tagNonHumanDr. Porneau's Pet: 03

Dr. Porneau's Pet: 03


It is....difficult to describe Roger. He didn't quite look like an octopus. His head wasn't quite as bulbous. It was more narrow. He had eight tentacles, but none of the suckers or hooks typical of octopi or squid. They were thick and scaly, like a boa constrictor or eel; and one tentacle, the thickest one actually, looked ominously like a big, long....well, Roger was male.

He didn't have a beak, just a pink slit, "Looks like a pussy," Porneau giggled; between the curious tentacle and Roger's mouth, "Roger can literally fuck himself." His color was bluish-gray, with rust-colored blotches splattered across the skin. His eyes were black slits in golden orbs.

Armand laughed; he thought it was fun. He never considered himself sadistic, just a man with a perverted sense of humor. "So I like scaring women," he thought, "Man! Look at those boobies bounce!"; besides Roger wasn't going to hurt her, "He just wants to play."

Tiffany...eeehhh, didn't appreciate Roger's playful intentions. She splashed frantically towards the floor; her terror dampened the water's arousing effects. "Goddageddawaygoddageddaway! Whatisthisthing!" raced through her mind, journalistic ambition subsumed by survival instinct. She almost cried in relief when her feet touched the bottom.

"Go Tiff! Get to the door! Get to the door!" She didn't get far. The water slick tiles on the floor made traction impossible. Tiffany found herself unable to ascend the slope. Her panicked backward crawl became almost comic.

"Oh noooo!!" she screamed as, to her extreme horror, she slid on her ass back into the pool. "No! No! Get away! Help!" Tiffany screamed as she kicked at the tentacles, trying to wrap around her ankles. One tentacle found purchase and dragged her, shrieking, into the water.

Roger's eyes blinked impassively, as he managed to get a tentacle around the other leg. "Aaah! No! Help!" she shrieked, weeping with terror. Much of what occurred next happened below the surface.

Using his tentacles, Roger held Tiffany above his body. Only Tiffany's head and breasts were above the water. The water's clarity, in spite of her panicked thrashings, allowed the blonde to see everything.

A tentacle wrapped around her waist, just below the navel. "No! No! Get off!" Tiffany pounded at it with her fists. She tried to grab it but the tentacle was oily and slick, thwarting her attempts.

The tentacle around her ankle, snaked up the calf, spiraling to the upper leg, while its opposite enwrapped the other. Tiffany watched in horror as the creature parted her legs to either side of its body. "Oh God! Oh God! Nooo! What's it doing?!" she cried.

"I'd like to know too," a bemused Porneau concurred. He switched to the underwater cameras and zoomed on her pelvic area. Porneau got a good, clear view of Tiffany's bush and pussy, with her asshole just below it. When he saw what Roger was up to, he laughed and pressed the recorder, "Well, it worked on the dolphins."

Tiffany watched in shocked horror as the creature did something completely unexpected. A tentacle slithered over her left thigh, across her short cut bush, to her pussy. Its tip divided into two tiny fingers. The fingers delicately parted her pussy lips, exposing her vulva.

The struggling blonde had to cope with a flood of arousal, as water washed over her clit. "Urrg! What is this thing doing?!" she asked a second time. Her answer came when the creature's thick, curiously shaped tentacle swam towards her open cunt.

Tiffany now knew what was about to happen, "Oh no! Not that! Not there!" She increased her struggles, trying to reach beneath to grab the tentacle. The appendage darted away from her desperate fingers.

It seemed to hesitate near the pink, moist opening before darting inward. "Noooo!" Tiffany howled as she was penetrated. The creature's length passed through her vaginal canal; its girth stretched her walls to the limit. She closed her eyes and ground her teeth, moaning from the pain.

Tiffany's shock was compounded by another surprise sensation; pleasure, as her water-swollen clit was further aroused by the tentacle's passage.

"No! Unnng! Stop!" cried the blonde, gritting her teeth. Her body was at war, as pleasure and pain competed for territory. Tiffany was too distracted to notice the tickle at her ass crack. "Oh no!" she cried. "Oh yes!" cried Armand, as he watched one of Roger's tentacles enter the blonde's bunghole.

"Aaarrg! This can't be happening! It's not happening! It's a nightmare! Please be a nightmare!" Tiffany begged. Once again, she tried to remove the tentacle, only to be frustrated by their oily slickness. The tentacle in her cunt, rhythmically began to pump back and forth, sliding through her fingers.

Her sphincter reflexively tightened, trying to halt the passage of the tentacle through her anus, but ultimately, was unable to prevent the tip from reaching her rectum.

Porneau was treated to a view of the tentacles pumping Tiffany in alternate movements. The pussy tentacle would withdraw while the ass tentacle thrust, and vice versa. Porneau responded with some pumps of his own.

Tiffany growled in frustration and, to her mortification, began a series of rhythmic grunts in response, "Nooo! Urrrg! Unnng! Ugh!...Ugh!...Ugh!...Ugh!" She shook her head in denial, even as her thighs and pelvis moved up and down, in involuntary crunches and counter-thrusts.

The monster's thrusts brought its tentacle closer to the womb, and Tiffany closer to orgasm. "Unngh! I'm being raped by an octopus thing! And I'm about to cum! Come on, Tiff! Fight it!" She closed her tear streaked eyes and bit her lip, trying desperately to resist the coming onslaught.

Tiffany's body betrayed her, however, and she cursed as an orgasm blasted through its length, bending her nearly double with its intensity. Tiffany's head plunged underwater; she arched her back in a near U-shape, leaving just her breasts and roiling belly above the surface.

"Gaarrrg!" she gurgled; a stream of bubbles issued from her mouth. The wave passed and Tiffany's body resumed its normal configuration. Her head broke the surface, gasping and choking. The creature continued to pump. Tiffany felt another wave building, "Oh no! Please, no!"

Armand stared at the screen agog, "Geez! I didn't know a body could do that! Not a woman's body, anyhow!" He'd already shot some jizz against the wall, "Time for the autocleaner."

"What's Roger doing?" he asked. Roger's two remaining tentacles were snaking up the buxom blonde's body. "Oh!" he realized, "Well, I guess it's a good time to see if those hormones from the water work on her as well as the dolphins." Armand switched to the overhead camera and zoomed on Tiffany's breasts.

To Be Continued

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