tagBDSMEating Mistress in Bed

Eating Mistress in Bed


It was 5 AM in the morning and Arne's alarm woke him up to another beautiful day. His days had been beautiful ever since he had gotten to know his Mistress who had bound him in oral servitude for a while now.

She was kind and demanding and on occasion, whenever she felt like roughing him up, she took him to task. But at all times, he enjoyed the taste of her, the smell of her and the way he made her feel when he used his tongue to ravish her.

At precisely 5:25 AM, he knew his Mistress would want her morning orgasm and so he knocked on her door, waiting for his turn to pleasure her.

"Come in, Arne", she said and he walked in and stood by the side of the bed. She slowly got off the bed and sat on the comfortable chair, clad in her panties and a bra with her legs spread wide.

She used her fingers to motion him towards her and pointed to her wet pussy downwards as he got down on his knees and smelt her pussy aroma. It was musky and divine and he launched into kissing her on her crotch through her panties.

Slowly, he tugged away and removed her panties from down her legs as she lifted her butt up to help him. He took her panties in his hand and sniffed them, her heady aroma going and hitting his head wonderfully. He then began licking her panties, knowing how she enjoyed this act of his, as he drained her fabric of all her taste, deciding to savour it instead of letting some detergent wash it away into nothingness.

He then began licking her wet pussy, starting off in long strokes from the base all the way till the top. He enjoyed licking a neatly trimmed but somewhat hairy pussy. The mysterious region between her legs became even more mysterious when it was covered with her pubic hair that kept coming in his mouth as he went about licking her.

He sucked on her outer labia and kept licking her slit like it was the last thing he was going to do for the rest of his life and he wanted to do a good job before it was all over. It was this way each time, as his dedication and committment to being an oral slave seemed to override anything else that he wished to do.

Licking away, he moved all the way from the base of her pussy to her clit, his mouth tasting of her juices as she began breathing hard and moaning in pleasure. Slowly, she held his hair and guided him upward to her clit, which he began sucking with his tongue.

He was able to roll his tongue into an O shape, and he used it to his advantage and covered her clit so it seemed like her clit was fucking his tongue as she gyrated and moved her hips to the tune of his oral ministrations.

His fingers, in the meanwhile had been inserted into her pussy and her ass and they were working steadily on their own rhythm as he moved faster and faster, licking, sucking and finger fucking her on her way to what would be the first of many orgasms she was going to extract out of her oral slave that morning.

When she was about to reach her climax, he kept sucking harder on her clit and waited as she buckled and moaned and screamed and trashed about and held onto his head for dear life, as waves of pleasure engulfed her body. She humped his face as he held on for dear life, sucking her clit until the last minute when, out of sheer exhaustion, she pushed him away, telling him to come back later for another time when she'd want to be pleasured.

He wanted her experiences to be different each time and looked forward to the next time he was going to serve her, for that was his goal, to be the best oral slave any Mistress ever had.

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