tagRomanceDrunkard's Dream Pt. 01

Drunkard's Dream Pt. 01


"Whoa their Missy."

Easing me back onto the bar stool I felt his hand, enticingly warm on my bare back and shoulder. I turn and smile at him. He's a bit fuzzy. I focus and see, light brown shoulder-length hair, short beard, nice smile and sexy dark brown eyes. "Thanks Jack. That's your name, right? Or is that what I'm drinkin'?"

"The names Jeff, and yes you're drinking Jack on the rocks."

"Cool, thanks." I get Mike the Bartender's attention, "Give me another and," I looked at my new friend Jeff, "another for my friend Jeff here." I watch Mike look at Jeff before he starts pouring the drinks. I must be getting' drunk. Oh ya, I giggled softly, Jeff here saved me from falling off the bar stool again. Mike brings the drinks. Mine, soft dark brown, like his eyes. I smile at him, he smiles back. I lean toward him and ask "What's that ya drinkin'?" It's a pale gold. I don't know about him, but I feel a warmth growing inside me.

"Jose Cuervo Especial. Cheers." He lifts his glass and leans toward me.

I lean in, placing my hand on his knee. I can smell his cologne; it's Aramis, one of my favorites. "To Friends." I see a hesitant look in his deep, brown, oh I love his eyes. I smile and say, "You, Jack and Jose, friends." We clink glasses. His laugh is easy and light.

We sip our drinks. I lean back. He promptly extends his arm to hold me. To steady me on the stool. His touch on my naked shoulder, his warmth is enticing. I nuzzle my shoulders into his arms. The silence is comforting. A song I recognize comes on the bar radio, Peaceful Easy Feeling, by the Eagles. I turn, his fingers softly run the length of my bare back. The intensity of his touch sears my desires. It's hard to breathe, and for a second forget what I was going to say. Then we look at each other saying, "Great song." We laugh. The warm wanting feeling is spreading and it ain't the booze. It vaporizes immediately when he asks, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in here for a few months."

My mind whirls. Have we fucked before? Did I forget? No way, not someone this cute. I see he's noticed the panic in my eyes. He lays his hand softly on my arm resting on the bar. I feel sparks. I gasp, from his touch and the heat in my loins. It's been months since I've enjoyed a man inside me. The ache threatens to overwhelm me.

"We never met before tonight. Typically I'm in the corner drinking by myself or with a friend or two. I know the band that plays here on the weekends. I can't help but notice the attractive women. You're one of the regulars. Well, mostly on a Friday, not the weekend. I usually don't come during the week. And I was about to leave until you so fortuitously feel into my arms."

He starts to pull his hand away. I can't allow that. I put mine on top of his, he looks down then his eyes smile at me. I begin to melt. In a good way. "Oh damn. I thought you were a stalker." He lowers his eyes. Shit did I frighten him off?

"No. Not that." He looks at me smiling, but it's not in his eyes. Is there a recent hurt hidden there? "I'm usually pretty shy. I'm not good at small talk." We continue to gaze into each other's eyes. He looks deep into me. I can feel his probing. I shift in my seat. He touches me somewhere deep. Somewhere already wanting him. I move my arm and take his hand in both of mine. He continues, "I couldn't just let a beautiful woman like yourself fall. I had no choice."

"Yes my knight in shining armor." I bow my head in reverence and to check out his bulge. I was elated to see it growing.

Mike yells, "Last Call," breaking the spell.

My head still lowered I look up at him, alluringly through my eyelashes, "My Galahad."

He chuckles, pulling his hand away signals to Mike for a last round.

I turn my back to him, feeling rebuffed. Mike sets the drinks in front of Jeff so I have to turnaround to get mine. I can't help but look into those alluring eyes. To my surprise he's smiling. "Thank you for the praise, but I'd prefer Lancelot than Galahad. Galahad swore a vow of celibacy."

I turn on the bar stool to face him. I spread my legs, just a little, making sure our knees touch. Wearing my short, little black skater dress with the plunging neckline was an excellent choice. I saw his eyes go right where I wanted them too.

My nipples are so hard they ache. I was hoping he was hard too, but I didn't take a chance to look. I was enjoying his smile as he felt up my tits with his eyes. I only had eyes for his adorable face. When his eyes came back up to meet mine I said, "Maybe we should see how stiff this vow of Galahad is." My skirt slides up my thigh as I lean toward him exposing my breast, and spreading my legs a bit more, reaching for my glass. I risk a fleeting glance down. I wasn't disappointed.

We raise glasses and clink, "To breaking vows." Ah, if I only knew then what I know now. We finish the drinks in two gulps.

I signal to Mike I'm done. I put on hand on his shoulder, as he assists me off the stool. I made a point to lean into him showing as much cleavage, fuck, as much of my tits as possible without them falling out. He made a point to lean into my thigh. He felt warm and hard. He lays money on the bar, then wraps his arm around my waist supporting me as we walk out. I smile contently as he, intentionally or not, caresses the side of my tit.

We turn right out the door and walk toward the parking lot. It's in the back behind a series of business along the highway. In between the adjacent buildings, I stop and lite up a joint. I take a long hard drag and pass it to him. He does the same. I lick my fingers and snuff it out, putting it back into my cigarette pack. I look at him and can't help but smile, "Your place?" He hesitates, for a heartbeat.

"Sure. Ah take my car?" His smile is unsure, at the edges.

"How about I follow you?" His face actually falls. I have never seen anyone go from happy to sad so quick.

"Ya. OK, you follow."

He turns walking away. I seize his arm, "What's wrong?" I step close to him, if I had worn heels I'd be as tall as him. His arm is between my breasts and if he wanted he could have fingered my pussy right then. I was willing. To my surprise he pulls away.

"This has happened before. I pick up a cute girl, a woman, sorry. We have fun drinking. She acts all sexy and shit and then when it comes time to." He pauses and looks at me. "You know what I mean, they split. It never -"

I make sure he doesn't finish that sentence. I push him up against the wall of the bar and put a lip lock on him. A lip lock as hard as the cock I feel against my wet and wanting to be fucked pussy. I think it took a second or two for him to grasp what was happening. For it takes a moment before he wraps his arms around me, pulling me even closer. It was one of those FUCK YA, kisses. I put my hands on his chest, and he grabs my ass squeezing me into him. I had a mini orgasm right then.

The kiss: us clutching, grabbing at love lasted forever, not nearly long enough. When we broke for a breath, he hugged me tight. I placed my head on his shoulder. "You know I can drive us to your place. I just don't like going to a strange man's house without my car." He tightens his hold on me. I think to reassure me he wasn't all that strange. I lowered my voice and whispered in his ear, "You parked in the back, right? It'll be OK till I bring you back in the morning." He laughed. I felt his laugh on my chest, the rumble in his chest as he laughed made my nipples hard again. I pulled my head back a little to look at him.

"You've done this before I take it."

I didn't know how to reply for a second, then I saw the mischievous twinkle in those dark lushes brown eyes. "Come on." I step away. Clasping his hand I steer him to my car.

Putting the car in reverse to pull out of the parking space, I ask for directions. "I know a back way without any cops," he says.

I grin at him, "I take it you've done this before." We start laughing. I'm laughing so hard I have to wait to pull out.

When he can catch his breath from laughing, he tells me to turn right. "That's the highway. I thought you said you knew a backway?"

"Not for long, turn right at the next block." I do. He guides me expertly through the narrow back roads of the sleepy residential part of town I've never been in. Up streets with huge ancient trees, down into an area of million-dollar homes. Finally, to a lower middle-class part of town I had seen but never bothered to explore.

"Turn left here."

"The driveway?" I look at him, "Neighbors?"

"Fuck them. They hate me because I won't cut down my pine tree, nor sign their petition to go two stories." The pot was kicking in. I didn't really follow what he was saying. Moreover, I didn't really care. I just wanted to get laid. Several times.

I don't remember much about the house, other than it was a one story and stuck on the side of a hill. I was more focused on his cute ass as I followed him to the door. The entrance way had some vertical slats that concealed it from easy view. I acted like I stumbled and seized him around the waist. I pushed myself against him. One hand went up onto his chest, and the other hand went down to his crotch.

To my surprise he turned inside my grasp. He'd pushed my plunging neck line to one side allowing my breast to pop out. He clutched my ass pulling me toward him. He licked my rock hard nipple. I had another mini orgasm.

I felt my thong panties getting damp. He nipped my neck and let me back down. I noticed a dark spot on his crotch. Was it from me or him? I honestly didn't care. I was going to cum as soon as he touched me.

I'm glad he didn't make me wait and go through all those first date, welcome to my home niceties. Do you want a drink? Have a seat. None of that. He held my hand and led me past the living room, through what must be the dining room, it had a large table in it. Down a short hallway and into a very shadowy room. My excitement turned very dark. Not that I haven't ever done some of that. Always with someone I knew. I didn't have a safe word, and I didn't know what he was into. Then he turned the light on.

It was a bedroom. One with small windows way up high, but an ordinary bedroom, nonetheless. He stepped away over toward the bed doing something on the other side that I couldn't see. I did see the bed slosh. To my amazement it was a large king-sized water bed. When those get to rockin', holy fuck does it work to get deeper.

He was back at the doorway, next to me. Flicking off the lights, he leaned in and kissed me. I was hoping for another one of those Fuck Ya kisses so I closed my eyes. It was only a brief one. I opened them back up when he began leading me somewhere. The room was bathed in a pale bluish light, except for a Lava Lamp next to the bed giving that corner a mellow orange glow. I could hear soft jazz playing.

Standing next to the bed he kissed me. Softly caressing my head, then stroking my hair. From a million miles away, I felt his hands touching my bare shoulders, my arms. This is what I had waited for. It was like the kiss in the parking lot, but more so. Time slipped away. I could feel our heartbeats hard but slow. The way I hopped he would be fucking me. Now, I had to have him now. I plunged my hands between us and undid his belt and pants. They puddled at his ankles.

He leaned back pulling my dress over my head. I saw the sparkle in his eyes when he saw all of my tits. I know he recognized the anticipation in my eyes when I looked at him. He pulled his shirt off over his head and stepped out of his shoes and pants in one easy motion. For the briefest of moments I had the thought he may have lied. Him telling me he was shy and other women had ditched him was a lie. At that moment I also realized I didn't care. I hadn't been laid in months. Visiting family for the death of your sister is not a time to focus on fucking. Now was the time.

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