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Sam gave me a buzz from downstairs in the driver's lounge. We had arranged for a meeting late at night. I stayed in the office, pretending to do work till everyone else. Sam arrived and entered the building through the driver's door. He used the interoffice phone to buzz me.

I playfully jumped onto his chest when I ran downstairs. Sam is a fairly muscular guy and I'm still fairly small so he was to hold me to his strong chest while we kissed our hellos. I wrapped my legs around his waist and wiggled seductively.

How was I to know how horny he was tonight? Sam had been on the road for awhile and although I'm sure he flirted plenty, he's still a fairly decent guy. Too bad he was married too; guess that doesn't make him that decent. Anyway, his hands were sliding all over my body and it felt great. So good, that I decided I couldn't wait, I wanted him now.

I began to unbutton his shirt, sliding my hands over his strong chest. Sam had a worried look on his face but I kissed it away. Dispatchers were in the room next door but they couldn't see in here and there was no reason for them to come this way.

I slid off his chest and while standing in front of him, began to pull at his big trucker's belt buckle. Sam is so cute when he turns red. I was quick! His pants were down, underwear around his ankles, shirt unbuttoned and me giving head while on my knees.

"Jesus Shannon! Oh God that feels great. You give the best head."

I lifted his huge cock skyward and looked up at him while I slowly licked from base to head. My tongue swirled over the pee hole, teasing him till it hurt. I straightened his cock out and place him between my lips. Deeper, deeper, deeper I took him till he gasped. I withdrew him and smiled.

"Sam, you know what I need?"

"A good fuck!" he said smiling.

"Yes," I replied "But do you know where?"

I watched Sam gulp, "No, where?"

"In the ass Sam, I need you in my ass."

Sam pulled me to my feet. I helped him pull my clothes off although my skirt ended up bunched around my waist. He guided me to the driver's sofa, facing it and pushing me forward till I gripped the back and side arm, my back bent and my ass offered to him. Sam knelt and began to spread my cheeks apart, his tongue probing my moist cunt, playing with the lips and then back up, up until he circled my soft brown hole, teasing the muscles apart, probing.

With two of his fingers probing my cunt, Sam was reaming my ass hole. The fingers of his free hand massaging the muscles and loosening me up. Satisfied with his efforts, Sam stood up and slipped his cock into my wet hole, lubricating himself for the next step. He pulled his rod out and then added more juice to my darker hole with his fingers and my own juice. Finally, gasping with anticipation, Sam pressed his cock head against my anus.

I concentrated on relaxing my muscles, the sensation as he spread me apart, slowly, so slowly he entered me. Sam began to work himself in and out, deeper each stroke. I reached underneath me to touch my humming cunt and throbbing clit.

"Oh my God!"

Sam froze at the new voice. We glanced to our right and behind us to find Don, one of the dispatchers staring at us. I could hear the second dispatcher, probably Paul, coming forward after hearing Don's exclamation. But I also noticed that Don was hard. The devil! He must have been watching us for awhile.

I felt Sam start to withdraw but I glanced back at him and told him to stay where he was. "We're going to put on a show." I figured we better include these two interlopers or we were in deep shit. They can't possibly complain if they were conspirators. I knew these dispatchers; they weren't gentlemen.

"Come on Sam, fuck my ass, keep fucking."

Sam looked at Don and now Paul. They nodded. Don was even squeezing his hard on through his pants. Sam continued but he had to gain a little hardness again. That was all right, it felt great to feel him harden within my ass. Don stepped closer to get a better look. In fact, he reached out and laid a hand on my back. I smiled at him, reached out and placed my hand on his bulge, squeezing it. His hand slid off my back and down under to hold one swaying breast, thumb and finger squeezing the erect nipple.

I moaned with pleasure. Sam was filling my ass quite nicely. Paul exclaimed, "Oh jeez, he's fucking her ass!" He too had stepped closer and realized where Sam's cock was. The two intruders stared at Sam's cock sliding in and out slowly. Sam reached out, gathered me up in his arms and with the help of the two guys, turned and sat down on the sofa.

"Are you two going to get those cocks out or what?" I cried, now being lifted up and down on Sam's cock. I rubbed my own cunt to the enjoyment of the men. And sure enough, they started to throw their clothes off. Paul left shirt, sox and shoes on; Don got completely naked.

"Give them to me boys!"

I had two hard cocks shoved in my face. I held one in each hand and stroked them. Paul was not circumcised and so his fleshy foreskin had to pulled back. Don's cock head was a dark purple already. "Yummy!"

Sam watched form around my back as I took each cock into my mouth in turn. Sam was still helping me lift and fall but it was mostly my efforts now. He reached around my waist to play with cunt, pulling the lips apart and trying to rub my clit.

It was getting real hot in here, real fast! I was making all kinds of fuck noises and the boys really appreciated it. Don and Paul had cockfights to get my attention. Paul announced he was cumming first and so I put his cock in my mouth and gave him head till his semen filled my mouth. Little did I know that Don thought that was pretty hot and I felt a hot burst of goop hit my cheek. I laughed with excitement as I continued to stroke his shaft and the jism came flying out. I let Paul go and opened my mouth for the last of Don.

Now it was my turn with the help of Sam. I hammered myself up and down on him now, his cock filling my tighter channel while I rubbed my clit and pussy vigorously. I climaxed as Sam gripped my waist and held me pinned to his throbbing cock. My anus suddenly became warm and slick.

This position is good but gets messy. Paul was a dear and got Sam and I some paper towel. I thanked the boys and told Sam I would meet him upstairs. Before I left, Don said he hoped that I worked overtime again soon. The weasel! I couldn't make out the words but the three boys were talking now. Making plans I suppose.

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