tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEastenders Fantasy Pt. 01

Eastenders Fantasy Pt. 01


The Queen Vic had closed and Lee and his gorgeous girlfriend, Whitney, with clearing up the glasses and stacking the chairs. Whitney bent over across the table to reach a glass. Lee noticed her arse stick out and rubbed his hand against her tight buttocks and spanked her.

Whitney left the glass she had been getting, turned around and dropped to her knees. She undid his zipper and pulled his pants down. This freed his cock and Whitney began to stroke his hardening penis. Lee took off his shirt to reveal his manly body. Lee's dick was now fully erect and standing at 7 inches and was nice and thick.

Whitney took his adequate cock into her mouth and bobbed her head on it. She licked the underside of his dick, causing moans from Lee.

"Awww," Lee moaned, Whitney had her nose pressed against his waist.

"Mmmm, gahhh," Whitney's muffled moans as she deepthroats his fine cock.

She takes her head off his cock and cups his hairy ballsack. She then licks and sucks his nuts. Whitney leaves his penis and takes off her dress in one swift motion, to reveal no bra or panties, just her big tits and her shaved pussy. Despite seeing them numerous times, Lee stared at her tits and Whitney noticed this.

She placed his cock between her titties and moved her tits up and down his dick. Whitney stuck out her tongue when the head appeared out of her tits the lick his bellend and taste his precum. Lee had decided that he had had enough of the foreplay and wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

Using his impressive strength, Lee picked Whitney up and put her on the table with her arse stuck in the air. He stuck his penis straight into her tight cunt, causing a scream from Whitney.

Whitney places her hands on the wooden table while she pushes back against Lee's pistoning cock. Shane rams his shaft deeply into Whitney's cunt as her arse smacks against his waist.

Whitney licks her pouty lips as she looks back over her shoulder at Lee. The son of Mick Carter swiftly pumps his cock balls deep into Whitney's cunt as she bucks back against him.

Whitney's ass repeatedly smacks against Lee's lower torso as he drills her love tunnel. Lee perfectly pounds her pussy with his hard cock.

Whitney bites her bottom lip as she rocks on her knees in time with Lee's thrusts right up until he pulls out of her tight cunt. Whitney finds herself pushed to the side of the table so Lee can sit down.

"You better not need me to tell you what to do," Lee says with a smirk while sweat rolls down his face.

Whitney nods her head, "I know exactly what needs to be done," She says as she moves to straddle Lee's lap, lowering her pussy onto his stiff cock while placing her hands on his shoulders.

Lee groans as Whitney begins to rock back and forth on his cock while he gets a good look at Whitney's large tits as they sway with her movements before he places his hands on them to begin groping them. Whitney moans as Lee palms her tits as she switches from rocking on his cock to bouncing on it.

Lee Carter groans as Whitney rises and drops on his cock as he squeezes her breasts lightly before he starts to thrust his cock up her cunt. Whitney leans her head as she feels Lee's cock driven up into her.

Lee licks his lips as his hands down to Whitney's hips while he plows his cock vertically into her pussy. Whitney grinds her cunt down on Lee's cock as she continues to ride him.

Lee moves his hips while seated on the table to repeatedly ram his cock into his girlfriend's fuck hole. Whitney sharply drops downwards on the full length manhood.

Lee moves forward on the table and eased himself off of it to kneel on the floor while lowering Whitney to lay on her back while he continues to ram his shaft into her wet snatch. Whitney breathes heavily and nods her head at Lee while wrapping her legs around his waist as he keeps fucking her.

Lee groans as Whitney uses her legs to pull herself against him while he plows his dick fully into her pussy. Whitney arches herself up from the floor as she grinds her cunt against his cock.

Lee pumps his cock balls deep into Whitney's cunt as she sits up a bit and uses her arms to prop herself up. Whitney tosses her sweat dampened hair as she moves against the floor while Lee keeps fucking her.

Lee Carter clenches his teeth as Whitney grinds her cunt against his cock while watching her tits bounce as she moves against the pub floor. Whitney's pussy tightens around Lee's thrusting cock as she begins to cum.

Lee feels Whitney's juices flow over his cock as it begins to throb as he keeps driving it deeply into her cunt. Whitney's body trembles as she experiences her climax as Lee pulls her legs from around her waist so he can pull out of her pussy.

As the son of Linda Carter gets to his feet, Whitney sits up in front of him where she can eagerly take his cock back into her mouth. Lee moans as Whitney feverishly bobs her head on his throbbing cock. Whitney places her hands on Lee's waist as she briskly rocks her head on his cock, feeling it throb on her tongue and between her lips.

Lee grits his teeth as he begins to cum, flooding her mouth instantly with jizz. Whitney looks up at Lee while she holds his erupting dick within her mouth until she is sure he is done cumming.

Lifting her head slowly, Whitney swallows Lee's cum and looks up at him. Little did they know that Linda had watched it all unfold with her hand buried down her pants with her knickers sopping wet.

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