Karen saw it the moment her husband stepped in the door, he'd been in another fight. Looking at his swollen lip and the darkening bruise on his cheekbone it looked like he didn't fare to well. She quickly stepped into the foyer and helped him pull off his jacket.

"Where was this one?" she asked.

"This one what?"

"You know what. Where did you get into a fight tonight?"

"How do you know..." he paused, seeing the look in his wife's eyes he knew he was busted. "Hattie's Coffee Café."


"Yeah, but it wasn't my fault this time."

"It's never your fault, only this time looks like maybe someone got you pretty good," Karen replied.

"Nah, no, you got it wrong. I kicked his ass, kicked it good. Only afterward I got blindsided."

"Don't tell me, one of his friends jumped you?"

"No, it was Hattie. I finished the guy off and was headed back to my table when Hattie just off and clocked me."

"George, Hattie's an eighty year old woman."

"Nah, she's in her mid seventies and is young for her age. I think she works out some."

"And tell me George, how did the fight start? Wait, wait, did it have something to do with haiku?"

"You know it did."

"George, why can't you just go to a poetry reading and let the poets read their poems, good or bad just let them read them."

"But it's wrong Karen, dead wrong. I mean when they stand up and read a sonnet, it more or less is written in iambic pentameter and fits a set rhyme scheme. I mean they don't stand up, call it a sonnet and then read an ode, or a triolet, no they read a sonnet... good or bad, it's still a sonnet."

"And the haiku?"

"Don't you see, everyone thinks that as long as it has three lines of five, seven and five syllables it is a haiku."

"Well isn't it?"


"All right, I was just kidding. I know they are so much more, and yes I know that in English the syllable count is so different from Japanese that even the five, seven and five is a misnomer."

"And you know I am duty-bound to correct them."

"Duty-bound? You mean that proclamation you received from that Japanese haiku club?"

"Haiku club? It's their high council on haiku. So when I follow their edict and step in to berate the ignorant poet for reciting the abomination they call a haiku, I act in official capacity."

"And when you do that, what always happens George?" Karen asked, running her hands up through her long blond hair. She sees him looking at her hair and reminds herself she needs to get it colored again, the roots are nearly as long as her fingers now.

"They say something about the "haiku police" thinking they're cute or something."


"Well, I whip out my badge and then remove them from the stage. Then they start a fight... happens every time."

"George, you ever think that maybe, at least in their eyes, you jerking them off the stage might be what starts the fight."

George flopped down in his recliner holding his head. "I am only doing what I am supposed to do, but it just doesn't do any good. Every time I beat some haiku sensibilities into someone, three more show up who haven't got the first fucking clue."

"I know George, but you're home now, why not just try and relax," she said, reaching down and massaging his shoulders. "You're just so tense," she said, slowly working her hand over the tight muscles of his neck and shoulders.

"I guess you are right, maybe I'm taking this all too seriously," he said resting his head back on the chair.

Karen ran her hands down over his arms and then onto his chest, slipping her hands into his shirt. Moving them through the hair on his chest, she slipped over to his nipples and let her fingers slowly circle over them. Noticing his breathing quicken a bit, she felt him lean back, pushing his chest out some. She also noticed the tent forming in his pants.

While still working his nipple with one hand, she silently unbuttoned her blouse with the other hand and then, as she slipped her hand from his shirt and moved around in front of him, she removed her bra. Moving in between his legs, she knelt down on the floor, quickly unfastened his pants and then eased his cock out. After a few short strokes he was fully erect.

Noticing a glistening droplet of precum, Karen leaned forward and touched her tongue to it, wincing a bit at the bitter flavor. She then eased her mouth over the head of his cock, as her one hand moved to his thick shaft and the other cupped his balls. Working in unison, she began stroking his cock, bobbing her head up and down over the head as she sucked and gently kneaded his balls.

Glancing up at his face, she saw his eyes close and then heard him begin to breathe even faster. She could tell by the way he responded that he would never last long enough for her, so she intensified her sucking. Just as she suspected, within just moments he was flexing his ass muscles and lifting his hips from the chair trying to push his cock even deeper into her mouth.

She felt his cock suddenly thicken as he moaned loudly, thrust his hips upward and came, spurting his hot cum into mouth. Pulling her head back, she quickly swallowed and then slipped her mouth back over his, taking each additional spurt into her mouth. When his orgasm has subsided, she pulled her mouth away and then swallowed once again, feeling the thick, bland cum slip over her tongue and down her throat.

Karen rested his head on his thigh as she watched his cock soften. As it slowly descended, falling onto his thigh, she glanced up and saw him looking down at her with a smile. "Are you relaxed now?"

"Yes, I think so," he said.

Karen watched his hand move down between his legs and lightly brush against her breast. Straightening up, she arched her back and pushed her breasts out , letting him take them in both his hands. "Mmm, nice," she said as he squeezed them lightly.

"What about you?" he asked.

"What about me?" Karen replied.

"I want to do something for you," he said.

Smiling Karen reached down and grabbed his soft cock, "but it looks like you need to stiffen up a bit. Besides, I've got something in the oven."

Feeling him pulling her up onto him she said, "Okay, okay. Look, let me do a few things in the kitchen and then I'll be ready. Why don't you go look at something sexy on the computer and see if things stiffen up."

Feeling him release her, she moved into the kitchen where she stood waiting, waiting for the inevitable. He pulled off his pants and underwear and headed over to the computer. It took a few minutes, in fact it took long enough that if she did have something in the oven, she'd have had time to get it out, put it on a plate and take a few bites. Finally it came...

"Motherfucker! Damn it all. You know you try... you try and teach them something, but do they care... fuck no, they just go on writing that mindless dribble, five seven five, yippee I wrote a haiku. I ought to kick her ass."

"Her?" Karen said as she walked from the kitchen to the computer.

"Yea, some supposed haiku poet, who wouldn't know a real haiku from a real fuck."

"Oh really, and I imagine you could teach her."

"Damn right," he said, his face beet red as he turned, clenching his fists.

She moved over to him, leaned her breasts against him, feeling his body quivering in anger she reached down, took firm hold of his cock and began stroking. Fueled by the testosterone surging in his body, his cock quickly responded to her hand. Squeezing him she said, "Teach me, teach me about a real fuck."

Karen saw his jaw tighten as he clenched his teeth, but he reached down, lifted her up in his arms and quickly carried her to their bed. He tossed her down and before she could get to her shorts, he had pulled them and her panties off. His hands grasped her thighs firmly and spread her legs wide as he moved his face in between her legs.

She felt his tongue pierce her and then circle inside her as he tasted her. It dipped in and out of her several times before she felt his tongue withdraw and then lap up between her lips and roughly roll over her clit. Normally she like it slow and tender but not now, not tonight, she wanted him to take her, take her completely. She gasped as his tongue plunged back into her and then slipped out.

She felt him bite her nipples as he moved his hips between her legs and she quickly reached down and guided him into her. His weight suddenly came upon her as she felt his cock drive deep into her. Almost breathless, she gasped for air as her pussy suddenly was empty and then with a loud slap, it was filled again. The sensations repeated themselves, empty, then full, empty then full as her husband desperately thrust in and out of her.

With each thrust she felt his balls slap against her ass, and more importantly she felt his pelvis grind against her clit bringing her closer and closer. She then exploded in as a jolting wave of pleasure erupted from her pussy and then ran through her entire body. Wrapping her legs and arms around him she pulled him tight, her pussy convulsing wildly.

As her orgasm subsided she realized he was oblivious to it all as he continued his ferocious thrusting without even slowing down for her. The sensation was so intense for her now it almost hurt, but then yes, it changed, yes, yes once again, closer, closer and yes, yes, yes, she once again pull him tight as she cried out, "Again, I'm coming again." She held him tight, feeling his muscles surge, feeling him filling her like he never had before, slamming himself into her again and again until she heard him moan loudly.

His tight muscles suddenly went slack as he collapsed upon her, his strength suddenly gone, his cock deep inside her suddenly seemed smaller. She remained beneath him as they both caught their breath. His cock slowly softened and finally slipped out of her as he rolled over onto his back and whispered, "Karen, damn that was incredible."

"Yes it was George, yes it was," she replied.

She remained next to him in bed, cradled in his arm until she heard a light snoring sound. As he slept, she crept out of bed and walked out to the computer. Signing on, she opened a message thread and clicked to post a reply. Thinking for a moment she slowly typed three short lines and then hit preview. Looking at the screen she read:

his giant thick cock
plunged deep into my pussy
filling me with him

She then clicked edit and entered a title for her post, typing "another haiku." She then signed off and returned to bed, hoping her "haiku" would stir up her husband as much as the one she posted earlier in the day did. Climbing into bed, she snuggled up to her naked husband, pressing her pussy tight against his thigh, feeling the pressure against her clit she smiled and closed her eyes.


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