Draining the Draenei Pt. 02

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Ashe seeks out the source of her curse.
7.6k words

Part 2 of the 4 part series

Updated 06/16/2023
Created 01/22/2022
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"So, you're telling me these so-called wisps collect lumber for you guys and you just... build stuff that way?" asked Ashe, eyeing one of the floating balls of light orbiting around one of the colossal Ashenvale trees.

Shalendris gave a quick nod. "Yes, I suppose, in a slightly oversimplified way. This method avoids destroying our forests," the druidess explained. "It is a long process, however, and the Horde does not have the patience or desire to learn it."

Ashe reached across the small stream, giving Shalendris a hand in crossing.

"I hope the troll you captured gave us good info," Ashe said as the pair walked along the barely visible path, guided by the experienced Shalendris and her bird companion, Brightbeak. The bird, Ashe knew, would warn them of any oncoming danger.

Looking over her shoulder at the paladin, the Kaldorei chuckled. "Don't worry, I've made sure of it," the woman assured, referencing the interrogation she'd put her prisoner through.

The ashen-skinned Draenei shivered as she remembered the sounds that had come out of that room. Whatever the druidess had done to the poor troll had either been extremely unpleasant, extremely pleasant, or both.

When she'd gotten the information out of her prisoner, Shalendris had put the blue-skinned hunter to sleep, stripped him, and tied him to a tree near Splintertree Post to be found by the orcs there. The humiliation he would suffer at their hands would outclass any physical damage the Kaldorei could ever inflict upon him.

"How far is this... Ratchet?" Ashe asked Shalendris, eyeing the elf's tremendous ass, swaying exaggeratedly with every step. The Draenei's gigantic cock twitched in response to the sight, pushing against her inadequate codpiece. Was Shalendris teasing her on purpose?

Brightbeak hooted mockingly as he flew overhead.

Were it not for the fact that they were still near Horde territory, Ashe would have taken the druidess right then and there. Ever since the curse placed upon her balls had returned, the Lightforged Draenei had felt her lust, which was already sky-high, hit entirely new levels.

This curse, placed upon her by a goblin warlock during an especially heated battle, stopped her from achieving sexual release. The druidess had attempted to remove the curse, of course, but the removal process only suppressed it temporarily.

Now, the two were on their way to find the warlock in question, guided by what little information Ashe had of the goblin and what Shalendris had extracted from their troll prisoner.

"We're nearing the border of Ashenvale, from there, it'll be a few days to Ratchet," the night elf answered, stopping for a few moments to observe her surroundings. "There."

Ashe followed Shalendris's finger, the woman pointing to a small pass between two large trees. It took a while for the Lightforged woman's eyes to spot the path, so well had it been hidden.

"We use this to slip by unseen since the Horde controls the largest passes in the region and has eyes on the others. We rarely share this location, even with other Alliance members," Shalendris explained, guiding Ashe to the pass.

Even from behind, the paladin could see Shalendris's enormous rack. After Ashe's curse had been suppressed, Shalendris had helped drain Ashe's balls a few times. The night elf, it seemed, had the ability to absorb a good portion of the Draenei's cum in various ways, most of that abundant seed going right to her bust. The night elf had described it as a blessing, and Ashe could not find a term more apt for that ability.

And indeed, those lavender mountains had grown tremendously after their two encounters, leaving Shalendris nearly pinned to the ground. The woman, however, had the ability to use the magical essence stored in her tits in various ways, including to grow the flowers and vegetables of her garden. Ashe had never seen a garden as lush as the one behind Shalendris's home.

Neither had she seen an ass so lush, so appetizing.

Her cock gave another hungry twitch, the straps of her codpiece creaking under the pressure of that behemoth meatpole. The plated armor had been readjusted many times to accommodate Ashe's endowments, both her elephantine prick and her huge, bouncing tits, each ashen melon a little larger than her own horned head.

As they made their way through the tight pass, Ashe was briefly blinded by the bright light of the sun setting on the horizon over the golden plains of the Barrens. The change in scenery was rather sudden, Ashe thought, though the region did seem to deserve its name.

"I know a safe place we can use to set up camp," the druidess indicated, looking around briefly to make sure no enemies had spotted them. "Come, quickly."

Ashe didn't have to be told twice, her gaze fixated on the elf's fat, juicy rump, the curves of which were plainly visible beneath even the thick leathers of that druidic kilt.

Once they'd crossed into the golden plains of the Barrens, Ashe noted how the druidess's footsteps seemed to both revive the dead grass underfoot and sprout various small, colorful flowers around her.

The pair followed a path only Shalendris seemed to see, Brightbeak perched on the Kaldorei's shoulder. When they reached a small cave, the busty night elf made her way inside, soon followed by Ashe. The golden moon upon Shalendris's forehead illuminated the rocky walls of that shelter somewhat, though not enough to attract attention from anyone outside.

Once Ashe had entered the rather cramped space, Shalendris turned back around, lifting a hand to cast a quick spell. Soon, a multitude of brownish roots had sprouted from the ground, hiding the cave's entrance almost entirely. "There," she said, proudly. "Should stop any unwanted visitors."

"We'll be sleeping here?" the unsure Draenei asked, looking around, unable to even stand at her full height.

"I know, I know... Not the most comfortable of spaces and we'll have to sleep very close to one another, but I doubt you'll mind too much, hm?" the druidess replied, eyeing Ashe's codpiece which seemed to be struggling against the woman's enormous cock, which had been half-erect for most of the day, both due to the warlock's curse and Shalendris's incessant teasing.

The Draenei's lips curled into a grin. "Brought me here to... 'alleviate my suffering', did you?"

Taking a single step forward, Shalendris slid a hand into Ashe's codpiece, letting her fingers brush against the warm skin beneath. "Perhaps. Though we'll have to suppress that curse of yours if we're to relieve as much of your... burden... as possible," the druidess explained, a mischievous grin upon those plush lips.

Soft sparkling energy, white and blue, briefly illuminated their cramped lodging and Ashe felt the warlock's curse being temporarily lifted from her cock and balls.

"Oh, thanks," the Draenei said, and with a flex of her cock, her codpiece flew off, allowing her behemoth prick to bounce forward, smacking both her and Shalendris's legs as it grew from the rush of arousal. A long, hanging strand of clear precum dribbled from the tip of Ashe's massive dick, hitting the floor below.

Shalendris let her soft hand run along the front of Ashe's cock, feeling every eager throb as the beast stirred to life. "Hasn't been that long, has it?"

Tired of the elf's teasing, the ashen-skinned paladin started tearing away at the woman's armor. Shalendris did the same, removing piece after piece of that heavy Lightforged armor.

Their lips locked as they removed each other's clothing, making out with bestial hunger. Before long, Ashe's cock was hard as steel, pressing upwards against Shalendris's moist cunt. A soft moan slipped from the purple-haired elf's mouth as she felt the ridges and veins of that colossus against her hungry slit.

Fully nude, the two women's chests were pressed against one another, though the lavender-hued bust of the night elf dwarfed the Draenei's light grey one. As the two of them made out, tongues lustfully swirling and dancing, mixing breath and saliva, Ashe brought both her strong hands to Shalendris's ass, squeezing those huge, round cheeks.

With fingers digging into the plentiful flesh of her rear, Shalendris started moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her sensitive cunt against that veiny monolith below, pressing so eagerly against her warmth. Ashe aided those movements with her own slow, measured thrusts, enjoying the feeling of the Kaldorei's skin against her own, of their hands exploring the other's form fully, squeezing flesh, caressing skin.

Desire taking over her every thought, her blood boiling with lust, Shalendris suddenly allowed herself to drop to her knees, silver gaze looking upwards at the elephantine dick looming menacingly above her. The elf's eyes then moved downwards to look at the great, overfull balls of the Draenei, so full of potent seed.

Those gigantic nuts, while slightly smaller than the Elwynn pumpkins they'd been the previous day, were still over twice the size of Shalendris's head. The promise of so much creamy seed prompted the woman to lick her lips hungrily, leaning in and pressing her lips to that swollen nutsack.

A soft moan slipped from Ashe's lips, bringing one hand down, fingers gliding through the elf's silken hair, caressing that sensitive scalp. The Kaldorei closed her eyes in response, savoring every delicious sensation.

Ashe's cock, weighed down by its incredible mass, leaked streams of precum onto Shalendris's ass, the elf's rump shimmering in what little moonlight managed to filter through the wall of vines she'd conjured up.

Unseen by Ashe, those smooth vines had started slithering towards the pair, controlled by the druidess's thoughts. Neither had the Draenei, too busy looking down at the busty druidess licking and kissing her hairless ballsack, spotted the finger-like plants that had now moved through the puddle of draenic precum on the ground, coating themselves in ample amounts of lubricant.

Slowly but surely, Shalendris began moving her mouth upwards as she tended to do, bathing Ashe's balls in saliva and then moving upwards until her lips were massaging the base of her tree trunk of a cock. The druidess would moan lewdly against the fat, throbbing mass of cockmeat, running her tongue alongside the beast's underbelly, lips slurping and suckling against every inch she could reach. She would move backward, backward, until she reached the end of the Draenei's dick.

Her lips would stretch along Ashe's cockhead, dragging along that fat helm, saliva and precum dribbling down the side of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her gigantic, wobbling tits.

With one hand idly stroking her fat, alabaster dick and the other on Shalendris's head, Ashe never noticed the single vine rising behind her like a snake, poised to strike. The vine did not come at Ashe with any amount of speed, however, instead slowly pressing itself to the Draenei's large, muscled ass.

"Wha? Huh?!" gasped the Draenei, looking over her shoulder to see the finger-thick plant slowly slithering towards the crevice of her ass. "Did you...?" she inquired, looking back down at Shalendris, busy shoving inch after inch of delicious, oversized cock down her gullet, lips stretched thin across that immense girth. Were it not for her mouth being stretched across so much dick, the elf would have grinned, but the wink she gave Ashe gave every answer needed.

"Augh, go on then..." the paladin reassured, thrusting her rump out just a little, invitingly.

That slick, precum-coated vine, was soon pressed up to Ashe's rear hole, and before long, it was slowly slipping in. A groan of pleasure slipped from the Draenei's mouth, soon followed by a spurt of that slick precum filling the druidess's maw.

"She's done this before," remarked Ashe inwardly as she felt that dexterous appendage wriggling within her rectum.

Slowly, tongue slipping and swirling all about Ashe's cockhead, Shalendris had begun bobbing her head back and forth. While the Draenei's precum had very little life essence to give, it nonetheless seemed to affect Shalendris somewhat, causing her chest to grow ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly.

"By the Naaru..." Ashe groaned under her breath, noting after a few moments how the elf's breasts had grown by about an inch. "By the NAAruuu...!" she moaned as that wriggling vine pushed up against her prostate, causing her cock to flex powerfully, nearly lifting Shalendris off the ground by the sheer strength of the thing.

The druidess, still gobbling down over a foot of rock-hard draenic meat, moaned as a fat load of precum blasted down her throat, filling her stomach.

Already backed up with gallons of cum, Ashe could not deny that with that squirming invader inside her ass, she would soon blow her load once more. The feeling, while not entirely unfamiliar, had been surprising to the Draenei. She was no stranger to a finger or two up there and perhaps the occasional cock, but a druid-controlled vine was something else entirely.

Oh, oh did she know how to use that vine.

The Draenei groaned once more, stroking the base of her gigantic dick with one hand, her pace accelerating somewhat as she felt her release being brought on rapidly by Shalendris's expert touch. Ten thousand years of dick-sucking experience had its benefits, it seemed.

Both the Kaldorei's hands were now happily groping and massaging her enormous tits, fingers digging happily into that overflowing chest meat, stopping every once in a while to tease and tug at her rock-hard nipples, eliciting soft moans of pleasure. Moans which would reverberate into Ashe's cock, trapped within the velvety, saliva-coated confines of that skilled mouth.

The Draenei's breaths would quicken as she felt her prostate being massaged by the elf's enchanted vine. Determined to make this release a good one, she gripped both sides of Shalendris's head, thrusting her cock deep into the woman's throat until those enormous, cum-laden testicles rested upon the woman's chin, even brushing against her neck and the top of her breasts.

The elf's eyes widened in shock at the sudden movement. Though she had little trouble taking the entirety of the Draenei's oversized dick down her throat, she could still feel her throat stretching uncomfortably around the monstrous appendage. And with lips wrapped around the base of that throbbing monolith, Shalendris focused on sending her thoughts to the invading vine, massaging firmly the slight lump of Ashe's inflated prostate.

With hands holding her partner's head, Ashe began slowly moving her hips back and forth as the Kaldorei became acclimated to the enormous prick lodged deep in her throat. "Naaru's blessings, this feels divine..." moaned the ashen-skinned paladin, feeling her cock throb in response to her sensitive prostate being stimulated in such an unusual fashion.

Those slow, measured movements quickly became erratic, uncontrolled as she started fucking the absolute shit out of Shalendris's face. Each long, powerful thrust brought with it a swinging of her behemoth nutsack, slapping not just the elf's chin but the entire region between her neck and sternum.

The jiggling and wobbling from that impact caused the elf's tits to spill out of her top.

The smacking and gurgling of that passionate fucking of Shalendris's maw did not last too long, for Ashe felt a tightening in her balls, pleasure radiating through every nerve of her body as a powerful orgasm, far stronger than any that could have been brought on by regular means, set every nerve of her body aflame, sparks of pleasure igniting in every single extremity, every single inch of skin and along her whole spinal column.

The Lightforged paladin's golden tattoos glowed with increased intensity, bathing the entirety of the small cave in that warm light. "Auughh..." groaned Ashe, hilting herself in Shalendris, the Kaldorei's plush lips forming a tight seal around the base of her goliath she-cock.

Although she knew what kind of output the Draenei typically had, no one could ever truly be prepared for the sheer volume of light-infused jizz that Ashe could put out. In a typical orgasm, she could outproduce thirty men. After a prostate-induced orgasm after days with little to no release...

As it had the other times Ashe had cum with Shalendris, one could follow the bulge of that first impossible blast of thick draecum, the golden splooge glowing a little through the paladin's massive prick. Her fingers would hold Shalendris's head tight, preventing any escape, as the first shot blasted from that cannon, flooding the elf's stomach immediately.

The second blast proved to be too much, even for the elf's enchanted being, the pressure forcing the colossal dick out of the elf's throat, sending a long, arcing bolt of white-and-gold cum shooting upwards against the ceiling with a loud splat!

Shalendris's blessing kicked in then, and Ashe could see the woman's stomach slowly deflating. The first two blasts of cum had inflated the Kaldorei's stomach to such a degree that she seemed three or four months pregnant.

She could see it deflating, but she could not focus enough, that orgasm was too powerful, her mind was barely able to even grasp the depths of pleasure she was drowning in. The Draenei flexed her ass, nearly hard enough to sever the vine that had remained there, tickling her prostate. Wanting to avoid accidentally leaving any plant matter inside her partner, Shalendris quickly pulled the smooth thing out, allowing it to retract back to the wall blocking the entrance.

Ashe knew of Shalendris's abilities, that wondrous power she had to simply... absorb cum. She had seen her use it to absorb other things, too, magical essence, life essence, whatever. It all went right to her tits. Her tits were like mana sponges and they made for great targets at that moment as she lowered her cock down, pressing down on the ever-cumming prick to aim at Shalendris's mountainous tits.

So potent was the Draenei's seed that Shalendris's breasts inflated at an accelerated pace, large enough now to fully fill her lap with nipples almost as large as her fists. She tugged and pulled at those fat teats, tongue rolling out of her mouth to catch more of the sparkling light-infused cum the overendowed dickgirl was shooting at her, like so many salvos from a Lightforged war machine.

In mere moments, the busty night elf was absolutely plastered in Ashe's magic cum, the thick batter sloughing off her enormous breasts and onto the ground. While Shalendris's body did allow for her to absorb semen and transform it into life essence, she was not a bottomless pit and, like parched soil drinking the rain, she would eventually saturate.

Such saturation came when, at last, the elf's breasts had grown nearly as large as her own body, pinning her to the ground and still coated in ample amounts of Ashe's creamy, goopy nutslop.

Panting, the Draenei held onto her enormous, throbbing length with both hands as the last few sloppy spurts of cum plopped out of the slit at the tip of her cockhead, adding to the already considerable mess.

"I... Perhaps using that trick of yours on me was not such a great idea..." Ashe embarrassedly remarked between ragged breaths as the last remnants of that mind-shatteringly powerful orgasm fizzled out.

With a chuckle, Shalendris looked up at the woman, rubbing the overabundant cum into the skin of her equally overabundant elftits. "Perhaps." She reached up to give the Draenei's deflating -though still imposing- cock a soft, loving squeeze. "I'm quite used to carrying around a rather imposing set of tits... though these are a little larger than I can actually walk with," the Kaldorei said, caressing those mountainous udders of hers, arms unable to reach even halfway over to her still-erect nipples.

"I can always carry you to Ratchet myself, I am certain they are not that heavy," the Draenei said with a confident chuckle before the two settled in for the night.