tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 14

Dry Valley Ch. 14


Nothing But Yes

Bailey trudged tiredly up the stairs to the bedroom unbuttoning her blouse along the way. It was still early afternoon, yet she was exhausted beyond belief. She and Aunt Wanda had been cooking all day, getting as much prepared as possible before this evening's company arrived. It was a rare occasion that the O'Gradys and Walkers got everyone together for dinner. It used to be a weekly practice, but since everyone had grown and some had moved away, it was now a rare treat.

As she entered the bedroom, she pulled off her shirt and threw it in a heap in the corner. Her cut off jeans soon followed, leaving her curvy figure clad only in a black lace bra and matching thong. Bailey glanced at her watch and let out an exasperated grumble as she realized for the tenth time that day that she'd left her watch on the desk next to her computer the night before.

The computer. It was the main reason she was so tired this afternoon. She had agonized over the letter to Tom until the early hours of the morning when exhaustion had finally claimed her. Many times throughout the night, she had some so close to getting out of bed to delete it, but her resolve had held strong.

Now Bailey glanced nervously at the desk from her spot on the bed where she had collapsed. With one touch of a button, one click of the mouse, .her life would undoubtedly change. She could press "DELETE" and the letter, and her resolve, would disappear. She would be happy for a few more days, possibly even a few weeks, before Tom figured out that there was more for him out there. By that time, it would be too late. Too late for the job...too late for the move...too late for her heart.

By pressing "PRINT", Bailey would still leave broken hearted, but she'd be away from the pain and Tom could get on with his life. She'd have a new job and a thousand miles between them to distract her. In her heart, however, she knew what she really wanted. Tom. After debating back and forth for fifteen more minutes, Bailey finally raised her tired body off the bed and walked the short distance across the plush carpet to decide her fate.

Bailey's trembling hand traveled to the mouse and opened the file that would send her away from the love of her life. As the letter popped up on the screen, she leaned over to turn on the printer and froze in her spot as her eyes caught words that were not her own.

Tom had watched Bailey walk into the house looking as if the weight of the world were on her shoulders. He nervously flipped open the box holding his grandmother's ring. It wasn't fancy, but it was a beautifully, elegant ring full of the happy memories of a marriage that had lasted a few months beyond seventy years. If it had been another girl, Tom would have agonized and fretted about buying the perfect, new diamond. However, he knew this was the perfect ring for Bailey because she was the perfect woman for him.

Tom saw Bailey's shadow move in front of the upstairs window toward her desk. He quickly covered the expanse of yard and took a deep breath before opening the door and letting himself inside. As his dusty cowboy boot touched the first step, he heard her sniffle. He stopped at the top of the steps, silently leaning a shoulder against the door frame and stared at the most exquisite sight he'd ever seen.

Sobbing quietly at the computer desk, clutching her hands together as she read his words clad only in a couple scraps of lace, Tom felt his heart embrace her. He longed to take her in his arm, to dry the tears with his lips. But he dared not interrupt her for fear that she hadn't read enough to see how he really felt.

Bailey sensed rather than heard that was no longer alone. She brought tear-filled eyes to meet Tom's. Tom eased himself from the door frame and walked slowly toward her. Taking her hands in his, he turned her so that she was facing him. He fell to his knees between her legs and looked up at her from the floor. Tom pulled Bailey's head down as their lips met in a deeply gentle kiss which caused Bailey to catch her breath. Toms' thumbs slid over Bailey's cheeks to gently dry her tears.

"Bailey, I love you. I love you more than life itself. There is no one better for me than you. Can't you see that? " Tom implored.

"Tom, I," Bailey was hushed by Tom's interjection.

"Wait Bailey. I'm not finished."

Tom opened the box and presented it to Bailey.

"You're going to marry me, Bailey. I won't listen to anything you say unless it's the word yes. I won't let you throw away our life together. I'm going to spend the next few decades introducing you to the woman that all of Dry Valley sees. The woman that I can't stop thinking about. The woman that I live and breathe for. Bailey....will you marry me?"

Bailey's eyes filled with tears and her heart jumped to her throat where it felt like it may burst at any moment.

"Tom, we ca...." Bailey was hushed as Tom pressed her lips together with his index finger and raised up to his knees to whisper in her ear.

"Nothing but yes, Bailey.....nothing but yes," he said a moment before capturing her lips in his. His tongue pushed through her lush lips, easing inside to dance with her tongue. Their breath mingled as his hands moved to unfasten her bra and slip it from her shoulders. As Tom leaned back to remove her bra, he purposefully let his fingertips linger over her pert nipples.

Bailey shivered in delight at the soft touch of his callused hands on her soft flesh. She moaned in pleasure as his thumb and index finger caught her left nipple unawares. Her body involuntarily arched toward him, encouraging him on. Tom lightly swirled his tongue around Bailey's right nipple while his hand continued its sweet torment of her body. As his mouth left her supple breasts to place a line of kisses down her stomach, Bailey leaned back in the chair and ran her fingers through Tom's hair.

Closing her eyes for a moment as Tom moved lower, she was jolted back to her senses as he leaned her back in the chair more in order to place her thighs over his shoulders, allowing him unobstructed access to her dripping, sex. Realizing things were going to progress beyond her control, Bailey started to protest.

"This isn't going to change anyth....oh my god...." Bailey's breath hissed from her body as Tom's lips closed over her clit and sucked hard at her protest. Flicking his tongue over the sensitive nub, Tom smiled to himself as she squirmed against his face. Looking up with a devilish gleam in his eye, her murmured to her "Nothing but yes."

Tom's tongue eased down the wet slit of the gorgeous brunette. Each move seemed to draw her further into a net of pleasurable oblivion. Bailey's hips bucked off the chair as she felt Tom's finger slide deep inside her with one thrust. They continued to ride his finger as it slid in and out of her over and over. Just when she was so near the edge, Tom stopped and stood before her. Panting, Bailey look up at him, her eyes glazed over with unspent passion. God, she loved him.

"Will you marry me, Bailey?"

"What if you decide years later that I'm not what you really want......Tom!!!!!!!! Put me down this instant!" Bailey yelped as Tom swooped her on in one graceful move and threw her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry toward the bathroom. Once there, he turned on the shower to a steamy setting and looked at the stunned beauty.

"Nothing but yes, Bailey.....I mean it."

Tom stepped into the shower and pulled her in after him. He faced her against the wall and stepped behind her. Running his hands along her shoulders and back, moving lower to caress her ass, then giving it a sharp little slap before reaching around to pinch her nipples.

"Oh my god, Tom.....please....." Bailey begged though she tried to resist.

Tom's finger slipped back inside Bailey's wet hole as he teased her with his words.

"Please what, love? What do you want?"

"Fuck me, Tom....I want you inside me now"

With one swift move, Tom entered Bailey to the hilt. Bailey loudly moaned his name as he felt her pussy clamp down on his throbbing cock, holding him in place. His hands on her hips, Tom placed light kisses along Bailey's neck and shoulders as the steaming water streamed over their backs. Ever so slowly, Tom started rocking his hips in and out of her. He felt as if he were on the edge, wanting to go over but wanting the moment to last forever as he watched his cock spear into her flesh over and over in a slow, teasing manner.

Bailey tried to quicken the pace, feeling herself nearing the point of no return but not quite being allowed to get there. Each time she tried move her hips more quickly, Tom's grip on her hips would prevent her from moving on. Their lovemaking was slow, sensuous, and heartfelt. Every resolve Bailey had made seemed to be gone by the wayside. She couldn't come up with a single reason not to marry this man. It wasn't just the sex, it was him. He had taken so many chances for her. He had risked his pride for her, something the Walker boys just didn't do.

Tom's hand drifted over her ass, lightly caressing it before his finger slipped inside the fold to caress her tight bud. Bailey stopped breathing for a moment as she felt the pressure on her tight hold as Tom's finger eased inside. The sensation of his finger probing and his cock stroking almost sent her over the edge. Tom's teeth nipped her shoulder then his lips soothed away the sting. As his finger moved in and out, Bailey reached between her legs to stroke Tom's balls.

Tom grunted in pleasure as he felt the delicate fingers ease over his sack. "Oh Bailey....I love you so damn much." Tom murmured in her ear. Tom fought to pull himself from the heaven that was her. He turned off the water and took her hand, leading her back into the bedroom where he could lie her on the bed. Easing back on the pillows, Bailey pulled him to her, spreading her legs so that he could slide home where he belonged.

As Tom entered her in one smooth thrust, her arms wrapped around his neck. She closed her eyes and held on tight as the lovemaking, though still sweet, took on a more feverish pace. Tom thrust quickly and deeply inside her now.....over and over....deeper and deeper. Her slick walls gripped his cock as he continued to delve inside her. He needed her like he needed air and she needed him like life itself. The two held onto each other as they neared the peak. Just as Tom thrust hard and deep inside Bailey and released the first shot of his hot cum, Bailey's juices flooded his cock, soaking both of them as her pussy continued to clench and unclench, milking each drop from his body.

Tom collapsed on Bailey, her arms still wrapped around him holding on desperately as they both struggled to catch their breath. After endless moments, Tom raised his head to look at Bailey. They both stared in each others eyes, wondering what the other was thinking, yet knowing that whatever it was, it was ok. Tom was the first to break the silence.

"Bailey, please.....I love you. I can't imagine going on without you. If you want to take the job back east, I'll go with you. If you want to travel to Timbuktu....I'm there. Just please don't leave me here alone. I have the ranch here. It's a good, decent living. I may not be able to give you the best of everything, but you'd never want for anything. I'd die before I ever hurt you, Bailey. You have to see how much I love you." Tom couldn't seem to find the words that would convince her and he was starting to feel a little panicked at the thought that maybe he wasn't enough to keep her here after all.

"Bailey, listen to m......" Tom's words were cut off as this time Bailey pulled his head down to hers for a slow, lingering kiss. She nibbled on his bottom lip only to ease that action with a swipe of her tongue.

"Yes." Bailey whispered with a smile and elated tears in her eyes. "Yes"

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