tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDriving Miss Rousey

Driving Miss Rousey


This is a fuck parody... It ain't real.

"How long have you been driving celebrities?"

"About a year. It's a part time diversion for me."

"Diversion from what?"

"Life in general... No, just kidding, from my other job."

"What's your other job?"

"I'm a pimp."

"You're kidding."

"Nope. Pimpin' ain't easy ma'am."

"Ha. I'm sure. Call me Ronda. I like you James. You're a cool dude."

"The feeling is definitely mutual. Except about the cool dude stuff... You're a cook chick... And hot too. So you manage to be cool and hot at the same time. What a bad ass woman."

"Ha. Thanks. You're a cutie yourself, Mr Pimp Guy. I'm being driven around by a cute pimp... You just never know what life's gonna bring you I guess."

"Yeah, it brought me a gorgeous MMA Queen/Pro Wrestling Goddess... And it brought you the cutest pimp ever... Good day for us both."

"Ha. Yes it is James... Yes it is."

I was having a fun conversation with the one and only, Ronda Rousey. Like I told her, I was driving celebrities around as a part time diversion from my pimp life. I was taking a mini vacation from it. I didn't need the money, I just thought it would be an interesting diversion. I could meet even more celebrities than I already have and make some new friends. I was particularly enjoying this driving job. Ronda is gorgeous and I'm a huge MMA/Pro Wrestling fan, so it was a cool job for me. I kept looking at her in the rear view mirror of my Cadillac. She was wearing a very short and very tight, red mini dress, with holes up the sides, showcasing the fact she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. She also had on red high heels. They had straps around her ankles. She's knows how to dress to impress, I'll give her that. Her long blonde hair was in a braided ponytail. Her makeup was perfect. Great bright red eye liner and lipstick.

She saw me looking at her in the mirror several times. She just smiled or blew me a kiss. Ronda is very flirtatious, so I knew this was gonna be a fun day.

"How's the wrestling biz treating you?"

"It's cool. It's not as stressful as UFC. It's different though. I'm used to training and winning because I was better than my opponent. It's a lot different when you lose, when they want you too. It's an adjustment. I haven't had to lose yet... So I haven't had to deal with how that feels... You watch me on TV huh?"

"Yep. One hand on the remote... One hand on my... Chicken wings. (Smiling at her)... Either that or pizza." Laughing.

"Ha! ... I bet it's on your wings or pizza. You know you whack off while you watch me James. Ha."

"Not really Ronda... That's more afterwards... When I'm in bed fantasizing about you and the freaky things I wanna do to you."

"Oh really?... Freaky things huh? Well, my husband's not here, so tell me about those freaky things you wanna do to me."

"Sorry, first stop." I pulled up to her agents office building. I got out and opened the door for her. She got out and smiled at me. She poked me gently in the chest.

"You owe me details, buddy." Ronda smiled again and walked into her agent's building. I watched her gorgeous ass sway in that tight red mini dress. That woman is fucking hot. I just shook my head and smiled. I sat in the car and waited. I lit a blunt and smoked, to pass the time. Just smoked a little. I didn't wanna be impaired at all. Ronda came back out a half an hour later. I opened the door for her. She smiled and rubbed my face. She was in a very good mood. We got in and went on our way. She could smell the weed in the car. Thankfully she didn't mind.

"Got any of that left? Give me a hit." I handed the blunt to her. She puffed and passed it back to me. We did that a few times, then I put it out.

"Sorry, don't wanna get impaired. I'm driving a multi talented, very gorgeous superstar around, so I wanna have all of my wits about me." I winked back at her in the mirror.

"Yes, you're not only really cute, but you're smart too. Ok Mr Pimp... You owe me details, about your fantasies of me and all the freaky shit you wanna do to me. I'm in a great mood, so now's your chance buddy."

Well, OK. Just some normal sex stuff, you know, eat your pussy for a couple of hours, swallow your pussy cum a few times. Play with your ass, that perfect ass. Smack it, tongue fuck it, eat it out. Fuck you in a bunch of positions with my big cock. Make you cum a dozen times. Eat some ice cream out of your pussy and ass, make you cum some more. Piss in your holes. Cum in your mouth several times... For starters."

Ronda looked at me, processing all the info I just gave her. She thought about it, smiled and leaned back in the seat. She pulled her short mini dress up and exposed her gorgeous, clean shaven pussy. She didn't say a word. She smiled at me and slowly rubbed her right fore finger up her labia, slowly dragging it all the way up it. Thankfully we were at a stoplight, so I could watch peacefully. She stopped at her clit... Then wiped up it quickly. She held her finger up, then brought it to her mouth. She licked her finger slowly, as I watched intently. She softly kissed her finger and winked at me. She then pulled her dress back down to cover her gorgeous pussy.

"Light's green, you can go now." Ronda smiled at me and I laughed and smiled back. Yep, she's at ease all right. A good one too. I pulled off and she got a call. It was her husband, who was supposed to meet her for lunch. Obviously that wasn't gonna happen, by the way she was fussing on the phone.

"We had plans... What's your problem?... I know, but I have things to take care of... Forget it!" Ronda hung up. She was upset, so I didn't say anything. After about a minute of awkward silence, she finally talked.

"James, do you wanna have lunch with me? My idiot husband is being a pain, so I'm by myself I guess."

"Sure. Sorry about your spat."

"It's fine, we argue more nowadays for some reason. You pick where we go. I'm in your hands." She winked at me, teasing again. I pleasantly surprised her by going very simple. We went down to the Santa Monica Pier and got some corn dogs. She loved it. We sat, ate and talked.

"Have you ever been married?"

"Me? No. Pimp's can't get married Ronda... C'mon." We laughed. She looked so sweet and sexy eating that corn dog with ketchup. I looked at her and smiled. I've been a fan of hers for a long time, so it was really cool getting to hang out with her and get to know her... And damn, she looked hot!

"Be careful, don't wanna get any ketchup on that hot dress you're wearing. Wow!"

"You like it huh?" I gave her the "ol' hell yeah I do" look. She smiled the sexiest and sweetest smile I've ever seen her smile.

"You're not just a bad ass... You're a hot dressin' hottie bad ass." I winked at her and finished my corn dog. She finished hers and leaned in to my ear.

"I'm a horny, hottie bad ass too." She winked back at me, laughing. Such a sexy tease, so fucking sexy.

"Tease. Got me all fired up, looking at you, thinking naughty, freaky thoughts about you... and I gotta work. Damn." We both laughed. I realized not only is she one of my biggest celebrity crushes, but she's also a really cool chick, so we could be good friends... With benefits, maybe more. Ronda kissed my cheek and put her head on my shoulder. She, like I, had realized the connection we had. This was a good day so far. Would it get better?... (BIG SMILE)

"I love watching the waves. It's so peaceful and relaxing." Ronda put her left hand on my leg, as we started on the bench and watched the waves. I put my arm around her... She didn't object, so I left it there. She slowly rubbed my leg, her head on my shoulder. "Tell me James. If you ever found the right woman, would you ever consider settling down?" I didn't object to such a personal question. I liked her, so I answered.

"It would have to be one helluva woman. I get to be with any woman... Or most any woman... That I want now. So, to give that up, she would have to be the perfect woman for me... In every way."

"Whats every way?"

"She's gotta be very hot... Maybe wear braided ponytails... And hot red mini dresses... And eats corn dogs on a pier. For starters." Ronda nudged me and we laughed. Two can tease.

"So you're saying I'm perfect for you... In every way?"

"Well, I don't know... We've never explored the other ways... yet." She lifted her head and looked right at me. This was it. The make or break moment. Did I go too far? Find out next week... same bat time... same bat channel... Sorry (laughing), I'll skip the Batman TV show references...

Ronda softly rubbed my face, looking deep into my blue eyes. She smiled. "Take me to your place... and let's explore." I picked her up and carried her to my car. I put in the back seat and rove her back to my place. I picked her up again, her legs around my waist, kissing her and carried her into my condo. I pressed her against the wall and kissed her. She took my shirt off. She licked my face and neck, so filled with lust. We both were. I took her dress off, but left her heels on. She yanked my pants off, smiling at my cock, when she saw it. Ronda knelt down and engulfed my big cock. She deepthroated the whole thing. Fuck, she's sexy.

She looked up at me, smiling lustfully at me around my cock. Her cheeks bulging around my head and shaft. She licked the underside of my cock as she sucked greedily up and down it. I grabbed her ponytail and fucked her face. She let me take charge, as I drove my cock hurriedly into her gorgeous mouth, her red lipstick smeared all over my cock. I fucked her mouth and throat hard. She loved it, moaning happily as I used her for my oral pleasure. I fucked her mouth and throat harder and harder. She massaged my balls so nicely, smiling up at me with that very beautiful face.

I laid Ronda on the couch and knelt on the floor, her legs hanging off of the couch I smiled at her and kissed her very beautiful, juicy pussy. I licked up and down her labia, wiggling my tongue, slowly wiping up on it, as I winked at her. She blew me a kiss. I spread her labia and snaked my tongues up her tasty twat. I rolled it side to side, licking quickly as I went. Ronda moaned and played with my brown hair. She bit her lower lip, writhing against may face. I licked her out fast, my tongue mercilessly darting all over her twat. I smacked her erect, pink clit softly. Smack after smack on the tip of her clit. I twisted my tongue in and out of her pussy, now rubbing her clit in circles, quickening my pace. I licked her out faster, my tongue lapping up her tasty juices, desperately wanting her sweet nectar. She gave it to me. "AHHHHHHHHHH, I'M CUMMMMINGGGGGGG!!" Ronda squirted her pussy cream all over my darting tongue. I lapped it all up happily.

Ronda wrapped her smooth legs around my hard and ground her pussy on my face. I rubbed her clit faster and faster. My eyes locked on hers. I licked every drop of juice out of her pussy. My tongue rolling faster, licking faster and faster. I pinched her erect clit HARD! Then I rubbed it in circles as fast as possible. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! HERE IT CUMS BABY!!" Ronda licked her tongue at me, smiling big. She squirted hard on my tongue again. I licked her out, tasting it all. She ground that tasty twat all over my face and I ate it hungrily. Ronda has one of the best tasting pussies ever. I ate it with a huge smile on my face. I kept lapping up her cream, rubbing her clit as fast as possible, now up and down. My tongue rolled so fast. I twisted it in and out of her pussy rapidly. She moaned again and squirted once more on my tongue. The squirt hat trick.

I lapped up her abundant, tasty juices. I licked her totally clean, kissing her pussy and smacking my lips, as I leaned back and looked up at her. She just smiled so happily at me. She leaned down to me, kissing me deeply. Our tongues fucked madly in our mouths.

I picked her up, still kissing her, and carried her to my bedroom. I tossed her on the bed, she smiled, wiggling her eyebrows at me. I licked her gorgeous C cups, kissing all over them, softly biting them. I sucked her tits hard, rubbing the other nipple with my thumb. I alternated tits, sucking and licking both equally. Her small, hard nipples looked so good. I licked the tips of them in my mouth, sucking them hard, pulling them as far as possible. I let them snap back into place. Ronda moaned loudly. I put her muscular, smooth legs on my shoulders and rubbed my insanely hard cock up and down her wet labia. She moaned loud, her hands on my face.

I pushed up her warm, welcoming pussy, inching my way up that perfect pussy, stretching it with my girth. I fucked her with short quick thrusts. In and out quickly, my cock driving up her sexy snatch. Ronda rubbed my face, moaning loudly, her beautiful gray eyes locked on my blue eyes. Our mutual lust for each other burning through our gazes. I fucked her pussy harder, now with deep, long thrusts. My rock hard cock pushing all the way up that sweet pussy faster, harder, all the way. Ronda moaned, her mouth opened wide. I fucked her pussy faster and faster and faster!!

Ronda came hard, squirting all over my cock. I pounded her pussy so fucking hard, my lust and desire for her driving me. My cock flew up her pussy with blazing, lust driven speed, pounding her twat relentlessly. Ronda loved every bit of it, blowing me kisses, licking her tongue at me. The bed was shaking from our nookie. I kissed her, holding her arms above her head, drilling up that sexy snatch with awesome speed and power. My cock loving every second of being in Ronda's warm wet pussy.

She squirted again all over my cock. I flipped over on the bed, my cock still in her and laid on my back. I pulled her on top of me. She rode me wildly, throwing her head around, screaming in ecstasy, smiling big at me. Ronda pinched my nipple hard and slammed her ass down on my thighs, taking every fucking inch of my hard cock. She came again. She growled in lustful delight. She was a predator and me and my big cock were her prey. Fuck, she was so fucking sexy!!

Ronda smacked my face, licking her lips. "FUCK ME JAMES! GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT BABY! FUCK ME MOTHERFUCKER!!" I reached up, squeezed her gorgeous tits and pounded up into her pussy as fucking fast as I could. My motherfucking cock flew up her awesome pussy with lightning quick speed. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHHH BITCHHHHHHH!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" I slammed up her pussy harder and fucking HARDERRRRR!! Ronda squirted again and I just kept thumping up into her pussy. She growled her approval at me, smacking my face and pinching my nipples and I gave her my big fucking cock with absolute fucking delight. My cock flew so fucking fast in and out of her twat. She kept squirting on my cock, my bed, me, every fucking where. I kept pummeling her pussy. She kept begging me for more. "GIVE ME THAT BIG FUCKING BEAUTIFUL COCK BABY!! I FUCKING LOVE IT BABY!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!" I fucked Ronda like that for another twenty minutes. She squirted four more times. She laid on my chest, her head by mine and took it all.

I smacked that perfect ass hard, she moaned loud, loving it. I smacked it again and again, as I fucked her pussy mercilessly. I finally pumped my huge load up her pussy. She looked right into my eyes and smiled so sweet. We connected on a completely different level. She was mine now and she knew it. My cock pumped spurt after spurt of jizz up her pussy, overflowing it. It ran out onto my balls. We kissed and hugged, as her body trembled in delight. She squirted again. It flooded out onto my balls also. I held her, rubbing softly up and down her back. We kissed deeply. She hopped off of me and leaned down to my twitching cock, sucking it totally dry. She cleaned off her juices and mine. She licked and sucked my big balls clean too. She looked up at me, smiling so sexy and sucked my balls into her mouth, sucking up every drop of pussy and cock cum. She kissed them and my cock.

We rested and ate. The rest didn't last. I bent her over the kitchen counter and shoved my tongue up her ass. I tongue fucked it for 15 minutes. I smacked her ass and spread those cheeks wide. Ronda loved the ass play, wiggling it on my face. I smacked her ass again. She squirted on my kitchen floor. I didn't care. I fucked her ass too. I squeezed those beautiful tits, as they hung down. Ronda screamed in delight, as I thumped her ass quickly then slowly, alternating my pace. Her ass felt so fucking good. I pulled her ponytail hard and smacked her ass. "Who's ass is this bitch? Tell me Ronda."

"Its yours daddy. It's all yours. I'm yours baby." She smiled back at me I kissed her. I fucked her ass through three more squirts. My floor was slippery, but we avoided falling. I took her in the shower and we fucked there. We bathed and fucked, soaping each other up and fucking ourselves silly. I came up her perfect ass. She knelt down and sucked me clean. I soaped up her pussy and fucked it. I fucked her tits and her mouth. She came five more times in the shower. I came three. I pissed in her pussy and ass, as I fucked them. Ronda fucking loved it. It was her first time.

We went back to my bed and she rode me so intensely and happily, reverse cowgirl. She jammed my cock up her ass again. She rode me so fucking hard. She squirted so hard too, it blasted across my room and onto my TV. Fuck it, I'll get another one. I just wanted Ronda, I didn't care about anything else. I fucked up into her ass, super blazing fast. My throbbing cock flew up that beautifully muscular ass. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" Ronda squirted all over my room. We fucked for another two hours. Every position, every hole, everywhere. Cum flew everywhere. It was so fucking fun. I even ate ice cream out of her pussy and ass, after we showered and cleaned up again.

Ronda dumped her husband and moved in with me. We fuck every minute we can. We have a very special connection, not just sexual, we connect on an emotional level too. She helps out with my pimping too. We co pimp my women. She's a fucking cool ass chick. She's so good to me. She's always buying me things, always wanting to please me. I'm so glad I took the job driving her. I met my soul mate... And my fuck mate. All because I was... Driving Miss Rousey.

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