tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDown Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 16

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 16


The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood presents the induction ceremony of Kia Stevens, a big and tall Black sportswoman better known to the world as Awesome Kong. A world-famous professional wrestler and a truly dominant lady. The personification of the Strong Black Woman Archetype. Serena Williams, Queen of the Down Low Sisterhood is currently away. Charlize Theron, Serena Williams best friend and lover has taken over temporarily. Serena Williams will return at the helm of the Sisterhood. In the meantime, Charlize is the reigning Regent. Rihanna Fenty, the sexy light-skinned Black singer and superstar is the co-regent. These two ladies are rolling out the welcome mat for Kia Stevens a.k.a. Awesome Kong.

Awesome Kong stood in the middle of the lofty apartment in downtown Los Angeles, wearing absolutely nothing. The big and tall Black woman glared proudly at Charlize Theron and Rihanna Fenty. Charlize Theron was tall, attractive and fit-looking. Awesome Kong wasn't usually into white chicks but Charlize was awfully hot. Rihanna was short-haired, light-skinned and curvy. Exactly the way Awesome Kong liked her women. Charlize looked at Awesome Kong the way a hungry person looks at fast food. Awesome Kong smiled. She wasn't surprised. A lot of white femmes had a thing for her. Awesome Kong was a dominant butch woman and that's how she rolled.

Awesome Kong never really hid the fact that she was a lesbian. Being over six feet tall, dark-skinned and weighing over two hundred pounds made her stand out. Even women who considered themselves straight but curious often hit on her. And she absolutely loved it. Awesome Kong had been a tough woman her entire life. In her youth she played football and basketball. During her college years, she fell in love with the sport of wrestling. She even joined the men's wrestling squad at the university she attended. That's when it all began. She became an NCAA sensation and an icon to female wrestlers who dared breaking the gender barrier and wrestle with men. After college, she became a professional wrestler.

Kia Stevens became a professional wrestler under the name Awesome Kong. Not from friends or family members. And why should she? Kia Stevens had nothing to hide. And she became the undisputed queen and absolute superstar of TNA Wrestling. She got to travel all over the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Along the way, she slept with hundreds of women. Black women. Asian women. Hispanic women. Middle-eastern women. White women. Awesome Kong was a skirt chaser. And she always had her way. Queer women flocked to the big and tall, world-famous and wealthy Black sportswoman. They were eager to spread their legs for the big Black woman with the big money. So Awesome Kong wasn't surprised when the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood came calling. Honestly, she wondered what took them so long.

Charlize gestured for Awesome Kong to come to her but the Black female giant remained where she stood. She told Charlize Theron and Rihanna Fenty to come to her. Grinning, Charlize nodded and walked up to Awesome Kong...slowly. The South African beauty undressed hastily, and soon she stood naked before Awesome Kong. Charlize gestured for Rihanna Fenty to do as she did. The sexy light-skinned young Black woman did as she was told. Awesome Kong smiled. Two sexy and marvellously compliant femmes to play with. A butch woman's dream come true. Well, let's just say that she was in for a surprise. Charlize Theron is one of the most dominant women on the planet.

Completely nude and well aware of how gorgeous she is, Charlize Theron wrapped her arms around Awesome Kong and kissed her passionately. When their lips parted, Charlize seductively looked into Awesome Kong's eyes. Gently pushing Charlize aside, Rihanna Fenty planted a big kiss on Kia Stevens big sexy lips. Awesome Kong smiled. Taking Awesome Kong's hands, Rihanna and Charlize led her into the bedroom. They went inside together. Once inside, Charlize switched things up on Awesome Kong. With her hands on her hips, Charlize told Awesome Kong that in Queen-elect Serena Williams absence, she was the Regent and the leader of the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood. As such, she expected to be obeyed. Didn't matter if she was dealing with a lesbian or a bisexual woman, a butch or a femme.

Awesome Kong laughed. Charlize Theron definitely had some spunk. She pulled the blonde woman to her and kissed her. Together they tumbled on the bed. Once there, Charlize got on top of Awesome Kong. Gently, she began kissing Kia Stevens while massaging her breasts. Meanwhile, Rihanna Fenty spread Awesome Kong's thunder thighs and inhaled the scent of her pussy. Awesome Kong hesitated. She was a butch woman. Like a lot of butch women, she didn't like to be touched genitally. Charlize Theron told Awesome Kong to relax. She could enjoy herself if she wanted to. Awesome Kong nodded. Smiling, Charlize kissed her so more while Rihanna began licking and fingering Kia Stevens sweet pussy. Rihanna Fenty loves eating pussy. Just ask her old girlfriend and former rival Beyonce Knowles, who was currently touring the country with her new love interest Alicia Keys. With much gusto, Rihanna thrust her fingers deep inside Awesome Kong's snatch, delighting in how tight it was. Butch women had the tightest pussies.

Awesome Kong couldn't believe what she was doing. Lying in bed and letting a couple of femmes have their way with her. This was really unlike her. She was a butch woman, a tough cookie. Yet she had to admit it felt good to let someone else be in charge for a while. Charlize Theron was sucking on Awesome Kong's tits while Rihanna fingered the big Black woman's pussy. They switched things up on her. Out of nowhere, Charlize Theron produced a strap-on dildo. A big one. Awesome Kong gasped when she saw it. Shaking her head, she shrank away from Charlize. There was no way Kia Stevens, a dominant Black Amazon, was going to let some white chick fuck her with a strap-on dildo. Charlize smiled and begged Awesome Kong to give it a try. When Kia Stevens still refused, Charlize Theron smacked her hard across the face. In a cold voice, the blonde beauty from South Africa reminded America's foremost Black female wrestler that she was still in charge. Awesome Kong gasped in shock. Rihanna giggled. This was fun.

Without further ado, Charlize Theron told Awesome Kong to open her mouth. Amazingly, Kia Stevens obeyed. Charlize inserted the dildo into Awesome Kong's mouth and watched as the big and tall Black woman began sucking on it. Awesome Kong looked into Charlize Theron's steely blue eyes as she sucked on a dildo for the first time. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Smiling, Charlize tenderly stroked Awesome Kong's face. The big Black woman flinched. Charlize smiled and told her she was doing a good job. Meanwhile, Rihanna licked Awesome Kong's pussy and slipped a finger into her butt hole. When Awesome Kong didn't protest, Rihanna continued fingering her asshole.

Charlize was really turned on by the sight of a big and strong, towering Black sportswoman like Awesome Kong sucking her strap-on dildo. Voluptuous and submissive Black women turned her on. Charlize decided to spice things up. She pulled the dildo out of Awesome Kong's mouth and put the big Black woman on all fours. While Rihanna watched, Charlize began spanking Awesome Kong's big Black ass. She ordered Awesome Kong to lick Rihanna's pussy. Giggling, Rihanna spread her shapely thighs and pressed Awesome Kong's head against her pussy. For the second time that day, Awesome Kong did something she wasn't used to doing. She went down on another woman while on all fours. Rihanna winked at Charlize, loving the way the white chick was dominating the big and tall, forthrightly butch Black woman. This was really, really hot.

Charlize Theron gleefully spanked Awesome Kong's truly gigantic butt. She had seen Black women with big sexy butts before but Kia Stevens ass took the proverbial cake. She spread Awesome Kong's ass cheeks and slipped two fingers up the big Black woman's asshole. Her face buried between Rihanna's thighs, Kia Stevens said nothing. Charlize slid two fingers inside Awesome Kong's incredibly wet pussy and then put them up her ass. That's all the lubricant she'd give to Kia Stevens. Without further ado, Charlize pressed her strap-on dildo against Awesome Kong's asshole. Slowly she pushed it inside. This was going to be good.

Gripping Awesome Kong's very wide hips, Charlize Theron began working the dildo into her asshole. The initial penetration caused Kia Stevens to jerk. Charlize murmured soft words of encouragement and reassurance to her. They seemed to work, for Awesome Kong calmed down and went back to munching on Rihanna's pussy. Face down and big ass up, that's the way Charlize Theron likes to fuck her women. And a big butch Black woman like Awesome Kong was no exception. That's what Charlize told herself as she worked the dildo up Awesome Kong's tight asshole. She smacked the big Black woman's fabulously thick ass as she sodomized her. Nothing Charlize loved more than fucking a strong Black woman in the ass with her strap-on dildo.

Charlize rammed her dildo deep inside Awesome Kong's tight asshole. So deep that the big Black woman yelped. Rihanna grabbed hold of Awesome Kong face and grind it against her snatch. Having Rihanna's pussy all over her mouth muffled Awesome Kong's screams. Charlize fucked her hard, stretching the big Black woman's tight asshole with her dildo. Meanwhile, she handed Rihanna a dildo and told the light-skinned Black chick to fuck herself with it. Rihanna did as she was told. While Awesome Kong licked her pussy, Rihanna shoved the dildo deep inside her own ass. Just the way Charlize liked it. Charlize winked at Rihanna. The gal was eager to please, a quality Charlize admired in a woman.

The hot three-way action continued. Charlize yanked Awesome Kong by her long hair, pulling her head away from Rihanna's snatch. She wanted to hear the big and tall Black woman's screams as she got fucked. And so she did. Hammering the dildo inside Awesome Kong's tight asshole, Charlize made her scream. Rihanna screamed as well as she filled her own ass with the dildo. The three sexy women went at it until they came. Afterwards, Charlize pulled her strap-on dildo out of Awesome Kong's asshole. She made Rihanna and Awesome Kong kneel before her and they cleaned her dildo with their tongues. Satisfied, Charlize joined them in the showers. This was really cool. Awesome Kong was ecstatic. She couldn't get enough of Charlize and Rihanna. Let's just say she's really happy to join the Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood.

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