"Fuck him!" Paige screamed. Tom now slowly inserted his cock into Anthony's asshole. Anthony winced and then groaned as the giant pole slid inside. Tom brought his cock all the way back out and then slipped his head in, then out again and then plunged deep inside.

"No! Fuck him! I want to hear you fucking slamming into his ass. I want you to make him yell." In response, Tom increased his intensity, moving back and forth rapidly, forcing his rock hard cock in deeply and vigorously.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" they all called out together, except for Jane who could barely breath, drowning in the potent juice of a woman Jane guessed had completely forgotten what she was rubbing her hairy cunt against.

Anthony yelled, "Oh God." Paige came all over Jane's face, showering her with salty juice, convulsing uncontrollably over the suffocating Jane who was finally freed and sat up coughing, but happy. Paige didn't want to close her legs quite yet and kneeling above Jane, who was now furiously fingering her own pussy, she continued to rub herself, looking into the unfocused eyes of her husband, wanting to taste that bit of drool that was running down his chin.


Meanwhile, the owner of the house, Mr. Ryan came home from work and offered his assistant Doug a beer, which he accepted gladly. The two men went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Doug noticed that Mr. Ryan had some pretty racy magazines lying casually on the coffee table. He was surprised to see that they were all of woman, but with a definite anal bent. Mr. Ryan leaned over Doug's shoulder, "Do you like that?" he asked.

"Sure, but not as much as the real thing," said Doug, hinting broadly.

"You're telling me. You know, I noticed today that we're really whipping you into shape. You got a little soft while you were in school."

"Thanks," said Doug, rolling up his shirt sleeve and showing off his muscles. When he brought it back down, it was on Mr. Ryan's leg.

"You know, Doug, it wasn't just your muscles I was impressed with today. It was the size and curve of your hard cock. I loved the way it felt, pulsing against mine. I'd love to see it again."

In response, Doug shed his short blue t-shirt and Mr. Ryan was quick to follow. Soon the two men were passionately kissing on the couch, their cocks barely contained inside their pants. Mr. Ryan straddled Doug and began to rub himself over Doug's cock. Then, Mr. Ryan stood up and pulled off his tight white jeans. Doug ran his hands up the strong thighs and firm buttocks, feeling the hot urgency of Mr. Ryan's cock pressing into his chest.

Standing to continue kissing, Doug began to stroke the hard cock. Mr. Ryan started to kiss Doug's body, moving over his chest and ending at the cock, aching to be released from his blue sweat pants. Finally, the cock was released, and the two rods moved against each other excitedly. Now it was Doug's turn. He got on his knees and began to suck Mr. Ryan's cock, moving his hand from the man's strong inner thigh to his smooth ball sack.

Mr. Ryan threw Doug onto the couch and began to suck his surprisingly long rod, while he slowly pulled on his own. He showed the skill of someone who had been in this situation before, taking the cock deep into his mouth. Soon, the two men had altered positions, Doug straddled Mr. Ryan's face, so that they could suck each other's cocks simultaneously. Mr. Ryan continued to take Doug fully, and methodically into his mouth, while Doug preferred to suck hotly around the tip. Soon, both men began to finger the other man's asshole, penetrating gently.

"Doug, it is time for me to fuck you. Are you ready?"

"Yes," said Doug lying down on the couch and holding his legs in the air; though his voice was confident, he felt the instantaneous sweat of nervousness, or perhaps of anticipation.

Mr. Ryan grabbed some conveniently placed oil from the cabinet and began pouring it down the young man's shaft, watching in run over his cock sack into his hungry asshole. He pressed his cock firmly against the puckered muscle, willing it to relax. Slowly, it spread and Doug gritted his teeth as Mr. Ryan moved his head inside. Soon, Doug's socked feet were bouncing against Mr. Ryan's broad chest as he rhythmically fucked him, pulling his cock almost out of the tight asshole before thrusting deeply into the warm hole. Mr. Ryan noticed Doug's rock hard cock slapping softly against the flat stomach, he moved his large hand down Doug's leg and grabbed his balls gently before taking the stiff rod firmly and pulling slowly, up and down. After several minutes, Mr. Ryan prepared to come and pulled out of Doug's asshole. Doug begged him: "Come on my cock; come on my cock and then lick it off."

Mr. Ryan obliged and then bent down to taste his come on the youthful eager cock. Suddenly, almost before he had taken the cock all the way into his mouth, Doug came hard, shivering and moaning. After a few minutes, they decided to head upstairs for a shower.


Upon entering the bedroom, they saw a wild and unexpected scene. Tom was fucking Anthony who was gripping the footboard while Jane was on her knees sucking his cock, and Paige lay on her back on the floor, her face buried in Jane's pussy. The pace was ecstatic and no one saw them at first; the men stood there, their freshly used cocks still partially erect, staring at the black hair and glorious juicy flesh between Paige's wide open legs.

Finally, Mr. Ryan gathered himself and said: "Excuse me?"

The party in his room were startled into stopping. Jane, saliva dripping down her face, freed herself from where she was wedged in a looked past the two men locked in their forbidden embrace and said: "We'll take it. This is a great house."

Paige, wriggled out of her position and stood naked in front of the men who were still frozen, said: "I'm so sorry Mr. Ryan. We were caught up in the enthusiasm of the sale. But," she said, observing that Mr. Ryan was also naked, adopted a suggestive voice, "I'm sure I can make it up to you." She went down on her knees and grabbed his cock at the base and then slowly, looking him in the eye, took it deep within her mouth. It tasted like Anthony's cock after he had fucked her in the ass, and immediately she knew where this cock had just been. And yet, she was strangely compelled, finding pleasure in the humiliation, causing her to eat the dirty cock all the more messily, the stained drool rolling endlessly down her chin. She continually pulled the cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on her face and into her hair. She took it between her tits, and squealing and moaning, began to energetically fuck it between her large tits.

Jane came around and began sucking the younger man. Tom began fucking Anthony again, moving deeply inside him. Anthony whined, "Who's going to suck my cock?" The two women stopped and Paige said, I guess I'll have to take on these two gentlemen all by myself. You go ahead; I suck that cock every day."

Jane agreed and wedged herself back in against the footboard. She allowed the thrust of Tom to force Anthony's cock in and out of her mouth, banging her head softly against the footboard. Paige led the two men to the bed, she motioned Doug to lie down and then, bending over seductively, she used the juice of her unbelievably wet pussy to lubricate her asshole and then ever so slowly, she lowered her ass onto his erect cock. Then, spreading her legs, she motioned for Mr. Ryan to start fucking her pussy. She spread it for him and moaned softly as he put it inside her. From his position buried beneath the writhing woman, feeling the delicious thrusting of Mr. Ryan's cock, he heard Paige ask to have her tits slapped. He obliged and reached up to smack playfully at the heavy tits. As the two hard cocks moved inside her, Doug's rod repeatedly hit the sweet spot that Ms. Dawson's fingers had found this morning and Mr. Ryan's dirty cock fucked her furiously and quickly.

"Do you like that, bitch. This is what you get for fucking in my house," said Mr. Ryan affably getting into the spirit.

"Oh," she cried, "I deserve to be fucked like this. Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me pay. Slap my tits harder."

With this in their view, Tom and Anthony quickly reached climax. Tom pulled out and he and Anthony began vigorously jacking off in front of Jane's open mouth. The room was filled with grunting and moaning and then the two men showered Jane with thick gooey come, getting some of it in her mouth, but a large amount missed landing on her neck, nose, hair and her full beautiful eyelashes.

"Let me taste that cock," she said. She took the two men into her mouth, sucking them clean.

Then, in what can only be described as a feat of extraordinary sexual athleticism and coordination, Jane stood on the bed and positioned herself so that Mr. Ryan could eat her pussy while Paige ate her asshole. She thrust back and forth, first ramming her pussy sloppily against Mr. Ryan's face and then spreading her cheeks and burying Paige's face between two creamy mounds of luscious flesh. Tom and Anthony watched blissfully, gently caressed their dying erections. Sweating now, muscles tight and glistening, the mass of flesh moved and moaned, crooning that age old anthem: bellybuttons, pussies, long blond hair sticky against an elegant neck, shoulder blades, calves, thighs slapping, hot dripping come, mouths wet with salvia and anticipation.

"OH GOD!" yelled Jane and Paige in unison. "I'm coming, coming," they all said without variation, shuddering, and exhaling through clenched teeth. Doug came in Paige's ass and Mr. Ryan, still eating the spread pussy, pulled out just in time to jack off all over her wet pussy, still throbbing with her recent orgasm.

"Well," said Paige at last, "that was a great way to seal the deal."

"Let's get to that paperwork," said Anthony, his ass still hot and steaming.

"Hey," said Jane, "Tom and I want to throw a party at our house tomorrow night, a last hurrah, so to speak. Anyway, we would love it if all of you could join us."

Everyone agreed happily; Doug thought about Joanie, he would have to leave her at home; although they always invited other men into their beds, things had remained strictly heterosexual simply because he wasn't sure how his new wife would take to his predilection. He was sure she had seen him gazing lustily at the hard rods of those strangers, but she hadn't said anything yet. Since he hoped to have an opportunity to fuck some of these other men without a long discussion, he thought he would go stag. He forgot, of course, where he was living: Williamsburg, South Carolina.



Later that evening, Doug returned home to his and Joanie's cramped basement apartment, their first place together as a couple; it was ugly and cheap, but Joanie had lovingly and creatively decorated some of the more dismal corners. He was enthusiastic about his day at work and hoped that his wife, Joanie, would be up for a little sex, but alas, it was not to be. As he walked in the door, he met his wife dressed in her yoga outfit, which consisted of a pair of outrageously tight pants that accentuated her strong thighs and small, but perky round butt. Also added to the ensemble were was a pink cotton tank top that seemed to be barely holding together, stretching over her excitable girlish breasts. Her shiny black hair was tied up in a severe bun; her belly was exposed and Doug openly fawned over her olive skin, accented by a jewelled bellybutton ring.

"Sorry honey, I'm just heading out the door." He loved the way she looked in those pants, each muscle and movement was announced sensually.

He gave her a slap on her firm ass, "Alright," he said disappointedly, "I'll wait for you."

"Great, see you in about two hours."

"Hey," he said, even as she was standing on the landing outside the front door, "I've got something to do tomorrow. Mr. Ryan's sold his house, so he's treating me to a few beers."

"He's always treating you to a few beers. Doesn't that man have any friends?"

"I don't know."

"Well, we'll talk when I get home. Anyway," she said, playfully fingering the waistband of his sweatpants. "Keep your hands off this, you know what yoga does for me," she intoned with a not-too-subtle subtext.

With the apartment to himself, Doug wandered around naked after showering, unable to get the scenes of the day out of his head. Meanwhile, on his way to the gym for his customary workout, Anthony was feeling the same way. At the very same time, Joanie was driving to her yoga class, feeling that sort of background sense of arousal she always mysteriously got whenever she put on her workout outfit and noticed her own body filling out her tight pants and thin tank top. She liked the way her pants rode up a little, offering a hint of camel toe and just the slightest shadow of a wedgie; she especially liked the way her pierced belly button showed just below her tank top. She felt a familiar moistness between her legs and couldn't help but run an admiring hand across her breasts, down her stomach and over the inner part of her legs. Simultaneously, Paige was heading to her mother-in-law's house wearing a black lacy bodysuit that ended just below her knees, at her wrists and went up to her elegant neck, ending in a thick lacy choker. Overtop, she was wearing a short trench coat. Where Joanie was lithe and lean and little, Paige was all curves and the body suit went miles to flatter her body, to deliver the ins and outs of her body in an almost irresistible package. She was going to Ms. Dawson's house to finish the job they had started earlier that day. She had realized that Ms. Dawson had given, but had never received and she hoped to rectify that situation. Meanwhile, Tom was undressing in a bathroom, admiring the way the lighting fell on perfect shapes and planes of his body. At the same time, his wife, Jane, was driving in the orange glow in the dying evening sunlight, squinting all the way to the very same class that Joanie attended.

Doug, now dressed in a pair of jeans, had been watching a porn he watched frequently and had unbuttoned the top button of his tight pants and was on his way back to the couch with a new beer in hand when he caught a glimpse of himself in the hallway mirror, lighted softly in the cool blue of the moon.

Anthony worked out ferociously, trying to get his mind to go elsewhere, to stop thinking about cocks and his mother, but in the change room, he noticed cocks hanging everywhere, tormenting him. He took off his sweaty workout clothes to shower and change; he lingered longer than usual in the locker room, drinking in the testosterone filled atmosphere, imagining that other men were stealing glances at his cock, all the while he was trying furtively to do the same himself.

The yoga class began at the recreational center downtown. Joanie and Jane contorted their bodies into the usual, but forever unusual positions, freeing their muscles from the stresses of the day, feeling their muscles loosen and relax, feeling that strange pleasure at being prompted by their gentle, leanly muscled instructor to do things that hurt and that put them in very vulnerable positions. Halfway through the lesson, in a pose that positioned her sideways, Jane noticed that the girl posing right next to her was that same Asian bitch that she had seen sucking her husband's cock. What a delicious coincidence, she thought to herself. With delight she noticed the delicate curve of her spine and the way you could see just the top of her ass crack peeking out of her yoga pants. Because she had already seen the girl completely naked, she allowed her mind to pull down those pants, to move inside the folds and shadows of the girl.


On a wide street on the outskirts of town, Paige arrived at her mother-in-law's house and knocked on the door. After rapping loudly, she opened her coat and waited. She was flabbergasted when a completely naked man opened the door, his spectacular cock partially hard, and his body smooth and alluringly powerful. Once she tore her eyes away from his body, she was equally astonished to see that it was Tom, the buyer from that afternoon, the man who had fucked her husband sinfully just a few hours ago. Her first reaction, despite his nakedness, was to slam her coat closed, but then reason got the better for her and she continued to hold it open.

"Ma'am?" said Tom, not letting on that he recognized her. He did, of course, but he was in character: Tom was a seemingly shallow man with enigmatic depths. His weekly retreat into the character "Smith" had become a ritual that gave him the opportunity to get away from the stresses and disappointments of his job. The fact that Paige was at the front door, a real estate agent that he and his wife had worked with for several months, only added to his pleasure; he was meat, at the whim of his mistress. Meat didn't have a choice in what happened to it. Although he face didn't register it, he allowed himself to take in the beautiful woman at the front door. Even more than this afternoon, he was struck by her curves. In her bodysuit, her calves, which were the only bare part of her body, looked absolutely stunning, undoubtedly the best pair of calves he had ever seen in real life. Against the black fabric of the suit, her neck seemed graceful and long and wonderfully feminine. Trapped beneath the tight lacy fabric of the suit, the curves of her breasts and hips and ass were highlighted, stretching the lacy pattern to expose more flesh; even the gentle rise of her pubic bone caused him to rejoice silently in the beauty of this woman and all women. God bless Williamsburg, South Carolina.

Ms. Dawson came up behind Tom and ran her hand slowly across his ass, allowing her fingers to dip into the softness and sensitivity of his ass crack as she moved from left to right. She was dressed in a pair of stiletto heels, thigh high nylons, a serious grey skirt, a lighter grey blouse with the top two buttons open, glasses, and a chin length black wig over her blonde hair. She looked like a repressed librarian ready to burst out of her clothing.

"Thank-you, Smith," she purred, "Stroke your cock slowly; I want Paige to see you in all your glory." Tom gleefully did as he was told, revelling in his nakedness while these two clothed women ate his body up with their eyes.

Paige said: "Oh, I've already seen it. I sold a house to him this afternoon." She laughed, blushing slightly, at the memory of a few hours ago. She tried to catch Tom's eye, but he was decidedly not participating in the conversation. He was only there to do what he was there to do.

"And you celebrate all your sales by fucking your clients?" she asked in a mockingly indignant tone. "I'm very proud," said added wryly.

"In a perfect world, it would be that way. This just happened to be a perfect afternoon," she said wistfully, again trying to catch his eye. When he denied her for a second time, she was unable to resist gently cupping his balls. He responded by moaning softly and pulling on his cock a little quicker.

After a moment, she pulled herself back to her original purpose, "Meg, I came here to finish what we started this afternoon. I want to do whatever you want me to. I want to repay the pleasure you gave me this afternoon."

"What a lovely idea. It's unnecessary, but lovely. Come on in. May I take your coat?" Paige took off her coat and did a little modelling turn in the foyer. Ms. Dawson cooed. Tom continued to stroke his cock silently.

Once inside, Ms. Dawson sent Tom to the kitchen for two glasses and a bottle of red wine. Paige whispered, "What is going on here?"

"Oh, you don't have to whisper in front of Smith. Listen, about ten years ago, he had just dropped out of high school. He was painting my house, and I saw that he could do more. Literally. So, I took him under my wing, I guided his cock to greener pastures."

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