tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDracula's Return Ch. 02

Dracula's Return Ch. 02


Waking a few hours before dawn; the vampire Lord, Alexander Lucard gave his two new Brides, Gwendolyn Harker and Mei Lin Chang some errands to run and left the room he had acquired by use of his mental powers.
He went up to the hotels roof, dissolving into mist and slipping under the door. Concentrating, he began to transform. In seconds the tall Carpathian noble became a terrifying gargoyle like bat creature.
Leaping into the air, Lucard flew across London and perched on the roof of the building across the street from his enemy’s home.
Blending into the side of the chimney, Lucard observed the Van Helsing house. He sneered at the ridicules anti-vampire defenses decorating the three-story brownstone.
‘Really; old man.’ he though ‘such superstitious drivel wouldn’t even slow me down; in truth all injuries from sunlight, holy water and such where merely psychosomatic, self-inflicted by the vampires own belief.
Patently, Lucard settled in to wait for his prey. Shortly after sunrise the front door opened and Abraham Van Helsing stepped into view along with a pretty redhead in a white blouse, tan skirt and blazer.
Lucard easily heard their every word as Van Helsing and his granddaughter, Rachel walked toward a black Volvo park in the driveway.
As the girl went around to the driver’s side, Lucard launched himself from the roof, swooped down silently and plucked the 18 year old off the ground.
“Dracula!” the old man screamed watching helplessly as the bat creature; wings beating mightily flew off with the stunned girl clutched to his chest.
Shortly he landed back on the hotels roof and morphing back into human form, carried Rachel’s unconscious body unseen past the few guests who were up this early and into his two-bedroom suite.
He was pleased to find his Brides had returned and where just finishing the modifications he had ordered to the second bedroom. They had removed the bed and in its place, driven heavy eyebolts into the ceiling and floor.
Attached to these metal rings where chains ending with leather cuffs. Also arrayed around the room where assorted pieces of bondage furniture and tables covered with tools and S&M toys. The two vampire women had been very busy at the hardware store and sex shop he had sent them to.
“This will do nicely,” the Carpathian prince said as he set his captive on the floor. “Now, strip my prize and hang her up.” He ordered. Gwen and Mei Lin quickly removed the girls clothing and; while the blond held her up, the Asian woman fastened the wrist and ankle cuffs.
Then Mei Lin picked up the finishing touch; a big, black, rubber ball gag that she pushed into the unconscious girls mouth and buckled in place. Finished, they stepped back, leaving Rachel Van Helsing suspended spread eagle in the middle of the room, ready to be tortured into submission for the Master’s pleasure.
“Now to wake her.” Lucard said as he approached with a cat’o’nine tails flogger. The thin leather thongs swished thru the air as he swung the little whip back and forth a few times.
“Snap.” “MMMMMMPPPHHH!!!” the girl screamed thru the ball gag as she woke from the burning pain of the cat slashing across her buttocks. “Snap…snap…snap.” He hit her again and again until her butt cheeks were Chris-Crossed with red welts.
Van Helsing’s granddaughter desperately tried to beg for mercy, but her gagged cries went unheeded. Changing the direction of his swings, Lucard brought the flogger right up between her wide spread legs.
Rachel squealed like a dying rabbit as the straps slashed across her vulva, the knotted ends stinging her thru her sparse auburn pubic hair. He beat her mound and inner thighs a few times more then moved around in front of her.
Raising her head by the hair, he looked into her eyes. “Your family has been a thorn in my side for decades, now you are all going to pay dearly.” Releasing her hair he stepped back and “Snap” Slashed the flogger across her big, pert breasts. She jerked and screamed thru the gag as he beat her tender tits just like her rump.
When he finally stopped thrashing her; she hung limp, whimpering in agony. Dropping the whip he released his 11’ cock and, guiding its bulbous head between her sore, red labia, rammed over half its length up her tight virgin pussy with one brutal shove.
She shrieked as his huge member tore thru her hymen and stretched her so painfully wide she thought it would split her belly open. Grasping her bruise stripped ass, he pulled her down his shaft as he plunged in up to the root.
He held still a moment to enjoy her convulsing sheath squeezing his cock, trying to push the invading organ out. Then he pulled nearly all the way out and started pumping in and out slowly. Faster and faster he lunged until he was driving into her like a run away piston.
Rachel felt like she was being pulled inside out as the Vampire Lord savagely fucked her. His throbbing shaft was rubbing her abused passage raw and his thick root pounded her clitty hard with every stroke.
After a while her body betrayed her, her pussy began to secrete juice to lubricate his driving cock as it violated her and her clit started sending signals of pleasure to blend with and dilute the pain that had been her shield from what she was experiencing.
Uncontrollably, her hips began to buck in rhythm with Lucard’s thrusts and her cunt started to suck his pumping shaft with spastic clenching. Finally he came, stabbing all 11” deep and flooding her womb with his hot, slimy vampire cum.
The feeling of his spurting seed squirting into her, combined with the sensations from her over stimulate clitty drove the young woman over the edge. Sobbing in horror at her own weakness she climaxed as well.
Lucard slowly pulled his semi-hard phallus out of her convulsing sheath with a gush of pussy juice and cum stained with her virgin’s blood, which poured down her inner thighs. Stepping aside and gestured Mei Lin forward.
Kneeling, the Asian woman began licking up the flow of nectar coming from the girls gapping cunt. Finishing the streams running down her thighs, she enveloped the girls swollen cleft and slurped out more of sweet fluid.
She shoved her tongue deeper and deeper up the girl’s pussy to get every last drop, then she started licking her bulging clitty. Sucking it into her mouth she gently nibbled the sensitive nub, alternately stroking it with her tongue and nipping it with her teeth.
While Mei Lin distracted the girl, Lucard stepped up behind her and; spreading her cheeks, rammed his bulbous crown thru her puckered little rosebud.
“MMMMMMPPPHHH!!!” The girl yelled as her anus was impaled on the first 4’ of her captor’s huge cock. Much too late her sphincter clenched, trying to keep the stallion out of the barn after it was already inside.
Grasping her hips, Lucard pushed deeper into her rectum, slowly pulling her down his erection to the root. Once he had penetrated all the way up her rear passage he proceeded to toughly sodomize her.
His relentless thrusts pounded her forward onto Mei Lin’s tongue as she continued to eat the girl’s pussy. Trapped between a mouth and a hard on, Rachel was driven to orgasm again and again until her captor finally peaked. It felt like an enema as his 11’ cock spurted jet after jet of cum deep in her colon. Her rectal sheath pulsed and constricted around his softening member as he slowly pulled it out of her rear.
Before her gapping asshole could close up, Lucard grabbed a 6” inflatable butt plug, dipped it into a large jar of Vick’s vapor rub and shoved it thru her anal opening right up to the base.
Rachel bucked and howled thru the ball gag as the stinging menthol cream set her rectum on fire. Lucard began squeezing the attached bulb, stretching her wider and wider till she thought she would burst. Finally, when the plug was lodged tight in her ass, he unscrewed the hose from its release valve and slapped her sore butt cheek.
After she exhausted herself struggling, Lucard moved back around in front of his slave with his hand hidden behind his back. Sending Mei Lin to play with Gwen, he reached between Rachel’s thighs to stroke her wet juicy cleft.
He spread her nether lips and pealed back the clit hood to expose the whole length of her sensitive love button. Before she realized what he was up to, he clamped a stainless steel, springloaded Alligator clip on her swollen clitty.
“MMMMMMPPPHHH!!!...Uuuggghhh!!!…Uuugghhh!!!…Uuuggghhh!!! She shrieked, desperately trying to close her thighs and dislodge the biting clamp. Lucard watched her struggles slow until she hung limp from her bonds. Then he quickly attached another clip, this time to her right cunt lip.
Her struggles this time were only half hearted and ended in just a moment. By the time he had added another clip to her right lip and two to her left, Rachel was to weak to move more than a twitch and she didn’t react at all when he clamped her nipples so he left her hanging and went to give his two Brides another errand.
To be continued…

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