tagMind ControlDysfunctional: Mother & Daughter

Dysfunctional: Mother & Daughter

byErogenous Zone©

Anne Marie takes another gulp of gin; alone again. Jeff is in Europe. Seems like her husband is either in Asia or Europe. 'She is probably screwing downstairs,' she thinks of her daughter, her boyfriend, Robert, and another guy. She flips the light off and stares out front windows on the city lights in the distance.

In a way it really doesn't matter to her that Jeff is gone. Their relationship ended years ago. She tends to the large house now vacated by their four children, except for Jamie who has always been a problem. Jamie is now a spoiled rich bitch barely surviving her second year in college. The other three children are older and didn't experience the worst of the marriage. Now, they just blindly ignore the family problems and lead their own lives.

"Mom, come downstairs with us," Jamie says as she enters the large dark family room. Anne Marie can tell her daughter is high.

Anne Marie finishes off her tumbler of gin and reluctantly follows her daughter to the first level. It is huge entertainment area overlooking the indoor/outdoor pool. The smell of weed fills the air.

Anne Marie plops into a chair at a safe distance form the others. Jamie and boyfriend's friend, Chad, start dancing. He has his hands on her ass as she rocks into him. Before long, he is kissing and feeling her up.

"Mom, dance with Robert," Jamie says as she continues her dry fucking. In disgust, Anne Marie gets up and goes to the bar.

Thinking of nothing Anne Marie leans against the sink facing the dark wall sipping another drink. Robert quietly eases behind her and wraps one arm around her waist. The other hand pushes aside her hair. Chills go through her body as he softly kisses her neck. She starts to pull away but he pulls her back and tells her to stop. Still behind her, he turns her to face the room. She sees Chad dancing behind her daughter. Jamie's hand are raised above her head and wrapped around Chad's neck. Chad's left arm is wrapped around her and kneading her breast; his other hand is down her unzipped jeans fingering her. Jamie's eyes alternate between looking down at herself being finger-fucked and looking at her mother.

"Your daughter is a good fuck," Robert whispers into Anne Marie ear. "She gets stoned and fucks all my friends."

Tears roll down Anne Marie as she sees Jamie grab Chad hand and push it into her. Her halter-top is up above her large bra-less breasts.

Anne Marie freezes as she feels Robert aroused and pushing into her from behind. His hand progresses up her sweater. She feels it touch the underside of her breasts. Her daughter's hand is now behind her vertically stroking Chad. Robert kisses her neck and sends chills through her body. It has been so long since she had been touched like this.

Anne Marie feels her nipple harden as Robert gently finds it through her bra. "You daughter will go down on Chad soon; she likes to suck cock." Robert's huge barrel chest is pushing against her and into the bar. Anne Marie passively grasped as Robert lifts her bra. "Relax," he whispers in her ear and runs his tongue over her neck and back of her ear. He purposely moves her hands to the top of the bar, "I am going to unzip your pants," he tells her as she tightens her body, to confused and affected by the alcohol to do anything as she watches her daughter at the same time.

Jamie has unbuttoned Chad's jeans and has her hand inside his pants. She looks at her mother and grins as she sees Robert's hand in her sweater. She has always resented her mother for tolerating her father's abuse and cheating. And how she spinelessly didn't do anything for so many years except drink She turns and drops to her knees. She bushes back her hair, unzips Chad's pants. She looks to her mother and then takes Chad into her mouth.

Robert's hand is in Anne Marie pants twisting about the top line of pubic hair while softly kissing her neck. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath trying to hold back. Robert feels her stomach nervously contract and hips shift. Uncontrollably, Anne Marie's pelvic muscles contract. Robert feels it and grins to himself. His other hand is on her breast and he pitches and rolls her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She slow moves back from the protective edge of the bar. He feels her pushing back into him. His middle finger finds her moist throbbing slit. She cringes each time he curls and pulls up with his fingers.

Chad and Jamie are now on the floor. Anne Marie sees her nude daughter on top of Chad, her legs spread over his face, her mouth wrapped around his cock. Her breasts are swinging wildly and her head bobbing.

"I want drink," Anne Marie tells Robert.

"No," Robert responds immediately. Anne Marie is taken aback by his directness. She is not use to hearing 'no'.

"Raise your arms," he tells her. Anne Marie raises her arms above her head. Robert removes her sweater top and then her bra. Robert wraps his arms around her from behind and kisses her soft smooth shoulder.

"You are so beautiful", he whispers. She raises her right hand over her head and touches his hair. Moments later he feels her rub her fingers through his long hair. She pushes her hips into the bar pushing his lingering finger into her. Robert feels her pussy gripping and pulling his finger.

He turns her head towards his and with his finger traces her lips. Her lips finally part and her tongue reaches out to his touch as he pushes inward and impregnates her.

Turning her head back, he tells her, "Look at yourself; look at your body." Her hand is still raised above her head touching his hair; Anne Marie glances down in front of her. She sees her firm protruding breasts and erect and wanting nipples. She sees her flattened stomach and Robert hand in her pants very slowly stroking her wetness.

"I am going to fuck you," he whispers.

She forces a "no" through nervous lips.

To which he responds, "yes," pauses and then adds, "and your daughter wants to watch;" he pauses again, "I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I met your daughter." He breathes heavily, "Every time I fuck her I think of you."

She looks to her shoes and quietly and slowly eases them off. She thinks of the many times she would sneak a peak at him and then run off to her room. She would crawl under the sheets, her legs would be spread and her knees raised, her pants at her ankles, her hand between her legs, think of him being there, his large muscular legs between hers, his long flowing hair dangling and encapsulating her.

She thinks of Robert, now behind her, she pulls down her pants and steps out of them. She pauses and shivers. She is expecting help but doesn't receive it. "Take them off," he tells her. She slips off her bikini briefs.

Jamie has collapsed onto Chad. Her mother was oblivious to Jamie's orgasm. Jamie looks up and sees Robert leading her mother to the sofa not far from her. She sees her mother spreading her legs, raising her knees. Robert is kissing her. Anne Marie looks over to Jamie with a blank stare and then turns back to Robert. She feels Robert stroking her clit with one hand and fingering her ass with the other. Jamie watches as her mother grunts, cries out, grabs her breasts and squeezes her legs as Robert brings her to ecstasy. Robert and Anne Marie rest for a few minutes and then Robert enters her.

Jamie gets up and kneels next to the sofa. She lifts her mother head off the sofa, "Look mama how he is fucking you. I wish daddy could see you now." Anne Marie sees Robert smiling as continues to hump her. "Make her cum again," shouts Jamie.

Robert slides his thumb against Anne Marie's clit. Anne Marie starts to release an orgasm that has built up over years. Jamie lowers her mother head and stretches her naked body over her mother to lock lips with Robert. From behind, Anne Marie sees Robert's hand between Jamie's spread legs forcefully fingering her. Anne Marie sees Jamie's juices dripping down her calf. She feels them drip onto her own stomach as Robert shoves the rest of his cum into her.

Jamie returns to the opposite sofa to sit with Chad. Robert joins them on the sofa and they share a joint. Anne Marie rolls over so as not to see them. "Mama, you are a whore just like me," She laughs.

"Jamie, don't be so mean to your mother!" Chad responds as he disgustedly gets up and walks over to Anne Marie. He kneels besides her and gently kisses and rubs her back. She turns and sits up, kisses Chad. Without looking back, she slowly gets up and walks to the stairs.

She pauses, turns and gives a quick glance at Chad. Then her eyes move and lock on Robert. For a long moment they stay locked. Finally, Robert removes his arm from around Jamie and gets up. His large erect primal body walks towards Anne Marie, his large penis proudly swaying as he walks, stiffens quickly. He follows her mother up the stairs.

Jamie sits there; her mouth drawn. Her scheme wasn't suppose to end this way. It was suppose to be Chad. She hesitates, but then thinks of what her father would do if he knew.

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