Downsizing Ch. 09


For those of you waiting for the next chapter, I'm sorry for the long pause. Life happens, and Dani got lost in the shuffle. I do certainly Hope I get a chance to share some time with Dani much sooner this time around... Having to go back and reread 1-8, because my notes didn't have enough info tells me that I need better notes, or I was away waaayyy toooo Looong! Enjoy!


The couple both slept well for only a short time. While Stacy was able to sleep soundly all night, Dani tossed and turned. The first time Dani woke up was the loud thumping of the strap-on hitting the floor. Many more times over the course of the night that Dani would wake for no reason at all, except for nerves of the surgery in the morning. By the time the alarm went off, Dani was so exhausted from the poor sleep, she didn't even hear it, and it took Stacy longer than usual to rouse Dani awake.

Since Dani wasn't yet a household name, the couple both opted for gym suits for the drive to the hospital where the surgery was planned. Edwin, Ila, Keith, Wayne and Ellen were all waiting with Ted to see the young couple off. All of them planned on staying around at least until Dani came out of surgery, and rescheduled their departure flights for the following day. They all agreed, during the limo ride over, to make sure to keep close even with the busy schedules they all kept.

After checking in, and listing the hormones as the only medication, Dani was ushered into a private room. Only one person was allowed in at a time, as legal next of kin, Edwin was the first to join Dani before surgery. Again as they were alone, Edwin let his son know how proud he was of Dani, as well as how glad he would be that Ila would soon have a daughter to dote on. The two were still laughing as Ila came into usher out Dad and get her Mom time in.

As Dani had expected Mom was just a gushing pile of emotions, somehow getting what she had always wanted, even if it wasn't the way she had previously hoped. Dani let her know he would make sure to get some Mother-Daughter time post surgery. Not surprisingly Ila erupted in further emotions

Rather unexpectedly Wayne was the next one to have some one on one time with Dani. After a schpeal about making sure Dani would take care of his daughter, it was a quite pleasant exchange. Both were still smiling when Ellen pushed her husband out to the waiting area with the others. Ellen really only wanted to congratulate Dani on the promotion and thank her for Stacy's happiness.

By now, Dani knew that Keith would be the next visitor, if Stacy wasn't first, she would surely be the only one to see her before surgery, and likely the first one afterwards. Sure enough the knock that cut in on Dani and Ellen was her big brother. Once Ellen was out of earshot, with a quite serious look on his face, Keith asked Dani, "Since we didn't grow up with a sister, and never got a shot to be the pervs that our friends did, when this is all said and done, are you gonna show me some tits?" As he finished his question he started laughing like a school boy.

Chuckling, Dani yelled at him, "Out you perv!" The pair of siblings broke out into a fit of hysterics. Once they had calmed down, Dani assure Keith he'd only get to see the advertisement cleavage.

"Fair enough," was the reply, followed once again by, "and still no answer on the bride to be."

"Well big brother," Dani started, "Wayne has already started Father of the Bride responsibilities, so I'm offering you Best Man duties, you up for it?"

With a "Hell Yeah!" and a fist bump, Keith was soon bumped out of the room by the bride to be. Stacy was not to be denied her turn before Dani became a patient.

Even in her gym suit, Stacy was still a vision to behold as she strolled into the room. "I have some good news and some bad news for you. Do you want your dessert or your main course first?" was how she started the conversation.

"how 'bout..." Dani paused, "the main course."

"OK," she started, "even before you are quote known unquote, you seem to have a long line of paparazzi." She had concerned look on her face as she informed Dani of the photographers waiting outside. "And here is the dessert, they are looking for a celebrity listed as a John Doe on the logs of three of the finest plastic surgeons on the planet. The surgeons know they will be operating on Daniel Davis, but they are the only ones that know the patients name. You may only have two surgeons, but they will all be in the O.R. when you go under."

"What does that mean?" Dani asked slightly confused, the only plan was for the hips as far as she was aware of.

"What it means is, you'll have one that'll be working on the hips, another will be assisting by tapering your waist, and if you say so before the anesthesiologist, the third will be doing the breast augmentation, so it's all done in one shot." Stacy paused for a second, and then continued. "If you want the augmentation, so you can stop with the breast forms, now would be a good time to decide. I'll be happy either way, but I don't want to know, let it be a surprise for now."

Dani smiled up at his fiancé, just before they shared a kiss that was interrupted by the surgeon. The surgeon was a handsome fellow that fully understood the emotions palpitating through the room, and it turns out, he was a patient man as well. While they were embraced he did not try to interrupt them, only his presence had accomplished that. When they pulled apart, Stacy excused herself as the surgeon started talking to Dani about the procedure.

Dr. Harnett encouraged Dani to take at least the ride into O.R. before a final answer would be necessary about breast augmentation. When asked if Dani had any questions, the only one that came to mind was on the hormones post op. Dani expressed her concerns that some internet searches had turned up on the hormones affecting penis function. Since a full sex change was not on the immediate horizon, Dani wanted to make sure that that plumbing would not be an issue. After Dr. Harnett assured Dani the dosage could be lowered to prevent side effects, and Dani couldn't think of anymore questions, Dr. Harnett called for the staff to wheel Dani down to the O.R.

In the O.R. Dani was introduced to Dr. Nguyen, the one that would be performing the waist tapering, and Dr. Schröder, who would do the breast augmentation if elected, or just assist the other two otherwise. Once introductions were done, Dani just gave Dr. Schröder a nod, confirming that he was to perform the surgery. Dani thought for a second, and told the Dr. a small B cup, so with hormones he wouldn't grow past a large B or small C. Dr. Schröder nodded his approval in choice. All that was left was for Dr. Patel to start anesthesia. The mask was placed over Dani's nose and mouth, and then everything faded to black.

Dani awoke in recovery remembering flashes of pain, and long beeps. It hadn't just happened once, she remembered several instances. The only images to go with the memories were of Dr. Schröder's eyes looking like a frightened child. She also remembered hearing someone shouting "Patel, Patel." When Dani pushed the nurse's button on the gurney, he wasn't expecting to see Dr. Harnett answer the call. Apparently the doctor had been waiting to make sure he was the first one to see his patient, Nguyen and Schröder were right behind him. Dr. Ellsworth pushed all the other doctors out of the way as soon as he got the page that Dani was awake. Joining Dr. Ellsworth was Dr. Ketter.

Dr. Ellsworth introduced himself as the head of neuro, and then introduced Dr. Ketter as the head of cardio for the hospital. Dani was confused on the two doctors from the hospital, and looked to Harnett and Schröder for an explanation, ignoring both Ellsworth and Ketter. Harnett pushed his way back to the front and explained there had been some complications with anesthesia during surgery, Ellsworth and Ketter were paged to join the surgery to make sure no more complications arose. He then passed the explanation back to Ellsworth.

"Mr... err, Miss Davis..., " Dr. Ellsworth started, "we need to do some simple tests real quick, can you tell me your registered name?"

"Daniel Davis," Dani said.

"Can you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up?" Ellsworth continued.

"Uhh, three," Dani replied.

"That's great, so far so good. Can you recite the alphabet?" the doctor continued.

Slowly Dani started his recital of the A.B.C.'s, Dr. Ellsworth stopped him at the letter L. then he explained when Dani's anesthesia wore off during surgery, she'd woken from the pain, and flat-lined. Immediately a scared look spread across Dani's face, until Ellsworth reassured Dani that function was as normal as if there had been no complications.

Dr. Ketter interrupted Dr. Ellsworth, "You seem to have a very strong heart Miss Davis. We only had to charge to 200, and the first one brought you back." Ketter further added, "The chief of surgery was called away, but passed along a message that Dr. Patel would be investigated, and suspended for his negligence in surgery, but instructed us to let you know if you would like to speak with the chief to let us or one of your nurses know, and he'd come as soon as he was back on the grounds."

Dani said it wouldn't be necessary, but would like an update if possible later on, to make sure appropriate action would be taken. Ellsworth and Ketter excused themselves and the three remaining surgeons informed Dani, other than the anesthesiology incident, the scheduled surgeries were as complication free as possible. They also excused themselves, letting Dani know they would check in again before heading back to their own homes.

The combination of the scare in the O.R. and V.I.P. status as a patient, there was a very short wait to get moved into a private room. When Dani was transferred into Recovery, the room was assigned, and the family let in. They had all been asked to wait in the room, and would all see Dani after the transfer from the Recovery department. During the move to the room, Dani fell back to sleep, she was finally able to relax for the first time since falling asleep from exhaustion the night before.

When Dani woke up in the room, Stacy was the only one there. She gave a weak smile and asked, "Did everyone catch a flight out already?"

"No sweetie, the just went to get a bite to eat, we have all been taking turns," Stacy replied.

"That's good," said Dani, "Keith wanted to see my new tits," with a labored smile again.

"We were so worried when they paged neuro and cardio to your O.R., it's good to see that smile, and I'm glad it was my turn to be here when you woke up," was all Stacy could think to say at the moment. "Oh by the way, you have a couple extra guests that want to see you when the family has all had their chance to spend some time with you. It's a surprise, just like those two nice additions." As she finished, Stacy was pointing to the breasts that Dani was sporting.

"The nurses stopped by and made sure the little fridge here had some juice and Jell-O, would you like anything right now?" Stacy asked.

"Apple juice, please, and thank you," Dani replied.

As Dani was starting on the apple juice, two nurses walked into the room, to take vitals. Stacy backed away so they could do their job, when they excused themselves; she was right back at Dani's bedside holding hands with her fiancé. The couple just sat smiling at each other while Dani sipped the juice, and soon thereafter, Dani nodded back off again.

This time when Dani woke, there was a gaggle of family standing around holding conversations with each other to pass the time. The only one not engaged in a conversation was Keith; he had his fingers intertwined with Dani's. "So what do you think Sis, I got some nail polish from the gift shop, I figured every little sister should have her brother do her nails at least once." As Dani looked at her nail, she started laughing at the horrible job her brother had done.

"Oww, oww, oww," it hurt to laugh, "That's atrocious, never again!" then she giggled a bit.

"We all wanted to make sure you woke up to say goodbye before we leave, my flight is at 5am, and it's almost midnight, so I'm going to let someone else in, and I'll see you in the Ads, if not sooner, Love You!" Keith almost started crying when he stood up to kiss Dani on the forehead.

Dani grabbed him by the sides of his head and kissed him gently on the cheek, "I love you too Keith." And with that Keith gave Dani's hand a squeeze and headed for the door, turning to wink at her just before he closed it.

Wayne and Ellen stood on one side of Dani's bed, while Edwin and Ila joined Dani on the other side of the bed, and expressed that they all had similar early flights, that Keith had pretty much summed up the situation for the whole group, sans Stacy. After wishing Dani a speedy recovery and luck in the representative training, they too bid Dani and Stacy farewell.

When the door had closed, Dani asked Stacy where her belongings were. Dani wanted her engagement ring back on her hand now that surgery was over. Stacy grabbed Dani's things and found the ring, and slid it back on her finger as she had done the first time, love and adoration apparent in her eyes. Stacy realized just how much it meant to Dani; given it was the first thing she asked for.

"Ohhh, I must see that rock myself!" the voice of Elizabeth Stanton started Dani at first. Her visit was a bit of a shock, as Dani wasn't expecting her while the young couple stayed in New York for Dani's training.

"Me too!" Lucy's voice followed that of their boss.

"I was going to tell you we had more visitors," Stacy began, "but I think I was beaten to the punch!" Stacy started giggling as she did a Barker's Beauties hand wave towards Lucy and Elizabeth.

"Mrs. Stanton, Lucy, what a nice surprise, I wasn't expecting to see the two of you here." Dani commented.

"Hi Dani!" replied Lucy.

"Hello Dear," began Elizabeth then continued, "There will be no more Mrs. Stanton from you, or Stacy, its Elizabeth, or Liz to the two of you. If they are too traditional, Beth would suffice, but Liz is preferential."

With and ornery grin, Dani looked at Lucy and asked, "So can we call you Lu?" The comment prompted Lucy to giggle and shrug her shoulders.

"In all seriousness," Dani started, "while it's nice to have you hear, to what do we owe this visit? I can't imagine that you routinely visit company patients in their hospitals hundreds of miles from home." After a long pause Dani continued, "But I have misjudged people a time or two."

"I'm sure someone told you what happened while you were in surgery," Elizabeth replied. "When head of neuro and cardio were paged to your O.R. Stacy was on the phone with me right away. We were at the airport in twenty minutes, and the company just was cleared for take-off in less than ten."

"I suppose you hi-jacked my limo driver too?" Dani's tone still had an air of orneriness.

"Yes Ms. Smarty-pants, Ted picked us up, we wanted no delay in getting here to see you." Lucy was the one to chime in this time. "It appears we should have taken longer, maybe a cabbie that didn't speak English, Patel's replacement in the O.R. must have given you something to stimulate your wit with the anesthesia ." Liz, Lucy, Stacy and Dani started laughing, until a sharp pain caught Dani's attention.

"So what happens to Dr. Patel?" Dani questioned?

"He was put on a paid administrative leave, until a full investigation is done," Liz explained. She continued, "We weren't okay with that, so we spoke to the head of Surgery, to make sure it would be unpaid through the investigation, and your recovery. If there is something that pops up before you are back to full health, that is remotely related to his negligence, he will remain unpaid. Being a large corporation certainly has its benefits."

As Lucy was telling Dani to get some rest, and they'd see her in the morning before heading home, she reached out and took Dani's hand. Dani's hand being on top of hers in the grasp, Lucy and Liz saw the grooms engagement ring. "Oh My God!" they exclaimed together.

Stacy quickly called jinx on the pair, and asked, "Please don't tell anyone at home, we'd like to do that ourselves." The pair of execs agreed before they took their leave of the couple. When the door had closed, she turned to Dani, "Do you think they can keep that secret from the girls?" she asked. Dani's response was merely a smile and a shrug.

Shortly after Dani's guests had left the nursing staff came in to check vitals, empty the bed pans, change any dressings that needed done, and measure the fluid put out into the bulbs. The lead nurse checked to make sure their checklist was complete then informed Dani, "We are going to give you a sedative so you go to sleep soon, the Doc's want you well rested, since they know you'll have a busy schedule during your stay." As she said it, she was injecting a syringe into the IV. That was about the last thing Dani remembered for the day.

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