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Casandra struggled against the ropes that held her to the pole. She looked around. The villagers had left her alone on the hill, stripped naked and waiting for the dragon. It happened a couple of days ago. A dragon came and terrorized the village, burning everything in sight. The villagers came to the conclusion that a virgin girl had to be offered to make it stop. They chose Casandra. She had kicked and struggled, but even her own family had agreed that she should go. So there she was, waiting for the dragon. She heard the sound of flapping wings and looked to see the dragon descending.

She screamed as the dragon grabbed the pole and took her with it. She lost consciousness but when she woke up she was on the floor of a large cave. She looked up and saw the dragon staring at her.

"Go ahead and eat me." She sobbed. "Get it over with."

"I'm not going to eat you." The dragon said, it's voice deep and rumbling. She looked up at the dragon in confusion. The dragon picked her up in it's claw and sniffed between her legs. Casandra shrieked and tried to move away, but the dragons thumb pinned her in it's palm. He stuck his tongue out and licked her small, undefiled pussy. She shuddered, both in revulsion and pleasure. The dragon had little barbs on it's tongue that tugged at her pussy in a pleasing way. The tongue pushed it's tip into her and she screamed, arching her back as the barbs tugged on her. The tongue went in farther, the barbs helping it go in deeper. She screamed again as her cherry was popped, blood tingling on the dragons taste buds. The dragon pulled out. He spat, he didn't like the blood. He looked at her. She lay gasping on his paw. He grabbed his large member and began to jerk off.

He had imagined being with a human girl for centuries, and now was his chance. He held her over his large dick as he pumped, feeling the orgasm coming. He roared as his cum spurted up and covered Casandra's lower half. She cried out as she felt his hot semen burst onto her. The dragon turned her so she got a spurt full in the face. Her mouth was open and she got a full taste of it. She spat it out at first, but then began to lick it off. The scent and smell was exquisite.

She looked at the dragon. It carried her over to a large bowl of water and dunked her in, rinsing off the cum. She sputtered and wiped the water from her eyes. She stared up at the dragon in adoration. She loved the feeling of this, the cum on her body felt like it rejuvenated her. She watched as the dragon opened it's mouth and put her on it's large tongue. She rubbed her pussy against the burs on it's tongue, moaning in pleasure. Then she felt the roof of his mouth close on her.

"NO!" She cried out. She felt the tongue flex and the throat of the dragon squeeze around her legs. She tried to hold onto the tongue, but was pushed down more. She screamed but was cut off as the throat covered her head. She struggled, then felt her feet go into open air. She kicked as he went further down until she was held up only by her hands in his throat. She looked down and saw only darkness. What was down there? She whimpered as her hands went free and she dropped down. The dragon had promised it wouldn't eat her. She hit solid ground. She moved around and found there was only enough room for her to spread her legs out. She could stand up, but she couldn't walk around. She hugged herself, feeling claustrophobic. Then she felt the stomach flex again, her feet went into a hole and she was swallowed again. She moved around, her body being bent into uncomfortable positions as she slid down the intestines. She felt her feet go free again, gravity bringing them down. She was on her back. She flopped out, covered in slime. She looked up at the dragon. "You promised you wouldn't eat me!"

"I didn't. I have two stomachs, one for digestion, and the other for putting humans in for latter." She gasped. So that is where the legends came from. The dragon's large body was over her. She spread her legs, expecting to be fucked. She wasn't disappointed. The dragon brought his large cock down near her and tried to push in. She screamed. Only the large head could fit in, and the dragon grabbed his cock again. He jerked off, waving Casandra around on the end of it like a finger puppet. She grunted and groaned as she felt the cock pulse, then she nearly lost consciousness as all his sperm slammed into her. Her pussy was blocked an the sperm couldn't go anywhere. She screamed as her belly grew, afraid she would burst. The dragon pulled out and the rest of his cum spurted over her. She lay on the ground, covered in sperm and not moving. She was alive, but she wouldn't be up for fucking for a long time.

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