tagGroup SexDream Vacation Pt. 09

Dream Vacation Pt. 09


===== DAY EIGHT =====

===== (evening) =====

It was only one hour later that I woke up, but I felt like I had slept for twelve.

I sat up in the bed, rubbing my eyes. Over a nearby chair was draped a set of clothes, black pants and a white shirt, and a note. I slid off the silk sheets and picked up the note, observing that the outfit of choice was a set of tuxedo pants and shirt, but no tie or jacket.

Dear Xavier,

Just in case you wake up before I come back, we're all planning to meet you for dinner at about eight-thirty. We'll all be wearing formal gowns. This will be your fantasy party, just like you've always wanted, with you as the guest of honor and all of us women available for you and each other! We'll have cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, some dancing, and maybe we'll play a few party games. This will be your last night with us, so we're all ready to go until sunrise if you're up for it!

Love and Lust,


I smiled, and headed for the shower to wash the sleepiness away. Surprisingly, I actually did feel up for the evening ahead, ready for more and more sex even though I should have been satisfied enough to last a month. These little catnaps were proving remarkably restorative. I knew there was a reason, and it wasn't just about Katiana's suggestion, but my mind didn't want to go there; it was like trying to think of an unpleasant task like doing taxes or pulling weeds in the yard. For now, I would simply enjoy my stamina and prowess, and my eight lovely women.

When I put the shirt on, I discovered that the top four buttons were actually missing, thus forcing me to wear it open at the top as if I were a seventies-era swinger. The pants were likewise altered, with only a single clasp to hold them closed at the waist. The fly remained open, and due to what seemed to be a strategic looting of my luggage, I was compelled to go without underwear of any sort. This was definitely an outfit designed for sex!

As I finished getting dressed, I heard a knock at the cabin door, and it opened to reveal Trina and Nikita, dressed to kill.

"Hey, look who's awake," Trina said as she sauntered into the room. She was wearing a lady's tuxedo, a sexy one cut high on the legs and tight around her waist. Her legs were decked out in black fishnet stockings, and her white heels were at least four inches high. The cummerbund and jacket were white, and the shirt was nonexistent – only her jacket served to cover her breasts, and being unbuttoned there was the constant tease that the next move she made might reveal a bit more than just her deep, inviting cleavage. She wore a black tie around her bare neck. Her hair was done up and over to one side, a few curls spilling out and down her cheek. Her lips were red and pearlescent. "I thought I might continue to play the part of your hostess," she said, twirling to show me the whole ensemble and letting the tails of the jacket fly upward. "What do you think?"

"I like it a lot," I said with a smile.

She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at me, smiling back slightly in a way that spoke of desire. I felt a shiver run through me. After all this time, everything that had happened this week, she still had the power to charge me up with just a look!

"And what about me?" Nikita asked as she stepped around Trina to the left. "Do I still get to be your girl Friday?"

Nikita was dressed in red, a long and formal dress that stopped just short of the floor. A long slit up both sides revealed her legs all the way up to her hips, and a generous scoop in the front showed off her large and beautiful breasts. A long, translucent red scarf went around her throat and draped behind her. Silk evening gloves went up past her elbows.

As she stood next to Trina, the idea suddenly occurred to me that all I had to do was ask, and these two women would turn to each other and kiss deeply, feeling each other's bodies through these sexy outfits – and I felt a second chill. I couldn't help it! I loved the idea of having such lovely, sexy, willing women ready to perform for me and satisfy my cravings. I loved that they would not only kiss but make hot lesbian love at my command, perhaps with Trina laying Nikita down on the bed and licking hungrily between her breasts, lifting them out of the dress to suck the nipples while Nikita arched her back and moaned with sensual pleasure...

Trina waved a hand in front of my face. "Hello? Loverboy?"

I blinked, and came back to reality. "Sorry," I said sheepishly. "I was just... thinking."

"Let me guess," Trina said with a smirk. "You were imagining Nikita and I getting it on?"

I nodded.

"Why overtax your imagination?" Nikita asked, sliding up next to Trina and slipping a hand inside her jacket to cup a soft breast. "You know we'll make it real for you, if you want."

"Maybe we could afford to be a little late for dinner," Trina suggested, raising Nikita's other hand to her lips.

I took a deep breath. "As enticing as that sounds... I've been looking forward to this party. I'm sure there will be time later, and besides, I like the anticipation almost as much as the reward."

The women leaned in and kissed each other, a quick, light double-peck on the lips. "Well, if you say so," Trina said sweetly, and they separated once more.

My cock threatened to poke itself out of my pants, and I made a quick adjustment only to find that it was almost impossible to keep it covered. Both women lowered their eyes to my crotch and smiled, knowing full well what was going on in there.

"Anyway, to answer your question," I said, "the fantasy's been fun, but this is the last evening, so I think I'd rather keep it real. Let's just have a party to wrap up the week with a bang, without pretense."

"I like the way you think," Trina said. "It's probably better that way. I know that we would rather hang out with the real you, and it's more relaxing if we get to be real as well. Do you mind if we go down ahead of you, by the way? I want to make sure the girls are all ready before you come in; give us five minutes."

* * * * *

I felt a strange sense of déjà vu as I approached the door to the dining room. A week ago, I had stepped into the welcome party and met the various escorts of the resort for the first time, and I remembered thinking about how incredible it would be if I could have stepped into that room and known that they were all for me, that I was the only man among all these beautiful, sexy, horny women. I had chosen Trina on that occasion and I certainly hadn't come to regret it, but it had been necessary to choose. This time, I had no difficult choices to make. They were all mine.

I paused for a moment in front of the door, to take a deep breath. I could hear the girls chatting, laughing, and clinking glasses inside, and I thought about how every one of them was there for me, ready to satisfy my desires and to perform with each other for my benefit. What a rush!

Rather than just barge in, though, I wanted to be invited. I knocked on the door.

From inside came a collective gasp of excitement as the girls realized that the guest of honor, namely me, was waiting just outside. I heard a flurry of activity and then the door opened, revealing Trina.

"Well, look who's here!" she said, as if greeting the guest without whom the party just wouldn't be a party. "Hey girls, our man has arrived!"

She opened the door wide, revealing me to the harem of lovelies that awaited within. Everyone was dressed for the occasion in evening gowns and sparkling dresses, classy and glamorous, as if for a high-class affair. However, there was also something about each outfit that served as a reminder for what kind of party this was, like the sequined accents on Evelyn's violet dress that suggested nipples, or the too-short baby blue prom dress that Staci wore which seemed like it would show everything if she bent down to pick something up.

The girls all stopped their individual conversations when I came in and clustered around me, welcoming me with smiles and touches and kisses here and there. It was a bit overwhelming, but in a good way, an exciting way. I made my way into the room slowly, surrounded by this crowd of willing women who directed me to a large sofa, the sort that one might recline on and be fed peeled grapes while fanned by palm leaves. I honestly hoped they wouldn't go quite that far; my ego was sufficiently satisfied as it was!

Once they had me situated on the sofa, Julie sat at the edge of the cushion and leaned over me, looking at me with narrowed eyes and a smile that actually seemed a trifle smug – the look of a woman who knows how beautiful and desirable she is, and who is fully prepared to use it to her advantage. Her dress was long and fit tightly around her waist, with a long slit up the side that went past her hip. The top seemed like it had been cut specifically to hold her breasts up and out, and actually followed her deep cleavage so that her massive tits were supported within separate cups. The color was the same bright copper-red as her hair.

"We had a little game of chance before you got here," Julie said. "I'll be serving your first drink. What'll it be?"

"Champagne," I replied, as if it were obvious. "For everyone."

The girls squealed with delight, and Julie winked at me, then got up and went to the bar. Akimi and Kiko followed her, pulling out crystal flutes and three buckets where bottles of champagne were already on chill. The "twins" were dressed alike. Both wore a red sleeveless dress, with a high collar and a teardrop-shaped opening in the front that showed a hint of cleavage. Gold floral patterns weaved around the dresses, giving them an oriental look, as did the gold sash around the waist. When they turned their backs, I saw that the back of each dress simply wasn't there; the cut plunged low, past the sash, showing just a hint of gold panties on each girl. The only difference between them was in their hair; one of them had hers pinned up with red chopsticks, the other with gold.

Julie popped the first cork, and champagne foamed briefly out of the bottle. She poured a bit into the glass, swirled it around, and tasted it, then filled it the rest of the way, and a second one. Akimi and Kiko took the other bottles and filled glasses for everyone else.

"A toast," Trina said once we had all received our drinks. I stood up as she lifted her glass and smiled at me. "To our man, and to the sensual delights we share, whether with him or with each other. Our time together has been all too brief. I think that we will all agree that to serve him has been a pleasure in every sense of the word. Regrettably, tomorrow he must leave us, and so tonight is for making the memories that will sustain him until the day comes that he may return to our embrace. Cheers!"

"Cheers!" said the whole room, and eight glasses were brought to eight sets of painted lips. I felt momentarily embarrassed to drink to myself, especially described in such terms, but after a moment's hesitation I drank as well.

"We really do mean it, you know," Julie said to me. "I consider you my favorite guest of all time. Did you know that I had multiple orgasms on the night Trina and I shared you?"

"He made me come too," Nikita added.

"When you do come back, you're going to find a lot of women competing to take Trina's place as your primary companion," Evelyn warned, stepping up close enough to cross her wrists behind my neck and kiss me on the lips.

Like the others, Evelyn was dressed in a formal gown with a sexy twist. It was dark purple, contrasting strongly against her fair skin and blonde hair. The cut suggested a bustier, as it held her breasts up high and over each nipple was a little circle of sequins. Her shoulders were bare, but around her neck was a choker of sparkling violet stones. The dress hugged her waist tightly and then flared out in a billow of sheer silky fabric which just touched the ground, and which moved in the slightest breeze as if made of spiderwebs. Her lips were violet as well, a shade brighter than the dress. In spite of the fact that I had done her twice already that day, I hoped I could have one last fuck with her before the evening was through.

She kissed me again, slipping her tongue into my mouth, and I pulled her up a little closer to enjoy the pressure of her firm breasts on my mostly bare chest.

"That's what I won," she said when she came up for air. "First kiss."

"Won?" I asked.

"Our little game of chance I told you about," Julie said. "We all drew out of a hat. I got to serve your drink, Trina got to do the toast, Evelyn got first kiss, and as for the rest... you'll just have to wait and find out."

"Sounds great," I said. "Er, not to throw a potential downer on things, but which of you happened to draw the one that's about serving food? Lunch was a while ago, and man does not live by orgasms alone."

The girls laughed, and Susie Q answered my question by going for the platters of hors d'oeuvres, bringing each one to me to sample before the other girls took their share. Susie was dressed in an enticing outfit of midnight blue, a two-piece dress with the two pieces placed as far apart as humanly possible. The underside of her breasts showed just beneath the top, and the waist was cut low enough to leave no doubt that she was shaved clean. The sleeves and wrap-around skirt were transparent but overlaid with lace. Her hair was pulled up into a cone and then spilled back down, the whole ensemble giving her something of a "Barbara Eden" look. I looked forward to having some wishes fulfilled!

Dinner, such as it was, was surprisingly enjoyable – the surprise was that we talked about anything and everything except sex. The reason, I assumed, was because I had told Trina that food and sex didn't really go together for me; I had meant that I didn't like to use things like whipped cream or chocolate syrup while having sex, but it was fine by me not to include fucking in the dinner conversation either. The girls let me lead the conversation, of course, and I found that anything I chose to talk about was of interest to at least a couple of them. Whether their fascination with me was part of the game or genuine, I didn't know, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

The sole intrusion of sexuality into the dinner was the way in which the girls seemed to continuously touch, stroke, or casually caress each other. None of them stood or sat alone; they were always in twos or threes, and they would hold hands, or run fingers through each other's hair, or give a quick kiss to a cheek or a bare shoulder. I found the spectacle stimulating and at the same time reassuring, as if they were constantly giving me signals that they loved sharing each other and that they had no inhibition. These were women who wanted touching, who wanted the pleasure of contact, and who wanted sex; and what was more, they all wanted each other as much as I did.

The clinking of a spoon against Trina's glass interrupted conversation. I looked up from Evelyn's tits and saw she was standing in the middle of the room with Akimi and Kiko.

"Ladies, and sexy man, may I have your attention for a moment?" Trina called out. "Now that we've whetted one appetite, it's time to stimulate another!"

Cheers went up all around.

"However, we need to make sure our man is worthy of the pleasures that eight incredibly sexy women can offer. We all know about his stamina and vigor in bed, but how well does he really know a woman's pussy? With the help of Akimi and Kiko, we can find out! We'll need you both undressed at least a little bit, girls. Make those sweet pussies available!"

The pretty Asians turned to each other and each lifted the other's skirt, revealing gold panties on one and red on the other. They took turns sliding these down to reveal what looked to me to be identical pussies. I knew what I would be expected to do, and I wondered if I'd be able to manage it.

"Now then, if memory serves me correctly – I was there, you know – our hot stud took one of these two girls and gave her a good, hard fucking from below. Unfortunately, he has no idea which one he nailed!" The women in the room gave me a chorus of mock boos and catcalls. "So, tonight he'll have the chance to try them both and see if he can identify his anonymous lover. Just so you know, Xavier, Akimi is the one on my left with the gold chopsticks and formerly of the gold panties, while Kiko has chosen red tonight. Please come and assume the position here on the sofa, and our ladies will mount you one at a time!"

I felt awfully self-conscious, more so than I probably should have been considering the high-octane sexual adventures I'd had with everyone in the room for the past week. It was like the difference between singing along with the radio in a car crowded with friends, or having to get onstage to perform for those same people. I was being put on the spot now, and I noticed that my cock was having problems rising to the occasion.

Trina helped me to recline on the couch, and unsnapped the clasp on my trousers to let my cock emerge fully – or it would have, if it had been more willing to cooperate. Faced with the stress of having to make a good showing in front of everyone, it sat there mostly limp and certainly unable to give these ladies what was needed.

"Small problem," Trina noted with a nod. "Nikita, I believe this is your duty tonight?"

Nikita stepped up with a smile, reaching into the front of her dress and pulling her breasts out into the open air. She knelt beside me, rubbing her own nipples hard, and licked her lips with anticipation. "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to perform my assigned job tonight," she said. "We thought that you might have a little performance anxiety, and so one of us might have to give you a little encouragement right at the start. Lucky me, I picked this one out of the hat!"

"So, what are you going to do?" I asked.

"Well, I shouldn't touch your cock," she said, "because we need to keep you nice and clean for when you do these two pretty girls, but I'm sure I can come up with something..." Nikita continued to rub her breasts in circles as she spoke.

"Something to do with those, perhaps?" I asked, indicating her mammoth tits.

"You like them, don't you?" she whispered. "They're all real, you know... straight from Mother Nature. Feel them, and you'll see."

I had felt them before, of course, but I liked being invited. They were too big for my hands, but I did the best I could, and as I took over her rubbing she closed her eyes and moaned as if I was giving her the greatest pleasure in the world.

"Now... suck on them... suck my tits!"

She leaned forward to hang her heavy chest over my face, and I took each nipple into my mouth, licking them wet and sucking them clean. Her breathing came hard and fast as I excited her, and myself.

"He's ready," Trina said.

"No, don't make him stop, please!" Nikita begged. "Just let him do it a little bit more!"

"Oh, all right," Trina said understandingly. "But don't you make him come!"

Nikita's only answer was a gasp and a long, drawn-out sigh. She seemed to love it more and more as I licked harder and wetter, all over her luscious mounds. I kept my eyes open so I could watch the ecstasy on her face, and enjoy the sight of this beautiful woman in a formal evening gown overcome with lust.

"All right!" she said at last, "He's ready! He's hard and ready! Someone come over here and get on his cock before I lose control and fuck him myself!"

Nikita pulled herself away and stumbled back. Her eyes were wild and frenzied, and her whole chest glistened with the wetness of my saliva. She continued to rub her breasts herself, unable to allow the pleasure to stop so suddenly.

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