I have always have been a Day Dreamer. When I was young, the examination was my subject of dreaming. I would come out in top in all exams. Strangely in real dream I would find myself unable to complete the paper in time. The actual performance would be something in between. When I took up a job, the usual subject of daydreaming was success in all projects I was allotted. Subsequently the topic shifted to rising in the organization to be the Chief Executive and winning awards of all kinds.

The dreaming was triggered by any incident or news related to the topic. If there was cricket fever in the country, I would dream of being the best bowler or the best batsman and so on. If elections were due, I would ensure in my dream the victory of the party I supported. The next dream was about my becoming the head of state!

This process of daydreaming naturally extended to SEX. In sexual dreams sky was the limit, or more appropriately, every cunt was its depth. From Princess Grace to Princess Diana, from Merlin Monroe to Demy Moore, from the good looking relative to the smashing looking lady colleague in office, I have had sex in my dreams with every woman I have liked. My dreams do not straight way jump to the fucking climax but are meticulously visualized from the first kiss to a number of fucking positions in every conceivable location. When the dream was interrupted due to any reason, which happens quite often, I would continue the dream whenever possible, from the place I left it.

Recently I read a newspaper report about a famous pop singer who stayed married for a few hours before separating. She naturally became the subject of my dream. This is how I fantasized my sexual encounter with her.

I was on a business trip to USA. In the flight from New York to LA, I happened to get a seat next to ‘Brit’. I introduced myself and Brit expressed her happiness in meeting somebody from an oriental country. She asked a lot of questions about the country and its women. I told her that unlike the West, in our countries the girl in most cases does not meet her husband before marriage, which is mostly arranged by her parents. While the situation is changing but majority of them have no sexual experience before marriage. I explained her my own marriage and sexual experiences. The details made her excited and she caught my hands and held them during our talk. My heart skipped many beats and the cock was straining to extend in the limited space.

We were soon to land. She asked me about my stay details. I told her that I have work for two/three days and have yet to book a hotel. I was thrilled to hear from her that she would like me to stay in her house so that she can learn more about the women and their sex life in the eastern countries. Superficially I tried to refuse but then reluctantly (?) accepted the invitation.

We reached her house in the evening. After having a wash I was sitting in her living room when she entered after having her wash. She was wearing the bath towel robe. She had not informed anybody about her return program so we were alone. She went to the kitchen and returned with tae and snacks on my request. She sat down in front and started to pour tea. Her robe had separated and displayed her legs right up to her thighs. As she bent to hand over the cup, I noticed that she was not wearing any bra. For a moment I could see the right breast and nipple. We continued to chat on the topic of mutual sexual experience. I purposely included details that made both of us excited. My mind was preoccupied with the vision of her body so far exposed. She had noticed my glances repeatedly going to her legs and breasts. She got up and bent to offer me some more snacks and in the process exposed almost fully her breasts. I was controlling my urge to grab them while my cock, which was no longer in a tight pant but in a loose pajama was in full erection.

After placing the plates on the stool, she moved beside me. I turned towards her and took the initiative to hold her hands. She did not object and I moved my hands to her face and gave a soft kiss on her lips. She responded and a more intense kiss followed. In the mean while I moved one hand over her breast through the fold of her robe. I started slowly caressing them one by one and softly pinched the nipples. She was now kissing me with lot of intensity and urgency. I pulled the top of her robe down fully exposing her beautiful breasts. I moved my mouth to her breasts one by one and sucked them. She pulled out my shirt with some help from me and bent down and kissed my chest and nipple. I pulled her to me and kissed hard and thrust my tongue in her mouth, which she gladly sucked. Her hands moved to my pajama and took possession of my cock. She circled it and moved the skin giving me such a pleasure that I almost came. I was feeling the urgency and quickly opened her robe to expose the rest of her beautiful body.

We moved to the soft carpet and took off whatever clothes were coming in our way. I started kissing her moving down to the love bush and then to her already wet cunt. I sucked the love bud and the lips of her red cunt to my heart’s content and until she came in a jerky motion. After a small restful gap, it was her turn to move her lips over my body until they reached my swollen cock. She moved her lips from tip to root a number of times and then took it in her mouth. The suck that followed was so over powering that I came on the verge of coming in her mouth. I did not personally like to come in mouth and so I gently pulled her up and gave a deep kiss on her lips. I then made her lie down and sat down between her legs. The site of a beautiful naked woman lying with her pussy fully exposed, the cunt full of juice, eyes lustful and virtually pleading for her to be fucked is so exciting that it can not be described in words. One just has to make his cock enter the inviting cunt without further delay.

I however decided to prolong the enjoyment for both of us. So I started all over again by kissing her mouth and playing with each other’s tongue. I shifted my focus to her breasts. I circled them by my kisses. The nipples had become hard and big. I played with my tongue and sucked them. She was in a trance, eyes closed, pelvic area raised inviting my cock to enter her cunt and stop the agony and pulling me to her she caught hold of my cock and placed at the entrance of her cunt. I resisted it and moved my kisses to her pelvic area. I kissed all around the vagina but delayed kissing the clit or the lips surrounding the cunt. Eventually I did move to them and sucked the juices dripping from her beautiful cunt. I played with my tongue the area around and the clit sending waves after waves of pleasurable shivers to her.

At this stage I also could not hold on any longer and spread her legs further and brought the tip of my cock to the gate of love. I waited for a few moments to fully record the fateful event in my memory. She was already puling my bum towards her as the wait was killing her. I did not wait any longer and slowly entered the celebrity cunt in a slow movement. In spite of the urgency of the pressure to release I started to move in and out in a slow motion. The feeling was great. So it was for her. The biological need ensured that the movement gradually became faster but I did not leave any of her pleasure zones free from my attention. The hands moved from one breast to other. The fingers pinched one nipple after another. Kisses were exchanged at every halt of motion. I did not leave the clit alone and pressed it between two fingers and rubbed it to raise her level of excitement until she climaxed. We continued our delicious in out movement and she kept pace to eventually reaching the climax again, this time along with me. Oh what an experience it was for us. The after play with each other was as intense as was the fore play. We separated to meet once again during the next episode of this wonderful dream.

(I hope the readers would like my dream. If yes please give a high score to encourage me to put on record other episodes of my fantasies with different celebrities, friends, relatives and even with some of you lady readers!)

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