Down Time


Well I wasn't intending on writing this story, but this idea was suggested to me and I just couldn't resist. If I get good feedback on this story, it could be the first of many one-shot deals that I write.

So if you enjoy this story, please let me know by emailing me. If writers don't get feedback then they assume that no one is reading their stories and it's a pretty discouraging feeling.

Now for the warnings...blah blah blah...No one under 18 can read this story. No one under 18 can even be a member of this egroup. This story is entirely fictional. We can pretend that it's real, but that's all it is...pretend. I have no knowledge that either Eliza Dushku or Kirsten Dunst have even the slightest sapphic urges

Onto the story...

* * * * *

In the grand scheme of things there were really two kinds of Americans. There were East Coasters and West Coasters. Eliza Dushku was an East Coaster. She may have been a rising star in Hollywood, but it didn't mean she had to change as a person. She wasn't about to become another one of those ass kissing phonies telling everyone she met how great they were even if she truly couldn't stand them.

Hollywood may have been where she was going to find fame and money, but Eliza's heart still belonged on the East Coast. When you examined her makeup, she was still just a bad ass chick from Boston who preferred speaking her mind than engaging in the mindless blather she found too often in Hollywood. For the most part Eliza found the people on the West Coast to be as fake as some of the face lifts and boob jobs she saw on a daily basis.

Of course there were exceptions and one of those exceptions was standing right before Eliza with a bright smile on her face. "Are you ready to go?" Kirsten Dunst asked her friend and co-star.

"Just give me a minute," Eliza replied as she grabbed a few things and stuck them in her beach bag.

"Great, I want to get out in that sun as soon as possible," Kirsten declared. Though her attempts were often futile, Kirsten was always searching for a great natural tan on her usually pale skin.

Kirsten was usually the type of person that Eliza didn't want much to do with. She was blonde. She was perky. She was Hollywood. Yet Eliza couldn't help but instantly like her the moment they met. While they were filming "Bring It On" they had bonded quickly and Eliza was happy to see the friendship didn't end the moment the director declared, "It's a wrap."

It was a friendship that Eliza hadn't been expecting, so she often wondered why she connected so well with her. Perhaps it was the fact that for all her Hollywood aura, Kirsten was just a transplanted Jersey chick. But Eliza knew it went deeper than that. She knew the reason she liked Kirsten so much.

"You're going to love this place," Eliza promised. "I found it the other day. It's nice and secluded. We can get in all the uninterrupted sun worshiping that we can handle. To hell with skin cancer warnings."

"Yeah," Kirsten cheerfully agreed. "I'll regret it later, but sometimes you gotta live for the moment and set your skin to bake level."

Even Eliza had to admit that working in Hollywood resulted in some sizable perks and one of them was the fact that while the rest of the world was stuck in a daily grind of going to work and commuting back home, she and Kirsten were on a beautiful beach in Bermuda.

The box office returns for "Bring It On" had been much bigger than even the most optimistic studio executives could have predicted. So, in a rare example of corporate generosity, the studio had decided to reward their two stars with an all expenses paid vacation to Bermuda. They had even gone out and rented a beach house for Eliza and Kirsten right by the ocean.

For the first day or so of the trip Eliza and Kirsten didn't do much but sleep in in their soft beds, do some serious girl talk and thank God they didn't have to worry about a 7 a.m. call on set. They were living the good life and Eliza intended to take full advantage of it. She supposed it made her a bit of a hypocrite to condemn the West Coast attitude on one hand and accept this perk, but as she watched the sun set every night over the ocean she figured she could learn to live with herself.

However, at that moment Eliza's attention wasn't focused on any sunset. It was focused on her blonde co-star as they walked down from the house toward the beach. The first day they had arrived, Eliza had discovered a nice little section of the beach that was away from the crowds. She had only been too eager to invite Kirsten to share it with her and they were headed there now.

Eliza tried to pump herself full of self control, but she didn't know if it was going to be enough. She just hoped Kirsten wasn't picking up on the real reason she liked spending time with her so much.

Almost as soon as she had hit puberty, Eliza had realized she was into girls. She discovered this about herself when she found herself unable to stop focusing on the developing bodies of her female classmates. For a time Eliza had thought she was a full on lesbian, but by this time in her life she was quite comfortable with her bisexuality.

Eliza knew that when all was said and done there was no substitute for a real flesh and blood cock between her legs, but she did love women. She loved everything about them. Their faces. Their hair. Their breasts. Their asses. There wasn't a single part of a woman's body that Eliza wasn't in to and right now she was heavy into Kirsten.

Kirsten wasn't usually the type of girl Eliza went for, but the blonde girl was bringing about a deep infatuation in her co-star. Eliza knew nothing could come of her crush, but she didn't prevent that from having Kirsten play the starring role in her very active girl on girl fantasies. Eliza had to stop herself from blushing when she remembered how she had dreamt last night about making love to Kirsten. The pictures in her mind were so vivid that Eliza hadn't been able to stop herself from pushing her hand inside the boxers she slept in and fingering her pussy until she came with images of a naked and wet Kirsten playing around in her mind.

Eliza didn't like to mix business with pleasure and she didn't want to take a risk by making a bold move on Kirsten. It just wasn't smart to have romances with co-stars, especially when they were the forbidden, sapphic kind.

If her advances were rejected or if the relationship went bad it could create adverse working conditions. That was why Eliza never moved on any of her co-stars and why it had been so hard to work alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar all those days on the Buffy The Vampire set. Eliza was almost relieved when they wrote her out of the show. It was sheer torture to be that close to Sarah and not give herself a chance to get her into bed.

It was even harder to be with Kirsten now. Eliza never had any indication that Sarah might have had any type of craving for pussy, but she could really feel the chemistry between her and Kirsten. It was so apparent to Eliza that she had suggested to the director that her character in "Bring It On" not have a boyfriend and that there be a scene with her and Kirsten platonically sleeping in the same bed. This way they could add a little edge to the material and get the tongues wagging of those who spent their time searching for lesbian subtexts in their films and television shows.

They were long done with filming the movie, but still Eliza restrained herself around Kirsten. For once she didn't want to sabotage a friendship by adding sex to the mix. She had taken friendships with men and women to that level before, but she just didn't think Kirsten would go for it and Eliza didn't want to lose the opportunity to at least stare at her and fantasize about her. However, sharing a beach house with Kirsten was making her want her even more and often Eliza wondered if she'd have enough control to stop herself if Kirsten even gave her half an indication she was into girls.

"Wow, this is great!" Kirsten announced as she and Eliza stepped over some rocks to find the small portion of beach that Eliza had unofficially claimed as her own. "I hope you planted a flag or something here so that everyone else knows its hands off to them."

"Oh I plan to have an armed guard patrol the area every day and shoot all trespassers," Eliza joked as Kirsten's comments snapped her off of her thought train. Obviously there was no way she could keep anyone else from using this little cut off section of the beach, but for now she was going to enjoy it.

Eliza quickly found her attention drawn to something else she wanted to enjoy as Kirsten kicked off her sandals, pushed off her shorts and peeled off her tight t-shirt, revealing her bikini clad body. The entranced brunette almost had to slap herself to stop staring and undress before she began to drool.

Already feeling the warm sun on her skin Eliza pulled off the long t-shirt she had worn over her bikini. It wasn't her most daring ensemble. She had some nice thongs she wore when she wanted to be blatantly seductive, but she went for a slightly more subtle number today. Still Eliza had to admit her black bikini did show off her body well. The top pushed her breasts up just enough to get any guy hankering for more and the bottom was cut nicely to show off the curves of her ass.

"Wow...looking hot today Ms. Dushku," Kirsten teased. "Looks like someone's out to snag herself a man." "Oh yeah? You're not exactly wearing a burlap sack are you, Ms. Dunst?" Eliza teased right back, grateful that Kirsten was oblivious to her true intentions. "I'm not the only one out there today who's dressed to thrill."

Kirsten blushed at the compliment but she definitely appreciated it. Eliza's body was a little bit better than hers, but she certainly had a figure that was worth showing off as often as possible. Her suit was far from daring, a pink number with a white frill around the top and bottom. In fact it was a little too innocent for Kirsten's taste, but she did like the way it fit nice and snug to her body. It was sweet, but it also made for a nice teasing come on. Kirsten liked the contrast and she liked how sexy the bikini made her feel.

Eliza also was a big fan of that particular contrast and she once again found her will power weakening. If she was a woman of less self control, Eliza knew that she'd have been all over Kirsten the second she'd pulled her shorts down. However Eliza kept repeating to herself what a bad idea it would be to make a move on Kirsten. It seemed to be working as Eliza felt her pulse slowing down to a normal level and her arousal meter begin to dial down. However, Kirsten then said the magic words that were guaranteed to send Eliza right back into the danger zone.

"Hey Eliza, would you mind putting some lotion on my back?" Kirsten innocently asked, not aware what an effect the request would have on her friend. "I don't want to be suffering from third degree burns for the rest of our time here."

Eliza wasn't quite sure how to react. It had been a totally non-sexual request, but to her libido it had the same effect as it would have if Kirsten had turned to her and said, "Eliza, would you please eat my pussy?"

"Sure problem," Eliza slowly replied knowing that Kirsten would surely notice the way her hands trembled or the way her bikini bottom was slowly growing damp from the desire in her pussy. But if Kirsten did notice how aroused Eliza was becoming, she didn't call her on it.

Her defenses weakening, Eliza once again found herself repeating her mantra about why this was such a bad idea. She never got involved with co-stars. It could hurt her friendship with Kirsten. It could get her a bad reputation. However, none of that seemed to matter when Eliza touched Kirsten's strong, sexy back with her hands. She loved touching her soft skin. She was close enough to smell the lingering scent of the shampoo Kirsten had used that morning in the shower and it was intoxicating.

As Kirsten stared off into the ocean, oblivious to the lust-crazed girl behind her, Eliza was close to snapping. She wanted Kirsten. She wanted her more than she had wanted any male or female before. She was a beautiful piece of West Coast forbidden fruit and Eliza wanted a long lingering taste.

Everything about Kirsten was turning her on at that moment. Her skin was so soft and each touch on her back was making Eliza's pussy even wetter. Wind was kicking up a little and it was blowing strands of Kirsten's blonde hair around her neck and face and Eliza could feel she was about to lose it.

Suddenly Eliza hit what must have been a sensitive spot on Kirsten's back because the blonde let out a soft moan. It was nothing, almost a mew, but it pushed Eliza past the point of self-control. She allowed her face to move in closer to Kirsten's neck. The smell of her hair was driving her crazy and she couldn't have stopped herself even if she wanted to. Throwing caution to the wind, Eliza leaned in and softly pressed her lips to the back of Kirsten's neck.

Naturally the feel of those wet lips against her skin was a bit of a surprise to Kirsten. She quickly turned around to see what was going on.

"Eliza, what are you-"

That was all Kirsten got out before she felt Eliza's ruby red lips pressing against hers. Kirsten's eyes shot wide open at the first sensation of the kiss, but she didn't push her friend away. Their lips pressed against each other's in a close mouthed kiss that seemed to last forever before Eliza finally began to consider what it was she was doing.

Part of her brain told her to stop the kiss immediately and apologize to Kirsten. She should just stop and let Kirsten slap her or yell at her or do whatever she wanted to do. She couldn't just grab Kirsten and do this to her, she found herself thinking. It wasn't right to take advantage of her like this.

Unfortunately, and much to Eliza's delight, she found her body completely ignoring that part of her brain and continuing her attack on Kirsten. Almost as if she was catching her breath, Eliza paused for a second before continuing anew. There was nothing gentle about the kiss this time. Eliza's tongue forced its way into Kirsten's mouth and whether because of shock or arousal, it was accepted.

Eliza's wicked lust for Kirsten was in control of her brain now and the sexual tension that had been building up for the past few days was fueling her on. Eliza wanted Kirsten and she wasn't about to be refused. Of course how could Kirsten refuse when her lips were sealed in a passionate kiss with her co-star?

The sounds of the waves crashing into the beach could easily be missed amidst the frenzied moans of the two girls as they kissed with what seemed to be growing strength with each passing second. It would have made more sense to get out of the outside if they were going to do this, but Eliza was very much in the sense be damned mood. Instead she moved her hands downward, squeezing Kirsten's breasts through her bikini top and feeling the nipples swell under her touch.

Feeling the effect her touch had on Kirsten's nipples only convinced Eliza that she was doing the right thing by giving into her lust. Her left hand continued to maul Kirsten's chest as her right hand moved downward until she was at the edge of Kirsten's bottom. It's now or never, Eliza told herself and she knew that never was for losers. Not pausing a second to reconsider, Eliza pushed her hand into Kirsten's bottom and felt her warm pussy with her bare palm. This action caused Kirsten's body to stiffen and her tongue almost reflexively to shoot into Eliza's mouth. It was a bit of a violent reaction, but Eliza was hardly adverse to some rough stuff. She didn't want to stop. She didn't want to pause. She knew any interruption would give Kirsten a chance to back away, and she couldn't let that happen now.

"Mmmm you like that, don't you baby?" Eliza moaned, not expecting nor receiving a verbal response from Kirsten. "You feel my hand inside there? I'm going to finger fuck you Kirsten. Mmmmm oh God I've been dreaming about your sweet pussy for so long and now it's mine!"

If Kirsten had any objection to this dramatic turn of events, she did not vocalize it. Instead she merely let out a deep moan straight from the libido as one, then two and then three of Eliza's fingers slipped into the soft folds of her pussy. Eliza's practiced fingers easily captured her aching clit and began to rub it making Kirsten's moans longer and deeper and getting her pussy wetter and wetter.

"Ohhhhhh you love it!" Eliza hissed, her eyes practically glazed over with lust. "How can a girl as innocent as you love my fingers inside her so fucking much? Oh Kirsten, I've been dreaming of taking you like this baby. Come all over my fingers. Come for Eliza. Come for me right here on the beach."

Kirsten didn't care if they were on the beach, on Mars or in the owner's box at a Yankees-Red Sox game. This felt soooooo good and she didn't want it to end. Eliza's fingers pumped into her pussy, filling her up so nicely and making her crave more contact. Kirsten was no virgin but she had never felt anything like this. There was nothing to compare the feelings of intense pleasure that was making her brain buzz.

It was almost a disappointment to Kirsten when she came. The arrival of her orgasm was as sudden as the kiss that had started this whole encounter. It was like stepping on a land mine, it was sudden and it was intense. Kirsten bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming her joy. Her teeth broke through, drawing just the slightest amount of blood, but the blonde didn't mind. It felt too good to notice a little thing like a tiny lip wound. Her body shook against Eliza's amazing fingers over and over again, soaking her bottoms and Eliza's hand with cream in the process.

By the time Kirsten finally stopped gasping she saw that the pink of her bottoms had almost become red from the pussy cream her orgasm had produced. She also saw Eliza take her cum covered hand to her lips and begin to lovingly lick off what she had just given her.

"Mmmmm," was all Eliza could say as she lovingly licked off every drop of Kirsten's essence from her own fingers. Kirsten stared at this and began to wonder what had just happened and what was going to happen next.

Seeing the uncertainty in Kirsten's eyes, Eliza felt a flicker of guilt. It was like the switch that had been thrown when she kissed Kirsten was put back and Eliza the sex predator became Eliza the friend again.

"Oh my God Kirsten...I..." was all Eliza could get out of her mouth from what was intended to be a heartfelt apology. The reason this was interrupted was because Kirsten's response was to wrap her arms around Eliza's neck and pull her into a hot, regret free kiss. Kirsten didn't feel taken advantage of, far from it. She wanted to do this. She didn't want to back away.

Caution was fully thrown to the wind this time as the ocean air encircled them and seemed to intoxicate them. Neither girl showed any hesitancy or inhibition and soon they were passionately kissing and feeling each other up through their tops. They wanted nothing more than to be naked with one another and making each other come as many times and as many different ways as possible.

Only a sudden gust of wind snapped them back to reality. As each girl had the other's long hair blown into her face, Eliza realized they were quite vulnerable to discovery if they stayed where they were. This may have been a section of the beach that was not often used, but it was hardly private and neither woman wanted to attract any curious onlookers, especially of they had a camera and a good lens. So Eliza reluctantly pulled away from Kirsten.

However neither one of them wanted this encounter to end, so Eliza had a suggestion.

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