Dual Thrill


Her sister's smile got wider. "Guilty as

charged, little sis'. I did find something and I went in alone." Her eyes started to shine. "And it went even better than I could have imagined." For some reason that look made Hope a little uncomfortable. "But I don't think we should be talking about the family business here in the hallway," Charity hinted.

"Oh, right. Come in and have a seat," Hope told the brunette as she stood aside. "My slut of a roommate is not around, as usual. I don't expect her to make an appearance today. Or tonight," she added.

"Don't get along?" Chastity inquired as she strutted to the bed. Hope noted her sister was carrying a beaten old backpack, but she thought nothing of it. No hunter went anywhere without her tools. Safely hidden from Chastity's eyes, she shook her head at her older sister's appearance. 'Dressed like a boy, a bad boy at that,' she noted with disapproval.

'Or a dyke,' Hope mused. But at least Chastity wasn't that. The family had enough discussions about the liberties her older sister took with her boyfriends to make that thought ridiculous.

Hope herself didn't see why you couldn't dress properly when demon hunting. Sure, the skirt and blouse she wore got her quite a few disparaging remarks from her peers in high school. But they were proper attire, and morality was more than a point of view. You couldn't hunt demons for long without realizing that. The rest of the family held a similar opinion, which was one reason Chastity wasn't fully trusted.

Responding to Chastity's remark Hope explained. "She's a slave to the sin of lust, Chastity. We both know that makes her vulnerable and I prefer not to have to sleep with one eye open in my own bed."

Having placed the backpack on the floor with care, Chastity seated herself with far less grace. Lounging on the bed, she was still smiling at Hope. "Did she propose to you, little sis'? Offered to show you the other side of the fence?"

A fiery blush colored Hope's cheeks and, when she swung the door shut, she put a little more force behind it than she intended. But that bang didn't delay her response. "Could you be any more scandalous! And no, she did no such thing. The idea alone that... Wait, you're distracting me. But it won't work," she told her sister as she sat down on the other end of the bed. "Now tell me what happened, every detail."

Now Chastity began to look agitated. She got up from the bed and started pacing. "Okay, okay. I will... If you promise me the family gets the story from me first. No telling behind my back." Suspicion settled into her features. She stopped in front of Hope and looked her in the eyes. "You haven't called them yet, have you? Telling them you think I went in alone?"

Rolling her eyes to show what she thought of that accusation, Hope retorted, "I haven't called them. For all I knew you might have blown off the assignment. Not likely, but I don't go tattling about things I don't know. And I promise to let you inform the family. Now quit stalling and start talking."

The smile returned on Chastity's face. Her eyes got eager yet dreamy making Hope even more uncomfortable than it had the last time. "I'll do one better, I'll show you."

Before Hope could ask what she meant by that, Chastity had stuffed a piece of cloth in her face. Shocked, she took a took a deep breath through the fabric. 'What's that scent? It smells sweet... And why did Chastity... Ooooh, getting... getting sleepy... It's spicy too... Smells great,' she thought as she took another good sniff at it. 'Real good... But I better... ask... sleep now...'

She slumped over, not noticing the hands that guided her fall.


Lying across her sister with her head buried in the bedding, Chastity mewled as the delectable reward for obeying coursed through her body. It had been so hard to act normal while following Goddess's plan.

Every lie had diddled her slit; with each syllable that her lips and tongue wrapped around it felt like they were wrapped around her clit instead. Fooling her sister had been like slowly tongue-fucking herself in front of the girl. And successfully hiding it had only made the hunt all the more thrilling.

Lifting her head up, she took a moment to admire the girl beneath her: Her long, light-brown hair and delicate lips. Her sea-green eyes were as hidden now as the rest of her body, but Chastity had seen enough of her in the past to know the clothes hid a slim and nubile physique.

But there were more orders, she couldn't just lie here and let her Keeper pleasure her into mindless ecstasy as she stared at her sister. For one, Hope would wake up eventually and have some pointed questions for her.

So Chastity got up and walked to the door. The first thing she had to take care of was ensuring they would not be disturbed.


With a groan, Hope emerged from unconsciousness. She hadn't actually opened her eyes yet nor did she recall right away what had happened the last time she was awake. But she noted four very odd things that told her something strange was going on.

First, she could feel the cool air on her skin. She was naked. Second, their were stiff bands encircling her wrists and ankles which prevented her from moving her limbs much. She was handcuffed to the bed. Third, there was something stuffed in her mouth and held there by something tied around her head. So she was gagged too. And fourth, there was something warm lying on her crotch. Hope had no idea what it was so she looked down.

She squawked. Because there, just below her belly, lay the mutated offspring of a starfish and a slug. Bright blue offspring that didn't feel slimy--Hope shuddered at the reminder that it was touching her--yet it had a gleam that suggested otherwise. She couldn't swat the thing off, but she could shimmy her hips, and that was what she began to frantically do.

It didn't work; the slug was fastened securely and could not be dislodged. Her horizontal belly dance hadn't moved it a single millimeter. As she pondered what else she could try, she at last recalled who had knocked her out.

She only had to look a little to the right to see her sister, and she managed not to cry out at the latest surprise. It wasn't easy because no more than a meter from her stood Chastity. Not wearing a single article of clothing.

She did, however, have a blue slug covering the same exact area as the one now resting on Hope. And was giving no indication she was even aware of it.

"Hmprh hmmah hmphm!" Hope shouted through her gag at her insane sister.

"Oh good, you're fully awake." There was something wrong with that voice. It didn't sound like Chastity. There was something soft in it that Hope had never heard from her before. "We had to wait for you to wake up before we could begin," her sister explained.

Hope didn't like the sound of that. And what was this 'we' business? A look around showed the two of them were the only people in the room. "Hmmmh?"

Chastity seemed to understand the question. "Your Keeper can't mind-smooth you if you're not conscious. If you don't think, it can't see the bad thoughts that need to be smoothed away."

Dread began to pool in her stomach as a suspicion formed within her. Chastity had found something at Phi Beta Pi. And it had gotten to her using the thing now lying on her crotch. Pure speculation, but Hope was certain of it.

Her sister didn't give any sign, so Hope was startled when the thing enveloped her clitoris with its mouth and pressed its tail a little tighter against her labia.

She readied herself to fight whatever it was going to do but nothing happened. It just went as inactive as before. At least, Hope couldn't detect it doing anything.

"You'll love it soon," Chastity cooed, drawing Hope's attention to her. "I didn't at first, but now I love what my Keeper does to me. It's always pleasuring me, doing things to me I didn't dream of in my wildest fantasies. Like this," she turned around and pulled her butt cheeks apart.

Hope had been too stunned by her sister's speech to feel or think anything. The sight of the creature's tail firmly lodged in Chastity's asshole while she raved how much she loved it broke that dam.

Horrified disgust burned like a bonfire within her. And she was't going to let a gag stop her from sharing that with her sister. "Hmph hlnmph nhnph mnhhh-!" Several dozen silky fingers stroking her pussy interrupted her tirade by making her squeal.

She renewed her attempts to get the thing off or at least make it stop. Bucking her hips, trying to twist her entire body sideways. Nothing was working. Those fingers started to feel good, real good in fact. A moan escaped her lips but still she kept moving around as the fingers went up and down.

Pleasure began swill around in her mind, a steady stream that put the bonfire out with barely a sputter. She bucked her hips again, but the thought of stopping the Keeper had nothing to do with the action now. Why would she want to stop this marvelous feeling?

Chastity had been able to concentrate on resisting her Keeper because she had some previous sexual experiences. She knew what she was up against; Hope didn't. The sensations were completely new to her and, like a magpie that saw shiny silver for the first time, she was captivated by this new discovery.

The bliss continued to pour in and fill her up and up until she felt like her mind was going to burst. Her nipples had grown taut and erect, sticking out proud for all to see. Hope didn't care about that, because her mind no longer felt like it was going to burst; it had.

She saw stars as her body convulsed once, twice, then collapsed to the bed. Her eyes lazily drifted down from the ceiling to her sister. 'Her breasts are nice,' Hope noted absent-mindedly. 'And that Keeper on her pussy is right where it belongs, just like mine.' It felt good to think that. To love her Keeper.

Her eyes drifted back up taking in more of the scene. She finally put the look in her sister's eyes and the way Chastity's hand was cupping her own breast together. 'She's aroused. Watching me turned her on! That's sooo wro-.'

Her Keeper didn't let her finish the thought. This time its mouth got into the action as well, gently massaging Hope's clit. Emotions she had barely begun to feel disappeared without a trace right along with the thought. Because it was wonderful, everything was wonderful. It was good that the sight of her sister being mind-smoothed by her Keeper turned Chastity on. Because it was wonderful.

This time she didn't cum before her Keeper eased off. It only continued to tease her lightly, just enough to keep her wet and aroused. Hope didn't mind; this felt fantastic too. She watched as her sister tweaked her nipples, grunting and shaking on her feet. The girl on the bed kept silent, not wanting to interrupt the stimulating show.

It was as Hope watched her sister that doubts began to creep up. She felt great and had no desire to be anywhere else but there was something... 'Studying? I was doing that before Chastity's visit. But that can wait.' Right in front of her, Chastity muffled a cry as she came. Her Keeper unable to stop some of her juices from running down her leg.

'I wonder how we're supposed to pee with our Keepers... Our Keepers, that's it. It's something about them, or connected to them.' Hope scrunched her face up in thought. She listed everything she knew about the creatures in hopes of discovering what was bothering her.

'They're blue, they look like slugs with arms, their mouth is on their belly, they're wonderful creatures that smooth away my bad thoughts ... What else?'

Chastity was still coming down to earth when she muttered to herself, "this slave obeys Goddess." It wasn't meant for Hope but she overheard it anyway.

She sighed at her own stupidity. She had forgotten the most important fact! 'Chastity probably got them from the demon that must reside at Phi Beta Pi! How could I for-'

Her eyes widened. She wasn't feeling so wonderful now. 'The spawn of hell that got Chastity to betray her own sister. Using, no doubt, Chastity's Keeper to do it. And now Chastity was doing the same to Hope for her! She had to stop...'

Like before, her Keeper interrupted her thought-process with a concentrated assault on her pussy. But this time Hope knew what was at stake and tried to fight. Tried not to feel what her Keeper was doing. 'As long as I don't acknowledge the pleasure,' she moaned at the thought of pleasure. Her resolve temporarily overcome by her Keeper's gentle suckling.

But only temporarily. She shook it off and clamped down on the gag. 'No, fight it. Or you'll end up like Chastity, worshiping some demon and calling it Goddess.' Her Keeper approved of it though, because it punctuated the thought by questing just a little deeper with its fingers. Her thighs quivered as both her outer and inner lips now received a targeted massage.

"You shouldn't fight it Hope," Chastity broke in. Hope's eyes swiveled sideways latching onto the distraction it provided from the delicious torture between her legs. "It feels so much better not to think, to just obey."

'Her voice sounds as wet as her lips.' The thought was nonsensical, but not to Hope's sex-soaked brain. It noted her sister's succulent full lips and wondered how they tasted, how she tasted. Hope wrenched her mind away from that disturbing question.

She met her sister's gaze and gave her a pleading look. She didn't think she had enough wits left to form a sentence even without the gag. Sweat dripped into her eyes making her blink but she maintained eye contact.

"Alright, I'll help you." The promise flooded Hope with relief. Her sex was a gooey mess now that added a sopping sound every time her Keeper flexed or sucked.

Worse was the gooey mess in her mind, the sweet lake of sexual pleasure that was beckoning her to just sink into it. She was standing in it and its waves were lapping at her. Whispering how great this felt and how much better things would get once she gave in. Washing away the memory of who Goddess, no the demon, truly was.

It felt so good in there and, as her resistance waned, the waves came higher, washing away more of her strength. Replacing it with hot surrender. Hope was so caught up in that; she had forgotten something very important. Chastity had already surrendered.

Her sister's mouth descended on the tied-up brunette's nipple. She fastened her lips around it, tongued it and Hope learned something new. Her nipples were very sensitive. A bolt of energy traveled from her chest to her head, wiping out the very thought of rejecting this help. Her mouth opened wide, almost swallowing the gag, but no sound came out. She didn't have enough air for it.

There was no build-up, no warning. She simply went rigid as pleasure crashed through every barrier, then came back to do it again. In her mind the lake flew up and kept rising. It was as high as a two story building when it came crashing down, swallowing the unresisting Hope whole.

Pleasure-filled twitches still wracked her body when she came to. Her nipples were only kissed by the cool air so she searched for her sister with half-lidded eyes. She was once again standing besides the bed but this time she held an MP3-player.

"It's time to complete the mind-smoothing, and the recording on this will do that. Goddess commanded me to bring you to her, so I told Professor Debrojev everything I knew about you. That way the professor could make this session as effective as possible. Once you've listened to this recording, you'll belong to Goddess. You will want to give yourself to Her."

Her insides squirmed as she learned how completely her sister already served Goddess. How total her betrayal was just to please Goddess. Hope didn't think she could do that. Not yet.

Hope still wore the gag, making any vocal response impossible. Instead she lifted her head up and let her sister put the earbuds in. And responded eagerly when Chastity stole a kiss after removing the gag. When her sister stepped away and the recording came on, Hope let her eyes unfocus. All that mattered now was the voice that the Goddess had tasked with making her obey better.

"Hello Hope." The voice was a cultured contralto. "If you're listening to this recording, then you no longer wish to resist your Keeper." Agreement pulsed around her clit with sucking lips. "For the duration of this recording, my voice will be that of the Goddess herself to you." Hope's breath hitched. Her Keeper had nothing to do with the fresh trickle of arousal that dribbled from her sex.

Her voice paused for a moment, probably to give Hope time to recover. "You love the fact that Goddess is a demon, because it makes her that much more superior to you."

Hope blinked. She had forgotten Goddess was a demon. And demons were vile creatures that needed to be destroyed. Her family had taught her so. As conflicting emotions reared their heads, her Keeper butted in, forcefully reminding her of its presence.

Gasping, she arched her back. 'My Keeper's a demon and I love it. There's nothing vile about it, I love my Keeper.' And the thought of losing her Keeper only produced a searing pang of loss. 'My family's not getting their hands on it!'

Her mind blanked as her Keeper licked her clit in approval with a tiny, delicate tongue. 'No, hmmmm, human could doooooh this, make me feel ssso gooood.'

"I love that Goddess is a demon and lets this inferior being worship her," Hope breathed. She'd mangled the lesson but the sentiment was one her Keeper agreed whole-heartedly with. It rewarded its charge by extending its arm a little further until it fastened onto Hope's perineum with a sucker. With a guttural moan Hope came as her Keeper began to rhythmically suck with it.

She was still recovering when Debrojev's voice returned. "To serve Goddess is bliss."

Hope didn't hesitate. "To serve Goddess is bliss," she fervently agreed. Even her Keeper's ministrations were immaterial compared to how right that thought felt.

The professor hadn't known Hope would agree so swiftly, so there was a pause. But Hope felt no impatience, no desire to think. She simply waited for one of the voices of Goddess to tell her what Hope should believe.


Chastity stayed for the first few minutes to make sure Hope hadn't deceived her. Watching as she moaned and mouthed the words she heard on the recording, her hips trying vainly to meet her Keeper's ministrations. The sight assured Chastity that she was carrying out Goddess's orders successfully.

It was also turning her on, but there was no time for that. She had other commands to carry out. Her Keeper buzzed in approval sending a delicious thrill up from her ass. Moaning she retrieved her cell and went into the shower, closing the door behind her.

Taking a second to make sure that there was indeed no sound leaking through, she dialed the number. It wouldn't do for the person on the other side to hear Hope moaning about the pleasure of obeying Goddess. That might make them think something was wrong! And Goddess couldn't have that.

"Hey, Uncle!" Chastity began happily. "I've checked the place out Hope was worried about and I got nothing. I've been up and down this campus and there's just nothing going on. So I was thinking..."

Her eyes shining with the thrill of obeying Goddess, she spun the web of lies that would allow her to disappear into full service to Goddess.


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