Draining the Draenei Pt. 01

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A Lightforged paladin seeks the help of a Kaldorei healer.
8k words

Part 1 of the 4 part series

Updated 06/16/2023
Created 01/22/2022
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Ashe pressed her palm to the cool stone wall of the rocky passage, gritting her teeth.

The Lightforged paladin groaned in discomfort as she crossed into the lush elven forests of Ashenvale, her golden armor and tattoos shedding bright light all around in stark contrast to the purplish tones of the ancient wilds about her.

She did not groan for any grievous wound, but due to the effects of a heinous curse laid upon her by a devious Goblin wizard.

"Naaru... Guide me..." she hissed, tossing her head back for a moment to catch her breath, holding her hefty crystalline hammer over her shoulder. Imbued by the light, its glow was dimmed somewhat by the thick layer of blood caked upon it.

"Xi'narak kulinthar oborxen!" the awful little spellcaster had shouted at her.

Of course, as one of the Lightforged, she'd learned some demonic and managed to interpret part of the Goblin's curse.

Never again shall you know release.

What a shit curse, she thought, gripping her codpiece with a desperate huff. Indeed, it had been a week since that battle, and she had not known release since. She'd tried. By herself and with a handful of different women. She'd fucked herself and those women into a coma before she'd managed to cum at all.

Now her balls ached. Not only that, but they were swelling with pent-up need.

Did these naaru forsaken curses never end?!

She jumped from a small ledge, making her way to a small stream, looking for signs of a road she could follow. She'd been told that the one who could help her lived in these woods, but had not been given any directions other than those... This would definitely be annoying.

The Kaldorei woodlands were quiet. Other than the sound of a nearby stream and the rustling of leaves, there seemed to be no movement at all around her.

Frustrated and with no idea of where to go, the woman removed that enlarged codpiece of hers, tossing it aside. It had become too small for her growing endowments and was causing her more discomfort than anything else.

As her codpiece fell to the cobblestone path below with a loud clang, the Draenei's gigantic endowments bounced forth. Her balls, now melon-sized, wobbled briefly before settling, ripe with the promise of abundance. Her cock, easily longer than her arm and twice as thick, seemed perpetually half-erect, finger-thick veins riddling its marbled surface.

Giving her cock a few slow pumps, she winced as a few droplets of precum oozed from her huge, throbbing cockhead. Not only could she not find release, but seeking that release caused her non-negligible amounts of pain. She was used to pain, as she had been fighting demons for eons... but none of them had used these kinds of curses on her. Most were content with good ole' curses of agony.

Not the crafty warlocks of the Horde, it seemed. These warlocks enjoyed more advanced forms of torture.

A resigned sigh slipped forth from the huge woman's lips as she let the flap of her tabard fall back over her titanic prick like some inadequate loincloth, the thing barely even managing to cover half of her meat-mace.

Her hooves would clop against the hard stone path, brazenly walking about with her gigantic dick flopping about, slapping against her thighs with each footfall. Golden eyes scanning her surroundings, the Draenei hoped that she would either come across a friendly face to assist her in finding the healer she was seeking out... or a Horde face she could smash to bits to relieve her frustrations.

Taking a life was never something the paladin enjoyed but taking some lives could help safeguard others and as a warrior of the Light, Ashe would never hesitate to do so.

Suddenly, Ashe felt a sharp, needle-like pain at her neck. Then another. And another. Thinking she was being stung by some sort of insect, she swatted at her neck. Her hand did not, however, come back with splattered insect but with a feathered dart, greenish liquid still oozing from the needle.

"Taz'dingo!" shouted a voice from nearby bushes.

Spinning towards the assailant, Ashe readied her hammer, movements far more sluggish than she was used to.

"Your... Your poison... Does not..." the Draenei said, slurring her words as she seemed to have a hard time standing up. "Does not... affect me..." she finally managed to say, raising one hand to try and cast a cleansing spell to purge the toxins from her bloodstream. But at that moment, the light did not respond to her call.

"Bah! Ya be runnin' outta magic power, mon!" the Troll said holding his blowgun in one hand, creeping towards the paladin.

Falling to one knee, the woman soon found that her muscles were not responding anymore as the poison worked its way through her body.

"Don't ya be worryin', dis poison not gonna kill you," the tusked male derided, crouching next to the Draenei to look into her eyes. "Ye gonna be fetchin' a mighty high price in Ratchet," he added, cupping the woman's chin, and gazing down briefly at her overabundant cleavage, quite visible even with her plated armor.

"I'll... destroy you..." the Draenei said, her hammer slipping from her grip as her fingers became numb.

Amused, the Troll patted her on the cheek a few times. "Try all ya wan', cutie. Ain't gon' work! Now, just go te sleep."

The world was spinning about her as her vision became foggy and the ground she was standing on rose up to meet her face to the happy whistling of a Troll tune.

Her entire body was paralyzed and slowly, darkness crept at the edges of her vision while her kidnapper started pulling out a length of rope from his bag.

Before consciousness completely faded from her, however, the woman spotted roots creeping up from the ground, wrapping themselves rapidly around the limbs of the panicking captor. "Wh-wha?!" he shouted as another vine wrapped itself around his throat.

Ashe did not see what happened to the man as she fell into darkness.

- - - - -

The cling-clanging of tableware slowly woke her up -- along with a dull ache between her legs.

"Ugh..." Ashe groaned, holding a hand to her forehead as she sat up, looking around groggily. She did not recognize the wooden walls of the room she was in, but she was in a large bed, covered to her waist by a thick woolen blanket. If the colors of the forest outside the window were any indication, however, she was still in Ashenvale.

Lifting the covers, the Draenei looked down between her legs at her overgrown cock and balls, even larger now than they'd been before. "For fuck's sake..."

Reaching down with one hand, the woman gently squeezed one of those pumpkin-sized testicles, feeling some sort of odd, greasy texture on the taut skin. Giving her fingers a quick sniff, she was met with a pleasant smell, making her believe that this was some sort of herbal medicine, a paste of sorts, that had been applied to her swollen nutsack.

After a moment's consideration, the alabaster-skinned paladin blinked. She was fully nude. In a stranger's bed. The thought sent some excitement through her spine, and she shivered briefly, her enormous prick flexing with anticipation, feeling a solitary droplet of precum oozing from the tip of her behemoth she-cock.

The woman's ears perked up as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs on the other side of the door, the wood creaking slightly with every footfall.

Looking around briefly, she immediately spotted her hammer and armor in a corner. Whoever had brought her here did not care to have her unarmed, it seemed.

Unashamed of her nudity, Ashe did not bother covering her huge white breasts as the door at the other end of the room slowly creaked open, a purple-haired head peeking into the room.

"Ah! You're awake, at last," the woman said, pushing the door open with her hips as she walked in.

Ashe's breath caught in her throat as she recognized the woman walking in. "You?!"

It had only been months since their last encounter, but the elf's appearance was unmistakable. This was the night elf she'd rescued from a pirate camp a few months prior, the same who'd relieved her right then and there in the pirate camp of Tanaris.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, getting a better look at the woman. Her cock lurched at the sight. Held by two thin strips of Shal'dorei silk, running vertically across their surface, were two of the largest tits the Draenei had ever seen, dwarfing even her own considerable chest, with nipples plainly visible through the sheer fabric. If there was any indication that this was another woman entirely, it would have been that outfit, a far cry from the pirate-themed ensemble she'd worn in that camp and a far cry even from the more nature-oriented leather-wood-and-bone outfits she'd seen other druids wear.

"Ah, yes! We've met before, though briefly," the druidess, Shalendris, replied, chuckling as she stepped into the room, holding a tray of warm food and medicine. "I do recall aiding you with a similar issue in the past, did I not?" she added with a glance down towards the enormous bulge under the covers, large enough that one could very well surmise that a gnome was hiding there.

Ashe shook her head as Shalendris placed the tray onto a small table near the bed. "Last time... I simply had not had the time to... Hrm, take care of myself, you would say," she said, speaking in gentle tones as her golden eyes scanned the delicious-looking meal on the tray. Her stomach grumbled at the sight and smells before her.

"And this time?" the druidess asked, sitting on the bed next to the paladin.

"Horde," replied Ashe, popping a few grapes into her mouth before chomping down on some bread. "Cursed me," she added between bites, washing it down with a bit of warm soup.

Shalendris glanced down at the gigantic package hidden beneath the covers, the shape and size of each enormous testicle and the woman's elephantine prick quite visible even under the thick blankets. "That's what I thought... Removing the curse could prove dangerous..."

With her mouth still full of bread and berries, the Draenei looked up at the druidess. "Mmrh?"

"Well, I could simply remove the curse and restore things to how they were... But with so much backed up, we would have to properly drain you," the enormously over-titted elf explained. "Say, you removed a dam from a river or lake... But on the other side, you still had the same riverbed as you did before the dam. What would happen?"

Ashe shrugged, stuffing her hungry face with more food.

"It would flood, dear. When I remove this curse upon your genitals, we will have to drain you over the next week or so until you are back to normal."

"Mmf, doesn't sound so bad," managed the Draenei between two bites.

With a soft chuckle, Shalendris patted Ashe on the thigh. "Take that medicine there, the green stuff. It'll slow down your semen production so that you don't explode once we 'remove the dam' so to speak. We'll be able to drain you at a more controlled pace."

"And after?" the worried Lightforged asked, taking the small vial of green medicine into her hands, watching Shalendris stand up from the bed.

Shalendris gave the woman a wink, making her way towards the door, hips swaying alluringly. "I'll be in the garden, come see me when you're ready. There's a bit of clothing in those drawers there, I'm sure you'll find something. If you don't, well, I don't have many neighbors," the purple-haired Kaldorei offered, slowly closing the door behind her and leaving her guest alone with what was left of her meal.

Finishing her food, Ashe grabbed the vial with index and thumb, lifting it to eye level. Swishing the glass vial around a bit, the Draenei uncorked it, recoiling at the awful smell that assaulted her nostrils. "Gah! Smells worse than the shit pits of Argus," she complained before gulping down the medicinal concoction, doing her best not to throw it back up right then and there.

Not knowing how long to wait or what she should be feeling once the medicine had taken effect, the paladin decided to stand up and look around the room, trying to find an outfit before heading outside. Though there were enough tops that could reasonably hold her chest, there were no pants that could possibly contain her gigantic cock and balls. The only possible option was a bathrobe of black silk... but it only came down to mid-thigh, leaving more than half of her endowments uncovered.

"Fuck it," muttered the annoyed Draenei, deciding that she would just go about in her birthday suit for the time being. Wearing her whole set of plate mail wouldn't do if she was to be "drained" soon, anyway. Not to mention the fact that the druidess had seen her nakedness on multiple occasions by now.

Emerging from the druidess's home, Ashe concluded that the woman's potion had somehow worked. While she still felt some pressure from her overfull balls, that pressure seemed to be relatively stable. The muscular Draenei gave her huge prick a couple of tugs to try and alleviate the annoying feeling but to no avail.

Slowly approaching the druidess, Ashe felt a tightening in her core at the sight of that curvaceous elf, bent over as she was, clipping away at various plants growing in her gardens. That tightening, that blazing desire, only seemed to grow the longer she stared at the woman's huge, round ass.

"I, too, quite like to feel the wind on my skin from time to time," Shalendris said with much nonchalance, only turning to look at her guest a few seconds later.

Ashe couldn't help another glance at those gigantic Kaldorei milkers. "Why didn't my cleansing spell work, back there? Poison typically isn't an issue for me..." Ashe asked, feeling her fat cock growing slightly at the sight of the curvaceous she-elf.

Crouching to pick up a basket of herbs, Shalendris also gave a glance downwards, though aimed at Ashe's oversized dick and not her chest. "Because your body was already using all its energy, all its magical power, trying to fight the curse. Your batteries were drained, in a way," the woman answered with a smile. "I can safely say that was the only part of you that was drained," she added with an amused chuckle.

"I would laugh, were it not for my balls feeling like they'll explode at a moment's notice. When do we begin this draining of yours?" the paladin asked, giving her pumpkin-sized nuts another squeeze.

With the night elf's bare feet moving through the grass, she would ask the Draenei, "Has the medicine taken effect yet?"

Ashe answered with a nod. "It has, I think. I still feel quite full, but I don't feel like I'm getting fuller," she clarified, trying to make sure her explanation made as much sense as possible to the healer.

"Fantastic. I did not bring you out here to frolic in the plants of my garden, but because..." Shalendris pointed upwards at the beams of gentle moonlight hitting the woman's home. "We need to be outside, under the watchful gaze of the Goddess," she added, giving her patient a gentle squeeze of the shoulder.

Shalendris pointed to a small opening near the center of the garden, illuminated by a column of silver moonlight. "Lay down over there," the healer instructed, making her way towards that same spot.

Ashe followed those instructions with no hesitation, knowing better than to argue with healers about these things. She knew a little bit of healing herself, but mostly the kind that would get someone through a tough battle with demons, not the kind that could lift curses and repair extensive damage.

Lying down on the grass unceremoniously, the Draenei shivered a little at the tickling sensation of the grass brushing up against her gigantic ball sack.

"This isn't a very common type of curse..." Shalendris explained to her patient, pulling out a few herbs and ointments from her bag. "But this should work without any known undesirable side effects," she added as she started rubbing a soft ointment on Ashe's gigantic balls.

"Should?" Ashe asked, golden eyes narrowing towards the Kaldorei.

Shalendris let her hands caress and massage those enormous nuts for a little longer than would have been strictly necessary before giving her reply. "Would you rather a healer that is honest with you or one that is not?"

Ashe chuckled. "Fair point, fair point."

Closing her eyes to concentrate, one hand on each goliath testicle, Shalendris's hands began to glow a gentle blue hue. The light at her palms would slowly increase in intensity until they reached a crescendo, that soft blue turning to an intense white, bathing their surroundings in that enchanted moonlight.

A soft sigh of relief slipped past Ashe's lips as the druidess's magic worked its way into her swollen balls, feeling that cum-laden sac of hers slowly being purged of the negative energies of the curse. But the elf's soothing magic did not stop there, for the Draenei soon felt the healing magic's pleasant tingling coursing through her body, emanating from the healer's hands and spreading like wildfire.

In a matter of moments, Ashe felt like she was floating in a pool of jelly, feeling so comfortable that she could remain there forever.

Outside her mind, however, that comfort quickly translated to a raging erection, her titanic pillar of fuckmeat rapidly rising before Shalendris's amazed eyes, like a growing, menacing beast.

Of course, the woman had seen cocks this incredibly massive before, but she never ceased to be completely smitten by them every time. And of course, she loved all dicks, big and small, but there was something about dicks so colossal they could be used as weapons that hit different for Shalendris.

With one last burst of magic, Shalendris purged her patient's balls of the warlock's curse. "There, I don't feel it anymore..." she said, offering a warm smile to the excited Draenei who'd begun stroking her fat dick with two hands.

"Help..." pleaded Ashe, a glob of precum shooting from her cock and landing on her own chest with an audible splat.

Licking her lips, the druidess moved in towards that throbbing prick, allowing her soft fingers to wrap gently around its girth, feeling its pulsating warmth against her delicate digits. "Always wondered where my 'savior' went after she'd rescued me from those nasty, nasty pirates," Shalendris said, leaning in to tease Ashe's colossus with a single, measured lick.

"Earning my place in the Alliance," the Lightforged paladin replied with a chuckle as Shalendris allowed herself a few more licks at the pillar of draenic meat. "I have to say, I'm starting to enjoy this Azeroth place," added the patient, resting her arms behind her head as she allowed Shalendris free reign over her ivory tower.

Moving her way upwards, climbing that enormous cock with her mouth, Shalendris could feel her huge lavender breasts brushing against the heat of Ashe's endowment, threatening to spill out of the sheer fabric of her outfit at any moment.

To get a better angle from which to assault that deliciously oversized dick, Shalendris pulled it back a little so that it didn't hang above Ashe's chest but rather stayed completely vertical, allowing the night elf a better look at the engorged, needy thing. "How long has it been since you've last ejaculated?" the Kaldorei asked, attempting to remain as professional as possible as another fat glob of pre shot into the air, landing atop the purple-haired woman's head.

"Uh... A week, I think. Feels like fucking forever, though," the paladin answered, looking up between her own huge tits at the night elf who'd resumed licking and slurping at her sensitive she-cock.

The night elf nodded in response. "Let's not wait a moment longer, then," she added before finally reaching the tip of that throbbing spear. So fucking massive was that veiny beast that she had to pull it towards her a little to avoid having to stand, allowing her lips to meet that precum-slathered, crown.