tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDreams Become Reality Ch. 04

Dreams Become Reality Ch. 04


AJ grumbled as she got home from work. It had been long and stressful and AJ had been hoping to spend some time with her girl friend Nikki but Nikki was filming Eclipse and would be home later than she was. AJ tossed her stuff down kicking off her heels and walked barefoot upstairs.

Entering their bedroom AJ grabbed her lap top. She was in desperate need of unwinding. She logged on laying belly down on the bed. She checked her favorite, usual web sites and looked for some shopping items.

Sighing seeing it was only 6 PM she bit her lip thinking. She clicked on a folder opening it. It held racing rated X pictures of herself and Nikki plus several X rated videos they had made together. She scrolled through the pictures of Nikki's file. She groaned softly seeing her provocative girl friend flirting with the camera.

She shifted as she felt her panties dampen. She paused on a picture of Nikki laying half way back her legs spread opening showing off a beautiful glistening wet pink pussy.

"I miss you so much baby." AJ said softly eyes on the photo. She leaned forward licking the screen where Nikki's slit was.

She continued going slowly through more pictures becoming more and more aroused. Her silk panties were soaking. AJ reached into her skirt gripping the fabric and pulling them against her tender clit. She groaned out loud at the sexual feeling. Her hips raised slightly as she pulled the panties tighter. She unhooked her front hook bra letting her hard nipples brush against her blouse. She shuddered letting out an erotic sigh.

She got up off the bed taking her blouse, bra and skirt off laying on her back on the bed in her soaking panties. She looked at a picture of Nikki licking her own tit and put a finger onto the huge wet spot and began to push her pantie clad finger into her hole. She thrusted a few times gushing out more making the delicate silk soak. Then slowly peeled them off.

She held them up admiring her work and buried her face in them sucking and moaning her legs spread hips bucking as she tasted her sweet juices. She sucked the silk clean before rubbing new wetness into them. Carefully she set them aside for Nikki for that night. Her thighs sticky and wet she got up heading to the toy box. She could feel her cum dripping in her ass crack and knew she was beyond turned on.

She found a mouth shaped vibrator and tongue and went back to the bed. She put on a video and grabbed the camera setting it up. She began to film a new vid of herself masturbating to watching Nikki and herself having sex on the lap top.

Spreading her legs, AJ turned on the toy and placed it against herself.

"OH FUCK NIKKI!" She cried out pretending it was her girlfriend licking at her clit instead of the toy. "NIKKI BABY UUUHH WORK THAT TONGUE ON ME!"

She moaned and hissed moving with the hot vibrating tongue before taking it off. She wasn't ready to cum yet. She got out a suction stick dildo and set it down on the floor putting it in place. She adjusted the video camera and squatted down over the fake dick. She lowered herself crying out as the thick 8 inch dick entered her flaming cunt.

She placed her hands down giving the camera a saucy look and began to bounce up and down fucking herself good. She loved how it felt to have her breasts bouncing as she fucked.

"Nikki oh Nikki! Baby go deeper in me!" She moaned her head thrown back as she bounced faster.

Her eyes flew open as she sank down fully onto the dildo. The entire thing disappeared into her. She began to grind hard no longer thrusting. She panted loudly grinding the dildo into her cervix. Her juices were pouring out of her creaming her thighs nicely.

"AJ baby I'm home!" Nikki said as she came into the room and stopped stunned to find her girlfriend masturbating to one of their vids. "Aw honey you didn't wait for me." She pouted grinning slowly taking her clothes off.

AJ stayed silent eyes on her as she began to grind faster. Nikki looked down and realized the entire dildo was in AJ's cunt. She crawled, naked, over to her and began to whisper.

"That's my girl. Show Nikki how well you can fuck yourself."

AJ leaned forward to kiss her but Nikki pulled back.

"Fuck yourself baby. Fuck yourself good and hard for your bitch." Nikki growled and crawled behind AJ.

She slapped her ass making AJ cry out her name again. She pressed her down hard trapping the dildo in her. AJ screamed feeling her walls clamp around the silicone. Nikki parted AJ's ass cheeks and began to tongue fuck her hole for her.

With an animal like cry, AJ began to cum hard. Nikki leaned down further lapping at the juices running out. AJ fell over Nikki flipping her starting to pull out the dildo though AJ wasn't finished cumming. She slammed it in her a few times yanking it out all the way and sucked on her clit lapping the juices. She gripped the dildo thrusting it roughly hard into AJ again and yanked it out pausing in shock as AJ squirted.

Setting aside the dildo, Nikki gripped AJ's thighs pulling her over her face. AJ sat on Nikki's face gently moaning as Nikki stuck her tongue into her. She began to hump Nikki's face and the squirt came again. Biting down and sucking hard Nikki got what she wanted. AJ began to pee into her mouth in a sweet, slightly golden stream. Nikki drank greedily until she got every last drop of pee out of her.

"AJ we have to talk." Nikki said as they lay catching their breath.

AJ noticed Nikki's serious tone and turned to face her.

"What's wrong?" She asked concerned.

Nikki reached out stroking her face.

"Nothing is wrong baby. I just have been thinking. We have been together for over three months now and things have changed."

AJ shifted nervous searching Nikki's eyes wondering if they were going to break up.

"AJ, I want to get married." Nikki whispered.

AJ's jaw dropped. This was not what she was expecting. Nikki looked at her nervously biting her lip.

"AJ, say something." She pleaded in a quiet voice.

AJ suddenly split into a huge grin.

"HELL YEAH!" She shrieked and threw herself at Nikki hugging her tightly and laughing.

Nikki relaxed hugging her back.

"There are other things that we need to talk about." She said pulling back slightly to look AJ in the eye.

"Like what?"

"Well...." Nikki hesitated.

"Tell me!" AJ said wondering what the hesitation was about.

"I kinda want a baby. I get turned on thinking about pregnant sex and well I want to be a mommy."

AJ blinked stunned but felt her own excitement build up.

"So what would we do? Find a donor, which one of us would carry the baby?"

"Well, if you want to you can or if not I will. Heck even both of us could!" Nikki said catching the excitement as well since AJ hadn't kicked her out.

AJ nodded thinking hard.

"As for a donor I um already have one." Nikki added casually.



"Taylor. Lautner?"


AJ shrieked.


Nikki blushed not looking at her.


"Well uh, don't get mad ok?

AJ grabbed a pillow smacking Nikki over the head with it.


Nikki laughed throwing the pillow aside.

"I kinda showed him a picture of you....naked. And he liked it. And well.....he wants to have sex with you."

AJ sat in stunned silence.

"NO! No way! Are you kidding? Please Nikki....tell me you are kidding!"

"AJ, AJ calm down. He seriously thinks you are hot. I said if I let him have sex with you it would be to get you pregnant."

AJ groaned embarrassed hiding her face. Nikki scooted closer to her.

"Are you mad at me?" She whispered into AJ's hair.

"Not mad...."

"Then what?"

"You KNOW I have a HUGE crush on Taylor!"

"Which is why I got him to go alone with my plan!"

AJ sighed.

"Fine. You win. As usual."

Nikki shrieked excited.

"Thank you! I promise that you won't regret this!"

"But what if I do?"

"How would you?"

"What if.....what if I fall in love with him?"

Nikki sat back unsure. She knew AJ and her relationship was complicated. They were not legally allowed to get married and they both knew it. On the other hand, if AJ and Taylor fell in love, they could get married no problem. Nikki too a deep breath before she began to talk.

"If you and Taylor fall in love. I will not stand in the way." She started, holding her hand up as AJ opened her mouth to talk. "I just have one condition."

AJ nodded mutely.

"Promise we won't ever stop loving each other or being together."

AJ smiled.

"I promise. If there is a miracle and Tay and I get together, you and I will still hook up."

Nikki sniffed a bit tears falling.


"I'm ok it's just....hard. I mean it is not fair with how things turn out in the end. People wouldn't accept us as a real couple. I mean yeah our friends would be happy for us but in general, society doesn't accept same sex relationships. I don't want you to start getting a lot of hate letters or threats or anything."

AJ could feel the tears in her own eyes welling up. Nikki was right. Same sex marriage was not legal, and with Nikki being a star it would be so much worse.

"You don't think we could be like Ellen and Portia?"

"No. I don't."

AJ held Nikki's hand tightly.

"No matter what happens ever. I swear to you I will always love you Nicole Houston Reed." AJ said staring into her eyes.

"And I promise, no matter what happens ever. I will love you always Anita Jayne McKenzie." Nikki promised back meaning it from the bottom of her heart.

AJ gently wiped the tears from Nikki's cheeks.

"Don't cry anymore. We are going to work it out."

They hugged tightly and for the first time the embrace wasn't leading to sex.

"Hey I have an idea." AJ said pulling back. "Let's go buy our wedding bands. As far as I am concerned, we are married, we just exchanged our vows."

"I would love it if we went ring shopping." Nikki agreed getting up. The girls got upand dressed heading out.

~To Be Continued.~

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