tagDry Valley Ch. 04

Dry Valley Ch. 04


Six Days

Mitch sat alone in his truck; the evening with the girl from the bar had ended shortly after Tom and Jessica left. He knew Tom didn't have to work and had left the bowling alley with Jessica because of him. Was that a good thing? Could Tom tell that his brother had a problem with Tom seeing Jessica? And what about her? What was she doing leaning up and whispering into his brother's ear?

He pushed his fingers through his hair and finally pulled out of the apartment complex's parking lot. He wasn't sure how long he'd been sitting there after the young redhead got out of his truck and tempted him upstairs for more fun. The funny thing was, he'd planned on fucking her when he made the date, but now with Jessica in town again, it just seemed wrong.

The night was young really and he hadn't any place to be, except his own small ranch, so it wasn't a shock that he ended up at the liqueur store. He bought himself a bottle of Jack and started driving. This time instead of drinking to a memory of the woman he loved fucking his brother, it was to the memory of a lost love that he'd missed out on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jessica, Tom, and Bailey had enjoyed ice cream together and caught up on old times. Jessica though had immediately seen the reaction that Bailey's "new" look had done to her date. She was happy that Tom had reacted so well to her friend's appearance. She also kicked herself mentally for not keeping in touch with the young woman that had been a constant source of love while she lived in the Valley. Nevertheless when Jessica left Dry Valley she'd left everyone, she'd left everything . . . the event that had transpired with Jonas had been too much for her to share with anyone and she just wanted out of Dry Valley.

When it became apparent that her company wasn't really needed, she giggled and started to walk away. She wondered if Tom would've noticed had it not been for Bailey asking her where she was going. She grinned and leaned over Bailey's shoulder. "You have a good time with my date. I'm gonna walk home from here."

Tom had insisted she was doing no such thing, until Sheriff Beacon's son walked by. Jessica had latched onto him and grinned up in a charming manner. In the end the young deputy had agreed to walk Jessica home and Tom was left at the table with the beautiful and self-conscious Bailey.

When Jessica reached her house she thanked her escort and let herself in. "Thanks for walking me home," she said before closing the door and locking it behind her. Her fingers dropped the keys on the stand and she flicked on the small lamp. The glow of her answering machine's light blinked rapidly and she sighed. "In the morning," she told herself out loud and slipped off her shoes before walking toward the kitchen. "For just getting into town you seem to have a lot of male friends taking you out," a voice called out to her.

Jessica's heart felt as if it had been caught in a vise and she spun around. "What are you doing here?" she demanded. Her pulse raced. She knew his voice and now as she breathed deep from the panic of being with him again she could smell his scent - woodsy and fresh - all Mitch.

"I'm not sure," he told her. He'd watched her walk up the sidewalk with the Sheriff's son, Deputy Beacon and found himself thrilled that Tom had ditched her or perhaps she'd ditched him. Either way she was with Beacon and everyone knew Beacon had a wife, a sexy one too.

Jessica flicked on the light and watched him flinch from the glare. "Is breaking and entering a new thing for the Walker family?" she asked. She saw the bottle on the table and sighed. "Drunk?"

"Nope, took a few swings as I was driving," he stopped and held up his hands. "No need to jump down my throat. I said swings, not gulps."

"Okay, so you're not drunk. So you broke in sober. What for?" she asked again. She stood there in the center of the room staring down at him. Inside her pulse was racing faster and her stomach was rolling in feverish pitches. It was the same effect he'd always had on her, one that she wasn't sure she liked, yet one she wasn't sure she hated either.

Mitch stood up and closed the distance between them. He'd been consumed with thoughts of her as he drove around. His mind conjured up all the places they could have seen together had she not run off, things they could have done together if she'd not run away and let him believe she'd given in to his twin's charms.

He'd come here to see if she would give in or not. If Tom brought her home and into the house he'd probably have beaten his brother to a bloody pulp. He loved him, but he loved Jessica more. It was that realization that forced him to break in. The need to see what she did and said to his brother burned into him and so he jimmied the lock on the back door and slipped in. Now he stood there looking down at her and he was lost in the "what could have been."

There was a moment she knew what he was about to do and she told herself to stop him, but she didn't. His hands grabbed her arms and he pulled her to him. The taste of whiskey was light and she knew he spoke the truth. He'd not drunk much. Jessica angled her head and welcomed his kiss. Their tongues battled and she relaxed against him. It felt so wonderful to taste him again and she wanted more, but something told her she couldn't do this. She pulled away and jerked free of his grip.

"What do you want?" she asked, stepping back and putting a lot of space between them.

Mitch chuckled. "Well that's pretty obvious " he said and took a step toward her. "From the way you kissed me, I'd say you want the same thing." Jessica bit her lower lip and sighed. "Mitch. We can't."

"Why?" he asked. "Are you married? Got a man in Atlanta? Engaged . . . What's holding us back?" His eyes gleamed with hunger, desire, and love, but he wasn't about to confess the last until he knew what was going on in her mind.

"No, I'm not married or seeing anyone. But you are right there is someone in Atlanta, or something . . . my job. I'm not staying in the Valley. I told you that. I'm selling and leaving," she told him. Her arms came up and she crossed them over her chest. "I can't let this happen."

"What? You kiss me like that and you're still going to leave?" His voice was full of disbelief and a tinge of anger that was slowly growing. "Why? Why not take off where we were before you left? You know we could."

"Could we?" she asked. "How? How do we do that? I'm not the girl in the barn that was fucked by your brother and I'm not the girl in the barn that was raped. This is who I am now. I have a job. Friends. Responsibilities. I can't just leave them . . . and I don't see you moving to the city, do you?"

"No, I have my ranch."

"Right. So we leave the past where it is and we just let us go."

Mitch's shoulders slumped. "You can do that?" he asked.

"Of course, I did it six years ago and so did you," she turned away and walked back to her door. She opened it and looked outside. "Where's your truck?" she asked.

"A block down the road," he told her. "Why?"

"I just realized I didn't notice it when I got here so I was wondering where it was," she answered back. "I think you need to go."

He walked over to her and placed his hand on the door. "When are you leaving?" he asked her.

"At the end of the week. Six days. Why?"

Without warning he slipped his hand around her waist and hauled her against him. His lips captured hers and this time she didn't hold back. She returned his kiss with as much heat and passion as he delivered. Her fingers left the door knob and pushed into his hair and his hands wrapped around her and pressed her tighter.

One of his hands moved down to grasp her ass and he pushed her against the door. His other hand moved up her torso, cupped her breasts and kneaded the firm globe. Her fingers tangled in the locks of satiny curls and she drank from his lips. In time she slid her hands down his shoulders and held him tightly to her. They parted and she was left gasping for breath, her chest heaving up and down as she ran her tongue over her lips, savoring his taste.

"Why?" he repeated her question in a raspy voice. "So I can show you why I won't let you leave." He kissed her again, before moving her away from the door. Mitch rushed out, before he did what he wanted and took her on the front porch where anyone would be watching . . . though knowing the O'Gradys they probably already were.

Mitch made it home safely and staggering passion filled steps took Jessica to her bed. Once each one of them was tucked away, they both thought over what had transpired. Each one moved in time with the other, though they didn't know it.

Jessica's hands and fingers ran trails of heat over her skin until it was shivering with need. Her nails scrapped across her breasts and she pinched her nipples as she thought of the young boy she'd loved and how he'd grown into the man who had pushed her and taken what he wanted, but in a way that was unlike anything she'd known before. His forceful kiss was anything but safe, but it wasn't fearful like Jonas had been. Mitch's kiss was fearful, because it was already weaving a spell across her body, one that in time her fingers and hands helped bring to a giant explosion.

As Jessica brought herself to climax, Mitch was taking himself there too. His hand gripped his shaft firmly and he pictured the week ahead of him. He had six days to seduce her, six days to make her realize she belonged here with him. As he saw them kissing, stroking, sucking, loving . . . he was able to call out her name as he brought himself to a feverish pitch and covered his stomach in his fluids.

"Six days," he whispered, in the silence of his bedroom. He wanted them to last forever.

"Six days," she whispered, in the stillness of her room. She hoped they flew by fast.

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