tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEastenders Fantasy Pt. 02

Eastenders Fantasy Pt. 02


Whitney finished swallowing Lee's cum and stroked his cock to catch the last drops in her mouth. There was a noise in the hall behind the bar, where Linda was. Lee and Whitney quickly tried to put their clothes back on but there was no point. Linda made the noise and walked out to see them both scrambling to get dressed.

"There's no point," Linda stated.

"I'm sorry, Mum," Lee replied.

"Don't be sorry. I just want what you gave Whitney. Mick's cock is so small and he can't make me cum," Linda added, "Whitney stay here. I want to taste your juices."

Hearing this, Lee's softening cock became hard again. He had his gorgeous girlfriend and his MILF of a Mum stroking and fondling his cock and bollocks. Linda engulfed his cock in one as Whitney licked his balls. Lee moaned as Linda deep throated his cock. The moans became louder as Lee felt Whitney's tongue flick at his arsehole. Lee was in heaven as his Mum bobbed her head quickly on his knob as Whitney gave him a rim job. Pre cum oozed out of his dick and Linda licked it up. She saw this as a sign to stop sucking and start fucking.

Linda took her blouse and skirt off and then her bra and panties. This revealed her perky tits and her round arse.

"Lee, fuck my arse while Whitney licks my cunt," Linda exclaimed and Lee's cock throbbed in her hand.

Linda got on all fours on the floor as Lee knelt behind her. Underneath Linda, Whitney had her head at Linda's pussy and her own pussy in front of Linda's mouth.

Lee eased his cock into Linda's tightest hole. Linda moaned as she felt Lee's cock push into her arsehole. Whitney stared at Lee's dick going in and out of her bum hole and started to munch away at Linda's sweet cunt.

Lee slowly fucks his hot Mum's arse as it smacks against his waist. Linda wraps her hands around Whitney's waist to bring her pussy to her mouth as she pushes back against Lee's knob. Whitney licks away at Linda's pussy lips, teasing her, making sure she can savour the taste of her juices.

Lee shoves all seven inches of his cock balls deep into Linda's arse as she pushes back against him. Linda licks Whitney's outer lips before sticking her tongue as deep as it goes. Whitney moans into Linda's cunt as it takes her by surprise as she returns the favour.

Lee picks up the pace of fucking her arse as he feels her arse widen and accept his penis. Linda's arse smacks against Lee's waist repeatedly as she probes Whitney's clit with her tongue. Whitney adds a finger to Linda's pussy as she tries to get Linda to orgasm quicker.

Lee drills her arse as her arse gets looser with every thrust he gives. Linda moans as the quick pounding of her arse and Whitney's impressive skills means that her orgasm is coming. Whitney adds another finger to Linda's pussy as she finds her g-spot and her tongue quickly flicks at her clit. Linda orgasms and Lee pulls out of her arse, looking at her gaping bum hole.

Lee pulls Whitney to his cock on her hands and knees as he eases his cock into her already wet and fucked pussy. Linda pulls her arse cheeks apart and offers her arse hole to Whitney's mouth. Whitney moans as Lee's cock drills her love tunnel while she sticks her tongue into Linda's fucked arsehole.

Lee rams his shaft deeply into her cunt as her shapely arse smacks against his waist. Linda pushes Whitney's head against her gaping arse hole to keep her licking her arse. Whitney replaces Linda's hands on her arse cheeks as she pushes back against Lee's pistoning cock.

Lee Carter swiftly pumps his cock into Whitney's cunt as she pushes back against him. Linda takes her hand off her hand and furiously rubs her hand against her clit as she approaches yet another orgasm. Whitney licks her lips to make sure she tastes all of Linda's arse cream.

Lee pumps his cock balls deep into Whitney's tight pussy. Linda puts her hands back on her arse cheeks to keep her gape. Whitney tosses her sweat dampened hair as she clenches her fist and tries to ease it into Linda's arse.

Lee clenches his teeth as he watches the hot action while Whitney grinds her cunt against his cock. Linda lets out an ear piercing scream as Whitney's fist enters her arsehole. Linda orgasms but it was more than just an orgasm. Whitney's face gets covered with her juices as she squirts. Whitney pussy tightens around Lee's thrusting cock as she begins to cum.

Lee feels Whitney's juices flow all over his cock as his knob throbs as he keeps drilling her tight hole. Linda's arse relaxes as Whitney stops her onslaught and she waits for her favourite part during sex. Whitney's body trembles as her climax ends while Lee pulls out of her wet love tunnel.

Lee gets to his feet and his Mum and girlfriend kneel in front of him waiting for his jizz as he strokes his cock ferociously. Linda sticks her tongue, waiting for her favourite part; her face covered in hot cum. Whitney also sticks her tongue out waiting for her second load of the night.

Lee moans out loud as he starts to cum over the hot ladies' faces. Streams of hot, white cum land all over their faces as Linda swallows all of hers up. Whitney can also swallow a bit as the rest lands on her face and drips onto her big tits. Linda notices this and licks up the cum on her face and tits. While on her big tits, Linda licks and kisses both nipples before saying.

"We better do this again but not for a while because my arse is hurting," Linda laughs as she strokes Lee's cock catching the drops of cum that come out.

Elsewhere in the square, Abi confides in Lauren...

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