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Rick stumbled into his condo after another Friday night at his favorite bar. He knew he shouldn't have had that last beer, but the girl he as talking to at the time was just not pretty enough yet to make a pass at. Unfortunately, that last beer put him over the edge and she blew him off. Thankfully, he lived only a few blocks away and could stagger home safely.

Rick was in his early thirties, was considered by the opposite sex to be attractive, had a decent job as a consultant for the government, and until recently, had a special woman in his life that he thought was the one. The key word here is 'had', it had only been a month or two since they called it quits. She was a real beauty, with shoulder length blonde hair, stood about 5'6" and an hourglass figure that made his heart skip a beat. Unfortunately, for the 6 months prior, she became critical of everything in his life that he valued. His car wasn't expensive enough, his condo wasn't a 5 bedroom colonial in the upscale part of town and he wasn't on the fast track to a Vice Presidency. He took it all in stride until she complained about his dogs. He had 2 Shetland Sheepdogs named Romeo and Juliet that he loved dearly so he cut her loose and never looked back. Well, not exactly. Whenever he got horny, he did miss the way she would role-play, sometimes the French maid or the abusive college professor. Oh well.

He poured himself into bed, keeping one foot on the floor in the hopes that would stop the bed spins. It never did, but one could always hope. As he lied there, he knew he needed a new woman in his life but just couldn't bring himself to get involved in another serious relationship. The bar scene wasn't working for him, he usually ended up drinking too much or spending too much, and still going home alone. He tried those internet dating services but the women just wanted to find Mr. Right or wanted to be friends first to see if there is any chemistry. What he needed was to find a "fuck buddy". He drifted off to sleep holding his limp "whiskey dick" in his hand.

Saturday morning brought the expected hangover. He downed 2 big glasses of O.J. and started the coffee. After taking the dogs out for their morning walk, although today it was more like a morning shuffle, he returned to a big mug of coffee and the newspaper. After pouring over the sports page and the business section, he noticed an article in the people section about the popularity of adult 'dating' web sites. The article even gave some of the more prevalent sites.

Rick staggered over to his computer, his head still throbbing despite the coffee and juice. He perused the sites and settled on one that didn't promote relationships other than the sexual ones. He entered in all his pertinent information, trying to sound like something other than a hound dog, but also not wanting to mislead anyone. After finishing, he started to skim the ads of some of the women. He was surprised at the number of dissatisfied housewives who were looking for discreet relationships. He considered replying to a few of them, thinking that such an arrangement could be a win-win situation for him. He would get the sex he desperately needed and he wouldn't have to worry about her wanting anything from him except his discretion. Ultimately, he decided that set up could wait until he was sure there weren't any others out there. He chose to answer some interesting ads that weren't too graphic, figuring, as enticing as the graphic ones were, they most likely weren't genuine. Now it was time to sit back and wait.

Surprisingly, he received a couple of responses from his ad and a few replies from his responses. They all grabbed his attention, so he started an email-a-thon with each one, hoping that at least one would pan out. A few turned out to be interested only in getting him to visit their web site or web cam. However, one of the ladies seemed to be appealing. She sent a picture of herself, obviously one of those glamour shots taken at a studio where they could do wonders. She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. He couldn't tell from the picture whether she was overweight or not but he'd find that out soon enough. He especially liked her name, April. He decided to contact her again to set up a time to meet.

April said she worked not too far from him so they decided to meet for coffee before work on Friday morning. If all went well, they could go to happy hour after work and then go to one of their places.

Friday seemed to take forever to get there. Rick wore the same suit he wore in the picture he sent her so that she wouldn't have any trouble finding him. They agreed that they would give themselves at least an hour to talk and still have time to get to work. Rick arrived a little early, took a table in the corner where their conversation wouldn't be overheard, and scanned the front page of the newspaper while he waited. He heard the chair across from him move, which startled him, and he put the paper down to see a stunning black woman sitting across from him.

"Rick? Hi, I'm April."

"Is this some kind of joke? You're not April!" Rick was looking around the shop for some sign that his friends had put this woman up to for a practical joke. How they found out about this, he didn't know. "I am waiting for someone, if you don't mind…" he gestured for her to leave without being too rude or obvious.

"No joke. I am April. And I am the person you are waiting for, honest."

"I don't think so, the person I am waiting for is not…" He paused a second, when she added "Black?"

"Well, yea."

"I am the woman you're waiting for. The photo you received is of my college roommate. Sorry about that."

Rick was trying to process it all. It was too early in the morning for this kind of shit.

"Why? Why didn't you just send me one of yourself?"

"Would you have met with me if I did?"

He looked her in the eyes and pondered that question. He didn't think he had any racist tendencies, but then this really wasn't a racist issue, was it? This was more about being physically attracted to someone, regardless of color.

"I never really thought about it before. But to be honest, I probably wouldn't have. Nothing personal. It's just an individual preference."

"That's why I did it. I thought that if you got to know me first, as a person, as a woman, then maybe you could get past the color. Personally, I like white men, especially in a casual sex thing."

"Really? Why? I thought we men were all alike. At least that's what those afternoon talk shows always say."

She laughed at his backward insult toward manhood and the talk shows hosted by women for women. "In most cases you men are all alike. Not that that is a bad thing. We may bitch about you guys, but the alternatives aren't that appealing, at least not to me." She smiled again and he noticed that it was a great smile, almost sexy. Her lips were bright red and showed off her straight white teeth. "But my experience, although limited I should add, is that white men have treated me better when it's just a casual, physical thing. Not to say that black men treat me poorly, not at all, it's just that …" She paused, trying to find the right words, but obviously failing.

"I understand…I think. But don't they have bigger, you know…" Rick used his hands to indicate prick size.

"A girl has to make some sacrifices, and that's mine."

The waitress came over and they ordered some coffee and bagels.

"So is there anything else that you told me that isn't true."

"Well, I don't work near here. I actually work out of my home. I told you I worked near here to make it easier for you to agree to meet. That's a small fib, but you did ask."

They chatted for about an hour about various things from current events, the local sports teams, jobs and personal likes and dislikes. Rick was glad to see that she was not only attractive, but intelligent too. She didn't try to snow ball him into believing she knew about a topic when she didn't and she definitely made him aware when she was well versed on a particular topic. April was thankful to be able to talk to a man without having to be subservient to his views, and, that he was an avid sports fan.

As they talked, Rick admired April's features. She had big beautiful eyes, highlighted by long eyelashes and just the right amount of makeup. She had high cheekbones and her skin was flawless. Rick thought she had a classic beauty about her. She wore a black linen blazer over a cotton, scoop-necked blouse. Her breasts were a nice size, probably a C cup, although the blazer obscured them. He started to become attracted to this woman and fantasized about her in the sack.

April looked at Rick and knew almost instantly that she wanted to sleep with him. He was not an Adonis by any stretch, but he had an air of confidence that seemed to seep from every pore. He was clean-shaven with short, groomed brown hair. His blue eyes seemed to burn into hers, making her loose track of whatever he was saying. His shoulders were broad and he filled out his suit very nicely. She couldn't help but wonder how well he filled out his boxers.

Looking at her watch, April said, "Hey, it's getting late. You're gonna be late for work and I have to get back home for some important calls."

Rick threw a $20 on the table, which more than covered the tab and the tip. To April, that was a true sign of class, taking care of everything and leaving a large tip too. But in reality, Rick didn't have anything smaller and didn't want to take the time to get the change. It was also worth it to compensate the waitress for staying away.

As they left the shop, he took note of her body. Since he never saw her enter the shop, this was the first glimpse he had of her body below the waist. She had long slender legs and a nice round ass. Her jeans were tight enough that every curve could be admired and appreciated. And he did.

He walked her to her car, which was parked at the far end of the lot. She had her keys out and the door unlocked quicker than Rick would have liked. He had intended to give her a friendly hug and maybe a kiss before she got into the car, but her actions were indicating that she was not interested.

She opened the door and sat behind the wheel, turned the ignition and adjusted the radio volume. Rick closed the door once he was sure she was entirely inside and took a step back to allow her to pull away; and then she opened the window.

With her finger, she motioned for him to come back to the car. "Come here." He stepped over to the car window, "Closer" she said. He bent over so that his face was even with hers. "Closer." As he put his head inside the car, she reached up and pulled his face to hers. Their lips met in a tender kiss. Rick was a bit startled and resisted for a second mostly out of reflex, but only for a second.

April had to know what this man's lips were like. When she finally felt them against hers, there was no question in her mind that she had to have him. But did he feel the same. Was his hesitancy a bad sign? She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Was this enough? She noticed that while they were inside, he would look at her chest whenever he thought she wasn't looking. So she reached for his hand and guided it to her tit. His hand was strong and felt wonderful pressed against her, squeezing as she held it there.

Rick could feel his manhood begin to swell as she kissed him. Her lips and tongue excited him to no end. Her perfume assailed his senses and drove him on. When she pulled his hand inside her blazer to her tit, he knew he was hooked. It filled his hand and was soft yet firm. With each squeeze, his cock grew inside his pants.

She spoke first, "That was nice."

"Yes it was! I had to stop though or else I wouldn't have been able to stop."

She chuckled, "So you like my breasts?" She looked down at her chest where his hand still rested.

He realized he was still holding it and pulled his hand away with a jerk. "Oh, sorry. Yea, I do like them, but I am really a leg man." With a smile he added, "But I could be converted."

"I'll bet you could," she replied with her own smile. "Call me and we can see about it, ok?"

"I will, I will. Well, I've gotta run. I'll talk to you soon!"

"Ok. Have a good day, try to stay focused." She winked at him and waved goodbye.

She put her car into gear and pulled out, leaving him standing there, wondering how long he should wait before calling her. He looked at his watch and saw it was a little after 8. He decided that if he called her around 10, he wouldn't look too anxious.

At 10 AM, Rick picked up the phone, and nervously waited for her to answer.

"Hey there, I was wondering how long it would take you to call."

"How'd you know it was…oh, caller id."

"Yea, great invention, huh?"

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"Nah, I was just sitting here doing some paperwork. You called before I thought you would, though."

"I did? When did you think I'd call?"


They both laughed and had a pleasant chat about how much they enjoyed meeting.

Finally, Rick asked, "When can I see you again?"

"Doing anything tomorrow? It's a Saturday and we can spend the whole day together if you like."

"Sounds great! What time?"

"Come by around noon and I'll pack us a picnic lunch." She gave him her address and directions.

"Great. I'll see you tomorrow."

He hung up a little disappointed. He wanted to bed this woman, not go on a picnic and play Little House of the Prairie.

Rick woke up early on Saturday morning, anxious to get the day started and maybe, if he played his cards right, get a little bit of chocolate tail. He tried to read the paper while he ate breakfast, but he was just too restless. TV didn't work either, so he just went with the feeling and fantasized about what could happen this afternoon. He let his mind run wild with thoughts of getting the ultimate blowjob, giving her screaming orgasms and shooting string upon string of his cum all over her. He knew he had one hell of an imagination, but it did get him through breakfast. Now what to do with the other 4 hours?

He changed into some running clothes and went for a run. Rick was not a habitual jogger so he probably only went about a mile before he was winded and no longer able to run. Problem was he was now a mile away from home. He sat down on the grass under a shade tree to regain some strength before he walked home.

As he sat there, his ex-girlfriend drove up and stopped. She shouted out the window, "I thought that was you. What are you doing here?"

"I went for a run and got winded, so I'm resting. What are you up too?" He really wanted to tell her to mind her own business and kiss his ass, but he was really just too tired.

"Need a lift?" "That would be great, thanks."

He lifted himself up and into her car, thankful that he was a sweaty mess and probably stunk to high heaven. But he wasn't bitter.

She drove him home, using that time to tell him how great things were going for her. He just gritted his teeth and tolerated it. She pulled up to his building, and threw it into park. She looked at him and finally asked him how he was doing. He looked her in the eye and said as he got out, "Doing great, love to tell you about it but I've got a date in a few hours…taking her on a picnic." She looked at him with astonishment; he never took her on a picnic. "Thanks for the ride. Bye." He walked inside feeling he had been a bit of a jerk, but it did feel good.

He showered, shaved and made sure he didn't have hair growing out of places he wasn't supposed to. He put on his favorite Hawaiian shirt and a pair of Khaki shorts and headed out. He found her place without any trouble and, with the biggest butterflies in his stomach, went to her door. Rick knocked lightly at first, but when he didn't get an answer, he knocked harder. From within, he heard a faint "Come on in, it's open."

He opened the door to a dimly lit room. The curtains were all closed and the lamps were off. The only light came from a few candles placed around the room. He thought that maybe she was just trying to create a nice mood before they went on the picnic.

"Get yourself a beer if you want one. I'll be out in a minute." He decided he should get that beer because if she was anything like the other women he dated, the "minute" could be a long time. He pulled two beers out, opened them and took a big swig out of his. As he swallowed, he noticed the picnic basket on the kitchen table. He peeked inside to see what she had packed. He was impressed by what he saw. She didn't bother making it all herself, but went to the local deli and had them make everything.

He went back into the living room and, just as he was sitting down on the sofa, April came into the room like a breeze. His eyes were now adjusted to the light, or lack thereof, and couldn't help but be amazed by what he saw. She looked fantastic. She wore a sleeveless button-up crimson red blouse that fit her like a glove, accentuating her nice, round breasts. Did he tell her that he loved women in red? She had just enough buttons undone so that there was a lot of cleavage visible but not enough that her bra showed. Her skirt was short, to about mid-thigh, and tight. Her curvaceous ass looked even more inviting than he remembered. Her sandals had some low heels that toned up her calves and ass. Rick gazed at her, admiring everything about her, from her ruby red lips down to her extraordinarily sexy legs and pedicured toes.

"Wow, April, you look…wow!"

"You like it?"

"Yea! You look beautiful. Are you sure you want to go out on a picnic like that though? Not that I'm complaining, but those clothes look too nice for sitting on the ground."

She came over to the sofa and sat down as close to him as she could without sitting on top of him, crossed her legs so that he could get an eyeful of her gams. "I remembered you said you were a leg man, so I wore this skirt. I always thought it made my legs look nice. And as far as going out for the picnic, who said we were going out?"

The smile on April's face spoke volumes. She had no intention of leaving her place. Their picnic would be a private one.

They leaned into one another for a soft "hello" kiss. Rick could feel that familiar stir in his shorts he had been experiencing all morning. April knew the outfit she had on would capture his attention, but the desire in his eyes for her was making her own loins ache.

They sat close together, his arm around her shoulder and her head against his muscular arms. They chatted about really nothing, almost waiting for the other to make the first move.

After a short lull in the conversation, April said, "I bet I know what you're thinking right now."

"Ok, what am I thinking?"

"You're wondering what you'll find at the end of these legs."

"Hmmm. Actually, that's not what I was thinking. Although it is now, thanks. I was just thinking how lucky I am to be the one here with you when you could have answered anyone else's ad. But I like your thought better. So what are you thinking?"

"Don't you want to guess?"

"Um, ok, you're…wondering…hmmm…I haven't a clue. I gave up trying to figure out what women were thinking a long time ago.

"Smart man. I was thinking how long I have to sit here before you touched me. Have an answer for that?"

Rick put his hand on her chin and pulled her mouth to his. They brushed their lips together lightly, teasing each other and building up the sexual tension. They delicately toyed with each other's tongue until they could take no more.

April was melting in his arms. He body yearned for him to explore her and she needed to explore his. She could feel herself getting wetter and her need for him increasing with each kiss. She couldn't control her soft whimpers of pleasure.

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