tagBDSMEasy Street Ch. 01

Easy Street Ch. 01

bybelted and teased©

My story begins much like many other stories pertaining to male chastity. However, there are many details that it does not share with the stories I have seen posted.

The first similarity is that I was the one who ordered a chastity device for myself, not knowing whether or not my beautiful wife would be interested in it or not. Also that I sprang it on her not knowing within my own heart just how far I wanted to go with it.

The differences are many. I did not order it because my sex life with my wife was unsatisfactory. Nor because I have a remarkably small or pitiful dick. I am far from John Holmes, but I am also far from tiny. In our eight years of marriage my wife and I have enjoyed an active sex life. Having been married to a sexually repressed woman in my first marriage, I know how fortunate I am that my wife is highly sexed and really enjoys our lovemaking. You have no idea how lucky I am! She is multi-orgasmic and she absolutely loves to taste my cum as it blasts into her mouth.

Other differences are that the events that unfolded did not lead to my being turned permanently into a completely useless, gender confused wimp cowering in a corner awaiting my wife's return. My wife and I love each other, and overall we share the responsibilities of running our household, our work lives, and raising our children. I would not abdicate my responsibilities and my wife respects my opinions. In short, this story is about our sex life, not to be confused with the rest of our life. Donna and I both have careers as professionals in our respective fields. We both experience a lot of stress in our careers.

All that being said, you must be wondering why in the world would a guy in my position have put himself in such a precarious position by giving up control of his manhood? Any time my wife or I want a "stress reliever", we are only too happy to oblige each other. I love having my face buried in her moist, tender pussy as much as she likes having my cock down her throat! So why would I risk losing her respect by ordering a chastity device and risking her thinking I was unworthy? The short answer is that I don't know for sure. I do know that I have always had a fascination with female domination. Not the her in black leather, me in a dress kind, just completely relinquishing control to a woman. Having absolutely no choice in what was going to happen. Maybe I need that because of my job. Maybe I have some deep-seated issue from my childhood. Maybe I'm just a fuckin' pervert! But the need to submit has shadowed me for years. Donna and I have played with it on several occasions, but always for individual sessions. We did play at one point a few years ago where I went for over a month without an orgasm while she used me daily. But it was more or less an honor system. I could have masturbated if I had wanted to. I could have gone to another woman if I had wanted to. I had a level of control. The only thing that kept me chaste for that period of time was that I wanted to obey Donna's wishes and I wanted to remain faithful. So had I really given up control?

As I said before, our sex life has been anything but tame. We have engaged in threesomes, had sex in public, called a friend up and let them listen while I took Donna to several orgasms. And my mischievous wife even turned the tables on me; calling me up at work and making me listen while that same friend fucked the daylights out of her!

I have always had an unusually intense drive to please my lover. I always try to make sure that "ladies come first". Perhaps that has something to do with my fascination with wanting to be teased mercilessly and not being able to control if and when I come. Not to mention that, as you well know, going without intensifies the sexuality. I think that may be why Donna and I had never gone farther with it before now, in a way. I like to be put off, but Donna has to have it. And lucky me, she wants it from me! When I had mentioned extended chastity for me in the past, she had commented that the problem with it was that she needed my cock buried inside of her.

So now you know what kind of chance I was taking when I ordered the CB 3000. I must have visited the website ten times before I finally ordered it. And I didn't tell her that I had done it. Even with my years long fascination with the subject, I still was unsure if I wanted to relinquish all control. What if she decided that I was a pathetic jerk like so many of the guys in the stories I had read online? Decided to lock me away and never use me again? What if I got hurt at work? I could picture in my mind the big boss lying on the table in the ER while nurses; doctors and co-workers laughed at his caged cock. What if she just looked at me and said, "you paid how much for this?!"

So it was with great trepidation that I waited for the package to arrive. I made a trip home each day so that I could get the mail first, before my wife and definitely before my kids! Then it arrived. I wanted to try it out to see whether or not it would really prevent me from obtaining an erection. Honestly, I wanted to have some idea whether or not I could really handle losing control of "Mr. Happy" before I broached the subject with my wife. I hid it away. It was three days before I had any time to myself. Donna and the kids were all gone for the day. As soon as they left I took the cock cage out of its package and examined it. It took me awhile to get it in place, although I did make a lucky guess as to the correct size of the retaining ring. I was going to wear it all day. But after about ten minutes, I decided that I was cheating. It had to be all or nothing. I couldn't allow myself to know whether or not I could handle it or not. I just had to dive right in by giving Donna control and seeing where it led.

So I spent the next week or so agonizing over when or how I would bring the subject up. Then, as often happens, fate took control of events. I found out on a Wednesday that my company was sending me to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (halfway across the country) for a week to attend a seminar on my area of specialization. Each time I have to travel Donna is apprehensive. She says its not that she doesn't trust me, it's just that she knows the temptation is great. There I am alone in a distant city. I said that we had threesomes, not that we are unfaithful. And Donna is not the sharing kind where I am concerned. Our threesomes had been with a good friend of mine. But she had let me know in no uncertain terms that there was not another woman in my future! So here was my opportunity to bring up the CB 3000 in a way that Donna might like. My plan was reaffirmed when I told her about the trip. She made several "joking" comments over the next couple of days about women in other towns. And she was insatiable also, I think wanting to make sure that I was sated before I left.

I was to leave Sunday afternoon. So Sunday morning while Donna was in the kitchen, I locked myself in our bathroom and placed the chastity tube onto myself. Then I got dressed and waited for Donna to come back into the bedroom. When she did so, I handed her a small jewelry box. She looked at me, puzzled, when she opened it to see two small keys. I told her that I knew she worried when I was away, and that I didn't want her to. I told her that this had also given me the opportunity to take the plunge into the fantasy she knew that I'd had for a very long time. I admitted to her that I was scared. Then I unfastened and dropped my trousers. When I pulled my briefs down she gasped, but her eyes lit up also. So I knew that she would like it for the short term anyway. It would keep me chaste on my trip. As I stood in front of her she knelt down and examined my imprisoned manhood, lifting my cock and balls, turning it side to side to see how it worked. "Mr. Happy" began to grow, or at least tried to. He soon reached the limit of his prison and throbbed, wanting to expand. Donna was intrigued, "Oh my God, does it hurt?"

I explained that I hadn't worn it for any period of time, but that it certainly had my attention. "Can you get it off without the key"? I hadn't tried. "Well, try now." She watched for several minutes while I tried to pull myself out of the device. I had no luck. The more I handled it, the more my cock tried to grow, and the less likely I was to succeed.

Donna stood and kissed me deeply. Then she lay back on the bed and beckoned me to her. I knelt down between her legs and began making love to her tender sex with my mouth and tongue. I love going down on her! I love the response that I get; I love the taste of her, the feel of her. I alternated between slow; flat tongued bathing of her entire sex to pointed lashing of her clit. As usual I took her to her first shuddering orgasm within a couple of minutes. And also, as usual, I didn't stop there. I let her come down from her ecstasy a little and then built her up again to yet another, more intense orgasm. After her fifth orgasm she finally pushed me away, telling me she could take no more. I could have kept making love to her sweet sex for hours. My cock was straining in vain to reach its full potential. Such sweet torture!

I lay next to her and held her as she calmed down. After a few moments she began kissing and fondling me, teasing me playfully. She asked if I wanted to cum. What did I want from this?

I hesitated, then tried to explain. I told her that of course I wanted to cum. Right now I wanted nothing more than to take the cage off and fuck her brains out. But I also loved being teased and tormented, being made to wait.

We had discussed this before and, as I said earlier, even played with it several times. I tried to explain that I fantasized about having absolutely no control of my own orgasms. I said that I would understand if she didn't want the same thing. If so, then we could simply use it when I was away or for short periods of time when we played.

Donna thought for a moment, then asked, "How long are you wanting to go without?"

I hesitated, "Its not really a matter of how long I want to go without. I don't know the answer to that. Every time we make love, I honestly want to have intercourse with you."

I paused while I tried to figure out how to say what I needed to say. "The whole idea is that I want you to have complete control of when and if I get to cum. And as far as how long you have control, that is completely up to you. Its what you want. The only consideration given to me provided at your whim."

She caressed my hand as I continued, "Obviously I don't want to go forever without ever getting to cum again, but I could go forever with that choice being yours." I hesitated for a moment, working up the courage to share all of my feelings, "I am tormented by this, honey. I have wanted to give up control totally for years. But at the same time I am scared to death of really giving up all control, not being able to change it if I want to. Yet it doesn't work if I have the ability to change it. I know that if you aren't interested in this that I'm am asking a lot. But the thrill of it would be that I am completely at your mercy."

She smiled, "And what if I was to like it and become a complete bitch? What if I had no mercy?" She laughed as my cock suddenly bucked up in its cage, answering better than I ever could. I flushed red, "I know I probably seem like some kind of sicko to you, but that would be fine. Whatever you wanted."



"What about the games we played before?"

"I always did as you said, I didn't get my self off when you weren't around. I didn't cheat. But I could have. So I still had some control. This way, the control is all yours. But I don't expect such a marked change in lifestyle if you don't enjoy it. This is not just about me."

She took my face in her hands, looking into my eyes, "You have to understand. There are fantasies that I've had that I didn't act on because I couldn't stand to lose you. Things that could scare you away."

"Nothing that you could do would scare me away. In fact, the idea that you are doing things that you dream up, completely selfish, is the biggest part of the thrill in this for me."

"I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into. The things I have fantasized would be very, very, ah?"

"Its ok. Very what?"

"Beyond humiliating. Things I couldn't do to the man I love."

"Even if those things are what the man you love wants you to do to him? I wonder if you realize just how perverted I am. I don't think there is anything that you could do to me that I wouldn't love. The acts themselves are not always what excites me, it's the fact that you would be in control."

We lay in silence for awhile and then she told me that she was enjoying the control, but that she had to think about how far she wanted to take it. She suggested that I wear the device on my weeklong trip and when I returned she would have an answer for me. "But you have to be prepared. I understand that you want to give up control. Whatever decision I make about how this will be done is final. And you will have no say in it." She laughed as my cock jumped at that statement.

We replaced the brass padlock with one of the numbered plastic ties that came with the CB 3000. This way I could get through airport security without being detected. Embarrassment is one thing, putting my job in jeopardy is another. Donna kept all of the other ties and noted the number of the one attached to my imprisoned cock, just in case I found a shop or ordered more while I was away.

A couple of hours later I was off on my trip. My thoughts were more on what would happen when I returned, not on the seminar. As I sat on the plane, I was very self-conscious. When the stewardess talked to me I felt like she somehow knew about my trapped manhood. I felt as if all of the women I spoke to, at the check-in counter, at the rental counter in Florida, all of them, were looking at me knowingly. Of course they weren't, but it was driving me nuts!

After I had settled into my hotel room I called Donna to let her know that I had made it safely. We talked for a few minutes about the trip and about the kids, then she finally got around to what was really on her mind, "So, how is Mr. Happy doing?" I laughed nervously, "He's doing fine so far. But this thing never lets me forget that he's there, that's for sure."

"Well, I decided that I don't have to wait until you get back for my decision. I've been so damn horny thinking about all of the possibilities! So, we are going to have a trial period. Anything I say goes. And after the trial period, you can have some input. But I will decide how much we will play with this. Understood?"

I gulped, "Yes, ma'am. How long of a trial period do you think?"

There was a pause. "Lets say a month. One month from today I will decide. Oh, and by the way, I like the sound of yes ma'am. Remember that."

"Yes, ma'am."

Donna laughed, then added mischievously, " I'm gonna have fun with this. I'm gonna have to think of some things to drive you nuts! Maybe I'll have to invite Terry over while you are gone!" I could see the playful smile on her face in my mind. Terry is my good friend that we'd had the threesomes with. We had never had a threesome with another woman, just with Terry. I had assured Donna that I didn't feel like it was cheating as long as I knew about it and was involved. And she had been only too happy to take advantage of having two cocks at her disposal once she was convinced it wouldn't hurt our relationship.

"After all, I'm not supposed to go without, am I?" Then she changed it from a question to a statement, "Hey wait a minute, what am I asking you for? I am not going to go without! Hey, I like this!"

We said our good byes and our I love you's, then I took a shower and tried to relax. Which was not an easy task. After a while I decided to go out and get something to eat, then returned to the room and watched TV. If Donna only knew how little she had to worry about when I traveled, even without being locked up. I'm not exactly a socially aggressive type.

While I lay on the bed watching TV my cel phone rang. It was my lovely wife and I could tell she had thought of something to torment me by the sound of her voice. "Are you sure that you can't get that thing off?" I told her that I couldn't swear to it yet, but that I didn't think that I could. In any event, even if I did manage to get it off, I knew I would never get it back on with the lock in place, so I could never hide it if I did. "Good. Then I thought of a way to torment you! I want you to take your wedding ring off and go bar hopping. You are to try and pick up as many women as you can."

This surprised me; Donna was the jealous type. And then I thought about the embarrassment if I did get a girl back to my room when she found out about my "condition". "Uh, what am I supposed to do with them if I catch one?"

Donna laughed, "I didn't say you got to have them, silly! I just want you to be tormented by flirting with as many of them as you can. Then you will have to make some excuse as to why you won't follow through! Or better yet, you could just tell them the truth! I will call you in three hours." With that, she hung up.

As I said before, I not much of a wolf. So it wasn't easy for me to go on the prowl. But to my surprise, I wasn't in the bar for very long before a leggy redhead sat next to me at the bar and asked where I was from. We chatted for awhile. She said that she was in town for a seminar also. Inwardly, I sighed a sigh of relief. I had been afraid the only woman I might attract would be a hooker. That would hardly bolster my ego!

She told me that her name was Elizabeth. We chatted for over an hour, and I eventually calmed down a little. We even flirted quite a bit, making references to having fun while away from home. Eventually she looked at me quizzically, "You're married, aren't you?" My head dropped a little. "How did you know?" She shook her head, "Oh, maybe because you actually seem like a nice guy and we've talked for a couple of hours without you asking me back to your room. But what I don't get is why? If you're down here trolling while you're away from the little wife, what's your hold up?"

I didn't know what to say. I was trying to figure out how I could explain without sounding like a pervert when my phone rang. I answered it and it was obvious I was talking to my wife. Liz rolled her eyes as if to say what a pathetic jerk. Donna was asking me how I did. I told her that I had done a lot better than I thought I would and Liz looked at me curiously. I squirmed uncomfortably on my barstool. My cock was throbbing uselessly because of all the sexual tension with the woman next to me, and the woman on my phone. Donna realized that I was still in the bar.

"Are you still in the bar?"

"Is she still sitting there?"

"Hand her the phone"

A flash of embarrassment went through me, "What?"

"Don't question me. Hand her the phone."

Liz looked at me as if I was crazy when I handed her the phone. Then I got to sit and wonder what was going on as I listened to only half of the conversation.


"Look. I had no idea he was married. He sort of forgot to mention it." Laced with sarcasm.

"But if it makes you feel any better, he obviously isn't very used to picking up women in bars."

"You what?!" She listened intently for a moment or two.

"You're kidding." Laughing quietly now, shaking her head in amusement, then looking at me and shaking her head again.

"That's hilarious. But I have to tell you I'm a little pissed off. I'm glad you're having fun with it, but I just wasted two hours for nothing. Even if he was the cheating kind, he wouldn't do me much good!" Laughing again. I flushed crimson, realizing that she had to know about my predicament.

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