tagLoving WivesDreams Can Come True

Dreams Can Come True

byAvalanche Man©

"I'm not wearing a bra." She softly whispered although they were the only two in the room.

"I know, Silly. I helped you get dressed........Remember!!" Her best friend and now matron of honor whispered back to her. "With this dress there isn't any way to wear one". The beautiful, ivory white, brocaded dress swept down from her neck to barely cover her full breasts, and left her smooth, tanned back totally bare. The heart shaped cutout in the front showed the beautiful inside curves of her breasts and swelled with the fullness that was restrained behind the top of the dress.

Smiling, with tears in her eyes, she listened as her friend told her to get still so as she could do the last touches on her eye make-up. She thought of the white horse drawn carriage that would take them to the small chapel in the woods where the ceremony would take place. The lake beyond the chapel would be its' normal shimmering blue that would be seen through the trees surrounding all the area.

Stepping back, her friend exclaimed, "NOW, you look positively radiant....so let's go see what a carriage ride is all about!!!!"


The deep, low rumble of a voice saying "I'm here to see Mrs. Jenkins" caused her to look up from the nurses station into the fathoms of the deepest blue eyes that were staring down on her.

"Uh, Uh, Sure, I can help you with that," was all she seem to be able to say as she starred back and finally realized the he could see down the front of her scrub top. Quickly, she got up and went to lead him down the hall to Mrs. Jenkins room, and felt like she was acting as totally rattled as she felt inside. She told him that Mrs. Jenkins had just gotten there today, and that they had her all settled in and comfortable after the transfer from the hospital.

Bouncing back to the nurses station, she thought, "Humm, wonder if he noticed my bouncing when I took him down to her room." Then, almost gasping, she realized that she had worn her totally sheer bra, and he had, no doubt, seen down her scrub top. Muttering to herself, she knew that others had told her that they could see all the way to her nipples whenever she had worn that bra under her uniform tops.


Blushing at the thought that he had probably seen a good, full impression of her breasts with her rosy pink nipples; she then remember that he had no ring on his finger.........so, maybe, just maybe, he was single. But, the never ending paperwork soon had her mind back to normal and other calls where there to also occupy her mind.

However, the occasional thoughts of his eyes and voice seem to keep her nipples hard and rubbing against her top whenever she had to hurry down the halls on the patient calls. The small town and nursing home didn't offer many opportunities to meet good dating material, much less anyone that could be a possible husband.

"I wanted to thank you, and let you know how happy my grandmother seems to be here." The soft, melodious deep voice interrupted her as she was bent over filling out a chart. Looking up, and then straightening up very quickly, she smiled back into those blue eyes that were smiling at her.

"Uh, Uh, Uh, we try our best to keep the residents here happy." She stuttered, as she knew that if he hadn't before, then he sure had a great viewing of her this time.

"I'll be down here every couple of weeks to see her, and would love to take you out to eat sometime when I'm down. If that's okay with you???" He said, while smiling at her and waiting for her response.

"Uh, sure.........that would be great. But we don't have many........actually any decent restaurants here." She replied, blushing, totally flustered and very aware of her nipples popping out as if they were determined to be seen.

"Well, there were some in a few of the larger towns about 20 to 30 miles from here.........I noticed them when I drove through to get here." He said, as if he didn't want to take her answer as anything, but a yes.

Nodding her head to agree with him, she took his outstretched hand as he introduced himself and held her small hand in his large one, as they stood smiling at each other. Finally, he had to ask for her number, so he could call ahead of time in two weeks when he planned to come down again. After giving her his business card, he asked if it was all right to call her in a few days to check on his grandmother.

"Uh, certainly........Sure, you can call me anytime. Well, that is, whenever you want to check on your grandmother." She seem to stutter as she was lost in the blueness of his eyes again, and doing flip-flops inside.


Despite having talked several times prior to the impending date of him taking her out to eat on a weekend, she was still extremely nervous and on edge the closer to the actual date. After the inital checking on his grandmother, they had chatted about everything else in the world and found a tremendous amount of compatible areas in their lives. From the times he would call and the length of their chats she was able to be fairly sure that he wasn't married, and didn't seem to be committed to anything or anyone other than his job at a bank.

"Hi there!!! You look even better than I had remembered, and I pride myself on my memory." He exclaimed as he handed her a large bouquet of flowers.

"Thank you. Come in for a minute, while I put these in a vase." She replied, smiling back at him, and feeling her stomach doing sommersaults either from hunger or nerves.

"Only a minute." He answered back. "As I'm starving and ready to eat most anything..........Well, maybe, not nursing home food, but anything else."

"Great, I've got a Chinese buffet in mind for us to eat at......if that's all right with you." She timidly asked as they were going out the door.

His casual attitude and acting as though they had known each other for some time helped to put her at ease, and his light compliments on her dress made her happy that he didn't know how many times she had changed before deciding on what to wear. Laughing and teasing each other about little things soon had her in a fantastic mood and more anxious than ever to make this a great date for him also.

Curiosity finally got the better of her and she had to ask, "What was the first thing you noticed about me???"

"WELL, there were TWO things that I definitely noticed about you." He admitted after a long pause.

Even as her nipples got hard and tried their best to make themselves very evident again, she had to know what he had noticed. "And they were???"

"Your gorgeous warm eyes, and that fabulous mane of hair." He said, as he smiled and looked over at her. "Why??? What did you think I would notice???

Laughing deliriously, she had to take a few minutes before she could even hope to answer him.

"Uh, I'll tell you later, but that wasn't what I was thinking."

"Okay." He laughed back. "But I'll hold you to that as you've gotten my curiosity up now."

As she stuffed herself with a second plate of the great seafood items on the buffet, he had to ask,

" Where are you putting all that??? I swear, if you get another plate or other stuff, we'll have to call for a wheelbarrow to roll us out of here. That is, if they don't throw us out of here first for bankrupting them from eating too much. I'm a bigger person than you, and I'm having trouble keeping up with all that I'm eating..............so, where's it going??? They be verrrrry hoppy we don't eat here two or three times a week."

Giggling at his imitation Chinese accent, she wondered if it wasn't the plum wine he had insisted that she try with their food or just a moment of happy silliness. Finally, she had to tell him about the bouncing down the halls at the nursing home, and that is what she thought he had noticed.

"WEEEEEEELLLL, I definitely noticed that, but was trying to be a gentleman and not be too forward on the first date. But, since you brought it up.........we just can't have that, and will have to test your theory............So, go take it off!!!"

"HUH???" was all she could say as she starred at him sitting back on his side of the booth.

"GO and TAKE it off, so we can know if it's true or not." He stated without blinking as he starred back at her.

Giggling, she starred at him for a minute and then deciding that he wasn't kidding took her purse and went to the Ladies room.


"OUTSTANDING............Absolutely BEAUTIFUL...........and you were right!!! I paid very close attention and there is a world of difference. Going to the Ladies you were bouncing all over the place and coming back it was almost completely gone. AND, not only that, but that dress seems to fit a lot better now."

With a giant smile, she was pleased that she had made him so happy and her nipples felt as though they were glowing under her dress from rubbing against the silky fabric of the dress. Standing when she had come back to the booth, he stepped next to her, and taking her in his arms, very gently gave her a full kiss while holding her body against him.

"I've wanted to do that since I first met you." He said, while still holding her against him.

Blushing she realized that several people around them were looking at them and smiling their approval of his and her actions. After stating that she was full and couldn't eat another shrimp, they left for the movie that they had planned on seeing.

During the movie without a thought she had taken his hand that was around her shoulders and moved it to where it was over her breast. After a bit, she realized he was very tenderly massaging her nipple and even lightly pulling on it during some of the more intense moments of the movie. Since it felt so good, she didn't say anything or protest when he switched and repeated the actions on her other nipple.

Driving back to her house, she sat next to him, and after a long, deep kiss that almost seemed like an oral examination of each others' tonsils; he had continued the nipple stimulation that had began in the theater. Although they didn't talk much during the drive back, they both seem more than content with each other and his rolling and pulling on her nipples.

"If I don't leave now...........I'll never want to leave." He murmured while still holding her after several very intense kisses once they had gotten back to her house. "But.........one last thing.........." Then he leaned over and kissed her nipples through her dress, and swore to call her the next day, so they could plan the next weekend.

TOTALLY wet and screamingly horny was how she felt, and thought, "Well, this was a most different and wildly unusual first date I've ever had." Rubbing her nipples, she was eagerly awaiting his call for the next date.


Looking down on the glittering, sparkly "ROCK" on her finger, she smiled and through misty eyes told her best friend............"Yeah, let's go see what this carriage ride is all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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