Down Time


"What say we get back to those soft beds of ours?" Eliza asked with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

Kirsten returned the look of lustful longing and seconded the idea.

"Race ya," the blonde playfully replied and they were put of their secluded spot and going up the beach as quickly as they could. Their beach bags and clothes were forgotten as the two bikini-clad girls ran inside, giggling all the way. They didn't want to waste a second, as if the slightest delay could jolt them away from this wonderful moment of shared passion. They raced all the way up to the house and as soon as they were safely inside Eliza and Kirsten were once again kissing passionately. Their lip lock continued even as they moved toward Eliza's bedroom and it didn't end until the lapsed Mormon chick pulled her blonde lover down onto the bed with her.

Kirsten couldn't believe this was happening, but she was loving every second of it. She hadn't found Eliza's sudden kiss to be any type of violation. Once she had gotten over the surprise, she had obviously enjoyed it.

That initial kiss had brought up feelings in Kirsten she had held dormant for a long time. She had always been kind of curious to see what it would be like with another girl, but she had never acted on it. It had just been a fantasy.

Kirsten could remember the time when she was filming "The Virgin Suicides" and a crew member had left a porn magazine lying around. Being curious, Kirsten had snuck away with it and flipped through it. Once she stopped giggling and blushing about how out of character something like this was, she really got into the layouts of two girls with one another. That night she had gotten so turned on by what she saw that she had fingered herself to sleep, fantasizing about what it would be like to be one of the girls in those pictures.

After that night Kirsten had thrown the magazine away and tried to forget how turned on she'd gotten from what she'd seen. But now with Eliza's kiss all those feelings of curiosity came flying back and the way Eliza had taken her right there on the beach with her fingers had made her want to return the favor a thousand times over.

"I'm not forcing you into this, am I?" Eliza asked as she ran a finger over Kirsten's thigh. She ached for Kirsten, but she wanted to make sure that she wanted it to. Eliza was feeling a little twinge of guilt for what she'd done and needed to hear it was ok. "I mean I don't want to do this if you don't want to."

"Oh God no," Kirsten smiled as she felt her body shiver from Eliza's touch. "I want this. I really do. I'm just kind of new at being with a girl."

"Well I'm not," Eliza stated confidently, she couldn't believe she was really going to get Kirsten where she wanted her. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

"And what if I don't want you to be gentle?" Kirsten teased as she settled in on the bed and let Eliza go to work on her. She was getting more into this with each second and she knew by the time she was naked she'd have no more doubts.

"Oooh looks like you've got a naughty side," Eliza grinned before kissing the eager Kirsten again. "I think we need to explore that fully."

For now though Eliza was content with exploring Kirsten's body and to do that properly she knew the blonde had to shed that bikini. Eliza pulled herself on top of Kirsten, their lips still pressed together, as her hands worked around to her back and to the string for her top. Working quickly, Eliza managed to undo the string tie. She then pushed Kirsten's top off, revealing her firm breasts and hard little nipples.

Seeing a shade of pink pass over Kirsten's face, Eliza quickly moved to dispel any nerves the blonde might have about this. She immediately leaned down and began to suck on Kirsten's nipples, running her tongue over the points first to induce maximum hardness. This did the trick as Kirsten soon lost any insecurity she might have had about being naked with another girl. As she sucked on Kirsten's firm little tits, Eliza couldn't stop her exploration. Her hand, almost of its own volition, snaked its way down toward Kirsten's bikini bottoms. There Eliza felt the heat of Kirsten's pussy as she palmed the dampening fabric of her bottom.

"Mmmm I can feel how wet you still are," Eliza informed her new lover. "I'm going to make your pussy come so hard."

"Ohhhh yes Eliza you're turning me on so much," Kirsten stated. "Please don't stop what you're doing. I loved how you fucked me with your fingers. Now you're making me even hotter."

"Don't worry sweetie, I'm not going to stop," Eliza promised. "I just want to get you naked first."

Kirsten could only lay back and moan in desire as she thought of herself naked and exposed to her friend. Her whole body was keyed for an explosion of pleasure and she couldn't wait for Eliza to get her bottoms off and make love to her.

Eliza wasn't inclined to do much waiting either and, after kissing her way down Kirsten's body with soft wet lip marks leaving a trail, she hooked her fingers into her friend's pink bottom. Pulling the fabric off her body was only getting her more and more worked up. The more Eliza saw of Kirsten the more she wanted her and when she saw her trimmed dirty blonde bush and the prize that lay beneath it she almost lost it and dove right in. Eliza managed to steady herself and get the bottoms down her legs.

Realizing that she neither of them had bothered to take off their sandals, Eliza quickly removed her own before gently pulling Kirsten's off. Eliza couldn't help but stare at Kirsten's pretty little feet. God, she looked so beautiful laying their naked on the bed. Every part of her body was both adorable and fuck all sexy. She was naughty and nice at the same time and Eliza wanted to see both sides in action as quickly as possible.

Hoping this wasn't the only time she'd be able to experience Kirsten's naked body, Eliza continued to stare. God she just wanted to devour this chick and possess every little bit of her. There wasn't a single bit of flesh that Eliza didn't want to make hers. It was time. Kirsten was ready for this and Eliza was going to give her all she had. She could easily sense Kirsten's need and the lips of her pussy were wet with desire as Eliza positioned herself between her open legs. After taking a deep whiff of Kirsten's aroused scent, Eliza tantalizingly ran her tongue up the length of Kirsten's slit, licking up her collected juice and getting a taste of what she had to offer.

"Mmmmmm oh Eliza please don't tease me," Kirsten begged as she writhed on the bed in pleasure. "I need you so bad. Please do it to me. Eat my pussy!"

Kirsten felt her own nipples tighten as the word "pussy" passed her lips. She had never used that word before, it had always seemed so dirty, but now it felt so natural to speak it.

That was all Eliza needed to hear and she didn't hesitate another second. Kirsten's clit was swollen and begging to be licked so Eliza happily obliged. Her tongue began making gentle movements up and down the swollen bud. She wanted not to rush Kirsten and only when the blonde began to moan for more did Eliza pick up the pace.

Soon Eliza was staring up at Kirsten with passionate eyes as her lips and tongue brought the girl to heights of pleasure she had never experienced before. Kirsten couldn't believe it felt this good. She wished she'd acted on her curiosity before, but she was happy she had someone like Eliza to break her in. Her experienced tongue felt so good as it explored the pink folds of her pussy and made her feel so so good.

Kirsten felt herself lift her hips up so Eliza could get more of her tongue inside her. It was like her body was acting on pure carnal instinct and all she wanted was to come all over this beauty's face. Eliza was making her feel so much pleasure that she wanted to give her a reward and soon.

"Mmmmm ohhhhh yess Kirsten fuck my face," Eliza moaned even though her words were muffled by the beautiful pussy in her face. As she licked her friend, Eliza's own arousal was approaching the temperature of molten lava. She slipped her own hand inside her black bikini bottoms and began to finger fuck herself as she ate Kirsten out. Eliza didn't want to come yet, but she had to at least find some relief before she went mad.

Eliza used her free hand to make sure the lips of Kirsten's labia were spread as she began to really tongue her hard little clit. She knew it wouldn't be long before her friend was coming all over her and the sampling of her cum that she had tasted before had left her hungry for more. She looked up again and saw Kirsten on the bed, her head thrown back against the soft pillows as she mauled her own breasts. Eliza couldn't believe this was really happening. She had Kirsten Dunst naked in her bed and she was about to come. It was even better than she had fantasized about.

"Eliza! I'm gonna come!!! Oooooooohhhh yessssss mmmmm..." Kirsten moaned as she felt her body tense up with the promise of a rip-roaring orgasm just a lick away.

"Don't hold back sweetie...just let it come," Eliza instructed before going right back to Kirsten's pussy. Kirsten took that advice to heart and a moment later Eliza felt the full force of her orgasm right up against her face. Kirsten's body rose and fell over and over again on the bed as she felt like her orgasm touch every cell in her body. Through every lurch and hump, Eliza kept her face right between Kirsten's legs, making sure not to miss a single drop of her cum.

For all she knew, Kirsten might have blacked out from the pleasure. All she did know is that at some point she closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw a very happy Eliza staring at her face. She saw the way the sunlight hit the wetness around Eliza's chin and lips and with another shudder of pleasure, Kirsten realized she was looking at the lingering aftereffect of her just completed orgasm.

Eliza wasn't sure how Kirsten was going to react now that she had come. With first timers there were different degrees of reaction. Some were hungry for more and others were filled with remorse over the taboo they had just broken. Which category would Kirsten fall into? Scarcely had the question passed through Eliza's mind before Kirsten answered it with a passionate kiss on the lips. Kirsten tasted herself all over Eliza's face and it gave her a wicked thrill to do so.

"Mmmmm now it's my turn," Kirsten then said as she pushed Eliza down onto her back.

Eliza was happily surprised by the sexually aggressive side of Kirsten that was now making an appearance. Pulling herself back up Eliza began kissing Kirsten again with them both on their knees on top of the bed.

"Oh you'll get your turn and then some," Eliza promised as she reached around back to undo the snap to her bikini top. She then shrugged it off her chest exposing her naked breasts to Kirsten. "What do you think of these tits baby?"

"Mmmm they're beautiful," Kirsten answered. "You're beautiful. I love your body Eliza."

Kirsten then went about demonstrating that she meant what she said by beginning to suck on Eliza's nipples, tonguing between her breasts and tasting the sweat that ran down her curves. Eliza moaned and played with Kirsten's hair as she did this, grateful for the pleasure she was now finally feeling in her body.

As she pressed her first female lover down on the bed and let her hands and lips explore her body, Kirsten couldn't believe that she had gotten such pleasure from another girl. All her life it had felt like something had been missing. Was this it? Even if it wasn't, it sure as hell was a lot of fun and that was something Kirsten could always get into.

Kirsten was all over Eliza's body, taking a quick taste of her flesh before moving onto another patch of exposed skin. She was so lustfully hungry for her new lover, she barely knew how to take it all in. Kirsten wanted to experience all of her and she wanted to have it all happen at once. She knew she should slow down and let Eliza settle in, but her body was like a brand new toy and Kirsten couldn't wait to get it out of its wrapping.

Though she wanted to Kirsten to eventually slow down and give her a proper fuck, Eliza was enjoying the frenzied kisses, gropes and tonguings that she was getting from the eager blonde. She was getting off on the fact that Kirsten was so obviously into her body that she couldn't get enough. That was a boost to the ego and too the sex drive.

"Mmmm yes Kirsten, touch me all over," Eliza moaned as she shut her eyes and let the pleasure cascade over her half nude body. "Oh God you're making me so wet baby. Get your lips all over me. Kiss me everywhere."

Kirsten did as she was told. Though she knew her ultimate destination was going to be between Eliza's legs she was making damn sure to taste every bit of her skin first. Finally she got a wicked little thought and decided to leave Eliza with a little reminder of this moment. Kirsten got back to Eliza's breasts and began giving her little nips with her teeth and sucking on her flesh.

Eliza was a little taken aback by this action. She had a positively no exceptions policy of no hickeys. But then again that was a policy she'd only had to explain to men and Kirsten sure didn't fit that description. Besides this felt so good that she decided to let her new lover continue. They'd already broken so many rules, what was one more?

When the series of hickeys reached their conclusion, Eliza moaned in disappointment. Her flesh felt lonely without Kirsten's lips and teeth on it. However those moans soon turned to aroused excitement when she saw where the blonde was headed. Soon she felt the blonde's hot breath against her soaked black bottoms and if she hadn't liked this bikini so much she would have just torn them off to give Kirsten easy access to her pussy.

Kirsten was just as eager to get a taste of Eliza as Eliza was to be tasted so she didn't even wait until she got the bottoms off to get her first taste of another woman. Instead, Kirsten merely pulled the bottoms to the side and extended her tongue for a delightful first lick of Eliza's pussy. Freed from her inhibitions, Kirsten found herself improvising new ways to get Eliza off. Soon Kirsten was rubbing the edge of Eliza's bottoms between the lips of her labia as she stabbed at her with her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhh Kirsten my pussy is so fucking wet for you," Eliza moaned. "I need you to fuck me! Please! I need you!" Kirsten took sympathy on Eliza's cries for sexual satisfaction, after all she had just been in a similar position. So Kirsten stopped her explorations and pulled the wet bottoms off of Eliza's body. She flung the garment over the side of the bed where it lay with the rest of their discarded clothing in a monument to their overpowering lust for one another.

When Eliza's pussy was revealed to her Kirsten had to stare at it for a moment. She had never been this close to a naked woman before and she was staring at beautiful Eliza Dushku right before her eyes. Sweat covered her breasts and stomach as her breath was came out in ragged bursts. Her need was apparent and the dark hairs of her bush were wet with her pussy juices. Eliza looked so beautiful in her aroused state that Kirsten took a mental picture that she wanted to last forever.

It was then that Kirsten summoned up all her courage and pressed her lips to Eliza's pussy. She had tasted her own pussy a few times, but she had never experienced what another woman could be like. From her first taste, though, Kirsten was hooked. When the first taste of Eliza's juice passed through her lips onto her tongue the blonde immediately felt a craving for more.

Kirsten pressed her face deep into Eliza's pussy, wanting to feel her all over. Someone could have accurately tagged them as a couple of sluts at that moment, but Kirsten didn't care. All that mattered was the beautiful woman before her and getting her to experience pleasure.

Trying to imitate what Eliza had just done for her, Kirsten let her tongue tickle the brunette's throbbing clit. Starting slowly, Kirsten soon began a buildup of speed and as soon happily lapping away at her first pussy.

"Mmmmm Kirsten you're a natural," Eliza moaned as her fingers continued to play with the blonde head that was buried between her legs. "Ohhhh eat my pussy baby. Don't stop what you're doing!"

Kirsten wanted to make Eliza come as bad as she had ever wanted anything. It was like them both having orgasms would seal the secret union they had begun on the beach with that first kiss. The idea of being with a woman was a buried fantasy an hour ago and now she was on the verge of bringing Eliza to orgasm.

Continuing her tonguing of Eliza's sweet little pussy, Kirsten was already imagining what other fantasies they could turn into realities with each other. Eliza's juice was beginning to hit her face as Kirsten hungrily sucked and tongued her clit. Eliza's pussy was like a ripe kiwi, just ready to explode with juice at the first bite.

"Come for me Eliza...please," Kirsten moaned as she teased and stroked the girl's soaked pussy. "Come all over my face like I came all over you."

"Oh I will..." Eliza promised, sweat dripping off her forehead. "Just lick me more and I will come all over that pretty blonde face."

With a smile Kirsten did as was requested and it certainly brought out the desired reaction. A long, sweet tongue lash on Eliza's clit brought her over and soon Kirsten was happily tasting Eliza's cum.

Her warm tongue kept at it as Eliza humped Kirsten's juice covered face. Eliza loved making love to another woman but there was just something so passionate about this encounter with Kirsten that made it extra special and worth the long wait. She came until she had no more energy left to do anything more than lie back on the soft bed and moan softly.

"Did I do ok?" Kirsten asked after she emerged from between Eliza's legs with a happy grin on her face.

"Oh you did way better than ok," Eliza replied as she pulled Kirsten up to her and held her tight. Both of them were rather short on energy at that point, but they didn't want to be away from each other so they just cuddled in their wonderful afterglow. The two naked girls then dozed off together, their faces still covered in a reminder of their sexual encounter.

When Eliza finally awoke it was only because of the sensations of a tongue ticking inside her pussy. She quickly shook the sleep off of herself and pulled Kirsten up for a kiss.

"I was wondering what it was going to take to get you up," Kirsten teased as their bare breasts pressed together, hardening their nipples almost instantly.

"Oh my God, I've created a nympho," Eliza joked causing Kirsten to slap her ass in response.

"I'll show you who the nympho is," Kirsten challenged as Eliza sat up against Kirsten. Their legs locked as they continued to kiss and fondle each other's body. Eliza's hand went down to feel Kirsten's firm ass and the blonde moaned in response. This brought them even closer together and soon their pussies were rubbing together creating welcome sparks to both of their libidos.

"Mmmm now this is a feeling I like," Kirsten declared as she felt Eliza's clit press against her own.

"Up for some scissors action then, huh?" Eliza replied as she began to rub her pussy harder and faster against Kirsten's.

Ooooh so that's what they call this," Kirsten gasped as she returned Eliza's speed with some added friction of her own. "I like it a lot. I could get used to this."

Oh God yessss..." Eliza moaned. "It's all the fun of fucking without any cocks making a mess all over."

This remark plus the sensations the scissoring was creating elicited a sweet long laugh from Kirsten and to Eliza is was one of the most beautiful things she had ever heard. As soon as Kirsten was done laughing Eliza immediately had to kiss her. Their lips pressed against one another as they held each other close, as if they were trying to become one person.

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