tagLoving WivesE & E Ch. 04

E & E Ch. 04

byGrey Eagle 286©

Savanna kissed Mack and he held her in his arms and cried. She looked at her husband and Mack's son, Mica. He just stared at his father. Mack released Savanna and said. "I can't face you. It breaks my heart to tell you I haven't found your sister yet. It has been seven months since she was abducted. She has had our baby by now, he should be two months old now if it came on time." Tears ran down his cheeks.

"OH! Mack, I know you have done every thing humanly possible. I know you will never stop looking. Please rest and relax a little. Here is someone who is dying to see you."

A little form rushed at him screaming, "Uncle Mack, Grandpa Mack, I love you. Please hold me tight." Mack bent down and picked Sue Ann up in his arms. She held his face in her hands and looked at him carefully. She ran her little hand along the gray hair above his temples.

"Grandpa, your hair is getting all gray, you look different. Aunt Ginny is going to be very angry with you if you don't take care of your self. She loves you a whole lot. She said she loved you this much." The girl spread her arms as far as she could. He looked in her eyes and said, "Sweetie, I love Aunt Ginny with all my heart. I really do." Mack put Sue Ann down and took Bobby from his son's arms. Bobby laughed happily and reached for Mack. Mack held the boy close and then handed him back to Mica.

Mica said, "Dad will you have dinner tonight with Savanna and I?"

"I'd love to Mica, but I have a scout scheduled to check out a Hacienda about 60 miles south of here."

"Is Mike going with you?"

"No. He has been on plenty of scouts with me. He is the best I've ever seen at sneaking around. It's like he is invisible and he never makes a sound. He has family obligations and I don't want him to go anymore. He needs to be with Cookie, Mikey and the baby."

"I'll go with you Dad."

"I'm sure you are a good sneak, I only have a guide for one man tonight. I'll be fine. I'll see you guys in the morning."

Mack picked up a small daypack and walked out the door.

Mica watched him go. He looked at Savanna, "What do you think?"

"I never expected to say this about you father. He is a tragic figure. He and I were talking the day before our wedding. He asked me how I felt about marrying another military man. I told him it was very scary for me. I lost one husband and I told him I didn't know if I could survive losing another. He looked at me and said, "I know I could never live without Ginny, she is my life. God! I hope he never gives up hope."

"Savanna, Honey, I am not sure he can survive another month like this. I'm not sure at all. Did you see the bags and dark circles under his eyes? I'll bet he has lost thirty or forty pounds."

"I know, I had a short talk with Cookie when we first got here. She thinks he is the greatest man she has ever met. She says Mike loves him like a father and says your Dad feels no physical pain, if he does hurt himself badly he will bandage it and then proceed to ignore the pain."

"Yeah, I'm afraid he'll get hurt bad scouting at night and not put anything on it until morning. I don't know if he could shake of a bad infection as run down as he is. I think he has a bleeding ulcer too from what Cookie tells me. His maid finds bloody underwear in the trash. Sometimes I think he is trying to kill himself."

"It's so damn sad. They were so damned happy together. Ginny was happier the she had been in her whole life."

Ginny sat on her bed holding her son as he suckled at her full breast. She glanced up when she heard the door open. Jose stood and watched her. He smiled, "Sweetheart, I need you, I believe it is time we can start to have sex again. Your belly is as flat as a board now. I want you tonight. Are you ready?"

"Yes I am. I can deny you no longer, you have been very patient."

"I will reward you with a shopping trip to the states for a whole new wardrobe. We will go to San Antonio. It has some nice shops and several Wal-Mart's; I think someone told me they have seventeen of them. You can get you baby supplies there."

"Thank you Jose, I need a lot of things."

"I want you to be happy." He turned and walked out the door. She looked out the window; it was too early to see Mack's star. That is how she thought of it now. Would she ever see him again?

Jose entered her room that night after she had little Isaiah asleep in his crib. He walked to her as she stood in front of a mirror brushing her hair. He stood behind her and reached around and caressed her breasts through the thin material of her gown. She wore a nursing bra under the gown. She put the brush down and turned in his arms to kiss him. He kissed her hungrily, his tongue speared into her mouth and searched for hers. His hands moved over her shoulders stripping the gown from her body. She felt him unfasten the back of her bra. He pulled back and looked at her totally nude body and grinned, "You are more beautiful than ever." He pushed her back onto the bed and followed close behind her.

She closed her eyes and prayed for forgiveness as her body responded to his passionate assault. He leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers. Then he moved kissing and licking across her chest to her breasts. He suckled hungrily at her breast. It felt very good. After a while she gently moved him to the other breast. Ginny didn't want him to drain all her milk. She had had plenty for Isaiah but not enough to satisfy the baby and Jose. She finally pushed him away. He kissed down to her belly and she hoped he would kiss on down to her pussy. He had never done it before and she had never asked him to give her head, he had never requested it from her. He just liked plain vanilla sex. Missionary or doggy was his whole repertoire. Jose moved between her legs and begin kissing her lips again. She reached down and pulled his cock to her pussy. He slowly and gently pressed forward. She felt his pubes against hers. He stopped fully inside her and asked if she were having any pain. She said she was fine and smiled at him. This was the first time he had ever shown any real concern about her. She wondered who was thawing out, he or she. She shuddered and thought of Mack. He had been the perfect lover, would she ever have him again.

Reality hit her as she felt the start of an orgasm. She had learned how to press back against Jose so that his thrusts stimulated her clitoris and brought on an orgasm. It was not like with Mack when she could lay back and relax and savor the joy of continuous thunderous orgasms one after the other until they ran together.

She knew that Jose would be through in a few minutes. She was surprised when he asked her to turn over on her knees. She complied and he moved behind her and his cock slipped into her vagina again. He started thrusting into her very rapidly. He reached under her and begin rubbing her clit with his fingers. It felt damned good. She was surprised when felt a strong orgasm coming. He was slamming against her ass now as he fingered her clitoris rapidly. She couldn't help the words of encouragement that came from her lips. "Fuck me, Baby, fuck me. I love it. Jose, it feels so good. Fuck me. Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh! Yesssssss!"

He fell off of her and pulled her down with him. He held her tightly to him gently kissing her neck. She moved back against him and felt comfort in his arms.

She awoke when Isaiah cried to be fed. She went into the nursery and changed him, and then she carried him to the bedroom and sat in the rocker. She gently rocked as he fed at her breast. She closed her eyes then jerked awake. She looked out the window; a cloud covered Mack's star.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she softly cried. It was the first time she had gone to sleep with out praying to see Mack. Waves of guilt swept over her. For the first time she felt she had cheated on Mack. She prayed now to her God for forgiveness for breaking the vow she made before he and her husband. She felt no relief. The guilt hung heavy on her. She hugged her baby to her breast and whispered a prayer for the strength to be worthy of him. She looked at her bed. Jose was no longer there. He had tried to sleep with her before but always left when anything awoke him. She smiled and kissed her son, "Thank you Isaiah, for waking him up."

Mike watched as Mack struggled to get up from his chair. Mack grinned at him for a second, I'm getting to where I stiffen up after I set for a while, must be old age catchin' up with me." Mike saw the blood stain on the seat of Mack's jeans. 'They'll be soaking in peroxide tonight.' He thought to himself. Mack went into the bathroom. The phone rang. Mike answered it, "General McDermott's office, Lieutenant Mahoney speaking."

"WHAT! Give me that again. We are on our way. Are all the police and the military and the FBI alerted? Great, cross your fingers."

Mike ran to the bathroom door, "General, we have a hot sighting. A helicopter is on its way to pick us up. Then we catch a jet to San Antonio."

The door flew open with Mack pulling on a fresh pair of jeans.

"Where was she seen?"

San Antonio. She is in a Wal-Mart with the guy who kidnapped her. They have a small army on its way. They are not letting anyone in the store and are trying to clear out all the customers they can."

"Damn, That's an hour or two away."

"Right, we are going as fast as we can. Cookie and Savanna will meet us at the plane. They should be there by now. Mica is with them. There is a babysitter with the kids."

When they arrived at the Wal-Mart the ladies were left outside. They were told it was pretty much a stand off at the moment. They entered and were rushed to the security office. They could see the whole scene on a large screen TV. They heard a voice on the speaker system in the store.

"Please lay down your weapons. You are completely surrounded. There is no escape. We have your vehicles and their drivers in custody. We also have you aircraft in our possession. There is no escape; all of the shoppers you see are our people.

Mack's eyes were fixed on Ginny. He saw her trying to get a baby out of a stroller. She was also covering the baby with her own body. One of the Sheriff's Deputies grabbed Ginny and the baby and pulled them clear. She ran back and screamed, "Don't shoot. Please don't shoot. Jose put your guns down. You don't stand a chance. Please Darling, don't fight."

They saw the man and his bodyguards put their weapons on the floor. People rushed in and put the men on the floor and cuffed them. Mica saw Mack go out the door and followed him. Ginny was lying on the floor crying. He stopped and looked at her then walked to the stroller and looked at the child. Mack knelt beside the stroller and stared at the baby. He stepped back as Deputies swarmed over the area. The child was returned to its mother. Savanna and Cookie rushed to Ginny. They screamed and held and kissed each other. Mike and Mica were with them. Ginny cried and kissed and hugged each of them. "Where is Mack?" she asked.

"He was right here a minute ago looking at the baby."

"No! I didn't see him, I only saw a thin white haired man looking at Isaiah."

"That was Dad", said Mica.

"What? No way."

Savanna said, "That is what is left of him." Ginny's eyes were wide. "Wwhat happened?"

Cookie said, "That is what is left of a man who hasn't slept more than two hours a night or eaten more than a bite or two a day for seven or eight months. He is all used up and waiting to die."

"I don't understand?"

"Ginny the man has never stopped looking for you for one minute. He has spent every cent he had and every speck of his energy looking for you. He is undernourished, worn out and has various problems, bleeding ulcers and malnutrition are some of his problems. He has lost about fifty pounds. He is almost dead." Tears ran down Mica's face as he spoke to Ginny.

Ginny jumped up, "Where is he, I need to talk to him. I need him. We need him." A deputy said, "Pardon me but I think he is sitting on a bench over by the Pharmacy." They hurried to the area and saw him sitting on a bench. His eyes were closed but tears dropped from them. Ginny ran to him. "Isaiah Mc Dermott. Look at me." His eyes opened and he looked into her eyes. He whispered, "Do you love him?"

"OH My God, NO! NO! I love only you. I love you with all my heart." She looked around and saw Cookie holding the baby. She held out her hands and took him. She said, "Isaiah Mc Dermott this is your son, Little Isaiah Mc Dermott. He needs his father. He needs you more than anything. You told me I shouldn't have a child without his father in the family. Do you still believe that?"

"Yes, Ginny, he is beautiful, so are you. I have never stopped loving you but I am so tired, so very tired. Please don't leave me again. Hold my hand." Ginny looked up. She looked at Mica and Mike, "Don't just stand there! Call an ambulance; he needs a hospital, now! Hurry Damn it, I'll not loose this man now." The police wanted to detain her for questioning. She said, "Bullshit, I am an attorney and a representative of the President of the United States. I will be available for questioning when my husband is ready to stand beside me. Then I will answer every question you have."

"Ma'am, I have one question I have to have answered right now. Were you abducted and held against your will by Jose Santana?"


"Thank you Ma'am."

Ginny's head snapped around at the sound of the baby crying. She ran and found her baby bag and got out a towel and a blanket. She ran back and took the baby from Cookie. She turned her back and opened her blouse and the nursing bra. She popped the nipple in the baby's mouth and he cooed and started slurping while he suckled. Ginny covered the baby and her breast with the little blanket. Cookie grinned, "He loves his milk doesn't he."

Ginny smiled back, "He sure does. He is a very sweet baby, just like his father."

Mike hurried in, "Here are the medics with a gurney. Let's get the General on it. They are going to stabilize him here and if he responds all right they will fly him to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington. Ginny will accompany him. Cookie and I will go too. Savanna and Mica are going to follow later."

The Deputy said, "I don't think I can allow Mrs. Mc Dermott to leave this jurisdiction."

Ginny looked at him, "I have several problems with that, are you going to arrest me for being a victim, are you going to hold me when I am under the orders of the President to go to Washington?"

"No Ma'am, I guess I can't do that."

"Tell your boss I will in due time answer all your questions."

"Ma'am, I have a statement here I need you to sign swearing to the statement you gave me earlier."

"Young man, as I told you, I am an attorney. I will sign nothing with out the approval of my council. How ever, after I consult with him I will mail or FAX you a statement. OK?"

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you."

Ginny looked down to see Mack looking up at her. His eyes twinkled, "Lady you can be a little bitch, but I love you."

She reached and touched his cheek, "I love you with all my heart."

When they were all settled on the plane Ginny sat next to Mack and held his hand. An IV ran into each wrist. A cannula fed oxygen into his nostrils. He said, "Are you sure you want to do this? They have nothing they can hold your friend on without your statement. I will give you a divorce if it will make you happy. You can go back to Mexico with him."

"OH No! Mack, Never, I will never let that happen. Forget anything I said, I have lived with him for about eight months. I had an agreement with him that allowed our son to be born. I was not aware of exactly what was happening when everything came down tonight. I was trying to make sure Isaiah Jr. was safe. I thought it might be other drug dealers or something. I only want to be with you and our son."

"I haven't had a good look at him yet. I was crying too much to get a good look at him. I hope he favors you."

"Mack, he is beautiful, he has most of your features. He will be a handsome man someday, just like his sire, a real heart breaker." Ginny leaned over and gently kissed his lips, she glanced out the window.

"Mack, look, your star, I prayed every night you were thinking of me too and that we would be back together soon. One night a cloud passed over your star and it scared me to death. I couldn't sleep."

Mack squeezed her hand, "I prayed for your safety every night and talked to your star. It gave me hope and I often felt you were watching the star at the same time."

She lifted his hand and kissed it. He turned the hand and placed it on her face, gently caressing her cheek. He felt her tears run across his hand. He softly said, "Don't cry baby, everything will be fine, I promise."

"Oh! Mack, I'm not worth what you have done to your self. I never wanted you to hurt yourself over me. I love you so much. I would have fought and died if I hadn't been carrying our baby. I had to save him. He is ours. He is alive and healthy. I am back with you, now I must make you whole again. How did they finally find me?"

"We had it narrowed down to where it was a ninety percent chance you were flown out of El Paso on a plane. There were only two Mexican registered planes that left that day. That plane filed a flight to Chihuahua when it left. We have been watching both planes.

The plane you came in on belongs to a ranch there. We haven't been able to tie the kidnappers to that ranch. It has been under surveillance for eight months. It has been back to the U.S. eight or nine times. There was never a trace of you.

We had word the plane took off for San Antonio. There was a two-hour delay from when it departed and when it arrived. It went somewhere in between. You were spotted getting off the plane and followed."

Mack looked at his beautiful wife. She felt his eyes on her and turned smiling. She said, "I love you, Mack. You look so much better now. How much did you weigh this morning?"

"I was 188 this morning. Only thirty-seven pounds to go to be at my fighting weight; or loving weight if you prefer."

"Oh! I much prefer your loving. I could never fight with you."

He grinned at her, "Do you feel up to giving your statement this morning? I can have it put off again."

"No Mack, I need to do this now. I have put it off because I know it will hurt you terribly. You may never forgive what I did. You do have the right to hear every thing that happened to me. I can no longer put it off."

"Please don't worry about how I will feel, I know in my heart that no matter what you did it was to save the lives of the two people I love most in this world. I will love you no matter what."

She held his hand tightly, "Thank you Mack, you don't know how much courage you just gave me. If Jack Thurgood, my attorney, is here I am ready." Mack picked up the phone and pressed a button, "Is Mr.Thurgood here? Thank you, we will be right in."

Jack Thurgood walked to Ginny and kissed her cheek and hugged her. He shook Mack's hand. They were seated at a small table. A Deputy Sheriff and a States Attorney from Texas conducted the questioning. Everyone was introduced. There were people from the FBI, Naval, and Army Intelligence, and various Texas Law Enforcement Agencies present.

Ginny held up her hand, "I think the best way to handle this will for me to be sworn and then give a brief statement and then let you ask questions." Everyone agreed.

"I was shopping in a Wal-Mart Store in El Paso, Texas on the date in question. I had been there for about forty- five minutes and I was looking at baby things, I was about five months pregnant at the time. A man approached me and asked several questions about baby diapers. I answered as best I could. Several minutes later I was walking toward the checkout lanes when a person hit my arm and I felt a sharp prick in that arm. I felt dizzy immediately. Then everything went black.

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