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Dykes of Hazard


Hey, it’s me Wendy. It’s Friday, six p.m. I just came out to hunt for some pussy. Maybe it’s too early, normally I start at eight. But the week had sucked, I was desperate. It had been going fine until I blew it with Jobe.

Why did I have to say that?!?! I’m a hardcore lesbo, I can’t be going through this again! It’s not fair! I did this already! It was back in college. My roommate, Bell, was a massive slut. She wanted it every night from anyone who would give it to her.

One night she got drunk and didn’t go out. Before that night I had never suspected I was gay. I never enjoyed sex that much but I had also just been with dumbass boys that wanted to get there rocks off in my pussy.

Bell had wanted sex badly, and came on to me hard. I wasn’t aroused by Bell at first, but when Bell had tried everything else she got on her knees and started begging me to do all kinds of things to her. That’s when I started to get interested. When Bell started licking my feet the straight Wendy was gone forever. It had taken time to accept what I now knew I liked to do, but after awhile I was a confident dyke, and loved little sluts with all my heart.

Or so it had seemed. So why the interest in Jobe? Jobe’s this guy at work, I had, well, dropped him a hint and didn’t even really know why. Sometimes I think its not that I’m gay, but that I loved dominating people. But Jobe wasn’t a submissive guy… was he? No way he would let me be on top, let me fuck him with my dildos; make him eat my ass… would he?

I shouldn’t have started so early. I’d had two already so I started to scope for girls, there was one in a sweater and a long skirt, rather interesting attire. I saw a guy approach her. Darn, ah well, it would fill up soon. I would have a third beer in the mean time. Around seven the crowd began to gather.

A girl sat down next to me. She had ash-blonde hair, tanned skin, stood much taller then me, maybe six feet. She had on a tank top and blue jeans. Impressive sized tits filled her tank. She had tattoos running down both arms. She stared at me.

I can’t believe my luck, I shouldn’t have been surprised though, the weird ones where always into me. I did my best to ignore her. Maybe she’d go away, no such luck. When I finished my third beer I ordered another.

I began to realize that I wasn’t scooping the babes. This was turning into a get drunk and depressed night rather then the pick up chicks night it was meant to be.

I felt a hand on my ass; sure enough that bitch next to me was coming on to me. I looked at her.

“I’m gay.” Why the hell did I just say that? “Of course you are,” she said, “Is that a joke?”

“I’m not interested.” She looked baffled. I could see why, she was a sexy girl, probably thought she was doing me a favor coming on to me, no way I was in her class right? I went to the bathroom. I had to piss badly, the glory of beer.

The damn doors where all broken, they wouldn’t stay closed. Ah well, no one was in here. I sat down at the stall and heard the door open. In walked my admirer. She stood in front of the stall and smiled at me.

“Mind using me instead of the toilet?” I was speechless; here was this tall confident girl, no definitely a women, asking to drink my piss. She stepped into the stall with me.

“You need me on my knees right?” She dropped down before me. “Come on, you know you want to, I saw you looking at that other girl, you like the whores don’t you? Well here I am.” She opened her mouth wide and waved her tongue at me. That was all the invitation I needed.

I quickly removed my jeans so I could spread my legs over her face. Her tongue reached out and licked ounce up my cunt and then her mouth closed on my pussy, sucking on it. I let my piss flow into her mouth. She gulped it down, I started to pee faster, my piss flooded her mouth and ran down her neck and my legs.

I couldn’t stop peeing, there was so much and she sucked on my pussy hard, wanting every drop. Finally I was done. She licked my pussy clean, and then ran her tongue down my legs, licking up every drop of spilt juice. Her face returned to my cunt and she went to eating my pie with vigor. Her right hand came up and she inserted her finger into my ass while she ate. I flooded her mouth with love juice as I came, and she drink joyfully.

I sat back down on the stall, panting. She stood over me and began to unbutton her pants. My mind was blank for a moment before I realized she would probably want me to drink her urine. “Wait up…” I started to protest but she dropped her pants and pushed her cunt to my mouth. Her cunt was the hairiest I had ever seen. “Drink it bitch or you can walk out of here with it all over your shirt.”

I wrapped my lips around her opening and she slowly pissed in my mouth. She did it with slow relish, keeping the flow slow, making sure I swallowed every drop, staring into my humiliated eyes. “That’s right bitch, drink every drop of momma’s piss.” When she finished peeing she fucked my face with her cunt. I didn’t even stick out my tongue she just humped my head to an orgasm. Her pubic hairs ran along my face, covering it with her juice.

When she’d had enough she stood back, I lay in stall gasping as she left. Just when I got it together and was about to leave she came back in with two other girls. They were college girls I could tell, dressed fashionably and ready to experiment. My toilet girl was with them. “Go ahead, try it out.” One of the girls stepped up and unzipped her pants. I started to protest. Nobody listens. She pushed me on my back and held my head over the toilet, then she straddled my head and started to piss. She didn’t aim for my mouth, she just poured it all over my face, it ran over my neck, into my ears and hair and I heard it pouring into the toilet. My head was covered in piss. She then lowered her cunt to my mouth and I went ahead and ate her out as best I could.

I didn’t want anyone else fucking my face. When she came her friend took her place. Her pussy was completely shaved and it felt nice on my mouth. She poured her piss down my throat and I drank every drop. Then I ate her out, actually enjoying the taste and feel of a shaved cunt. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go and wiggled it around. She pulled my face into her as she came. I’d have to find more girls with shaved bushes.

When they left I was alone with my exploiter. “You enjoyed that last one.” She said.

“I’ve never had hairless before.” She smiled at me. “I could bring you more.”

I thought about it. “Sure.” She, her name turned out to be Barbara, brought in more girls. After I got over my humiliation it turned out to be really fun. It was so dirty I loved it. Girls lined up to fill me with urine. I was a human toilet. When I was too full I told them to piss on my face, that wasn’t enough. I stripped off all my clothes and told them to piss on me. Before long I was covered in golden juice. Then a police women came in.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I lay on the floor in the stall; covered in piss, around me was a puddle of urine. I looked at her nightstick; it occurred to me that I didn’t have a dildo on me. “Say officer, would you mind having a little fun with us?” Barbara stepped up the officer and began to feel her up. She didn’t protest. Barb and she made out in front of me while I fingered myself.

Barb got on her knees and drank the officers piss, then motioned her over to me. She pulled out her nightstick and, as I’d hoped, pushed it slowly up my pussy. The officer lowered her face to my cunt while Barb worked on her from behind. She began to pump me with the stick, her tongue played with my clitoris. It wasn’t long before I came. The walls of my cunt gripped the stick and I screamed in pleasure.

The police women got completely undressed and put the other end of the nightstick in her pussy. She laid on top of me and fucked me for all she was worth. Her beast rubbed against my own and she kissed me on the mouth. She licked my face, tasting this drops o piss covering it. It was the only time I ever enjoyed being fucked by a woman, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Jobe. I came hard, thrashing about in the puddle under the cop. She pulled out of me and pushed her stick down my throat.

She humped my face with it. I tasted my pussy on it and tongued it like it was a real cock. The police women jerked the stick in and out of herself and as she came her juices ran down it’s length into my hungry mouth. Finally she pulled out. She picked me up and led me over to the sink. She laid herself on the counter, presenting me with her ass. Her hand fingered her asshole and she passed me the stick. I knew what she wanted, what she needed me to give her.

I pushed the short end of the nightstick into my pussy; I drove it in until the handle pressed against my clitoris. I pushed her hand aside and slowly pressed the tip against her asshole. I pushed harder bit by bit until it slid its way into her ass. She moaned in delight and wiggled her rear. I pushed until it was all the way in. She squirmed under me, moaning and begging for it.

I held the handle so it wouldn’t slip out while I pulled back, then forward. I got my rhythm going and fucked her ass as fast as I could. Barb bent behind me and put her mouth to my asshole. Her tongue probed me while my ass rammed against her face on my out strokes. I saw myself in the mirror, the cop lying on the counter screaming for more, Barb on her knees eating my ass, I came then, and I was spent.

Gathering myself up and washing off as best I could in the sink I got dressed and headed out, leaving Barb and the cop on the floor licking each other’s pussies.

Everyone girl in the bar was looking at me as I came out, I figured Barb had asked everybody in there looking for good girls that would fill my need. I kept wondering what Jobe’s cock would feel like when he shoved in my pussy.

I went home and slept. Tomorrow was Saturday; maybe I would give him a call.

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This was a hot story and one of my lifelong fantasies until you brought the cop in which made it a totally unbelievable piece of garbage. To bad you ruined it.

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