tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDreams Become Reality Ch. 03

Dreams Become Reality Ch. 03


AJ and Nikki Reed are together. The media has come to known AJ as Nikki's best friend. They know they live together calling them room mates. The girls have grown closer than ever and are constantly together. Shopping, eating, hanging out like two normal best friends.

It is three weeks later from the day that Nikki and AJ met.


"We are worse than a pair of horny 15 year old boys!" AJ gasped from Nikki's mouth.

They were in their bedroom having just walked in from shopping. They had been at Victoria's Secrets and modeling skimpy bras and undies had turned them on. AJ wasn't quite sure how they managed to appear calm and normal as they paid for their items and rushed home. Once they had made it to the bed room Nikki had pinned AJ against the shut door attacking her with heated kisses.

"We're better than that baby. We are in love. So deeply in love." Nikki whispered bunching AJ's dress above her waist.

Their thighs pressed against each other as they molded into their favorite familiar embrace.

Nikki squeezed AJ's ass lifting her up. AJ wrapped her legs around her waist as Nikki carried her to the bed. They fell to it never breaking their embrace. AJ could feel how wet her panties were getting when suddenly, the door bell rang. She and Nikki paused meeting each others eyes. They were going to ignore it when it rang said. AJ sighed.

"We better get it Nik."

"Ugh, fine!" Nikki said sitting up as they straightened their clothing.

AJ kissed her as an apology and went down stairs answering the door.

"Hey long time no see stranger." Ray AJ's best friend before Nikki said standing there with a smile.

"Oh hey Ray. How are you?"

"Ok.... I actually just broke up with my boyfriend. I was wondering if you were up for some chick flicks?" She said holding up a few.

Hearing foot steps, AJ glanced behind her seeing Nikki come down. AJ turned back to Ray.

"Um sure. Sounds like fun." She smiled.

Ray hesitated but stepped in following Nikki and AJ into the living room.

AJ sat down silently for a moment and looked at Nikki like they were having a silent convo.

"Ray there is something you should know." AJ said nervously.

Ray wondered why AJ was acting so funny. She hoped that AJ was going to tell her she didn't want to be her friend anymore now that she had Nikki.

"Um.. ok. What's going ok?"

"Nikki and I.....we're together."

Ray blinked stunned.

"Like dating?"

AJ nodded shyly.

"Wow AJ, I didn't know you were into girls."

"The thing is I'm not."

"But you just said...."

"It's just Nikki. I would never be in a relationship with another woman. Nikki and I are in love but if we broke up, I would date men again."

"Wow. Congratulations. I know how much Nikki meant to you before you two met."

AJ breathed out relieved. She was so scared that Ray would be disgusted and not want to be her friend anymore. They watched The Notebook and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. The three girls cried and laughed, eventually AJ leaned in against Nikki's side. Her head resting on her shoulder. They held hands so comfortable curling up together.

When both movies were done they cleaned up Ray standing to leave.

"I better be going thanks you guys for hanging out with me. I feel a lot better."

"It was no problem Ray. You are still one of my dearest friends." AJ hugged her.

"I was wondering....what is it like to be with a girl?"

AJ grinned as Nikki hugged her from behind.

"It is amazing. Words really can't describe what it is like."

"Hey I should introduce you to Kristen. She is bi." Nikki said excited.

"K Kristen S Stewart?" Ray stuttered.

Nikki nodded as AJ laughed.

"Ray loves KStew."

"Perfect!" Nikki clapped excited. "I will call her this weekend and arrange a meeting for you two."

Ray blushed thanking them both again before leaving.

"Wanna watch another movie?" AJ asked Nikki.

"How about 17 Again?" Nikki suggested.

AJ agreed taking off her top and jeans relaxing in her pink cotton briefs and pink lace bra. Nikki took her shorts and top off and sat down. AJ sat between Nikki's legs leaning back against her.

A few minutes into the movie, Nikki stroked her belly.

"Shame on you AJ! I can smell your wetness! Is Zac Efron turning you on? Taylor Lautner would not be happy!"

AJ shifted and giggled softly.

"You know my crushes are on Rob and Tay NOT Zac."

Nikki dipped her finger under AJ's panties. She found the hot wetness and pressed her finger in and drawing out carefully she sucked on her finger tasting her girlfriends love juice.

"Then why my love are you so wet?" Nikki asked placing her lips against AJ's collar bone.

AJ turned her head to look at her with a grin.

"Don't you know by now that my wetness is for you?" She asked softly.

"I just like to make sure." Nikki responded stroking AJ's inner thighs.

AJ turned to sit side ways between Nikki's legs.

"You know.... we never got to finish what we started earlier." She said looking into Nikki's eyes.

"Let's go up stairs." Nikki whispered.

Getting off the couch the two headed up to their bed room. They undid each others bra's and panties getting up onto the bed. They moved so their legs intertwining with each others and they were cunt to cunt.

"Mm Nikki, seems like you are pretty wet yourself." AJ smirked feeling her.

Nikki grinned.

"You know it baby."

They leaned on their sides and began to rock their hips their cunts slipping up and down each others their clit's touching. AJ reached around giving a hard slap to Nikki's right ass cheek causing her to jerk. AJ lifted her leg a bit higher pressing in against Nikki. She watched their sexes mold together as they moved, their tits bouncing and swaying with movement.

"You have such beautiful nipples Nikki." AJ moaned as a wave of pleasure washed over her.

"They wanted to be sucked later." Nikki panted as they rocked faster needing to cum.

AJ bit Nikki's thigh as they humped. Nikki cried out her name and shuddered. She began to cum first wetting AJ warmly with her juices. AJ pulled back a tad letting cold air rush between them and shoved back against Nikki their clit's kissing as AJ began to cum.

They untangled breathless and scooted to lay together. Forehead to forehead they rested breathing hard. After several minutes AJ sat up moving Nikki onto her belly. AJ began to kiss down Nikki's spine. Licking at the tattoo on the back of Nikki's neck and down again. She kissed each of Nikki's ass cheeks and kissed right on the crack.

"AJ!" Nikki moaned arching up.

AJ crawled back up and swung her leg over she set her pussy on Nikki's ass. She began to hump her ass with her pussy her clit slipping between the crack. They moaned loudly having sex a bit differently. AJ pressed her breasts in between Nikki's shoulder blades and reached around holding onto Nikki's tits. She tugged them roughly humping her ass harder. There were slapping noises as AJ slapped her cunt onto Nikki's ass.

Nikki hissed and moved under AJ. She was so turned on by the feel of AJ's cunt juices smearing over her ass. Her ass hole felt sensitive as AJ's clit slid between the cheeks.

AJ suddenly stopped getting off of her.

"Where are you going?" Nikki cried out not wanting to lose AJ's feel.

"Ssshhh baby. Don't worry." AJ reassured her.

She bent down pulling Nikki's now wet ass cheeks apart and inhaled deeply.

"I can smell our burning sexes." AJ informed her as she lay belly down between Nikki's legs.

"We are so horny after all." Nikki giggled.

AJ lowered her mouth meeting Nikki's puckered hole. She placed a little greeting of a kiss on it. Nikki pressed back silently begging AJ for more.

AJ opened her mouth and began to suck on it. Slipping her tongue in her. Her fingers slid into Nikki's pussy thrusting. She pinned her down so she was hardly able to move and worked on her ass with her mouth and her cunt with her fingers.

Nikki was screaming trying to thrash under her. AJ laughed against her ass biting where she could.

"I'm cumming!" Nikki screamed out jerking. She bucked hard as she had her orgasm.

"You are a very naughty little girl." She said when AJ let go, turning and facing her.

AJ grinned back at her.

"You love me for it."

"That is true." Nikki agreed leaning in and kissing her.

They lay down in their usual spots relaxing.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" AJ asked worried.

"Not not at all. It felt really good."

AJ sighed out head on Nikki's breast resting. There was still so much more to come for them but she was beyond happy for now.

~To Be Continued.~

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