tagSci-Fi & FantasyDrake: Legend of a Space Pirate

Drake: Legend of a Space Pirate


The freezing void of space stretched for eternity in all directions about the Drake, my craft. The lights of our galaxy hung suspended in that void, clustered in the center. There, the heirs of the once- mighty Empire of Jupiter, who now styled themselves the Dominion of Juno, still clung to the remnants of their former glory. The lights became more distant from each other further from the Galactic core. There, the political sway of the Dominion dwindled before finally reaching its limit about halfway to the galactic edge. The Rim is a place where men can be free... and where women cannot.

Suddenly a light cut across that endless black. This light was much smaller, faster, and closer than the other lights that make up our universe. Our prey had arrived right on schedule.

"Hit it," I commanded, as the prey entered our threat range. The small craft had not noticed our ship, sheltered as it was in the shadow of an asteroid. There was a time when no Junoan ship would have ever fallen for such a simple trap. They had grown unwary over the past decade. After all, the age of Piracy was over.

Or so they believed.

"Yeeeehaaww!" shouted Edd, my chief helmsman, as he gunned our ship right alongside our prey. "Damn if it aint good to be back in the saddle!" The pilot of the small craft pulled to starboard, trying to escape, but Edd kept us right along side. She was trapped.

"Shot across the bow," I ordered. My gunner, Mard, already had the shot lined up.

"You got it, Cap," he said. The brilliant blue arc of a particle lance shot from one of our starboard batteries, blinking across space like a flash of lightning and passing within six inches of the prey vessel's bow. Mard is a new kid, not from the old days, but Jupiter blast me does he know his stuff.

Our prey gave up, matching our velocity and powering down it's engines.

My men boarded the craft in force. I didn't anticipate any trouble. If my intelligence was correct, there would only be a single armed guard. There was no harm in caution, however.

As it turned out, the tip I had received had been correct. My men led the prisoners onto the bridge. There were three, all women. The most prominent was a twenty something redhead of medium height and massive bust. Her only-slightly plump waist and fat ass completed her eminently fuckable figure. She carried herself with admirable poise considering her situation, looking more outraged than afraid, nose way up in the air. Then again, she probably wasn't aware that her captors were pirates and slavers.

" I am Ciara Aibrienne McCormick, Imperial Archaeologist and eldest daughter of Brona McCormick, Governess of the planet of Eire IV. I demand to speak with whoever is in charge here. Now.". Her enormous breasts wobbled and heaved within the tight, low cut confines of her blouse. Praises be to whatever god or demon that caused corsets to come back into fashion in the Dominion.

Another girl was hiding shyly behind Ciara, casting nervous glances at the men leering at her and her sister. This was Aileen McCormick, Ciara's younger sister. Aileen was a barely legal bundle of sweet feminine innocence. Big naive green eyes stared fearfully from her freckled face as she tried to look in every direction at once. She clung fiercely to her elder sister, pressing her budding breasts, already more than a handful, against the older woman's arm.

Rounding out the trio was the guard. For a woman, she was both tall and strong, and she carried herself like she knew how to fight. Doubtless the emasculated men of the Dominion of Juno were no match for her, but now she was up against men from the Rim, hard, strong men who don't put up with uppity females. Her short, dark hair and skin indicated a percentage of African ancestry. Her body was nothing special in the curves department, but at least she was physically fit. I'd give her a 6 out of 10, though I'd have raised her score to seven if she grew out her hair and put on a dress instead of that boring guard uniform. The guard was the only one of the three whose hands were bound, and she struggled constantly against her restraint, glaring murderously at my men.

Sitting upon my command throne I faced my three captives. As usual, I was clad only in a loincloth. My hair, tied up into a captain's topknot, was the only badge of rank I needed, and I felt no desire to hide my muscular, scarred body. "Welcome to the Drake my ladies," I said in response to Ciara's challenge " I am Daman Laman Menaleus, pirate captain."

The name produced the expected effect in the busty redhead. Her mouth fell open in disbelief, and then her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "That's impossible. Daman the Dominator is dead."

"And yet, here I am," I chuckled.

"I see," said Ciara. "You are some copycat wannabe pirate attempting to revive the Dominator's name. Very well. My mother will pay handsomely for our release, as long as we are not harmed in any way, neither me, nor my sister, nor Lucretia.".

Lucretia was the name of the guard apparently.

I laughed. "And I thought I was infamous. Listen well, oh daughter of the Governess of Eire. I am, as I said, Daman Menelaus. I follow no law but the code of the Pirates of the Rim. For glory and profit, I prey upon the women of Juno. No bargains will I make with my prey. Furthermore, my crew and I are all healthy men with great appetites, and you and your companions are entirely within our power. No power in the universe could protect you from, ah, harm, as you so delicately put it."

Ciara flushed angrily. "You wicked scoundrel! You claim to follow the pirates code yet you take unarmed women prisoner?"

I waved a hand dismissively. "A common misconception," I replied. "The code sanctions the taking of any Juno woman under arms, employed directly by the Dominion government, or protected by professional guards. Your sister and guard each fulfill one of those conditions, and you fulfill two of them. Therefore, In accordance with the code of piracy I hereby take you, your sister, and your guard as my slaves, to be sold in the Rim for my personal enrichment. In the meantime, you all belong to me, and I can think of only one good way to put you to use." I addressed my men. "Take the two ladies to my quarters. Their guard is to be shared among the crew."

The men grumbled, thinking I was hogging the two hottest bitches for myself. Well, I was. But after stage two of our plan was complete there would be plenty of pussy to go around, and they knew that.

I gave the last few orders necessary to Edd to move us into position for stage two. He was to take us toward the rim at 70 percent burn, hopefully fast enough to convince the Dominion that we were fleeing at top speed- fleeing with Governess McCormick's two daughters aboard. Out into the cruel Rim where all women are slaves. The Dominion Navy was sure to respond.

Thinking about stage two got my blood pumping, and soon my loincloth started to tent. I had a few hours to kill, so I decided to call upon the two young ladies. I stepped into the elevator that runs directly from the bridge to my quarters.

I shut my eyes and breathed deeply, running through a Venusian meditative kant to control the waking monster that was my lust.

I am Daman Laman Menelaus. Daman the Dominator. Daman the slaver. In the Rim, they cheer me as a hero, the greatest pirate that ever lived. In the Dominion of Juno, women curse me, revile me. They pray to their precious Juno to protect them from Daman the Demon, Daman the Damned. Then, late at night, when none are around to hear they cry out my name as they rub their horny, denied pussies, wishing I would come to take them away from their safety and their power and sell them into cruel bondage.

Once the Empire of Jupiter had ruled practically the whole galaxy. That time had been the height of human civilization, filled with unimaginable prosperity and progress. Then the cult of Juno came into being, and slowly gained prominence in the politics of the Empire. The priestesses of Juno preached, at first, the liberation of women from the bondage of their domestic and reproductive roles, and once that was accomplished, the complete subjugation of men to women. Once the Cult's power was consolidated, the Empire of Jupiter became the Dominion of Juno, whereupon it slowly began to collapse over the course of the next few centuries. Now the Dominion controls less than half of the systems the Empire once ruled. Even so, they are still the mightiest military force in the galaxy, even if all their soldiers are women.

Pirates such as myself nibble at the edges of Juno's Dominion, taking what we can and enslaving the women who would just as soon enslave us. The various kingdoms and conglomerates and such out in the Rim are always happy to purchase as many slaves as they can get their hands on, especially slaves from the hated Dominion.

At last the elevator reached my quarters. My rooms are the largest living space on the Drake, though they aren't exactly expansive given the military nature of the vessel. Still, I have a cozy den with a comfy couch and a well stocked bookshelf, a small kitchenette (I usually dine in the mess with the crew) a bedchamber with an extremely sturdy king size bed, and a bathing room with a large, luxurious bathtub.

The younger sister, Aileen McCormick, awaited me in my den. Her eyes flickered up to meet mine before she hastily lowered her gaze, flushing. She curtsied to me as I stepped from the elevator.

"Hello Aileen," I said.

"Hello C-captain," she stammered.

"Where has your sister gone to, little one?"

The barely-legal cutie bit her lip. "Ciara awaits you in your bedchamber, Captain. She..." the girl blushed. "She requests that you... that she should be permitted to... attend... to you first."

"I see," I said. "I will indeed go first to Ciara. But before that, I must admonish you, Aileen."

I stepped forward, cupping the young girl's chin in my hand and lifted her gaze to my face. For the first time her big, innocent eyes met mine directly. "You are not a member of my crew and I am not your captain. You are my slave and I am your master. Do you understand me, Aileen?"

Her cheeks flushed with something altogether different from embarrassment. "Yes, Master," she half moaned, half gasped in the cutest, most submissive voice I have ever heard.

I patted her cheek. "Good girl. I'll be around presently, as soon as I have put your sister to bed."

Ciara was indeed awaiting me in my bedchamber. She stood with her back facing me, clutching her cloak tight around her curvaceous body. As I entered, I noticed her corset and skirt neatly folded at the foot of the bed. She turned to face me, faced flushed but expression cold.

"You cannot be Captain Daman Menelaus," she stated flatly.

I only cocked my head and gave her an amused smile.

"I was on Olympus Prime when the real Daman Menelaus was executed," she continued. "I watched the priestesses of Juno castrate his pathetic penis, and then cut off his head. He cried and begged for mercy like a baby. He is ten years dead. You cannot be him."

"You have heard the legends of Captain Daman?" I asked.

Ciara sneered. "The legends were only legends. I saw the real Daman on that day. He was pathetic."

"Did you really?"

Her eyes narrowed. "Just what are you saying?"

"Your sister told me that you volunteered to go first," I said, changing the subject.

"Yes," she said slowly. "Though you are pirate scum, and an imposter to boot, I have decided to indulge your vile lusts since I temporarily find myself within your power." She shed her cloak, beneath witch her pale, naked body glistened in the dim light. Ciara was on the thicker side of my personal ideal, but she carried the extra pounds mostly in the right places. Her breasts were luscious double-handfuls, each crowned by a palm-sized pink nipple. Her ample posterior was thick and well-rounded, her waist plump and soft but not sagging. "My duty as elder sister requires me to endure your disgusting attentions so that Aileen's innocence will be spared," she continued. "I will obey your wicked whims as long as you keep your filthy paws off of her."

I chuckled. Well, if that was how she wanted to rationalize her own desire, that was fine by me. But I couldn't let her think she was on a level where she could deal with me. "I have told you, Ciara, that I do not make deals with women of the Dominion. I prey upon them." Brushing a finger against her cheek, I grinned rakishly, saying, "If you want to protect your sister from my lusts, you will have to completely satisfy me yourself. Do that, and I will have no need of her."

Ciara folded her arms beneath her enormous breasts and regarded me haughtily. "Of course," she said sharply. "I expected no less from a rogue like you!"

I shoved her backward, and with a surprised grunt she fell onto her back on my bed. As I moved over her, the buxom Governess's daughter spread her arms submissively and said, "Go ahead. Do what little you can, scum." I laughed pushing one hand up between her thighs. Predictably, I found her pussy hot and sodden.

An interesting aside about female psychology: The safer and more powerful women are in their society, the more they become fascinated and obsessed with rape. If you rape a woman born and raised in the Rim she'll put a knife in you as soon as your back is turned. A high ranking Dominion noblewoman like Ciara, on the other hand, will melt as soon as you make your rapacious intentions clear. She'd probably been masturbating for years while fantasizing about being kidnapped and forced, and she'd been showing signs of acute arousal ever since my men boarded her ship.

While I slipped a finger into Ciara's sodden snatch, I moved my other hand over her naked belly, brushing her skin in very particular places on her abdomen. Then I seized her left breast, pressing the final three nerve points with my fingers, hard. This sequence was called Rising Moon, a basic but very effective technique. Ciara gasped, back arching and pressing her breast hard against my palm as she shuddered in ecstasy. Her pussy spasmed around my finger as her eyes fluttered and rolled. After a few seconds she collapsed back onto the bed, panting. "What..." Ciara licked her lips, catching her breath. "What in Hades was that?"

"I believe they call it an orgasm, my lady," I replied snarkily.

She didn't rise to the provocation. "I meant that thing you did with your hands... It was like... like white fire!"

I slipped another finger into her soaked sex, deliberately brushing her clit as i did so. "Really? All I did was rub your pussy with my finger and grab your tit. Do you think maybe you're just a slut? In any case, you should try not to get too worn out before I've even really started."

I pulled aside my loincloth.

Ciara's eyes bugged in a most satisfactory fashion, her jaw practically hitting the ground. For almost a minute she lay speechless, staring at my groin in poleaxed arousal and fear. Finally, she whimpered, "How could Holy Juno possibly allow such a thing to exist in Her universe?"

"My gods are Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo," I said gruffly. "Your Juno is nothing but a bitch. Just like you."

Quivering, she didn't resist as I pushed back her legs, looming over her, but as I pushed the blunt tip of my massive rod against her wet, quivering entrance, she moaned, "It can't fit. There is no way it's going to fit!"

Ignoring her half hearted protests (I was raping her, after all), I shoved my hips forward. The wide head of my cock pressed hard against the comparatively tiny pink slit of her pussy, slowly pushing her swollen labia further and further apart. Finally with a wet *splat!* it slid inside her. From there it was just one long, slow thrust until my hips rested against Ciara's fat ass. When I bottomed out inside her I gave her another Rising Moon as a reward for taking the whole thing. With my cock embedded to the hilt in her pussy the pleasure of the technique was quadrupled. Ciara screamed at the top of her lungs as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced rampaged through her ample body. Her flesh quivered, her very bones vibrated with the intensity of the overwhelming pleasure. Her pussy gushed and squirted wildly over my hard abdomen and her soft belly alike, soaking the sheets beneath us as well with her fragrant fluid.

After nearly two minutes of writhing and squirting, Ciara's orgasm finally ran its course. She lay spread eagled on my bed, massive chest heaving as she gasped for air.

Then I started to actually fuck her. I didn't use any more nerve sequences. If I had, I would have knocked her out too quickly and that would have been no fun. I deliberately forgot my specialized skills and swung my hips with all the enthusiasm and (lack of) acumen as a horny teenager. I was relying on Ciara's arousal and my enormous appendage to get the job done.

It worked well enough. Ciara moaned and cried out like a whore as I pounded her hard, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of her jiggling body. She had just enough body fat so that her entire body bounced with every impact of my driving hips. "What's the matter?" I crowed as she hit a particularly intense orgasmic high, "Too much for you? How will you ever protect your sister like this?" She could only moan in response.

I laughed as I fucked her, enjoying myself immensely. I love sex. But even more than sex, I love power. I love making women writhe and squirt and cum and go crazy. I love turning their minds to mush and forcing them to submit. No greater pleasure exists in life.

Eventually Ciara's eyes rolled up in her head and she gave one final gasping moan before going limp. She'd been fucked senseless. I had expected that, frankly, but I was still disappointed. I don't fuck unconscious girls, which meant that the haughty Governess's daughter and I were done for the night. So be it, I had another waiting for me.

I pulled myself free of Ciara's throbbing cunt, admiring the way her entrance had been stretched by my rod. Leaving her on the bed, I moved to the door.

Aileen awaited me once more in my den. Her face was much more flushed now then it had been before, and she was visibly clenching her hands in her skirt. She gazed upon me like I was some kind of god as I emerged from the doorway and stood before her, hands on my hips, naked and erect.

The adorable young girl licked her dry lips and then asked in a quavering voice "Are you going to... to ravish me now as well?"

"What would an innocent young girl like you know of such things?" I asked.

"Very little," she admitted, taking a small step toward me, struggling to keep her gaze locked with mine. "I have never really had sex before. Only a little pussy-play with Ciara. I know nothing about men except what I have read in Ciara's Pirate novels."

"Pirate novels you say?" I prodded, amused. "And what could a pure young lady learn from such filthy books?

She took another small step forward. "In one of the books, a vile pirate captures an innocent virgin girl. He cruelly forces her to kneel before him..." following her own words, she knelt in front of me, and continued, "...and to kiss and lick his..." her eyes fluttered shut as her lips pressed against the tip of my cock. I wish I had a camera, because the sight of Aileen, face red with embarrassment and arousal, reverently kissing my rod, was probably the most adorable thing I ever will see. She giggled, licking her lips. "I can taste my sister."

Aileen kissed, licked, and sucked on the head of my cock like a little virgin slut. Which is to say, she was adorable but not very skillful. The younger daughter of the Governess of Eire IV was clearly overwhelmed and without experience she had no chance to please a man such as me. So I took her head in my hands and forced her mouth down on my dick until she gagged. Flushing an even deeper shade of red, Aileen choked and coughed as my cock entered her throat. Her hands darted beneath her skirt, rubbing herself frantically as I fucked her face.

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