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Dr. Bob


Going to the dentist was never something I enjoyed. I hate the sounds and the smells in the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, I had recently had some work done and was now back in the dentist’s office to have it checked and my teeth cleaned.

Everyone was always very friendly. Pam, the dental assistant, was gentle when it came to handling everything. She was always very pleasant to be around. And not too bad to look at. I bet she gets men hitting on her all the time. She’s about 5’4”, slim, good size chest and a smile that just makes you happy. Today, she seemed particularly happy and cheerful. I also noticed that her uniform was just a little tighter than normal. Every time she leaned over me, her chest nearly popped out.

My dentist, Dr. Bob, as he likes to be called, is another fascinating person in the office. He’s tall, probably close to 6’2”, very handsome with dark hair peppered with gray and the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s older, probably in his mid-50’s, but still extremely attractive. I remember I was referred to him by one of my girlfriends and now I know why.

As I laid back in the chair, I realized I must be the last appointment of the day. It seemed that only Pam and Dr. Bob were left with me. As Pam came in, she told me to open wide and started to do the basic cleaning. Everytime she leaned forward, her brest would rub my arm. I found myself getting excited by this innocent touch. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them on my skin. I wanted to reach up and squeeze them, open her uniform and look at them.

When she was done, she told me Dr. Bob would be in in a moment. I sat back and tried to calm myself, relaxing. As Dr. Bob entered the room, I smiled and laid back again. He leaned over me and I felt him so close that I could smell him. He smelt like woods and vanilla. It was extremely erotic. I had let my arm dangle down the side of the chair and as Dr. Bob worked on my mouth, I felt his groin rub against me every once in a while. He was big. I could feel him growing under my hand each time. I wasn’t sure if he was doing it by accident or on purpose but I know he was getting as much excitement out of it as I was.

I noticed that as Dr. Bob worked, he kept looking down. I followed his gaze and saw where he was looking. Down my shirt. I had worn a push up lace bra today that barely held me in. Laying the way I was, my shirt was open and my breasts were clearly visible, my nipples poking out the top of my bra. Dr. Bob pushed his groin against me again. This time, I cupped my hand and groped him. He stopped and looked at me. I moved my hand slowly, massaging him through his pants and squeezing gently. He smiled and finished checking out my mouth. When he was done, he set all his tools down on the tray and pushed it to the side. He didn’t step back and I still had my hand on his growing groin.

I squeezed harder and he reached down, unzipping his pants. I slipped my hand inside and grabbed hold of his cock. He was huge and hard in my hand. As I jerked his cock, his hand pushed up under my skirt. When his fingers touched my wet panties, my breathing got quick and I pulled harder on his cock. His fingers slipped inside my panties and rubbed up and down my skit. My fingers wrapped tighter around the tip of his cock and pulled. He moaned and smiled at me, slipping a finger up inside me.

Dr. Bob pushed my skirt up and then pulled my panties down. He tossed them to the floor and then set back to fingering my moist pussy. The tip of his middle finger pushed against my clit, rubbing it in small circles. I moaned and pulled harder on his cock. I wanted to see him so I pushed his pants down and looked down at his cock. He was thick and the tip was throbbing. Again, I slipped my fingers around his shaft and massaged him up and down.

Dr. Bob had two fingers deep inside my tight pussy now, stroking them in and out faster and faster. I could feel my orgasm building. I moaned and arched up, pulling hard on his rod as my orgasm ripped through me. Dr. Bob smiled and lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean.

Pushing his pants down and off, Dr. Bob stripped naked. He had an amazing body, Crawling up so he was straddling me on the chair, he unbuttoned my shirt, opening it wide. His hands cupped my breasts and pushed them together. Pulling my tits out of my bra, he fingered my nipples. Rubbing his thumbs over my nubs, he pushed and pulled on my tender breasts.

His cock was hard between his legs. Taking him in his hand, he slowly guided his cock to my pussy. I arched up as the tip touched me and opened me. He was so thick, I felt like my pussy was stretching wide. He pushed his cock all the way in, slowly. Then he pulled out, even slower. Teasing me, he stroked my hot pussy with his hard tool. I could hear the suction in the room as his cock popped out of me. Finally, he rammed himself in and stayed.

As we fucked, we both had forgotten about Pam. Well, Pam didn’t forget about us. As the door opened and she stepped in, she stopped, watching Dr. Bob pound his cock into me. I looked at her and her eyes were taking in the scene in front of her. She came over and I lost sight of her as she went to the bottom of the chair. I moaned as I felt her fingers stroking my thigh and then touch my pussy. Her fingers were moving from my pussy to Dr. Bob’s cock as he plunged in and out of me.

Dr. Bob pulled out and Pam laid on her back on the bottom of the chair. I felt and heard her take his wet cock in her mouth and suck. Then she guided his cock back into my pussy. I moaned and pushed up to meet him. My orgasm was building again and I knew his was too. Grunting, he thrust harder and harder into me, his balls slapping against me. Pam had stood and removed her uniform. Naked, she watched and played with her tits and her pussy. I watched her fingers disappearing in and out of her own mound. Dr. Bob was slamming into me. He grunted and I moaned. He pulled out and his cum shot over my pussy. Pam immediately took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. When she was done with him, she turned to me. Her mouth settled over my pussy and her tongue snaked out to lick all the cum. I moaned as her tongue plunged into me and then circled above me.

Dr. Bob stood there and watched. I told Pam to lay up on top of me, her pussy in my face. With her legs up over my head, I opened her pussy with my fingers and licked. She moaned and did the same to my sensitive slit. Up and down, I ran my tongue over her, slipping inside her and pushing deep. Her blonde bush was soft and pink. Her tongue was working my pussy, making small circles over my clit. Dr. Bob knelt down with her and soon I felt both of their tongues on my pussy. I grunted and moaned as another orgasm took me. I slammed a finger inside Pam’s pussy and she moaned, her orgasm ripping through her.

Crawling off me, she smiled and ran naked out of the room. Dr. Bob finished undressing me, his mouth and hands all over my breasts. As his tongue circled my nipple, his fingers were tugging on my other nipple. Pam came back in carrying something behind her back. She smiled and came over to me. She leaned over, whipped her tongue over my nipple and then pulled a two headed dildo out from behind her back. Dr. Bob’s eyes lit up and I felt my body shiver.

Getting up from the chair, I reached for the dildo and ran my tongue over one of it’s heads. I leaned over the chair, my ass in the air and told her to stick it in me. Dr. Bob took it and said he wanted to do it. As I leaned over, Dr. Bob slowly pushed the dildo head into my tight pussy. I moaned and pushed back against it. When it was inside me, he stopped and I looked over my shoulder. Pam was leaning back the other direction, her ass pointed at mine. Dr. Bob was slowly pushing the other dildo head into her pussy. She moaned and I felt her push on it, which pushed it further into me. I felt so full.

As Pam and I fucked the two headed monster, Dr. Bob played with our pussies. His fingers dove in and out of my pussy as the dildo pushed in and out. Then I felt his finger on my ass. Pam moaned out and I knew that he was doing the same thing to her. As we fucked the dildo, Dr. Bob wedged his fingers down in our assholes. It was fucking incredible. I pushed harder on the dildo, my orgasm already threatening. I cried out as it rushed through me. Pam followed quickly behind me.

Dr. Bob withdrew the dildo from both of us and I dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock was hard again and I wanted to taste him. Slipping my mouth over his tool, I sucked the tip hard and fast. Pam knelt down beside me and she took his balls in her mouth and sucked. Dr. Bob was moaning and thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Pam and I licked and sucked on his shaft, our toungues fighting each other. His cock twitched and then erupted, his cum shooting everywhere. Pam and I licked him, sucking every last drop.

I now have all my dentist appointments late with Dr. Bob and Pam. I may not like having my teeth cleaned, but as long as I get to suck on something afterwards, I’m ok.

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