under Gaboure's big sexy body and began licking her pussy. The feel of Charlize Theron's dildo in her ass and Serena Williams tongue and fingers in her pussy drove Gaboure Sidibe absolutely nuts. Charlize Theron decided to show these two sexy Black women a good time. She put her beloved Serena Williams on all fours and spanked her butt while thrusting her hand-held dildo up Gaboure Sidibe's asshole.

Serena squealed in pleasure as Charlize spanked her. Dipping the strap-on dildo in lubricant, Charlize pressed it against Serena's asshole. Slowly, she eased it inside of her. Serena groaned as Charlize began fucking her in the ass with the strap-on dildo. The tall Black Amazon fingered her wet pussy while she got fucked. Anal sex was her favorite thing in all the world.

Charlize Theron grinned mischievously as she thrust her dildos into the respective assholes of two much-admired Black women, Tennis Champion Serena Williams and Hollywood newcomer Gaboure Sidibe. She made the two big, sexy Black women scream in pain mixed with pleasure as she rammed her dildos up their assholes. She loved dominating them like this. Putting on them all fours, face down and big ass up, that's the way this white lesbian likes to fuck her Black women.

She fucked Gaboure Sidibe and Serena Williams until they came time and again, finally begging for mercy. She pulled the dildos out of their butt holes. Serena Williams and Gaboure Sidibe sighed in relief and pleasure. Charlize let them rest for a moment, then made them clean her dildos. Kneeling before Charlize, Serena and Gaboure sucked the dildos she just pulled out of their asses, tasting themselves on the sex toys. Charlize smiled. She always had a good time with Serena and whatever sexy starlet they were playing with.

Thus, Gaboure Sidibe was welcomed into the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. She had a damn good time with Serena Williams and Charlize Theron, two of the sexiest and kinkiest women she had ever seen. Gaboure was definitely in for a treat. Serena Williams efforts to diversify the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood had worked. There were lots of sexy, talented and powerful young Black, Asian and Hispanic women in the Sisterhood now. It was no longer an austere and boring, lily-white club. And to be honest, Serena Williams wouldn't have it any other way. She's the Queen and her word is law.

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